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Friday, 30 April 2010

Heroclix 29th April, Heroes vs Villain

As the brothers were not in again, my event has been pushed back. They will be coming back, they still had to settle down in their one home first. Well this week both me and Darren brought two 300 points teams. One of Super Heroes and one of Super Villains. I had Exiles as my Heroes team and the City of Villains team as my villains team, while Darren used Defenders and Thunderbolts. I lost all three games, but I was against Darren anyway. Below is a list of the characters used in each each apart from my City of Villains team as it is a per set 300 point team and they are really unknown to people who have not been play the game for years or had played the computer game "City of Villains".

Power Princesses
Spider-Man 2099

Dr. Strange

Citizen V

There is no heroclix this week, but instead there will be a report on Campaign instead.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 26th and 29th April

Ok, I known I said I would not be posting today but I manage to write this up quicker than I thought. I have also included today's chat with Blaire, as it was super short. Blaire was on MFC Monday morning. She was making a dress on her sowing machine. Sadly with the events of her latest shows and an early morning hormonal rush I asking her something really, how should I say it, odd, out of place, stupid.

09:32:24 PM neoscream: when u finished the dress can u do something for me
09:33:09 PM neoscream: in private
09:34:33 PM neoscream: that play with u self on/off cam thing i saw u do
09:35:29 PM neoscream: is that ok or too much to ask :s
09:36:35 PM Blaire: neo!
09:36:46 PM neoscream: sorry
09:36:47 PM Blaire: robert... really?
09:36:59 PM neoscream: ok too much
09:37:34 PM neoscream: I've been ifing and umming
09:37:41 PM neoscream: about asking
09:40:46 PM neoscream: um can u?

It had been something that had been going around my mind for awhile after seeing her doing what she did on the other day. Ok, I originally said that it did not turn me on as much as other things, however the more I remember seeing her smile and enjoy herself was doing it the more I was turned on. I love it seeing her smiling and enjoying her self, it make me feel happy. I just wanted to be the one making her happy.

After finishing the dress she tried it on to show off and then she went into a quick Group Show. The dress was a little too big for her but it was designed that that way, maybe because someone else was going to be wearing it. After the show, seemed a bit slow on coming back so I PMed her.

09:49:14 PM neoscream: u coming back?
09:49:38 PM Blaire: im not, im done for the evening
09:49:39 PM Blaire: xoxo
09:49:42 PM Blaire: maybe next time?
09:49:47 PM Blaire: i wasnt doing pvts like that tonight
09:50:00 PM neoscream: k :)
09:50:22 PM neoscream: will u b able to chat on skype
09:50:31 PM Blaire: no ssry
09:50:47 PM neoscream: :(
09:52:02 PM neoscream: when will u b free

I am sure she replied "I don't know" but there was no record of that on MFC. A little while later she logged onto Skype.

[26/04/2010 06:15:22] Robert: hi
[26/04/2010 06:15:37] Blaire: hey
[26/04/2010 06:16:12] Robert: i thought u said u wouldnot be free to talk
[26/04/2010 06:16:26] Blaire: im not really free
[26/04/2010 06:16:41] Robert: still doing hw
[26/04/2010 06:17:08] Blaire: mmhhmm
[26/04/2010 06:18:14] Robert: do u wait me to go in video/call chat so u can talk than type
[26/04/2010 06:19:36] Blaire: no
[26/04/2010 06:19:42] Robert: k
[26/04/2010 06:19:47] Robert: thats ok
[26/04/2010 06:20:47] Robert: when I can talk chat I can't
[26/04/2010 06:20:49] Robert: lol
[26/04/2010 06:21:20] Robert: sorry about the PMs
[26/04/2010 06:21:50] Robert: was that a bit odd
[26/04/2010 06:27:09] Robert: oh the design I was asking about, what kind of info do you need

She never replied, maybe too busy with her home work. On Thursday morning Blaire came on MFC, but sadly it did not last very long. She was very tired from the amount of work and homework she had to do. About five minutes after she stared friend just barged in upset as his girlfriend just told him she has another boyfriend. Blaire, being the kind hearted person she is went off line to help him out saying that she will be back later. Poor guy, that must have been devastating. She never came back, which was understandable with the amount of work she has got and the amount on time she had lost dealing with the problem.

The next post here will be this weeks Heroclix event, but that will be when I have a another post in hand for this blog. Also I should hopefully be posting an update on my M.S. Wars blog some time tomorrow.

29/05/10 - Parts of the post were altered on Blaire's request.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Game Review: Monster Hunter Tri, and Birthday Wii Bash

Well lets start this new section, with one of the games I picked up last week, Monster Hunter Tri. It was heavy hyped but does it live up too it. With Character Creation it looks like there is lot of customising, but in fact there is not much choose comped to other modem RPG games. Maybe adding more hairstyles and well as the ability to alter hight and width would make it better. With game play targeting is a pain, especially when it comes to the heavier weapon sets like the Great Sword. Sadly I miss the part where is tells you how to use items and change weapon, which was a real pain and there is nothing about it in the manual ever which was a nightmare too. Lucky I manage to work it out. The idea of the Y button being a hot key for a pre selected item is good, but why can you use the items or set them as the hot key when you are in your pouch. I have not tried the on-line side of in as I want to at lest get one of my characters better equipped before doing that. Over all as a RPG, I have seen much better. Not saying its bad game, it seems OK now that I have gotten the hang of the system and the on-line play might be awesome too. I should also note, the anime look hides the true evil nature of the game. You see a family of plant eaters. They are totally harmless. You need meat as the only form of food in the game is meat (or just so far in it). You draw your weapon and start hacking them all apart so you can get the meat you need and may be a bone or two to build new weapons to hack more poor innocent monsters to gain the parts to build more better weapons and armour. This is not a game for Vegetarians or Vegans.

I am planning a Wii party for Saturday next week and if the weather is good a BBQ too. I am doing this as the following Thursday is my birthday and I am off that Saturday as I have the next two weeks booked off work.

Here is the post on facebook:

After Campaign I'm having a Wii Party at mine for my birthday.

There is the normal: Big Beach Sports, Cangya Golf, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Wii Sports(both version), Wii Fit Plus, Bleach, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Monopoly, Naruto, Red Steel, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Wii Chess and Wii Play.

And now: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Monster Hunter Tri.

I forgot to post the BBQ part but that can be added later. So for I have two confirmed and two maybe out of the 16 people I have invited.

I am planning a weekly review post. Some times it will be a game, some times it will be an anime or Movie. For next week I am planning on doing ever New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Rebuilding of Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone. Even if Blaire is on tonight or tomorrow morning there will be no posts tomorrow as I will be busy all day.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 24th April

Oh now to this post. Afterwards I have a Wii Chat post talking about things like the two new Wii games I have picked up and my birthday, and also the chat with Blaire from yesterday.

She came on MFC in the morning for a short show, around about 5:30am. She said she was not on Skype as she woke up later and had to leave her apartment as her flat mate had a girl over and she know that they what to have sex. Blaire was sadly mostly in a true private show that day. Around 50 minutes long. Then she finish the true private she did not come back on camera so I PMed her.

10:21:03 PM neoscream: r u coming back?
10:22:52 PM Blaire: not tonight im tired
10:22:58 PM Blaire: im sorry i missed you this morning
10:23:02 PM Blaire: im a bit stressed :(
10:23:15 PM neoscream: what happened
10:23:22 PM Blaire: i said
10:23:23 PM neoscream: to stress u
10:23:23 PM Blaire: you didnt hear?
10:23:26 PM Blaire: ohhh
10:23:27 PM Blaire: stress
10:23:28 PM Blaire: school
10:23:30 PM Blaire: :(
10:23:45 PM neoscream: :(
10:24:18 PM neoscream: did u have a nice private
10:24:36 PM neoscream: oh take a bath
10:25:08 PM neoscream: there should be anti stress bubble bath
10:25:20 PM neoscream: that might help
10:29:02 PM Blaire: ohhh yess... that sounds nice :)
10:30:31 PM neoscream: good to see I cheered to up a bit :)
10:31:03 PM Blaire: :D
10:31:47 PM neoscream: will u be around on Skype tomorrow morning (ur morning)
10:32:12 PM Blaire: prob not i have to be up early
10:32:23 PM neoscream: oh ok
10:32:47 PM neoscream: when will u be fee
10:32:59 PM Blaire: idk :(
10:33:04 PM Blaire: ill skype you wheni know
10:33:05 PM neoscream: k
10:33:12 PM neoscream: k :)
10:33:43 PM neoscream: u haven't been on skype for a long time
10:34:56 PM neoscream: I have a message dated 10 days ago saying it had not been read
10:34:58 PM neoscream: lol
10:38:16 PM Blaire: danng
10:38:19 PM Blaire: yeah ive been so busy!
10:38:30 PM neoscream: lol
10:38:36 PM neoscream: that ok
10:39:23 PM neoscream: as long as I now u have been busy that's fine
10:40:09 PM neoscream: been keeping up to date with the logs or not?
10:40:33 PM Blaire: no :(
10:41:27 PM neoscream: that ok as long as u do get to them later that's fine
10:41:43 PM neoscream: ur a busy girl
10:41:59 PM neoscream: I know that
10:42:06 PM Blaire: thankss
10:42:49 PM neoscream: and if then is a boy thing as well I'm ok with it
10:43:57 PM Blaire: my boy is in jail

Wow I was right, and I was not upset ever.

10:44:13 PM neoscream: not saying I won't feel sad for myself, but I'll be fine
10:44:20 PM neoscream: in jail
10:44:31 PM neoscream: joke?
10:44:42 PM neoscream: what happened
10:47:33 PM Blaire: not a joke
10:47:35 PM Blaire: umm
10:47:42 PM Blaire: he got caught with too much money
10:48:14 PM neoscream: k
10:48:22 PM neoscream: poor u
10:48:41 PM neoscream: no woulder ur stressed out
10:49:19 PM Blaire: hahah yeah its not that big of a deal i guess
10:49:32 PM Blaire: i mean we had just started to talk
10:50:14 PM neoscream: so it was u talk to suzy then
10:50:52 PM neoscream: and it was u not a friend u were talking about the other day
10:50:57 PM neoscream: right?
10:53:04 PM Blaire: ?
10:53:06 PM Blaire: what?
10:54:40 PM neoscream: on the day u were at suzy's u were talking about waiting for a phone call
10:54:56 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
10:55:37 PM neoscream: am I right or wrong on that?
10:55:50 PM Blaire: idk i cant remember
10:56:02 PM neoscream: lol
10:56:21 PM neoscream: may be too much weed lol
10:56:47 PM neoscream: just joking on the weed part
10:56:51 PM Blaire: hahahaha
10:56:56 PM Blaire: very probably ;)

I still had her Chat Room opened, and I just noticed someone had tipped her well she was off camera. Could it be the guy who was in True Private.

