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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Heroclix Special

As there is no Heroclix this week I decided to do a special this week. I have three things I like to like to talk about watch I did not want to do them as part of a standard Heroclix post as that would of taken too much time. The first thing I wanted to talk about is the “No more powers” scenario that I am making. My first idea for the scenario was at the start of each game, two random characters from both teams loses all their powers, traits, TAs and so on. Darren, our group’s judge, did not like the idea of such a large chunk of a team losing all their powers, but he did like idea of losing powers was a good idea. After a lot of thinking I have two ideas on how to do power lose. But first, here are some the standard scenario rules for both ideas. It will be 400 points, multi player game that feats are allowed. Standard house rules random turn order while be in play. I was not originally planning to make it multi player, however as the power lose would work better in a multi player game and the fact we had not played a multi player game in a long time, I thought it would be a fun change.

My Ultimate Shadowcat conversion from the front
“The House rule – Multi Player Turn Order: A number of playing card equal to the number of player with numbers counting for 1 and upwards are shuffled together. At the beginning of each full round (at the start of the game or after all the players have taken their turn) each player is given a card at random. The player with the number 1 card will taken their turn first then the player with card 2 and so on until all the player have finished their turns.”

Idea 1: At the beginning of each round, a player roll a D6, depending on the roll the result will happen until next turn on all figures:
1. All powers on movement are cancelled and the symbol becomes the standard boot symbol.
2. All powers on attack are cancelled and the symbol becomes the standard fist symbol.
3. All powers on defence are cancelled and the symbol becomes the standard shield symbol.
4. All powers on damage are cancelled and the symbol becomes the standard explosion symbol.
5. All TAs, ATAs, Traits and Feat are cancelled and the can only target one character with range attacks.
6. Roll again. If a 6 is roll again, nothing happens.

My Ultimate Shadowcat conversion from the side
Idea 2: At the begin of a player’s turn, they randomly select one of their figures. That figure loses all their Powers, TAs, ATAs, Feats and Traits, all their symbols become the standard ones and they can only target one character with range attacks. This lasts until the beginning of the player’s next turn.

The idea for this scenario came from the whole “No More Mutants” thing from the end of House of M events in the Marvel comics. An balanced team would need to be made for this scenario. One that does not heavily rely on their powers. For example a character that has damage 1 and Range Combat Expert would be heavily relying on their Range Combat Expert to get past opponents damage reductions. Heavy value stats might to a better goal the powers, but you will have to remember the not all powers will be cancelled.

House of M Iron Man
The second thing I wanted to talk about, well, show off, is a conversion I made ages ago of Ultimate universe Shadowcat. I use the old Infinity Gauntlet/Universe figure, added a skirt using green stuff and repainted her in her Ultimate X-Men colours. Sadly the pictures I have are crap. Something tells me that it is because that it is my poor camera skills as the camera I used is a meant to be quite a good camera miniature. It is a FujiFilm FinePix S7000. Ok it is getting on a bit old now, but that should not stop it from taking good pictures of miniatures. I need to find out what I am doing wrong. 

The last thing I wanted to talk about are the Heroclix sets I would like to see being made and the figures I want to see begin made for them. I decided to talk about this after reading posts on HCRealms about what people would love to see being done. As there is not much it DC I want to see, I only really like Batman from DC, I will only be talking about Marvel stuff I want to see and some other stuff on roughly the same line as the Iron Maiden Heroclix stuff.
Pepper Potts in her Rescue armour
As there is so much Marvel stuff I would like to see, they would best fit into two sets due to their themes. I am a big Iron Man fan and would love to see an set based around Iron Man, something like "The Many Suits of Iron Man" or "Directors of S.H.I.E.L.D.". I would like to see it a set like that:
House of M Iron Man
Aqua suit Iron Man
Stealth suit Iron Man
House of M Jonny Storm
Tony Stark AE and the new Iron Man suit to go with it.
Rhodey AE and a War Machine to go with it.
Pepper Potts may be a AE to go with Rescue.
Happy Hogan.
A new Mandarin or two.
A new MODOK.
Steve Rogers nowadays.
A new Whirlwind.
A new Blizzard.
A new Ultimate (Movie) universe Nick Fury
Agent Maria Hill
A new Black Widow
A new 616 universe Nick Fury if its the Dirctor theme.
New S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents that uses the minion mechanic. Standard, Cape Hunters and Iron Man's team.
A non Captain America Steve Rogers.
A Captain America Bucky.
And may be a buy it by the brick colossal size Transformer Busting Iron Man from the IDW Transformers vs Avengers cross over comic.

