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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

19th March 2010

Still no Blaire. This is a pain. Let me think on how often she is on cam. I’ll go by GMT then PT. On her first week she was on If my memory is right, Monday morning with Suzy which was Blaire’s first time on, Wednesday morning, Friday morning and Saturday morning. The next week so was not on at all, I remember right from talking to her during the week she was too ill and busy with school work to be on and she was in Vegas where she was going to do a photo shot but she was still too unwell for it This wound make it at least two photo shots she has miss first one was because she did like what they wanted her to wear as it was too removing, If she is not careful she will be out of a job be a swim suit model for at least X weeks and still has not done a phone shot as she has been missing them. The following week she was on Wednesday morning and very early on Sunday morning with Suzy. She was not on earlier in the week as she still was not feeling well. Then last week she was on only on Sunday morning as she was too busy with school work and she still has not appeared this week, not even to say when she is on next. I am guessing it is because of school work as this is the last week before Spring Break. So lots of exams of deadlines this week I’m guessing. Hope she does go anywhere where she cannot get on the site often.

I might as well talk about her MFC profile, She is 165cm tall meaning she is 5’ 5”. Hippy 4” shorter than me. My maths must have been out earlier as I was getting 5’ 7” for some reason. She is 21 years old, but if I heard from Suzy right Blaire is 22 this year, so a six year age gap. The Sexual Preference on her profile states Straight, but she was stating that it personality she goes for not gender, but that might to a running Suzy joke. Her favourite food is granola and cheerios with bananas and rice milk??? It could be my bad reading skills, but that sounds odd. She has a pet dog Weeineee. She said the meaning of life was the tall from Wolverine which he took his name from in the film. This might mean she is a comic book fan. The five things she cannot live without were fashion, her doggie, the internet, music and mother earth. The things she likes to do for fun are designing, baking, bike riding, play with her bulldozer (smoking weed, not sex toy) and go on adventures. If she could be anywhere right now, she wants to be in her mom’s backyard, napping in the hammock under the grape vines. Odd, she said mom’s and not parents’? Does this might mean her parents do not live together or her dad in die. However I do not think her dad is die as I am sure she was not using past temps when she breathily talked about him ages ago. Ever way this would mean there might have been a lot of heartache in her past. Poor Blaire. She said her perfect mate is someone that I never stop learning from. Ok! What kind of learning? What does she what to learn or is it just anything? Lastly her turn ons are confidence and her turn offs are needy. How people see confidence can different to how other people. Some people’s confidence might seem arrogant and self centred to others. This is also affected by the amount of confidence shown. But I am slightly going off course here. Am I confident, not really because there is nothing to feel confident about most of the time. Most of the time with things like exams I would said I’m never confident or unconfident that I did would or not, I saw no part in worrying until I got the results. With girls I am always too shy. I need to know them a little bit to pick up the courage to talk to them. Then there is the worry that they are in a relationship. Most of the girls I like and gotten to this far, always have a long term boyfriend. And the girls I have tried to ask out have destroyed most of the confidence I have. Needy… I have an addict able personality. I get addicted to thing easy. Sometimes it will only last for a short period like with most computer game. So can come, go and come back multiple times like with card game with me. I do not need to see Blaire all the time. I do not need to know what she is doing all the time. I just want to know if she is ok and a rough idea when she be around next, so I can get some sleep as I do not want to miss her. I really miss her when she is not out line and feel down when she has not been on for several days without a word. I know it is stupid but at times I feel like crying. Every time I see her smile my heart melts. I just want hold her in my arms and kiss her tenderly. Is this classed as being needy to her? I hope not.

Was waiting to see if she would be popping on to MFC chat with her to see if she seen the pictures and what see thinks of them while write this and she can on, on cam too. Ok some questions would have to go on hold sadly. But I am suffering from a lot of lag sadly. I real am thing of sending this to her. Do I have the courage to, is it a good move or a bad one. I’ll wait till she leave video chat too decide. I really have fallen for her. I, I, really want to be with her. My eyes are too watery to write any more for now.