10:58:34 PM neoscream: ok, someone tipped u when u were off cam
10:58:39 PM Blaire: mmk im off to do more hw
10:58:44 PM Blaire: bye!
10:58:49 PM neoscream: cu
10:59:13 PM neoscream: have a good night
10:59:19 PM neoscream: cu next time
10:59:36 PM neoscream: bye

After how her privates had been going I would like to know what she got up to in her true private, but I will not ask her as it private. But one thing I need to ask. Do models know if its a true private or not and do they know people are spying on them in normal private or not.
I think I was not as shocked and upset as I was before as I know it could happen now.

Until next time.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of 19th to 25th April

Well I was original planning to do a Blaire post first out of a pile of posts I now have, I have decided to change my mind and do this first. Also I am sorry that this is half a day later than I said I would post. I have been busy tidying my DVD collect.

Lets see, on Monday I watched episode 39 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and this weeks Gadget Show.
On Tuesday I listened to while doing some type for my mum, episode 19 of Season 5 of The Otako and episode 225 of Anime Pulse.
Wednesday I only managed to read the first chapter of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse. Also the new issue of Neo Magazine came in the post with an article and a review of the new Evangelion movie, Rebuilding of Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone.
As I was work on Thursday and had Heroclix in the evening I did not get any time to watch, listen or read any thing apart from updates on the new Heroclix rule.
On Friday other than playing on the games I picked up, I watched 6 clips of Gadget Show Live and episode 11 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
On Saturday I watched a whopping 8 clips of Gadget Show Live and episode 126 of the Dubbed version of Naruto. I also read the first three chapters of the second story of .hack//AI Buster volume 2 and chapter 2 of Chaos;Head. I also got in the post Rebuilding of Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone, two days before it hits the shops, sweet.
Lastly on Sunday other than a bit of gaming, I watched this weeks Doctor Who, Rebuilding of Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone, episode 209 of the subtitled version of Bleach, a Gadget Show Live clip and part four of the Robot Chicken writers playing D&D pod-cast.

Oh and the image is from Rebuilding of Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance and not Rebuilding of Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 23rd April

Eight days after she was last on she came on MFC Friday morning. Get to see outside her apartment. That scared a lot of people thinking she was going to jump off on cam. I think she said on cam that I made to give her ideas for the design I asked if she was able to do, can not truly say I heard that right due to lag problems. I had problems with the laptop all morning. Rebooting it two or three times did not help. Lucky leaving it turned off while I was off later worked. Blaire showed off the sock I brought her on Amazon and said she loved them. She was also in private with someone for over an hour. About one hour and twenty minute. I did look in and she was pushing the boundaries of a non nude model again. Last time it was a hand bra top only and playing with her breast that led to her showing off her nipples several times. She made it sound like it was an accident, but rethinking about it, I am starting to dealt it. And now in this private she was playing with herself. You could not she anything as she made sure that camera was angled in a way that you could not. Oddly I was less turned on to this than seeing her nipples. Still turned on, but the magic was not there. I found it odd that she can do it with her dog in the room, I can not do it with my mums cats about. She did not stuck around for long after the private. At the end of the show we talked on PMs:

11:30:18 PM neoscream: ok nite
11:30:37 PM neoscream: hope u cum nice in prive
11:30:58 PM neoscream: lol
11:32:37 PM neoscream: what time should u be around
11:39:42 PM Blaire: :D
11:39:53 PM Blaire: probably around 8 or 9am my time
11:40:09 PM neoscream: k :)
11:40:17 PM neoscream: thanks
11:40:58 PM neoscream: I best get ready to do some food shopping with my mum
11:41:26 PM neoscream: oh odd quest
11:41:55 PM neoscream: squirt?

I know, bad questing to ask her.

11:43:14 PM Blaire: i cant squirt
11:43:16 PM Blaire: or at least
11:43:22 PM Blaire: i never have not like the girls on cam
11:43:43 PM neoscream: after seeing a bit of the private I wanted to know ;)
11:43:56 PM neoscream: k
11:44:03 PM neoscream: thats ok
11:44:26 PM neoscream: oh when r u going to the uk
11:44:39 PM Blaire: in august
11:44:41 PM Blaire: i think
11:45:07 PM neoscream: like to meet up
11:46:30 PM Blaire: you would?
11:46:31 PM Blaire: with me?
11:46:38 PM neoscream: oh my mum said morning
11:47:06 PM neoscream: I'd like to meet u in person
11:47:34 PM neoscream: and Scotland is closer than LA
11:50:45 PM neoscream: I class u as a friend, I will like to be more than friends but if that can't happen I still would like to be friends
11:51:37 PM Blaire: hmm
11:51:38 PM Blaire: i see
11:51:43 PM Blaire: well i will consider it
11:52:20 PM neoscream: k best let u sleep and I best get shopping
11:52:36 PM neoscream: hoping to get some new Wii games
11:53:09 PM neoscream: Super Mario Bros Wii and Monster Hunter 3

I managed to get them both. I will talk more about them in a Wii post.

11:57:17 PM neoscream: cu
11:57:24 PM neoscream: sweet dreams
11:57:53 PM neoscream: don't forgot about skype
11:58:03 PM neoscream: bye

She never came on to Skype the evening. But I found out why the next day what happened, but I will leave that till next time. Yes the post in hand is another Chatting with Blaire one which will most likely be up tomorrow night.

29/05/10 - Parts of the post were altered on Blaire's request.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Heroclix 22nd April, The Big Bash: Avengers vs. JLA

About a month after the last game the next game finally came around. There was a change of plans. Instead of the original planned game, we play a massive 2,000 points game as it was only me and Darren. Oh best go into team build a little better. It was 2,000 points, no colossal figures, no feats and 10 actions a turn. My team was (in points order): Thor, Sentry, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange, Hercules, "Power Man and Iron Fist" duo figure, Spider-Man (Iron Spidy), Yellowjacket, Justice, Hawkeye, Spider-Girl, Quicksilver, Tigra and Scarlet Witch. They all had the Avenger keyword while Darren's team did not have the JLA keyword. Bad dice rolls for both of us all night, but the better player (not comic book team) won, which was Darren. Next week should be the game I planned, but things might change if the brothers can not make it.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of 12th to 18th April

Sorry for the long wait about as Blaire has not been on for over a week and the fact that I have been busy working on M.S. Wars, there has not been anything to keep in hand, but now that I have this weeks Heroclix in hand I can post last weeks Watch, Listen and Read.

OK, on Monday I watched part three of the Robot Chicken writers playing DnD pod-cast, that weeks episode of The Gadget Show and episode 4 of Dragon Ball (Z) Kai.
Did not watch anything on Tuesday because of work.
Wednesday I watched episodes 11 to 14 of Gundam Wing and 4 The Gadget Show Live web clips.
I only got around to watch the debate on Thursday.
On Friday I watched a whopping 6 The Gadget Show Live web clips, episode 15 of Gundam Wing and episodes 0 and 1 of X.
Saturday I listen to episode 224 of the Anime Pulse podcast and watched episode 16 of Gundam Wing and 4 The Gadget Show Live web clips. I also got Naruto Season 9 box set and the Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter on DVD.
Lastly on Sunday I watched that weeks Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, 3 The Gadget Show Live web clips and episode 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also read chapter one of Kämpfer.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 15th and 16th April guest staring Suzy

On Thursday morning Blaire was on line. She was at Suzy's doing a show together. Sadly I could not say on till the end as I had to go to work. During the show Blaire had been responding to me, but when I was living I had not reply to any of my messages. She never said bye.

12:45:45 AM neoscream: sadly I need to go in a mo
12:45:56 AM neoscream: have work
12:46:28 AM neoscream: don't forgot the PM
12:46:51 AM neoscream: have a nice night with suzy ;)
12:47:16 AM neoscream: tell me all the details lol
12:47:49 AM neoscream: cu next time
12:48:02 AM neoscream: oh say bye to suzy too
12:49:24 AM neoscream: (a smiley waving by)
12:50:05 AM neoscream: :(

I posted the sad smiley as I left it had been about four minutes and eight post and she never replied. She might of missed all of them posts. The PM I sent her said to look at Skype, as I sent the message earlier hoping to quickly chat to her about it. The Skype message was:

can u desgin something for me, not make, just drawing?

But she never looked the Skype message, it still had not been looked at it let even now as I post this. On Thursday night/Friday morning, she logged onto MFC quick to give me a message.

05:19:58 PM Blaire: !!! i got them!
05:20:07 PM Blaire: thank you so much
05:20:08 PM Blaire: ok
05:20:13 PM Blaire: i just signed on to say that
05:20:16 PM Blaire: bye!

She was on and off the site so quickly there was no time to reply to her sadly. If you are wondering what she got. It was the socks I sent her at the beginning of the week. Later I PM her back:

07:38:12 AM neoscream: thanks for letting me know
07:38:36 AM neoscream: can't wait to see u wearing them
07:39:23 AM neoscream: as you didn't go to Skype I'll send it here
07:40:27 AM neoscream: can u design something for me, not make, just drawing?
07:51:54 AM neoscream: I'm needing a military uniform design for the game I'm making.

Still no reply as she had not been on MFC or Skype since. Oh and if you are reading this Suzy. If you do not want that picture to be on here just let me know and I will change it.

Well the next post will be what I watched last week. They will not be any Wii Fit or Heroclix posts for last week as I did not have any time for Wii Fit and Heroclix was did not happen as half of our players could not come. I will hopefully be posting an update on M.S. Wars later today.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 14th April

At midnight on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning , Blaire came on MFC and wow, it was a very hot show and the gallery was very hot too. Hardly anything is left to the imagination now. I just cannot stop thinking about her sweet yummy breast and how much I would love to suck and play with them. I found out want happened to the dress I was looking at on Amazon, someone had already brought it already for her and she looked very nice in it to. Shame about the problem with wearing pants with it, lol. We manage to chat afterward. Oh and the sock are in the post to her now.