The Brotherhood of Mutants - Destiny, Avalanche,
Mystique, Pyro and Blob.
I am also a X-Men fan too and maybe a  set like "Magneto’s Revenge" would be good. As it is hard to make a good classic Brotherhood team as the old figures are too weak to modan standards. Remake of major characters would be great like:
X-Men characters that we really need:
A new Cyclops that can led his X-Men to battle would be great.
A first class Angel to go with the other first class X-Men.
Armor. As it is her name I will not bitch about spelling.
Surge, my favourite New X-Men, and maybe the other New X-Men.
Sentinels as Giant size figures.
William Stryker.
Missing Ultimate X-Men characters like:
Shadowcat who should of been in Web of Spider-Man instead of Nightcrawer.
Marvel Girl with Phoenix powers.

Transformer Busting Iron Man vs. Skywarp
Other sets\universes I would like to see being made are:
A Indy Heroclix box set base on 2000ad or a Judge Dredd box set. A double base Judge Dredd on him motorbike would be great. Indy is a name used for Heroclix stuff the does not belong to the Marvel or DC universes.
Transformer entering the Heroclix realm would be fanatic, but sadly I can see it happening as Hasbro, the creators/owner of Transformers, have their own gaming company. You might have heard of them before, Wizards of the Coast.
Anime Heroclix. Maybe done in the same way as Indy. Have standard ATs base on show and may be good guys and bad guys. May be a Shonen Jump set first as it would most likely be easier to licence and would fit in with the comic book theme of Heroclix. That would cover Animes/Mangas like, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball and One Piece. The AE mechanic could be heavily used by some of the characters. For example Goku to Goku Super Saiun to Goku Super Saiun 2 to Goku Super Saiun 3.
Ultimate Shadowcat and Ultimate

All of this leads to a interesting idea for my weekly Heroclix post, dream clix. Where I well take two or more characters I would like to see, one Marvel or DC and one other. I will not be doing a whole dial most of the time, these will be just ideas. I will start this idea off with this week with Ultimate Shadowcat and Zoro from One Piece.
Shadowcat should have a special power that gives her phasing, energy shield defletion and close combat reflexies on all but the last click or two, standard phasing after losing the special, the carry ability as a trait and exploit weakness at time too as she can phase into people one grab inturnal orgings.  As for states, maybe she should start with a movement of 8 or 10, attack of 8 or 9, defence of 17 or 18 and a damage of 1. Maybe only 4 or 5 clicks deep and ever the Ultimate X-Men or Spider-Man Allies TA.
Zoro from One Piece
With Zoro, I would say that he should have a special called, Three Swords Style were he uses blades but he rolls two dice and picks the highest for half the dial and then blades for the second half, another special called Tiger Claw Trap in the middle of the dial that deals one unavoidable damage to characters use move and attack ability as a close combat attack like change ageist him, and close combat reflexes at points. Starting states of movement of 8, attack 11 or 12, defence 17 and a damage 3. Maybe 6 to 8 clicks deep and ever a Straw Hat Pirates TA (same as the standard Fantastic Four TA) or One Piece show AT (not a clue at the moment).
Well hope you all enjoy this very long the special. Until next time.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of 19th to 25th July

One Piece (With all nine crew members)
Wow. The list might not be long but take it that I watched over 40 episodes of One Piece alone. That is over a series and a half in one week. It was a lot of watching. Got a feeling next week will be as bad. At this rate I be on series 4 by this time next week.  I also finished watching Transformers: Headmasters this week too. For those who do not know Japan never got the three episode long series 4 of Transformers know as The Rebirth.  Instead they had three complete series of between 35 to 47 episodes each. Well I best start the list then.

