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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Neoscream's Life: Close to Finishing. April 18th 2017

Welcome everybody to another "Neoscream's Life" post. The shelves over the desk and Chest of Draws are up now and the extra (not the internal shelves) have been added. I am also been doing a lot of sort out the stuff in my shed and move stuff back to my room. Still got a lot more work on that end of things.

With the way things are going, I might be back doing "Neoscream's Painting Table" in May.

Now to gaming.

Random Games

On Thursday there was no HeroClix as Darren S could not make it. So I meet up with Liam, Crawford, and Matt for some random games. First myself, Liam and Crawford played a game of Boss Monster which Liam won. Then with Matt, we played something like two or three games of a new card game Liam just brought. I cannot remember the name or find it on a search, but it was Lovecraft based. Last we played two or three games of Exploding Kittens. A great fun night. I also managed to get my first ever pair of decks for Future Card Buddyfight.

Kingdom Death Monster

On Saturday night I went down to Simon's with Richard and Darren H for a game of KDM. We hunted a Gorn this time. We managed to win. However, we did get some crippling disorders. One character had to retire because of it.Sadly we could not do much of the Settlement phase and there was a Nemesis event.

Oh I also got a new game to on Saturday, Star Trek Ascendancy.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Neoscream's Life: Chair and maybe more delays. April 11th 2017

Welcome to another "Neoscream's Life" post. Due to my dad's Hernia being much worse than he was letting us know, we did not do much last week. The only real work that was done was me putting up the caches (ok most likely the long term) for some of the shelves and building the new computer chair, seen in the opening photo (the lamp and 3DS cable are just there waiting for the new smaller bookcase). The chair is a lot bigger than I thought, so big I cannot tuck it under the desk. C'est la vie. However, it is a lot more comfortable than the old chair. Oh and we bought a new TV for my room too.

On Monday I finished work early (just doing the morning) so I could get home to help out my dad with my room. Dad was off work this week due to Monday being my mum's last day at work before retiring/being made redundant). He managed to turn the bookcase into shelving for my boardgame (minus KDM) while I was at work, as seen in the second photo. I will most likely move one of the comic book boxes to make a space for my DVD/game CD folders when I get some new folders and the BIG two have fallen apart.

We then took down a re-fixed the cupboards back better on the walls, finally added the headboard to my bed and finished the shelving in them and we fixed the towers to the wall and planned the shelves that will go over the desk.

While my dad was off picking up my mum and taking her to a doctor's appointment, I finally got my board games out of my shed and placed them onto the shelves. I also got some of the figures that were going into the cupboards and started filling, as seen in the third photo. Still got more work to do to them. I also finally set up the new TV as well.

On Tuesday my parents picked the shelving and the bookcase from Ikea. The new bookcase is up and I have started feeling it.

Now to gaming.


On Thursday I went down to York House in Stony Stratford for some games of HeroClix with Darren S, Michael and Adrian. This week's scenario was "Big Bash". 1,000 points, five actions, no figure over 200 points, no figure on a base bigger than a peanut base, no ATA and a maximum of five theme team re-rolls.

I went for an Avengers themed team who were:

She-Hulk (006 Marvel Civil War) 90
Yellowjacket (010 Marvel Civil War) 60
War Machine (004 Marvel Captain America Civil War) 105 + Iron Man was Right 5 = 110
Firebird (011 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 105
Silver Centurion (001b Invincible Iron Man) 161
Thor (005 Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary) 200
Vision (013 Marvel Chaos War) 95
Scarlet Witch (006 Marvel Chaos War Fast Forces) 75
Ms. Marvel (023 Marvel Chaos War) 110
=1,001 points

On the first round, I was up against Darren S who was using a Dark Avengers themed team. Like normal Darren S won. Also, Michael won his game against his brother Adrian.

On the second round, I was up against Adrian who was using a Green Lantern themed team. I managed to win this game. Also, Darren S won his game against Michael.

Due to everyone feeling tired, especially myself and Adrian, we decided not to do the third round. I really do not know who I have been so tired lately as I have been sleeping well to my knowledge.

Anyway, there is no HeroClix next week as there is no Darren S. Instead I will be playing board games with Liam and Matt at Wargames Workshop MK. Oops, that reminds me, I forgot something happened on Monday I forgot to blog about in the last post.

Future Card Buddyfight

On Monday after KDM, I managed to get my first Future Card Buddyfight. I borrowed a Hero World deck from Crawford based roughly around things like Sentai (Power Ranges). I was up against Crawford who was using a Dungeon World deck and I managed to win with Liam's couching. I might look into building a deck in the future. Just need to get my room finished first and Salute (Saturday next week) over and done with before doing anything.

Cardfight Vanguard

On Saturday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard Sneak Peek of the new set, GBT-10 Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs. However, as most people wanted to buy the boosters but do the Tournament, I ended up playing in the main Tournament. I decided to use my Cosmic Heroes deck. I had worked on the Stride deck. The main change was dropping most of my X-rogue and X-phoenix for the new Stride, X-lead.

On the first round, I was up against, crap I truly have forgotten, sorry. I know I lost but sadly I am pulling a blank on who or what deck. Sorry.