[14/04/2010 01:24:44] Robert : let me know if u r free after show

I posted that post during the show. She went off MFC about an hour later

[14/04/2010 02:23:29] Robert : can we talk?
[14/04/2010 02:27:54] Robert : if u were chatting to Suzy about a boy it ok now

An hour later she came online.

[14/04/2010 03:10:30] Robert : hi
[14/04/2010 03:10:37] Blaire : chatting to suzy about a boy?
[14/04/2010 03:10:54] Robert : the phone call
[14/04/2010 03:11:24] Robert : or was I about me :S
[14/04/2010 03:12:49] Robert : suzy said yes he is listen and sadi she had to go off cam to be a friend
[14/04/2010 03:13:04] Blaire : ohhh not me
[14/04/2010 03:14:16] Robert : who else does suzy know on MFC who she speecks to on the phone????
[14/04/2010 03:14:34] Blaire : idk
[14/04/2010 03:14:46] Robert : me and all the other member thought it was u
[14/04/2010 03:14:58] Blaire : lol nope
[14/04/2010 03:15:53] Robert : ok lol, what happened yesterday to keep u a way from the cam
[14/04/2010 03:16:17] Robert : as u said that u would be on
[14/04/2010 03:16:22] Blaire : tired
[14/04/2010 03:16:28] Robert : ok
[14/04/2010 03:16:32] Robert : :)
[14/04/2010 03:16:55] Robert : and wow hot show night
[14/04/2010 03:17:35] Robert : saw the private
[14/04/2010 03:17:39] Robert : wow
[14/04/2010 03:18:08] Robert : makes me what to suck them more
[14/04/2010 03:18:35] Blaire : ;)
[14/04/2010 03:18:47] Robert : now I have see u naked
[14/04/2010 03:19:28] Blaire : ?
[14/04/2010 03:20:01] Robert : the last pic of the galliery u can see u pussy
[14/04/2010 03:21:51] Robert : and I did c nipple in that private eve tho u were trying to keep hands and fingers covering them
[14/04/2010 03:22:03] Blaire : yes it happens
[14/04/2010 03:22:04] Blaire : oh well
[14/04/2010 03:22:10] Blaire : i try not to care too too much
[14/04/2010 03:22:11] Robert : but wow
[14/04/2010 03:23:14] Robert : like I said just makes me what to suck them even more ;)
[14/04/2010 03:24:21] Blaire : :D
[14/04/2010 03:24:22] Robert : oh yes, can I get the link(s) to ur blog(s)
[14/04/2010 03:25:14] Robert : u did say u used the site
[14/04/2010 03:25:48] Blaire : oh yeah i will send it to you when i finish setting it up through mfc
[14/04/2010 03:26:10] Robert : ok???
[14/04/2010 03:26:31] Robert : I thought u used it for work too???
[14/04/2010 03:27:05] Blaire : work?
[14/04/2010 03:27:07] Blaire : just mfc
[14/04/2010 03:27:59] Robert : ok, u said that u alway used blogger when I asked if it was good or not
[14/04/2010 03:28:09] Robert : never mind
[14/04/2010 03:28:49] Robert : will u be on much durring the week
[14/04/2010 03:33:10] Robert : busy???
[14/04/2010 03:34:46] Blaire : ohhh
[14/04/2010 03:34:58] Blaire : yes i have a main blog that i write in but its private
[14/04/2010 03:35:04] Blaire : like a diary or journal
[14/04/2010 03:35:12] Robert : k
[14/04/2010 03:35:26] Robert : hang on u read mine
[14/04/2010 03:35:33] Robert : lol thats ok
[14/04/2010 03:36:13] Robert : will u be on much durring the week
[14/04/2010 03:36:54] Blaire : maybe
[14/04/2010 03:36:59] Blaire : im thinking of going on again
[14/04/2010 03:37:01] Blaire : now
[14/04/2010 03:37:34] Robert : k
[14/04/2010 03:37:47] Robert : oh how is my log
[14/04/2010 03:38:01] Robert : blogs
[14/04/2010 03:38:31] Blaire : i have a hard time reading about it
[14/04/2010 03:38:36] Blaire : i really feel bad..
[14/04/2010 03:38:45] Blaire : you like me so much..

She never said anything about that before and I am did most of the liking in the old ones. Has she been reading them before then?
[14/04/2010 03:38:57] Robert : sorry :(
[14/04/2010 03:40:28] Robert : ur just so fantast
[14/04/2010 03:40:35] Robert : dreamy
[14/04/2010 03:42:10] Robert : ever about u is perfect, apart from the long disappearances
[14/04/2010 03:44:30] Robert : what about thre other blog
[14/04/2010 03:44:51] Robert :

She then logged off just as I posted the next post.
[14/04/2010 03:49:05] Robert : don't tell me I've upset u :(
[14/04/2010 03:49:44] Robert : :(

Did I upset her? Did she suddenly needed to go somewhere? She was on Thursday morning but I will leave that for maybe the next blog posts here.

I will not be posting on this blog every day. What I will try to do is keep a post in hand and post a blog a day if I have extras. Currently I am keeping Blaire’s MFC appearance in hand until I have other things to blog.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 12th April plus blog updates

I forgot to added this bit on the last Chat with Blaire post so I will added it here. Ever I missed it on Tuesday night (last week) or sometime on Wednesday (last week) but Blaire added a 14 picture gallery (later updated to 17) to her profile on MFC of her wearing that Black and White lace lingerie she brought about two weeks ago. However it was password protected and until she comes on-line next I cannot get the password. Also most models want X amount of tokens for access to password protected galleries. However if she is after tokens for it there is no amount noted and I am still waiting for my card. If she is after 100 or more tokens and if she wants me to pay as well, I will see if it is better to get her something on Amazon. As 100 tokens is $10 to me, while Blaire would only get between $3 to $4. However the cheapest thing on her list are the socks at $12 with $4 postage and packing, so it will cost my $17 (70% more) and she would get something that would of cost her $12 (at least three time more than 100 tokens). That should cover 100 to 150 tokens from me. If it 200 tokens I could get her the Honeydew Intimates Lace Ruffle Rumba Hipster Panty. But first I still need my new bank card to do anything (which I got on Friday). Blaire has not been online for the rest of the week (last week). I do know she is a very busy girl doing other things, but it does not stop me from worrying if something has happened. I thought Skype would stop all of the worrying as I could hear from her more often. I do really miss her.

Now but to the post, about 1am this morning Blaire was on line on both Skype and MFC, but not on video. I first said hi to her on Skype but there was no reply. After I while I tried PM her as there must have been a reason she was on MFC and not on camera for this long. She then replired to the PM 15 minutes later.

05:08:48 PM neoscream: hi, how r u today?
05:23:13 PM Blaire: hi!
05:23:35 PM neoscream: how r u
05:23:54 PM Blaire: im good
05:23:55 PM Blaire: you?
05:24:02 PM neoscream: fine
05:24:13 PM neoscream: been missing u
05:24:26 PM neoscream: busy work?
05:26:12 PM Blaire: yes
05:26:20 PM Blaire: busy with trying to get life together before school
05:26:47 PM neoscream: u ready now?
05:27:22 PM Blaire: soon
05:27:36 PM neoscream: lol
05:27:50 PM neoscream: r u going to be on
05:28:35 PM Blaire: later this evening
05:29:15 PM neoscream: so not now
05:29:19 PM neoscream: ok
05:29:31 PM neoscream: oh password?
05:29:48 PM neoscream: how r u given it out?
05:29:56 PM Blaire: hmm...
05:30:02 PM Blaire: i was going to think of a prive
05:30:04 PM Blaire: price
05:30:07 PM Blaire: but i forgot
05:30:22 PM neoscream: lol
05:30:53 PM neoscream: 50? 100? 150? 200?
05:31:01 PM Blaire: im thinkin 150
05:32:15 PM neoscream: hows about a pair of socks off amazon
05:32:22 PM Blaire:
05:32:27 PM Blaire: that works
05:32:58 PM neoscream: they cost the same to my as tokens
05:33:15 PM Blaire: ohhhh
05:33:15 PM neoscream: and about twice as much to u
05:33:17 PM Blaire:
05:33:31 PM neoscream: $16
05:34:48 PM neoscream: 150 tokens to u is like $6 to u
05:34:59 PM Blaire: mmhhmm
05:35:27 PM neoscream: deal
05:35:46 PM Blaire: yay!
05:35:51 PM Blaire: ill be back on later tonight
05:36:06 PM neoscream: pink or black
05:36:46 PM Blaire: hmm
05:36:48 PM Blaire: pink
05:36:50 PM Blaire:
05:36:53 PM Blaire: no wait!
05:36:54 PM Blaire: yes
05:36:57 PM neoscream: good
05:37:05 PM Blaire: mmm thank youuu!

I thought everything was Ok, but she never came on to MFC later. When I get up Suzy just came on line I went into her room as she is a laugh to listen to. I worked on the watching post of last week for the blog as I had never written it. About an hour and a half later Suzy got a phone call. Everybody including me realised it was Blaire who phoned her by the comments Suzy made. All apart from me were asking about the password but I asked “why isn't she on”. Then Suzy said to her “Yes he is listening.” For some odd reason I know it was me they were talking about. Then Suzy said to everyone, “I’m turning off my Camera to be a good friend” and then she left. I found out later I was wrong but I leave that to next time. And the socks are in the post.

I am trying to and Labels to my posts. If any of you have better ideas for labels, please let me know. Also I have started The M.S. Wars blog. There this a link to it on the right side of the page under "blogs that i own or follow". Dollhouse Discourse is by someone I knew from, Lexicon. Sadly there has been a falling out was the site own (read her blog) and she no longer does any cosplay shots on it and all her old ones have been taken down. She will be missed. This coming from a big Rei fan, she made Asuka look so damn sexy.

Update 07/06: the old picture of Lexicon have not been taken down like I thought.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wii Fit on the 5th to 11th April

I have decided to try out the 20 minute jog on Monday and Tuesday as I was getting use to the 10 minute one and I did not have the time on those days to mess about with multiple workouts. Monday was ok, however Tuesday was a little too much as my muscles began to lock up. It is a sham that there is not a 15 minute jog on Wii Fit to help build you up to the 20 minute one. I was not able to do any Wii Fit on Wednesday as I slept over at a meets. Due to the change of the hours of work, I cannot do Wii Fit every day now. I am not giving up on it as a whole as I will try to do an hour on days off (that is if work will give me my days off) and a bit of Wii game play after work if I can. I was not able to do any on my day off on Sunday as I was very busy dealing with my room and if I was not busy doing it I would of been stuck working that day with no day off that week. The averages have been changed to days that I have trained instead of every day.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Chatting with Blaire 6th April

On during the very early morning, Blaire can online and we had a little chat.