On Monday I watched episodes 4 to 8 of One Piece, episodes 21 to 27 of Transformers: Headmasters and listened to episode 11 of The Game Informer Show.
On Tuesday I watched episodes 9 to 11 of One Piece.
Transformers: Headmasters
On Wednesday I watched episodes 12 to 18 of One Piece, episodes 28 to 34 of Transformers: Headmasters and episodes 2 and 3 of Wolverine and the X-Men.
On Thursday I watched episodes 19 to 25 of One Piece, a Gadget Show web clip (Universal Remotes Reviewed) and part 7 of the Robot Chicken creators play D&D.
On Friday I watch episode 26 of One Piece which completes series 1 of it as well as episodes 27 to 29 and episode 35 which is the last episode of Transformers: Headmasters.
On Saturday I watched episodes 30 to 37 of One Piece and episodes 6 and 8 of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.
On Sunday I watched episodes 38 to 44 of One Piece, episode 10 of Robotech: Macross Saga, episodes 1 and 2 of Transformer: (Super-God) Masterforce and episode 10 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex.

Cosplay Deviants - Noel - Kokiri girl

Finally a one set from one of my favourite Deviants on Cosplay Deviants. The set is called Kokiri girl. Noel is cosplaying as Saria from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This has been a long awaited set as Cosplay Deviants has a massive pile of photo sets to post up. They have made a Tweeter or was that Facebook post saying that they were thinks on changing from one set a week to two if the pile gets too big. Honesty by the sound of things they are at that point if not past it. Noel alone has at lest four accepted photo sets that are waiting to be posted up, let a lone any one else. These set are;

A group set of Pani Poni Dash cast as maids (Quinn is in it too).
Sakura from Naruto: Shippuuden.
Hikari with Amane from Strawberry Panic.
Angewomon from Digimon.

With more sets being made. But anyway this set was great and you get to see a little more of her than the first set. For some odd reason I normally have a soft spot for blue and green haired anime characters. Any way if you want to see the set, go to Cosplay Deviants and become a member. No clue on next week set on Cosplay Deviants, but I can guess that it will not be one of Noel's as there was one this week. Hope it is one of Quinn's or the Gundam set that is on the previews. Well that is it for now, until next time, enjoy.

Updates: Thanks to Cosplay Deviants I have updates the links and added a couple of banners. Thank You.

Blaire and Friends Update 25th July

Blaire on Tuesday the 20th of July
Well it was busier than last week. Ok anything would be busier in fact than last week. LOL. Well best get this started.
Blaire was not on-line Monday morning, but SuzySmartz and ZoeySmartz were. As getting information from Suzy can be like getting blood out of a stone at times and the fact I have never really chatted with Zoey before, I decided to ask Zoey where has Blaire been. Zoey said that Blaire was busy as her boyfriend was in town. Hang on, last I know she did not have one. Was Zoey being stupid and should of said ex-boyfriend? Do Blaire get back together with her old long term boyfriend now that collage was over? Did they never really broke up and Blaire lied to me? Is this a new guy? I was not really upset as I know a girl like her would stay lone for long, even when she said that she is not looking at the moment. I really do care about her and if she does have a boy friend now, I do hope she is happy with them and they treat her right. All I want is for her to be happy. I decided to sent Blaire a message that we needed to talk as I just prefer to know if she does are does not  so that I do not do anything stupid.
Blaire's Tweeter Picture
She was on MFC on Tuesday morning, we talked a bit on PMs while she was on cam as she know I wanted to talk to her. I found out the main reason she was away last week was that she was working on her own website which is not up let. Will the site be like the pay site Suzy is making? Will it be a fashion site for her designs? Will it be a generally Blaire stuff site? All of the above? Well we will have to wait and see. She left early as a friend of hers phoned up asking for a lift home as they were too drunk to get home by them self. Wow she is a fantastic friend to do something like that and at that time of the night (about 11pm her time). My mates bitch and wine at times about giving me a lift to a place they were going to or drop me at home after a party they went to as well. Oh well.
Blaire on the 21st of July
About an hour after Blaire logged off, I was working on a special birthday message for Blaire. I spotted Suzy was on-line so I asked her for some help, which she was not very un-helpful. All she said that Blaire's birthday was not the 22nd. I reply that it was the date Blaire was giving out and showed her proof (her Amazon wise list), but I got no reply back from her. I sent a message to Blaire letting her know what Suzy said. I trusted Blaire to not to lie about something like that.  I later got a reply from Blaire during the night. She said that Suzy was probably being sweet and was trying to keep her personal information secret.
On Tuesday evening, Blaire made a Tweeter:

“The San Diego FIDM is so pretty and looks over the padres baseball field in downtown SD!

