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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cosplay Deviants: Nova, Paige, Aglaia, Rosie and Dryden - Senshi

Hi all, this Wednesday's Cosplay Deviants set was a re-promotion of the the set Senshi where five of the Deviants cosplay as the five main characters from Sailor Moon. Nova is cosplaying as Sailor Moon, Paige is cosplaying as Sailor Jupiter, Aglaia is cosplaying as Sailor Mars, Rosie is cosplaying as Sailor Venus and Dryden is cosplaying as Sailor Mercury. This is a very iconic set from Cosplay Deviants of a very class anime. I like the set and the fact that there was five individual set of each character as build up to this set was great to.

I would like to point out that these reviews are my person opinion. People do have there own opinions. I try my best not to be insulting or rude about the models and I rarely say anything bad about a set or model. Saying I prefer one cosplay to another is not being rude or insulting, it an opinion. Now if I said that "is was totally crap and that they should never do it again", that is being rude and insulting. Sorry for the little rant, just needed to clear a couple of things after a couple of rude and insulting comments I had to delete. Do feel free to post comments on my posts, as comments can be helpful to every one, like your own opinions of things. But please, do not be rude or insulting to me or any one else, if you are the comment well be delete.

Now to the DreamClix section. In the post I will be doing a Cosplay card for Dryden. Why Dryden other the others? I had already done Nova. Even tho Paige and Rosie have done three sets, they in fact only have done two characters each so I decided that they are not currently important enough to do at the moment. And lastly Rosie, she was in the running and if I was doing two I would be doing her as well bet as she does not have a bio on her Deviant page and Dryden does, I decided to doing Dryden.

Cosplay Card: Dryden.
Team Ability: Cosplay Deviants.
Extra Keywords: Cosplay.
Special Abilities: This character can use Stealth.
Cost: ?. This is halved if character is called ever Sailor Mercury, Tira, Rider, Cube, I-No, The Major or Motoko Kusanagi.

Again, sorry for the rant. Until next time, have fun.