[05/04/2010 08:22:18] Robert :
[05/04/2010 08:52:21] Robert : happy now :)
[05/04/2010 10:06:14] Robert : I heard from Suzy about the Earthquake, is every thing ok?
[05/04/2010 18:24:45] Robert : back home from work with a new webcam
[05/04/2010 19:04:55] Robert : and it is up and running
[01:28:43] Robert : hi
[01:30:11] Blaire : yes everything is fine :)
[01:30:14] Blaire : just a lil shook uo
[01:30:15] Blaire : up
[01:31:08] Robert : was thatthe reason to left all of a sudden
[01:31:16] Blaire : no
[01:32:09] Robert : good to hear that ur ok :)
[01:32:34] Blaire : thanks :)
[01:32:46] Blaire : do you like your new webcam?
[01:33:00] Robert : yes
[01:33:39] Robert : it is not the one I was planning to get but it is still good
[01:33:55] Robert : Logitech Webcam C250
[01:33:58] Blaire : good :)
[01:34:22] Robert : do u want to see
[01:35:28] Blaire : not atm i am with my cousin
[01:36:02] Robert : k :(
[01:36:45] Robert : will u be around tomorrow?
[01:37:10] Robert : or free to cam later today?
[01:37:41] Blaire : probably not..
[01:37:45] Blaire : but maybe
[01:37:57] Robert : :( k
[01:38:24] Robert : jsut wanted to test it and c u
[01:38:56] Blaire : mmk call me

[01:39:30] *** Call to Blaire , duration 02:46. ***

She said on video, “Can’t hear u”.

[01:40:03] Robert : cant

Should of said “Can’t talk”

[01:40:09] Robert : 1:40am
[01:40:39] Robert : how does it look
[01:41:03] Blaire : it looks good

She asked again on video, “Can’t hear u”.

[01:41:09] Robert : my parents r sleeping
[01:41:15] Blaire : good quality

She said on video, “Can’t you just say hi”. I did if and umm about saying something as last time I said hi to someone on Skype at 10:00pm when my parents were in bed, I got told off for it. I decided to try very quietly. Thinks it was already mute, I hit the mute button and tried. She said on video, “Can’t hear u” again. I was confused for a moment but then I realised it was not mute in the first place.

[01:42:02] Robert : sorry

I tried again and it work. Also after the chat I realised the mic was still set with the old one as well.

[01:42:13] Robert : it was on
[01:42:20] *** Call ended ***

[01:42:25] Blaire : yeah!
[01:42:32] Blaire : cause i could hear you typing before
[01:42:39] Robert : oh
[01:43:35] Robert : its I lot better cam then the built-in one
[01:43:43] Blaire : yeah
[01:43:46] Blaire : i need to get onetoo
[01:44:18] Robert : hardly saw u becouse of the light
[01:44:32] Blaire : yeah the sun is setting in the back
[01:44:50] Robert : if u have the money get the one suzy has
[01:45:04] Robert : that if u have the money
[01:45:25] Blaire : oh yeah thats the one i want
[01:45:39] Blaire : but that means i have to go to frys
[01:45:43] Blaire : and that place freaks me out
[01:45:44] Blaire : hahahahah
[01:45:48] Blaire : theres so much stuff!
[01:45:51] Robert : I know its listed on amazon
[01:45:51] Blaire : i get lost
[01:45:52] Blaire : but then
[01:46:04] Blaire : its like a maze
[01:46:07] Blaire : of awesomenes
[01:46:14] Blaire : i love gadgets..
[01:46:48] Robert : sorry to hear
[01:46:51] Robert : nice
[01:47:01] Robert : try online
[01:47:53] Robert : I alway watch the gadget show
[01:48:21] Robert : don't think its on TV in LA
[01:48:44] Robert : as its a UK show on gadgets
[01:49:12] Blaire : ohh
[01:49:47] Robert :
[01:50:17] Robert : don't know if u can see the video on it
[01:51:30] Robert : some times the videos from TV show sites are country only
[01:52:14] Robert : as I can not see Adult Swin US website video being in the uk
[01:54:08] Robert : how was the new log????
[01:54:22] Robert : u did download it
[02:00:34] Blaire : yeah i didnt read it
[02:01:14] Robert : did u at least look at the blog???
[02:01:30] Blaire : yes
[02:01:51] Robert : how is it looking so far?
[02:02:04] Blaire : good good im proud
[02:02:10] Blaire : mmk im off to the store
[02:02:17] Robert : cu

I was about to ask her for some of the links to her blogs, but she said she had to go and left before I could ask.

She was on MFC on Tuesday night. She was still at her cousins and was doing it, well at the start, in the same room as her cousin who was busy doing home work in the same room not knowing what Blaire was doing. In face she was on the opposite side of the table Blaire was sitting at. After a half an hour true private show she left briefly saying bye. She did not even stay on Skype to say bye to me ever sadly, but she most of needed to go.

Bad Day on the 8th April

On Thursday I felt like I just had enough! Let me going back to explain things. I had given up on a online facebook game I had been playing called Starfleet Commander (SFC for short) after too mainly attacks from very very very high level players. On Tuesday my friend Rich talked me into going back so I spent some time that and the following morning rebuilding my defences and ships. Also on Tuesday, work told me I had to do openings again. I had mixed thoughts about it. I needed the money, but I would have to get up about an hour or two earlier to still be able to do me Wii Fit as I can only really in the mornings. So I did some maths, say I got up at 5am, 8 hours of standard sleep plus an extra hour to help with late night chats with Blaire, that would mean I would need to go to bed at 8pm. Which would make it difficult going out. However I went over to Rich’s to watch a film and to chat. I slept over so I know I would not be doing any Wii Fit the following morning so I did not need to get up early. I hoped I could try to make it up after work or on my day off on Thursday, but work said I had to come in on Thursday and when I got home my dad was already back home from work so could not do it. With working on Thursday doing opening and going out in the evening. It looked like I would be 19 hour day followed by 5 hours sleep if Blaire is not on. As I had a lot to do as I was not off Thursday, I was not able to get on SFC and also I ended up going to bed until 10pm. At about 1am I quickly checked on MFC to see if it was still in Blaire’s chat room and found that it was not. The web page was not working so I closed it and opened a new one and it worked again. I left it in Blaire’s chat room again and went back to bed. I checked it again at 3:30am and the same thing happen again. I fixed it again and decided to quickly deal with SFC as I never was able to do anything on it since the morning before. And what did I found, all the hard work on rebuilding my ships and defences the other night and most of the resources I had regained after building them had went down the drain as let another player in the top a hundred attacked me again. I went back to bed feeling very pissed off. I ended up lay in bed for half an hour as I could not sleep. I get up and looked for a way to close the account as I did not want my account to be used as a resource farm. This then lead to why I was having problems with MFC, my internet connection was acting on. The router kept disappearing and reappearing on me and when it was up the connection was super slow. I rebooted my router twice and the laptop once and it still was acting up. It took me about two hours to find out I cannot delete the account and to abandon all of my colonies to make it less of a farm. Pissed off with all the internet problems and with SFC, I decided to cool down for a while. After an hour I got washed and dressed and headed down stairs to do some Wii Fit before going to work. As I didn’t weigh myself on Wednesday I weighed myself. It said that I had gained 5lb in the space of four days. I had enough at that point. I felt like it was not helping at all. In the space of four and a half week I had not lost anything. I was eating a bit my healthier than I was before starting doing around half an hour work out a day and still weigh the same. I could not be bowered to do any training after that. I was so angry I throw my Wii controller down to the floor and broke the recharge pack for it. Luckily it looks like it can be repaired and the controller itself is fine. At work I felt too down and tired so I contacted Darren from Heroclix to say I cannot come and he called it off for the day. With a clear mind I decided to cut down on my Wii Fit to something like an hour on days off if I can get on it and I little Wii gaming when I can. I am doing this so I will not have problems with a lack of sleep. I managed to get a good night’s sleep and the next day was much better. I felt revived, while in the soul, still felt sleepy but that is normal for me. Also me new bank card finally turned up with a new pin number which oddly I can remember. Sadly Blaire was not on ever days.

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of 5th to 11th April

On Monday I watch episode 11 of the dubbed version of Gundam 00 and this weeks episode of the Gadget Show. On Tuesday I watch episode 2 of the dubbed version of .hack//Legend of the Twilight and the first Smokey and the Bandit at a friend's. Wednesday I only need to watch one Gadget Show web clip. Did not get to watch anything on Thursday. On Friday I watched the first 2 clips of the Gadget Show Live coverage. Saturday I pick up the new Gadget Show Magazine and saw Law Abiding Citizen at a friends. And finial on Sunday I watched this week episode of Doctor Who, another clip of the Gadget Show Live coverage, part 2 of the Robot Chicken writers playing DnD pod-cast and episode 2 of the dubbed version of Aquarion.

Chatting with Blaire 5th April

Blaire came online on MFC at about 3:00am, she was wearing a pink dress and grey cardigan. At one point she pulled the front of the dress, rounded the stomach area, she looked pregnant but still super hot. Lucky I was double checking the MFC did not crush when I found that the main computer had lost internet connection. I turned on my laptop and found Blaire was online. She was only on MFC for less than half an hour and did chat on Skype afterwards.

[03:30:32] Robert : hi
[03:30:50] Blaire : (Heart Symbol)
[03:31:07] Robert : how have u been
[03:31:23] Robert : had not seen u in three day
[03:32:55] Blaire : been busy with friends and family
[03:32:56] Blaire : you
[03:33:19] Robert : nightmare with computers
[03:33:51] Robert : thought I had it fix and it stopped working on me again
[03:34:03] Blaire : im not going to dl your logs anymore

I had sent her a copy of last week’s Log while she was on MFC

[03:34:08] Blaire : you have to post them on the internet!@
[03:34:20] Robert : :(
[03:34:46] Robert : then how do I know u have read it
[03:35:00] Blaire : you wont know
[03:35:06] Blaire : thats the beauty of it
[03:35:15] Robert : :(
[03:35:51] Robert : ok but I send one part that I be too scard to post
[03:36:38] Blaire : what does it say?
[03:36:56] Robert : I' post it
[03:36:59] Robert :
CENSORED (too R rated and private)
[03:37:11] Robert : on skype I mean
[03:37:35] Blaire : tongue* (Heart Symbol)

Crap, I cannot spell.