It was nice view, sham that Blaire is not in the picture.
Helen's Profile Picture
She was on MFC again on Wednesday morning with a later longer show. She had update her schedule on her MFC profile.  This was meant to be her schedule up to the 3rd of August, which is when she will go on her two month long trip around Europe. By the sound of it she will be trying to go on-line during her holiday. She sang a song to me saying my real name, Robert, in it as a gift for being so sweet to her by sending her a birthday present. Wow, I am really touched by the thought. Sadly a had major lag at that point of time and could not make out the song. But her singing voice is fantastic. She said as she was leaving that she would be on Thursday night (which was on her schedule) even tho it was her birthday as she had book a private show with someone. This would mean she was going to be on line Friday morning my time.
Sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Suzy introduced a new Smartz girl, HelenSmartz. Sadly I was asleep when she on-line. However, looking at her profile picture, see looks quite nice. In face the second hottest Smartz girl, with Blaire being the hottest of cause. Also both Helen and CharlieSmartz now have Tweeter account now. I will post links to them as well as a link to Helen’s MFC profile at the bottom of the post.
Blaire's Birthday Cake
At about 2pm on Thursday, I sent Blaire a birthday message on MFC and start looking for an anime based birthday video. I wanted one with anime characters saying happy birthday, but I could not find one. Sadly most of the videos I could find where not that good, so I ended up with a slide show on You Tube. Blaire posted a picture of her birthday cake. It was very fashionable, so very her.
On Friday, Blaire was not on-line at all. This was the second private show I know she had booked and both times she had not turned up for them. Note to self, never book private show with her as she will not be on-line for it. LOL. She did however leave a message on MFC for me saying thank you.
Blaire on the 24th of July. No she is not naked, her hair
is covering the straps of her top.  
On the schedule Blaire made, she was not down to be on Friday night (Saturday morning my time) but she was on-line. Hippy. Maybe she was making up for not being on the day before. She said she liked the gift, but there was no comment about the video. Knowing her she did not see it yet. Never mind. She was only on-line for about an hour and sadly she did not stop for a chat.
On Sunday morning she was not on MFC at all even tho her schedule said she was planning on being on-line. LOL. That Blaire for you.
Well that is it for this week. Wow, I can add captions to pictures now. Sweet! Thank you Blog Spot for making Blogging easier. Until next timez, enjoy. Oh and is below is a link update list.

HelenSmartz (Profile, Tweeter)
CharlieSmartz (Tweeter)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Heroclix 22nd July, elite agents vs. school girls.

This week scenario was Battle of the Sexes. Two teams of 300 points each, one team of male characters and one team of female characters. Feats are allowed. Ok, minds blink who to play at first. With the female team I decided to go for Spider-Girl and base a team around the teen keyword. With the male team I first thought to go for a martial artist keyword team. But the defence values were too low. How I come up with a S.H.I.E.L.D. I can not remember but I did.

Female team:
Spider-Girl (Secrete Invasion) 77 points
Marvel Girl (Rook Ultimates) 48 points
Shadowcat (Exp Sinister) 54 points
Nico Minoru (Hammer of Thor) 84 points
Elektra Natchios (LE Critical Mass) 36 points
=299 points and 2 theme team rerolls

Male team:
Nick Fury (Uni Sinister) 63 points
Winter Soldier (Avengers) 70 points
Dum Dum Dugan (S.H.I.E.L.D. Secrete Invasion) 75 points
Wolverine (Uni Armour War) 60 points
Mandroid Armour (Exp Clobberin' Time) 32 points
=300 points and 2 theme team rerolls