On the second round, I was up against Wai-Yin who was using her boys, Touken Ranby. She had been using a Legion deck but decided to rebuild the deck just before the tournament. I managed to win this round.

On the third round, I was up against Shell who was using her Bermuda Triangle deck. Shell won like normal for her. However, I was having bad luck with my draws. Especially one the second game where I had three triggers in my starting hand and no grade ones. I sent the triggers back to the deck and redraw three cards which were all triggers. Beep. Then I did not draw a grade one on the first turn so I had to G-assist to Grade one. Beep.

On the fourth and final round before the top four cut off, I was up against Jasper who was using his OTT deck. This ended up as a draw, with one game each.

I somehow managed to get into the top four cut off with just one win. Well we did have only seven players, plus withdraws and byes being treated as a lost, it can happen.

In the semifinals, I was up against Shell. She won and then she defeated Crawford who was using Kagero in the finals.

Kingdom Death Monster Zombicide

We were originally was planning on playing KDM on Monday but without Bob who could not make it. However, on Sunday evening Wai-Yin message us to say that she could not make it due to an unplanned family outing. As this meant that it was just myself, Michael and Adrian, I ask if they want to play a different game. We decided on Zombicide. Then about two hours before we meet up, Wai-Yin message that she would be back in Milton Keynes in time. LOL. We decided to stick with Zombicide.

We played one of the missions from the Compendium, but a yellow and with Standard, Toxic, Berserkers and Skinners in the zombie deck. We were using Adrian's and Micheal's copy of the game as it was currently easier at the moment (however, I had to bring my Zombies as they forgot theirs), until my room and shed are finished reorganising. Their copy was missed a bunch of cards and character that were miss placed somewhere at their home. This did cause a couple of problems due to chooses from the experience deck not working. Also, Adrian's "Team Player" (not) did cause problems, especially with Wai-Yin who I forgot to warn about (god I wish Bob was there). Due to time, we did not finish the mission. However, we could have easily done it with a bit more time. The only difficulty there was is that their was an A-Bomb on the map and we did not have anything to kill it YET. It was fun to some degree apart from the fighting between Wai-Yin and Adrian.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Neoscream's Life: And it Continues, Seven Years. April 5th 2017

Welcome everyone to another "Neoscream's Life. First off, today marks the seven year anniversary of the Blog. WOW, seven years! Oh, ummm! I forget until today when I got a reminder on my phone, so there is no plan and time for anything special. But WOW.

Anyway, sadly there will not be a new "Neoscream's Painting Table" post this weekend as furniture building and wall mounting the cupboards have taken long than planned. Also, there has been some changes to the plans. You might have seen the posts I posted on Friday and Saturday on Twitter (which are re-posted on Facebook).

Everything apart from a new smaller bookcase (which we still need to buy) and new computer chair (which arrives on Thursday) is built, but without shelves. We have not added the shelves on most things at the moment for three reasons. They are not attached to the wall yet (towers and bookcase), have not decided what will go in them (desk) or time (cupboards). The cupboards have been a real pain as we learned afterwards building them that you cannot fit the shelves with the doors on. Damn it! This will mean they will not be easy to adjust. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Also, the diagrams I made online did not show how tight the gap between the computer chair and bookcase is. With the fact that the new chair should be a bit bigger, we had to change some plans. In the end, we decided to mount the bookcase on the wall where we were planning to put wall shelving. However, it will be above the floor so we can place VERY heavy comic book boxes on the floor underneath it. The bookcase will become shelving from my board games, apart from KDM which is on top of the wardrobe. We do plan on placing a smaller bookcase (half the size) where we were originally planning to place the bookcase (between my bed and the doorway).

We will be doing some modifications to the desk too. We are going to add a slide out shelve for to keyboard (arrived in the post today) and a stripe light below the top shelve.

Sadly due to my dad's Hernia problems, we could not do anything on Sunday. He is plan on finishing the work before this weekend.

Now to gaming.

On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for the first game of the new Frostgrave campaign. This will be a once a month thing at the beginning of each month thing like the last one. However, e are not limiting it to one campaign from a book. This time around I went for a Summoner, a Wizard class I as originally thinking of doing last time. I hired an Apprentice (Heartless), an Armoured Captain (Soulless), a Treasure Hunter (Greed), an Infantryman (Backless) and three Thieves (Red, Yellow and Green). I was using my Arcadia Quest figures (mainly the Nameless set ones) and a Chibi figure I made back when I got the original Super Dungeon Explore. It has a villains of Harry Potter feel to it.

Five of us turned up for Frostgrave. Myself, Bob, Jim, Matt and a player Tom. We divided into two board/game. Bob verse Matt and myself versus Jim versus Tom. With lessons learned from the last campaign, I manage to not only get the first treasure off the board (in the first turn) but also the second. Only two of my guys were taken out, but the rest were low in health by the end. Never of the two taken out were killed, but one will miss a game. Luckily it was a Thief. Nameless gained two levels, I picked up two Magical Items (Boots of Speed and Horn of Destruction) and earned 99 gold after Soulless's cut. I have upped Nameless's Fight and I will ever improve Possess or Summon. However, I still need to decide my base and what to spend the gold on. I currently thinking on getting a second Treasure Hunter and a Warhound.

So that people know, next Monday should be KDM.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.