[03:37:43] Robert : a little too r rated
[03:37:49] Blaire : a bit...
[03:38:12] Robert : any good
[03:39:00] Blaire : yes!

Damn it. I forgot I wanted to “see” her on cam while showing her the part.

[03:39:15] Robert : and yes i took a bit of the poem
[03:39:40] Blaire : hahha
[03:40:56] Robert : I'll work on posting the log online tomorrow after thinking on what to do with the computer
[03:41:31] Robert : I'm talking about the main one the the laptop
[03:42:42] Robert : last night the fan acted up on me on the laptop so I tried to fix the internet on the main computer
[03:43:11] Robert : to was working up to tonight :(
[03:43:55] Robert : and I was planning on getting a new cam and speakers for it
[03:44:20] Robert : well my mum said she would
[03:44:36] Blaire : :(
[03:44:38] Blaire : im sorry
[03:44:49] Blaire : computers get old
[03:44:50] Robert : thats ok
[03:45:01] Robert : I know
[03:45:39] Robert : the sad fact is that I'm still paying the monthly payments :(
[03:45:51] Blaire : oh no!
[03:45:57] Blaire : you gotta buy it upfront in cash
[03:46:47] Robert : I might have to have my mum take it in

Blaire logged off.

[03:47:30] Robert : oh, cu :(
Blaire logged back on again.

[03:52:44] Robert : hi again
[03:53:56] Robert : what happened
[03:54:10] Blaire : changed to mac side
[03:54:32] Robert : oh so u can do some work
[03:54:47] Blaire : no cause i like the mac side better
[03:54:58] Robert : ok
[03:57:08] Robert : trying to work out why the computer can not connect to the internet while the laptop can
[03:57:58] Blaire : hmm
[03:58:03] Blaire : i have no idea...
[03:58:04] Blaire : im no help :O(
[03:58:23] Robert : I guess u couldn't
[03:58:51] Robert : how long were u on before I came on?
[03:59:05] Blaire : i was only on cam for a total of 22 minutes
[03:59:35] Robert : oh so I don't miss much
[04:01:53] Robert : will u be around tomorrow?
[04:02:15] Blaire : nope
[04:03:16] Blaire : maybe
[04:03:50] Robert : k
[04:06:48] Robert : damn
[04:07:26] Robert : why do I have work tomorrow
[04:09:31] Robert : need to fix the bleeping computer
[04:10:46] Robert : sorry
[04:11:54] Robert : well I still try to get a new cam
[04:12:14] Blaire : fix your internet first LOL
[04:13:07] Robert : well I need a new one for the laptop anyway
[04:13:51] Robert : quallity was bad and it looks like the mic is broken too
[04:15:41] Robert : it looks like it will take a while to fix the computer
[04:15:51] Blaire : mm
[04:15:52] Blaire : i see
[04:16:35] Robert : I'm looking at this one at the mo
[04:16:38] Robert :
[04:17:38] Robert : thats if the store has it
[04:19:41] Robert : what do u think of it?
[04:24:24] Blaire : idk the picture wouldnt load
[04:24:24] Blaire : but
[04:24:34] Blaire : from the description it sounds good :)
[04:25:16] Robert : try this
[04:26:11] Blaire : oihhh yeah it looks good
[04:26:17] Blaire : :)
[04:26:23] Robert : k
[04:26:56] Robert : if its not in store I'll order it on line then :)
[04:28:00] Robert : it's best for my friend daz to look at the computer
[04:28:32] Robert : the problem is when will he be frre to do anything with it
[04:28:32] Blaire : ??
[04:28:38] Blaire : ohhh
[04:29:23] Robert : if I'm super lucky tomorrow
[04:29:48] Robert : but I bet he has plans with his girlfriend
[04:29:59] Robert : lucky for some
[04:30:27] Blaire : haha
[04:30:30] Robert : next week end at the least?
[04:32:07] Robert : he is too busy with work durring the week to come before hand
[04:32:57] Blaire : well i hope it gets fixed soon :)
[04:33:24] Robert : oh on another note, nice dress
[04:33:37] Blaire : :)
[04:33:40] Blaire : thank you...
[04:33:51] Robert : was that the pink one u were talking about the other day
[04:34:15] Blaire : yes :)
[04:35:31] Robert : when will u be free to talk next?

She then logged off.

[04:36:33] Robert : ???????
[04:45:16] Robert : ok cu

The chat ended suddenly. Why I do not known, but I can guess from the Tweeter post from Suzy about the earthquake, what might

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Computer Problems

On the night of Saturday 3RD of April, my laptop fan decided to act up, so I decided to fix my old main computers internet connection on the Sunday. Ok the fan has been acting up for a long time, however it normally acts up when you turn it on and not after being left on for a long time. The main computer is a little old these days as it has Windows XP and never came with an in built wireless card. The wireless pen I brought stopped working over a year ago, maybe even two. I managed to get it back up and running again with the spear wireless pen that was brought for my mum’s laptop (my old one) and I found that I did not need to worry about anti-virus software as it was part of a multiple computer package that was also installed on to the laptop and I had renewed it thro the laptop about half a year ago. I planned on going into Currys on Monday to get a new webcam for the main computer as I bet the old Lego one would not be any good due to its age and I think it does not have a microphone. Also I want to get new speakers as well as the old ones are sounding very tinny. The only problem is that the standard humming and processing sounds from the old computer is a little lauder than the laptop’s, but I do not need to deal with the fan if it acts up or the light of the monitor. However during the night I last internet connection on it. Luckily I noticed just as Blaire came on line on MFC. I went on in on the laptop while trying to fix the main computer and I could not. I have only two options at the moment, take into PC World for a service and install and internal wireless card or to get my mate Daz to look at it. I plan on having Daz look at it however it has been a week and he did not turn up for coffee on time to ask him this week. If I can get him to look at it by time my holiday starts I will have to take it in without him looking at it. However I still got a webcam on Monday as the one on the laptop was crap. I was planning to get the Trust Spotlight Pro Webcam, but they did not have it in store but the staff sais the Logitech Webcam C250 was good and that it is a £30 webcam reduced to £20 for the Easter sales. I am really liking the camera but I have only used it briefly on Monday night as Blaire has not been online much during this week.

Chatting with Blaire 31st March

Sadly Blaire never appeared the whole of Wednesday day time. She is a busy girl. But she did came on line in the middle of the night. I was over the mood until…..

[03:11:13] Robert : hi
[03:11:25] Blaire : hey
[03:11:56] Robert : how r u today
[03:14:00] Blaire : im good tired
[03:14:06] Blaire : had a very fun night :)
[03:14:08] Blaire : howre you?
[03:14:40] Robert : I've been found

[03:14:50] Blaire : ???
[03:14:53] Blaire : ohh foir mfc
[03:14:57] Robert : fine
[03:15:05] Blaire : what ur mom say
[03:15:05] Robert : sorry
[03:15:11] Blaire : ohhhhhh
[03:15:17] Blaire : nvm
[03:15:36] Robert : have not said anything let
[03:16:08] Robert : but have an idea about it

The idea was to tell my mum that Blaire is a girl I meet on an online chat room who I have a crush on. Which is not a lie, I am just not going to say that it is an Adult site.
[03:17:11] Robert : what did to do last night then
[03:17:39] Blaire : went out with an old friend :)
[03:18:27] Robert : party the night away?
[03:18:53] Blaire : no it was... romantic kinda

And this is where the happiness ended. She been on a date, when I thought she was not looking.

[03:19:01] Robert : oh
[03:19:25] Robert : how was it
[03:20:03] Blaire : :)
[03:20:51] Robert : will u be seeing them again?
[03:21:08] Blaire : i hope so :)
[03:22:16] Robert : good for u
[03:23:00] Robert : did u get up to much

Stupid question to ask for the way I was feeling. It was more or less asking her, did she have sex. Like I said, stupid question for me to ask the way I was feeling.
[03:24:54] Blaire : ?
[03:24:57] Blaire : up too much?

Great, she did not understand.

[03:25:37] Robert : sorry don't worry
[03:26:03] Robert : any planns for tonight
[03:28:13] Blaire : no
[03:28:18] Blaire : just a nice night in
[03:28:21] Blaire : i was going to work
[03:28:22] Blaire : but i cant
[03:28:28] Blaire : cause im staying at a friends house
[03:29:03] Robert : the one u went at with
[03:29:29] Robert : the one u went out with
[03:29:34] Robert : sorry
[03:32:08] Blaire : no
[03:32:10] Blaire : i wish..

So it looks like the answer to the earlier question which she did not understand was no.

[03:32:17] Robert : k
[03:32:42] Blaire : lol k
[03:32:52] Blaire : u jealous?
[03:32:57] Blaire : lol jkjk
[03:33:03] Blaire : :*
[03:33:16] Robert : super jealous

More heart broken.

[03:33:29] Robert : I do feel like crying
[03:33:44] Robert : thats if I could
[03:33:48] Robert : sorry
[03:38:23] Robert : sorry, the fact is head over heel for u

That should have been “sorry, the fact is I have fallen head over heel for u”.
[03:38:48] Robert : I know it is stupid
[03:38:49] Blaire : you cant cry?
[03:39:13] Robert : I don't know why
[03:39:30] Blaire : how odd..
[03:39:51] Robert : eyes alway oh waterly but never tears
[03:40:00] Blaire : hmm
[03:40:13] Blaire : a girl i used to know couldnt cry
[03:40:18] Blaire : she had artificial tears
[03:40:31] Robert : no matter how much I went to cry
[03:41:21] Robert : I to cry a lot were I just younger
[03:41:39] Robert : might have cried too much

Where I was young I was always pick on and I cried and cried. I might have cried too much where I cannot cry any more.