The other players use a male solder team, a female cosmic team, two Avengers teams (one male, one female) and two teen teams (one male, one female). The first game was my female team ageist the male solder team. With the first attack being a roll of 11 that was probed to a nature 12 ageists poor Shadowcat I know my chances of winning was hopeless. But I keep on fighting and manage to make it a close fight, however I still lost.
The second game was my male team ageist the female Avengers team. A very bad map pick sealed my fate. I got creamed.
The third and final game I used my male team ageist the other teen team. In fact it was Spider-Girl and 5 Cuckoos. I bunch of school girls fighting ageist S.H.I.E.L.D.’s elite force. LOL. Sadly, poor old Nick Fury was KOed as Spider-Girl proved to be a real pain but I do win the game after a long fight ageist Spider-Girl.
I did not do too well this time, but it was ok. Over all the male teams won as out of a total of eight games the male teams win seven of them while the girls only won one game and that might be because of a bad map pick on the player of the male team they were ageist made. Never pick the castle map when you have a stealth base team with no fliers or leap/climbers.
The is no game next week but the week after will 400 points, Earth, Wind and Fire scenario.  What is Earth, Wind and Fire?  Only Darren, the judge, knows. All that we, the players, know is that we need to bring a 400 point team. The following week will must likely be a scenario that made. I might do a post next week about it. All I will say for now is that it will be called “No more powers” loosely based on the whole “No more mutants” from the end of House of M event in the Marvel comics.
Heroclix news now, to kick things off we first have the long awaited Spider-Man preview, it was the brick figure.  It is a nice sculpted and dial, but as it is on that massive base makes it very unplayable as it is hard for him to hide and to get around a non-outdoor only map. Next HCRealms had another preview for them self this time it was Deadpool. Looks good, but 151 points for only seven clicks of life does not seem right. I got a feeling that they over priced his special. Here is a link to Deadpool. Also Game Trade Magazine revild the next set which should be the last set of the year, DC HeroClix: 75th Anniversary. Apart from Bane and the White Lanterns I can not see me buying much of this set if any at all. Then, when I got home after this week's Heroclix, there were pictures from Comic Con of most, if not all of the Web of Spider-Man figures in a display cabiut on the web. The pictures were taken a bit too far to tell who are all of them but I will try to list the ones I know or been listed by others. Also some point values have been listed too. Please note that I will not be listing figures that have been reviewed.

  • Iron Man and Warmachine duo figure: this has been listed on the web as a 300 point figure. WOW. Hope it will be worth the points. This is the figure out of the whole sent I am mostly wanting.
  • New X-Force versions of Wolverine, Warpath, X-23 and Wolfsbane. All adding up to 300 points (105, 70. 60, 65). Sweet. I am hoping that there is an ATA for them to give them stealth (aka Batman Allies TA) and that Wolverine comes with the Avengers keyword.
  • Two Dakens. One as himself and another as (Dark) Wolverine. For those who do not know, Daken is Wolverine's son. Sadly the (Dark) Wolverine sculpted is a repaint of the X-Force Wolverine.
  • Bullseye as (Dark) Hawkeye.
  • Old School Venom and an AE Eddie Brock.
  • Anti-Venom.
  • J Jonah Jameson.
  • Mary Jane at 15 points.
  • Red Hulk at 220 points.
  • Red She-Hulk at 139 point.
  • Sandman. At last a new Sandman.
  • Iron Man who is a repaint of Iron Patriot.
  • Cosmic Spider-Man at 319 points.
  • Mysterio.
  • Two police officers, two nurses and two thugs. One of each is most likely LEs.
  • There was also three other figure I could name but you have to wait for.
  • Doc Ock.
  • Noh-Varr at 141 points.
  • Victor Mancha at 96 points.
  • Black Cat.
  • Cardiac.
  • Solo.
  • Prowler.
  • Scorpion.
  • Rocket Racer.
  • Molten Man.
  • Groot.
  • Nightcrawler. Ultimate X-Men version.
  • Firestar.
  • Will o Wisp.
  • Hammer.
  • Chameleon.
  • Kraven the Spider.
  • Jackal
  • Spider-Hulk. Must likely a chase figure.