[03:41:50] Blaire : now youre all dried up
[03:42:13] Robert : yes
[03:42:38] Robert : and when i want to cry a river :(
[03:46:43] Blaire : you have none :(
[03:46:53] Blaire : do you take medications?
[03:47:52] Robert : he must be the luckiest guy in the universe
[03:47:55] Robert : no
[03:48:21] Robert : an inhaler at time
[03:49:37] Robert : I just feel too unlucky :(
[03:51:58] Robert : I just want to cry so much
[03:52:01] Robert : :(
[03:53:57] Robert : I don't hate u or him

I would hate him if he hurt Blaire in any way.
[03:54:32] Robert : I just hate live, alway doing this to me :(
[03:56:17] Robert : sorry
[03:59:07] Blaire : :'(
[03:59:12] Blaire : dont be sad love
[04:00:23] Robert : i knowv it is stupid but i am sad
[04:00:46] Robert : sorry about that
[04:00:58] Blaire : dont worry :)
[04:01:02] Blaire : im not getting married!
[04:01:10] Robert : thanks
[04:01:34] Robert : :)
[04:01:51] Blaire : ....
[04:01:54] Blaire : yet
[04:01:54] Blaire : ;)
[04:01:57] Blaire : jkjkjk
[04:02:06] Robert : :)
[04:03:47] Robert : its just after what u said about ur ex, i thought u was not looking at the mo for a boyfriend
[04:03:59] Blaire : im not
[04:04:04] Blaire : i still dont want one
[04:04:14] Blaire : but we had a good connection
[04:04:18] Blaire : so i hope we go out again soon
[04:04:25] Blaire : but he lives far from me
[04:04:27] Blaire : 3 hours
[04:04:40] Robert : k
[04:04:55] Robert : and live

That should have been “and I live”
[04:05:06] Robert : one mo
Looked up the distance from Milton Keynes to Los Angeles.
[04:06:33] Robert : 5411 miles away from u :(
[04:06:47] Blaire : lol
[04:06:54] Blaire : hthat is far
[04:07:50] Robert : and I just want to make u happy
[04:08:01] Blaire : :D
[04:08:10] Robert : in all ways

Romantically, sexually and in life as a whole.
[04:08:12] Blaire : dont worry you do!
[04:08:14] Blaire : lol
[04:10:12] Robert : its just not being expianced alway makes me worried I cant
[04:10:36] Blaire : you shouldnt worry
[04:10:40] Blaire : with the right persona
[04:10:47] Blaire : and the right chemistry
[04:10:53] Blaire : youll learn :)
[04:11:04] Robert : thanks
[04:12:50] Robert : with what u said about ur ex I thought I would wait until ur were readly
[04:13:23] Blaire : ?
[04:13:26] Blaire : what for what?
[04:14:15] Robert : Romancing u
[04:14:28] Blaire : hahahahaha
[04:14:34] Blaire : awww
[04:14:51] Robert : sorry
[04:15:02] Blaire : dont be sorry ;)
[04:15:25] Robert : I know I fallen too badly for u
[04:15:42] Blaire : i am used to it happening like that..
[04:15:49] Blaire : dont worry xoxo
[04:16:13] Robert : u know now way it is hard to tell my mum

Why not way.
[04:16:35] Blaire : hmm yes that would be an interesting conversation..
[04:16:59] Robert : in love with a striper
[04:17:11] Robert : lol
[04:18:08] Blaire : hahahahahhhahaha
[04:18:13] Blaire : i am sorry...
[04:21:03] Robert : before hearing about u spliting with ur ex I thought the reason u didn't have a boyfriend was that u were youg and didn't want a relasionship
[04:21:29] Blaire : thats true too
[04:21:32] Blaire : or more just that
[04:21:35] Blaire : im not looking
[04:21:37] Robert : i hate not having a spell checker on this
[04:21:39] Blaire : for a bf
[04:22:36] Robert : well I wasright on that
[04:22:47] Blaire : im gona take a nap<3 br="">

I did not realised she logged off at this point. LOL. That the Blaire I know, her only major problem. Not give people time to say bye back to her.
[04:23:15] Robert : hang on i've been right on most thing I've thought about u
I was right about her parents.
[04:23:23] Robert : k :(
[04:23:36] Robert : will u be around later

Now I realised she had logged off.
[04:23:55] Robert : :(
[04:24:51] Robert : I'll be around

I went back to bed with computer still run. Resting helped me feel a bit better. Then as I got my computer decided to rebooted to install some updates.
[07:19:46] Robert : sorry computer reboot I'm still around, I'm feel a bit better
Several Minutes later she logged in and received the missed message.

[07:24:38] Robert : hi
She then logged off.

[07:25:22] Robert : :(

The login and logoff thing might have been a very simple thing and not her avoiding me. She might have put her computer on standby or hibernate mode with our Skype chat screen open when she organically left and she must of have turned on her computer at night to look at something, but too busy to reply or noticed the message saying Hi or the other messages.

My original thoughts after hearing about the ex, that my best tactic was to wait until she was ready, but keep my options open. However the waiting part might have been a problem as I would not know when is the right time to make a move and if I manage to find so one else Blaire would be a wonderful source of information. Well she has been a great source of information already. Now after the whole date thing, I just do not know what to do. I really want her, but other then moving to Los Angeles which I do not have the money to do, I have no clue what to do. Well after thinking about it and talking to people about it to, I should just be happy with want I have. A friendship with a cute, pretty, sexy, caring, sweet, hard working, talented young woman with angelic voiced. And do not let it rule my life which I will try to do. Ok I still have the hots for her big time and would really love for her to be my girlfriend, but I know be her friend would be better than nothing. And my caring for her will not stop.

The alarm sound I have set up on Skype to go off when a contact logs in is a real nightmare when it is someone other than Blaire login on. I think I have fell for an April fouls joke from Suzy. Sadly she never appeared the whole of Thursday thro to Sunday. She is most likely busy with work and move around. I have a feeling she was not around on Friday as she said she was headed back to Los Angeles on that day.

I just wanted to say that Blaire is cute, pretty, sexy, caring, sweet, hard working, talented and has angelic voiced.

I have been thinks of costs of token and my money problems and decided when my new card finally turns up to try to limit myself to 50 to 75 tokens a show depending on how often Blaire is online. Also on Saturday I finally talked to my mum about Blaire and a part from a little chat about money and a couple of other things, she was fine with Blaire and was very understanding about her.

Wii Fit on the 29th March to 4th April

On Monday I thought I would not get time to do any training in the morning as Blaire was on. But I managed to get a little when she was away in Private Shows. I am managed to get some time to do more after work as my dad was not early. I did the ten minute jog and manage to do 3772 meters in the time.

After talking to Blaire on Monday night, I will cut down the weight tests. I will normally do it on Wednesdays and Sundays only and do my waist as well on those days and aim to do them between 8am and 9am.

I am planning to do the 10 minute Jog every day now as it burns 87kcal in that space of time. Because of this I have add a column for the distance jogged.

On Wednesday and Saturday I was not able to do any training, as my dad his hogging the TV down stairs, so I need to do a heavy push on Sunday to make up for two missed days.

I manage to do some training on Thursday. Sadly it was 3pm I did it instead of my normal 8/9am and I had to do it all together without taking a break like it states to do for every 10 minutes of training. I worked up a good sweat and felt good too. I also lost another two centimetres in my waist.

On Friday I decided to change my training a bit. 10 minute Jog first, then the 10 minute Super Advance Rhythm Boxing (13 minute in truth) and then a mix of other things to make up at least half an hour.

On Sunday I lost a whopping 3lb but gained a cm in my waist. The waist might have been from bad measuring. I am finding the 10 minute Super Advance Rhythm Boxing is a very good workout. It leave me out of breath and sweating a lot what is a good thing for a workout. According to Wii Fit it is not as good as the 10 minute jog but does feel a lot better. Also I unlock both the Advanced and the Island Course in Cycling, but only try the Advanced Course so far and it was fun.

I think I might know what was going with the weight this week. Most of the week I was hardly going to the loo until Saturday. Also like I said earlier, Thursday’s was done later then I hope due to access to the downstairs TV. Now looking at the way things have been going on the other weeks and the fact the 10 minute jog is becoming easier and easier as the days went by, I think the fat I have been burning off had be turning into leg muscles. But the sad fact that Sunday is Easter I might be putting some of the weight I have been burning off back on.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week 29th March to 04th April

I have watched on Monday this week’s Gadget Show. Do not get round to watch anything on Tuesday or Friday. On Wednesday I had a bath so I manage to watch some show, first was episode 4 of Needless and listened to episode 223 of the Anime Pulse podcast. On Thursday I listened to episode 29 of the Clixcast podcast and The Game Informer Show Final Fantasy XIII special podcast. Read Chapter 7 of Ga-Rei and watched episode 4 of VR Troopers.
I watched the TV prequel to Ga-Rei called Ga-Rei -Zero- and I really enjoyed it so I have started reading the manga. In look the show is much better as they made it more realistic while the artwork in the manga seems more child friendly. The show swarmed two of my favourite tracks from two of my favourite Japanese artists, Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori and Dark Side of the Light by Faylan. But it is still good and would like to see them animate the Manga too.
On Saturday I watch the first episode of the all new Doctor Who series with Matt Smith as the doctor and the second Naruto: Shippuuden Movie. On Sunday I watched the last episode of Caprica before the mid season break. Also I listened to episode 19 of the Gundamn! @ MAHQ Podcast, all three hours and twenty minutes.

A website I go to at times called Random Curiosity, have previews for the new anime shows starting this month in Japan. Looking at the previews they gave the four shows I was planning to watch Heroman, SD Gundam: Brave Battle Warriors, Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou and Romance of the Three Kingdams, I am dumping Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou for now and maybe Romance of the Three Kingdams. It also looks like Iron Man is being pushed back as there is no signs of it after the early preview listing, but why push it back with the new movie coming? Anyway, below is the preview for Heroman from Random Curiosity.

Heroman: Now here’s something you don’t see every day. In an East meets West collaboration, Spider-Man and X-Men co-creator Stan Lee is working with the always amazing studio BONES to bring us an animated version of the Heroman manga released last year. The story here follows a young orphan named Joey, who considers himself quite useless despite working part-time to support himself and his grandmother. He gets bullied by the rich kids at school because a girl named Lina is nice to him, making him wish he had something to give him some confidence. One day, he picks up a new toy robot from the trash after one of the rich kids throws it away, fixes it since he’s been wanting one, and finds out later that the toy he names Heroman can transform into a gigantic robot with enormous power. It’s not quite becoming a superhero, but pretty much the next best thing. According to the manga, the style is completely Japanese, but the character names, setting (U.S.), and story (aliens) are all very westernized. I’m not entirely convinced this is a series I’d follow just yet, but the trailer looks amazing and they have some new voice actor playing the lead characters.