OK could be good, could be bad. I would of love to of seen a Ultimate Shadowcat in the set as she did go out with Spider-Man for quite some time in the Ultimate universe. Never mind. Also below the Web of Spider-Man stuff was Iron Maiden Heroclix boosters. WTF! They would suit Horrorclix better. May be they decided to dump Horrorclix all together and releasing everything as Heroclix and Actionclix (currently only has Halo). I later learned that the boosters are small, one or two figure boosters with only eight figures to collect. The last bit of news is this week's Web of Spider-Man preveiw. This time it is the AE (Alternate Ego) Peter Parker and the two figures he can change to, normal suit Spider-Man or black suit Spider-Man. The two Spider-Men are the same sculp but repainted differently and different diels.
Well that is it for now. I got a feeling that this is a huge post so until next time, enjoy.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Monday, 19 July 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week 12th to18th June

Ok, it has been a better than last week. But there was a bit of chaos on Sunday as I decided to and One Piece to my watch pile (all 10 movies and 458 episodes and counting) plus the missing Transformers shows from my pile (RiD, Armada, Energon, Cyberton and Animated).
On Monday I listened to the first half of episode 21 of Gundamn!@MAHQ, it is 3 hours long.
On Tuesday I watched episode 7 of Dragon Ball Kai, episode 33 of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, episode 6 of Fairy Tail, listened to the second half of episode 21 of Gundamn!@MAHQ and read chapter 4 of Chaos;Head and the web comics of CTRL+ALT+DEL for the month of May 2005. I ordered volumes 7 and 8 of Dragon Ball manga.
On Wednesday I was too busy testing my game MS Wars so I never got round on watching anything.
On Thursday I watched episode 9 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, episode 4 of Seikon on Qwaser.
On Friday I did not watch anything as I was too busy with posting blogs posts and doing half a dozen tasks for my mum.
On Saturday I watched episode 9 of Robotech: The Macross Saga, episode 5 of .hack//Legend of the Twilight, episodes 5 and 6 of Needless, listened to episode 10 of The Game Informer Show and read chapters 73 to 76 of Dragon Ball.
On Sunday I brought Superman: Doomsday on DVD for £2 and watched episodes 1 to 3 of One Piece, episodes 17 to 20 of Transformers: Headmasters and Inception with my mates. I would of watch more One Piece but I hit Mega Upload's 24 hour viewing cap.
Well expect a lot of One Piece next week. Until next time, enjoy.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Blaire and Friends Update 18th July

I am posting this a couple of days later than I originally planned due to the special at the beginning of the week, but the way the week went I do not know what was the whole point of the special when not much happened this. Well I better get started. When I woke up on Tuesday morning Blaire was on line on MFC but not on cam. I PMed her "Hi" but she never replied. Not long after that she logged off. Maybe she came on to speech to Suzysmartz, who was on MFC too. Then I realised I had forgotten something from the special. I added it and then later when Suzy returned from a very long private, I went into her room to say hi and to let her know about the special. Suzy was with Zoeysmartz.

As Blaire still had not add anything new to her Amazon wish list and the fact I was planning on buying her birthday gift on Tuesday when my pay goes in, I dicided to ordered something anyway. Hope she loves it. Sadly as it was not being sold by Amazon, just on, I could not get it gift wrapped or add a gift tag to it. So I sent her a Tweeter saying do not open any amazon post until the 22nd. Later on in the day, Blaire posted on Tweeter a picture of a big bruise she had on her beautiful leg that she got from riding the mechanical cock on Saturday. Poor Blaire. Every time I see the picture I wish that there was something that I could do to make it better. It does show bigger is not better. Later on in the day, I decided to do some reading before going to bed when out of the blue Blaire logged on to Skype. We chatted for a while and I found out what happened to her. She left eXXXotic ealy because of the poor lag and hurting herself. We also talk about what she got while at the eXXXotica Expo and lingerie shopping and she apologised about forgetting to update her Amazon wish list. After she logged off I went to bed.
On Wednesday she was on MFC again but not on cam or replying. Is she watching the other models. Suzy and co were not cam so she coud not be talking to them. She also did it on Wendesday morning too, but I did not bothered PMing her this time. I just went back to bed for another 30 minutes as I would be able to hear her if she went on-line which she never did.
On Thursday, I Tweetered to her "One week to go" and she replied "You're so good to me". It was one week until her birthday.
And then that is it! No sign of her ever since then. She has not even logged on to MFC. Odd. Well that is it for this week. I hope there will be more of a post next week. The above pictures are the Tweeter one and two random old ones as there are no new ones. The new Compose mode on Blog Spot is fantastic. I can now place the pictures were I want them them just at the top of the screen, as long as it is at the top of a paragraph.  This will be very useful with my M.S. Wars blog. Until next time, enjoy.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Heroclix 15th July, Like a bat out of Hell