Chatting with Blaire 30th March

Blaire came on line on Skype today and we chat and chat. WOW.

[16:41:52] Robert : I back from work :)
[19:51:27] Blaire : hey!
[19:51:32] Blaire : did you have fun at work??
[19:51:42] Robert : hi
[19:52:11] Robert : work a pain like normal
[19:52:16] Blaire : :(
[19:52:39] Robert : how was ur morning
[19:53:52] Blaire : good i slept
[19:54:08] Robert : lol good
[19:54:21] Robert : late night last night?
[19:55:02] Blaire : kinda
[19:55:05] Blaire : just watched movie
[19:55:10] Blaire : talked with my mom for a while
[19:55:24] Robert : what movie
[19:55:32] Robert : good
[19:55:36] Blaire : its called stupidity, a documentary
[19:55:51] Robert : ok!
[19:56:05] Robert : never heard of it
[19:56:05] Blaire : LOl you should watch it its very funny!
[19:56:08] Blaire : :D
[19:56:25] Robert : k, I'll look around
[19:57:05] Robert : any plans today
[19:57:25] Robert : apart from work
[19:57:55] Blaire : yeas
[19:58:04] Blaire : trying to update my profile for mfc
[19:58:06] Blaire : then..
[19:58:12] Blaire : take my lil sis shopping
[19:58:15] Blaire : then dinner with family
[19:58:20] Blaire : then hangin with friend
[19:58:23] Blaire : then... maybe work lol
[19:58:27] Blaire : youu??
[19:58:50] Robert : let me know when the updating is done
[19:59:03] Robert : looking for anything
[19:59:11] Robert : good
[19:59:16] Blaire : huh?
[19:59:24] Blaire : looking for anything good?
[19:59:31] Robert : yes
[19:59:37] Robert : no
[19:59:43] Robert : I mean
[19:59:44] Blaire : i dont get it..
[20:00:06] Robert : looking for anything while shopping
[20:00:09] Robert : and
[20:00:30] Robert : good about hanging with friends
[20:01:04] Robert : eairly night feelinging too tired
[20:02:05] Robert : any plans to go on MFC or are u having another day off it
[20:03:07] Blaire : i want to go on later in the evening
[20:03:13] Blaire : like around 11pm probably
[20:03:24] Blaire : you should get good rest
[20:03:28] Blaire : if i go on ill skype you
[20:03:49] Robert : 7am for me
[20:04:08] Robert : I'm normally up around 6 or 7
[20:04:29] Blaire : ok
[20:05:02] Robert : I'll go to bed in half an hour or an hours time

Chatted for over two and a half hours. Some half an hour to an hour.

[20:05:40] Robert : oh thanks about the Skype warning :)
[20:05:55] Blaire : mmmhhmm of course :)
[20:06:49] Robert : any ideas on what u be wearing on MFC if u are on
[20:06:59] Blaire : lol hmm...
[20:07:03] Blaire : a pink dress probably
[20:07:04] Blaire : ;)
[20:07:11] Robert : nice
[20:07:35] Robert : never seen u in pink
[20:08:27] Robert : still can't get in to private or group shows at hthe mo
[20:08:43] Robert : still waiting for my new card
[20:10:40] Robert : oh did u forgot to turn ur computer off last night
[20:12:10] Robert : oh and C'est La Vie with the pri/group thing ;)
[20:12:27] Blaire : ohhh yeah
[20:12:34] Blaire : it was just sitting on the desk
[20:14:01] Robert : Skype said u were on and that u were receiving my massages but there were no replies
[20:14:02] Robert : lol
[20:14:17] Blaire : ohhh yeah cause your chat window was open
[20:14:32] Robert : looked like it
[20:14:37] Blaire : i think skype was the only prgram runnin
[20:14:42] Blaire : sorry!
[20:14:43] Blaire : lol
[20:14:52] Robert : that is ok
[20:15:20] Robert : I had a feelling it was that
[20:15:35] Blaire : yep i dont hate you ;)
[20:15:40] Blaire : (Heart Symbol)
[20:15:47] Robert : can I c u for a mo
[20:15:50] Robert : thanks
[20:16:20] Robert : if u hated me u would block me
[20:18:16] Robert : ???

[20:18:19] *** Call from Blaire , duration 25:17. ***

This time she typed then talked, these was due to the fact the her family were around.

[20:19:08] Robert : forgot headphones
[20:19:26] Blaire : i just woke up
[20:19:31] Robert : fantastic like ever

My mum walked up the door way and asked me about something. I hide the screen from her.

[20:20:12] Robert : sorry my mum was asking something
[20:20:36] Robert : u do not look like a monster

She said that she looked like one of the monsters in my drawings in the morning.
[20:20:51] Blaire : lol only kinda
[20:20:52] Blaire : ;)
[20:20:52] Robert : ur an angel
[20:21:10] Robert : ;)

She shows off her mums dog
[20:21:13] Robert : hi
Then she shows off her dog
[20:21:23] Robert : and hi
[20:21:28] Blaire : too many puppies!!!
[20:22:16] Robert : I would show my mum's cats but they don't come into my room when I'm in it
[20:22:23] Blaire : WHY NOT?
[20:22:26] Blaire : lol sorry caps
[20:22:29] Blaire : do they not like you???
[20:22:33] Blaire : you scare them?
[20:22:48] Robert : scare lol
[20:22:53] Robert : no
[20:23:19] Robert : I just don't like them in here at times ;)
[20:23:33] Blaire : ohh
[20:23:38] Blaire : yeha my puppy bugs me
[20:24:01] Robert : oh how old is he
[20:24:21] Blaire : he is two
[20:24:29] Blaire : the little one is 1
[20:24:42] Blaire : so... he is a preteen in human years!
[20:25:20] Robert : so young :0
[20:25:40] Robert : our younges cat is about 2
[20:25:50] Blaire : ohhh
[20:25:59] Blaire : yeah i got him from my old college roommate
[20:26:08] Blaire : not this past summer, but the summer before
[20:26:09] Robert : knowning him he is with my mum
[20:26:18] Blaire : lol is he a ladcat?
[20:26:22] Blaire : lap*cat
[20:26:43] Robert : yes
[20:27:09] Blaire : hahah awesome!
[20:27:14] Blaire : ive never met one before
[20:27:18] Blaire : usually they do not like to be bothered
[20:27:34] Robert : I see if I can find him

I left the room to fine Ming. My mum said when I asked her if he is the bed room with her she replied “no, but if he is a sleep, do not disturb him.” Then I went down stairs and saw all three lazy bums sleeping. So I decided to take the laptop down stair.

[20:28:42] Robert : I'll take u to him
[20:28:56] Blaire : haha ok
[20:30:04] Blaire : its so dark!

For some reason the camera on the laptop was not picking up the light when I turned them on down stairs, strait away.

[20:30:49] Blaire : lol!
When the camera started working again I showed her Ming.

[20:30:58] Blaire : hi kitty!
[20:31:03] Robert : that is him
[20:31:08] Robert : ming

Then I showed her Lady.
[20:31:20] Robert : lady
[20:31:32] Blaire : awwwwww so lazy

And finally Bandit.

[20:31:41] Robert : and bandit
[20:31:56] Robert : they are cat
[20:32:03] Blaire : true
[20:32:11] Blaire : lazyness is a virtue to kitty
[20:32:43] Robert : eat, sleep, hunt, be pains and more sleep
[20:32:49] Blaire : hahahah
[20:32:51] Blaire : mmhhmm
[20:33:22] Robert : oh what is it with USA girls and dogs
[20:33:23] Robert : lol
[20:33:47] Blaire : hmmm
[20:33:48] Blaire : idk

Need to remember, idk = I Don’t Know
[20:33:55] Blaire : we like our pups
[20:33:55] Robert : all I ever meet have dogs
[20:33:58] Blaire : they are active
[20:33:59] Blaire : and fun
[20:34:00] Blaire : like us!
[20:34:07] Robert : USA think
[20:34:11] Robert : nice
[20:34:12] Blaire : american girls just love to have funn
[20:34:26] Blaire : "american"
[20:34:56] Robert : yes
[20:35:11] Robert : lol
[20:35:41] Robert : oh how often do u smoke
[20:35:57] Blaire : everyday
[20:35:59] Blaire : all day
[20:36:22] Robert : only weed, lol
[20:36:52] Blaire : yes
[20:36:54] Blaire : only weed
[20:37:03] Blaire : cig are no good
[20:37:40] Robert : oh if cigs make cum tast bad
[20:37:53] Robert : what does weed do to it
[20:37:54] Robert : lol
[20:37:55] Blaire : hahahahha exactly!
[20:37:58] Blaire : nothing
[20:38:00] Blaire : lol
[20:38:01] Blaire : buuttt
[20:38:16] Blaire : it can cause problems for males
[20:38:25] Blaire : with being sexually "strong"
[20:38:28] Blaire : if you know what i mean...
[20:38:28] Blaire : lol
[20:38:38] Blaire : but its good if the guy is overly MANLY
[20:38:40] Robert : lol
[20:38:46] Blaire : cause it calms them down a bit
[20:39:11] Robert : u like big or small
[20:39:16] Robert : lol
[20:39:32] Blaire : doesnt matter
[20:39:35] Blaire : big hurts me
[20:39:47] Blaire : more about chemistry
[20:39:55] Robert : good
[20:40:18] Robert : small :(
[20:40:56] Robert : but that can be ok right ;)
[20:40:58] Blaire : hahahahahahahha
[20:41:06] Blaire : for sure you just need practice!
[20:41:07] Blaire : ;)
[20:41:20] Robert : lol
[20:42:10] Robert : I do know u need to pleasure the girl first ;)
[20:42:36] Robert : a tip a friend told me a long time ago
[20:42:54] Blaire : good one to listen to
[20:43:06] Robert : thanks thought so
[20:43:12] Blaire : girls are more finniky than guys are
[20:43:15] Blaire : sp

[20:43:40] *** Call ended ***

[20:43:46] Robert : su
[20:43:52] Robert : cu
[20:43:53] Blaire : su?
[20:43:55] Blaire : ohh
[20:43:58] Blaire : lol
[20:44:01] Blaire : yeah my mom is in the room
[20:44:05] Robert : oh
[20:44:50] Robert : I just turned the screen to a side and bloked it a little
[20:45:56] Blaire : lol
[20:46:01] Blaire : sneaky!
[20:46:08] Robert : I know
[20:46:47] Robert : but after yesterday, I thing she might know something is up
[20:46:54] Blaire : why?
[20:48:23] Robert : normally I eat dinner down stairs, but as you replied to my Skype when dinner was being served I tooked it up stairs
[20:48:49] Blaire : lol
[20:48:59] Robert : please I didn't help with the washing like normal
[20:49:35] Robert : plus not please
[20:49:38] Blaire : tsk tk
[20:49:51] Blaire : you are silly
[20:50:39] Robert : it would be hard to explain things to her
[20:50:58] Robert : the whole MFC thing
[20:51:05] Blaire : mmhhmm yeah
[20:51:08] Blaire : mfc is strange!
[20:52:16] Robert : u try to explain things to friend and they thing porno
[20:52:39] Robert : so what would a mother thing
[20:52:41] Robert : lol
[20:53:03] Blaire : hahahahah well my mom knows
[20:53:07] Blaire : that im an mfc model
[20:53:36] Robert : does she know about the underwear?
[20:53:43] Blaire : yes
[20:53:53] Robert : ok
[20:55:31] Robert : however mothers r normally more protective about sons
[20:55:45] Robert : normally not always
[20:55:54] Blaire : !!!
[20:55:59] Blaire : lol thats not true at all
[20:56:02] Blaire : hahahahahahahah
[20:56:13] Blaire : ohh mothers maybe
[20:56:27] Blaire : but parents as a whole are more protective about their daughters
[20:56:32] Blaire : but mothers tend to baby their sons
[20:56:43] Blaire : your dad??
[20:57:07] Robert : might not care
[20:57:14] Blaire : hmm yeah
[20:57:23] Blaire : my dad would probably not like it
[20:57:38] Robert : he is work, work, work and sleep in frount of the TV
[20:57:44] Blaire : LOL
[20:58:16] Robert : Not letting any one take control of the TV
[20:58:39] Blaire : he is protective of his tv shows
[20:59:02] Robert : yes lol
[20:59:42] Robert : he has never be there for me, but I do know he does care
[21:01:14] Robert : when the doctors said I have disableities he barried himself with work
[21:03:01] Blaire : :(
[21:03:06] Robert : he had never really played with me when I was a child
[21:03:19] Blaire : because of what the doc said?
[21:03:46] Robert : but he works hard to bring in the money
[21:04:16] Robert : its what my mum thinks
[21:05:11] Blaire : :(
[21:05:19] Blaire : was that hard for you?
[21:05:22] Blaire : growing up?
[21:05:36] Robert : its more the fact his didn't know how to take care of a dissable child
[21:05:47] Robert : yes
[21:05:58] Robert : pick on in school
[21:06:32] Robert : the nightmare of speech, reading and writing
[21:06:48] Blaire : you can read and write now
[21:06:49] Blaire : although
[21:06:55] Blaire : i dont think i have ever heard you talk
[21:07:49] Robert : most of the time we talk my parents r in the house
[21:07:58] Robert : so sadly I can
[21:08:22] Robert : and they are trying to sleep at the mo too
[21:09:15] Robert : My dad normally gets up about 3/4 in the morning to go to work and my mum about 5
[21:09:42] Blaire : danng
[21:10:14] Robert : but my dad is off the next two days
[21:11:03] Robert : so even in the morning (night for u) I can't talk talk

If she was on the morning of that day (night time the day before for her), I could of talked.

[21:11:17] Robert : plus I hate my voice
[21:11:29] Blaire : why not?
[21:11:34] Blaire : i mean
[21:11:36] Blaire : why?
[21:11:40] Blaire : do you hate your voice
[21:12:01] Robert : I wise it was the voice I hear when I talk
[21:12:14] Robert : speech ???
[21:12:23] Robert : inpedimant
[21:12:55] Robert : Impediment?
[21:13:25] Robert : basicly it isn't clear
[21:14:31] Robert : with reading and writing comics and the internet have really helped
[21:15:49] Robert : oh to worry of what they (well my mum) thing of u
[21:16:08] Blaire : good :)
[21:16:15] Blaire : she would think i am a porn star!
[21:16:26] Blaire : i kind of am... soft porn :)
[21:16:35] Robert : she must likely
[21:16:43] Robert : k yes
[21:16:45] Robert : lol
[21:17:23] Blaire : ;)
[21:17:35] Robert : would letting her read the log help :S
[21:17:55] Blaire : no idea
[21:18:28] Robert : Only three people seen is so far
[21:18:31] Robert : u
[21:19:01] Robert : my friend Rich, while I gave it to him
[21:19:17] Robert : haven't got a relpy
[21:19:58] Blaire : you have to make it a blog!!
[21:20:01] Blaire : lol
[21:20:08] Blaire : not a word doc
[21:20:08] Robert : and a work mate who is still reading it

I have been told to state the staff member’s name, Maria. Also I have given a copy to two ex-work mates Jessica and Atif.

[21:20:25] Robert : they r still on the old version
[21:20:43] Robert : I the comments :S
[21:21:03] Robert : and not I
[21:21:58] Robert : is any good
[21:22:58] Blaire : thats what i use
[21:23:31] Robert : so it is good then?
[21:23:36] Blaire : yes yes
[21:23:44] Robert : k
[21:24:22] Robert : now how to tell my mum
[21:24:34] Robert : do I lie
[21:25:10] Robert : and say I know u from somewhere other then MFC
[21:25:44] Blaire : what does it matter?
[21:25:51] Blaire : do you feel bad?
[21:26:00] Blaire : and you want to tell her about me?
[21:26:33] Robert : no, I just don't want people thinking bad thoughts about u
[21:26:41] Blaire : ohh
[21:26:47] Blaire : its ok im a big girl!
[21:26:51] Blaire : i can handle it ;)
[21:26:56] Blaire : i have many haters
[21:26:58] Blaire : and many lovers
[21:27:00] Blaire : in the end
[21:27:04] Blaire : none of it matters ;)
[21:27:16] Robert : yes
[21:27:23] Robert : true
[21:27:37] Robert : ur a fighter
[21:28:36] Robert : and I'm a lover
[21:28:37] Robert : lol
[21:29:36] Robert : have u ever been to the uk??
[21:30:19] Blaire : no :(
[21:30:43] Robert : I have never left it
[21:30:56] Blaire : really?
[21:31:05] Robert : yep
[21:31:10] Blaire : i plan to go to edinburough soon
[21:31:14] Blaire : but
[21:31:18] Blaire : i have no idea where that is..
[21:33:04] Robert :

Should of said Scotland. Also I just realised several days later that she said soon and not wanting to. So I best find out how soon.

[21:35:09] Robert : about 360 mile away from me
[21:35:40] Robert : that might be close to USA standards
[21:36:00] Blaire : lol hmm
[21:36:07] Blaire : kinda close
[21:36:11] Blaire : like a couple hours drive
[21:36:15] Robert :

I plotted a rout from Milton Keynes to Edinburgh and posted a like but then I realised it was the same link as the one before.

[21:36:25] Robert : 6 and a half

[21:37:18] *** Call to Blaire , no answer. ***

I was not trying to call her, I was trying share my screen with her.
[21:37:35] Blaire : i am eating luch with my mom
[21:37:52] Robert : sorry
[21:39:42] Robert : was showing u my screen

I then sent her a screen shot. The image at the top of the page.
[21:40:42] Blaire : stil downloadin
[21:40:52] Robert : I know?
[21:41:43] Blaire : lol i got your link :)
[21:42:16] Blaire : 6 hours is like going from la to san jose
[21:42:33] Robert : ok :)
[21:43:00] Robert : like I said short for u lol
[21:43:13] Blaire : is it far for uk standard?
[21:44:31] Robert : the distance is about half the lenght of the uk
[21:44:36] Robert : if not more
[21:44:49] Blaire : dannng
[21:44:52] Blaire : lol
[21:45:12] Robert : we're small
[21:45:19] Robert : ur huge
[21:47:38] Robert : oh just want to make sure on something
[21:48:43] Robert : is Blaire ur real name or is it a writer name
[21:49:30] Robert : as Suzy say do u really thing a model would use their real name on MFC
[21:49:52] Robert : or was that a bluff
[21:59:14] Robert : lol
[22:07:28] Blaire : lol
[22:07:29] Blaire : hmmm
[22:07:32] Blaire : idk ;)
[22:08:21] Robert : bluff
[22:08:35] Robert : lol
[22:08:57] Blaire : i dont work at petco though!
[22:08:59] Blaire : ROFL
[22:09:57] Blaire : i fixed my prof a little bit
[22:10:00] Blaire : ill keep working on it
[22:10:10] Robert : k
[22:10:11] Blaire :
[22:10:14] Blaire : no new info
[22:10:19] Blaire : just diff type font etc
[22:10:22] Blaire : and background
[22:10:31] Blaire : takes me a long time i dont know css that well :(
[22:11:41] Robert : oh did u add the iteam to the wise list before or after we talked yesterday
[22:11:51] Robert : lol
[22:12:43] Blaire : which item?
[22:13:18] Robert : several items where added yesterday
[22:14:07] Robert : just was asking if they were added after we talked about birthdays or before :)
[22:15:44] Blaire : ohhh
[22:15:52] Blaire : yeah no i just tried to update a little
[22:16:00] Blaire : was thinkin bout jewerly
[22:17:58] Robert : I would thought underwear might be a little odd getting someone unless ur making love to them
[22:18:15] Robert : ;)
[22:21:18] Robert : while I better be going to bed soon
[22:22:08] Robert : that half an hour to an hour changed to almost two and a half hours
[22:22:10] Blaire : true..
[22:22:13] Blaire : hahahah
[22:22:17] Blaire : sweet dreams
[22:22:18] Blaire : (Heart Symbol)
[22:22:47] Robert : hope to cu in the morning
[22:23:00] Robert : and maybe dreams ;)
[22:23:02] Robert : lol
[22:24:06] Blaire : muahh
[22:24:19] Robert : cu
[22:24:27] Robert : xxxxxx
[22:24:34] Robert : :*

:* is a kissing smiley

[22:24:39] Robert : LOL
[22:27:15] Robert : I'll put Skype on away
[22:28:48] Robert : just let me know if u be on MFC or not and if not will u be free on Skype after 10pm (ur time)
[22:28:53] Robert : night