This weeks game was 500 points, three actions, open universe, feat are allowed (but I never remember Darren stating it), where you can only have figures and feats that the name on the base starts with a letter in you Christian name. If you can spell out your Christian name with the figures in your team you gain a free probability roll (like theme team ones). My built my team days ahead for once as I had an idea on who to go for.

R = Robin (79 point Justice League)
O = Owlman (Un Collateral Damage)
B = Batman (Out of the Shadows Justice League)
E = Edward Nigma (LE Arkham Asylum)
R = Robin (Exp Icons)
T = The Joker (Vet Icons)
O = Oracle (Batman Alpha)

A Gothan City themed team with characters the spells my name and one extra. The scary thing is that the team has at the start, five Outwits. Nasty. As I did not have Edward Nigma borrowed one from Darren, but as he had more the one copy of him, Darren said keep it. The other teams were two scientist theme teams and none themed team, but it was mostly X-Men. All the teams spelled out the players name so all gained the bonus probability roll. My first game was ageist on one the scientist teams. The map had next to no hindering to hide in for my stealthers and my opponent roll five critical hits and lot of very high numbers like 11. Also forgetting you need to be adjacent to use Master Mind does not help too. I got creamed but at last I took out a third of my opponent’s team. The second game was against the non-themed team. Two memorable from the match were:

Batman Out of the Shadowing Logan, critically hitting him and knocking him into blocking terrain. It was only a pat on the shoulder honest.

The Joker poisoning the stupid Emma Frost, who stupidly walked up to him, and then Batman Out of the Shadows her after Outwitting her Invulnerability.

I white washed him. The third and final game was ageist the second scientist team. At first when I lost The Joker it did not look too good for me, but I manage to pull it out and took out the rest of my opponent's team without losing any more characters. Over all with two wins and one lose I got second place. Next week will be Battle of the Sexes. Two team of 300 points each, one team of male characters and one team of female characters. Feats are allowed.
HCRealms reviled the figure for Puma from the Web of Spider-Man, but the main Heroclix site still has not posted this week’s preview which is meant to be the web head himself, Spider-Man. Oh well! My next blog post will be the MS Wars update on my MS Wars blog, I have final gotten it re tested. Until next time, enjoy.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Blaire and Friends Update, eXXXotica Expo Special (Updated)

OK as there are too many pictures I wanted to post over the weekend to possible support the rest of the week, I decided to post a Blaire and Friends eXXXotica Expo Special. But first I have two thing I forgot to say in me Blaire and Friends post. First off I had checked out Charliesmartz, Suzysmartz’s latest recruit. She is not bad but there is nothing special about her so I most likely will not visiting her much.
The second is a Tweeter from Blaire. Ok I did not forget it, but as I had already written the post and did not know how to reply to it, I decided to leave it for the next Blaire and Friends post. Here is the Tweeter:
"Rofl both my dogs poo at the same time haha! pic"

Ok, I still cannot think of a reply to that. Let us move on. On Friday not long after I got back from work, had Blaire come on line on MFC with Suzysmartz and two other MFC models, SarahJean and KeyserSozee. I had never meet Sarah before then, but I had heard of her from other models and members and Keyser I had only meet once with Suzy the day before. They were all in a hotel room having a Chinese breakfast and getting ready for the eXXXotica Expo. All four of them were representing MFC at the Expo. Sarah and Keyser are both nude models. Blaire and Suzy were sharing a room together and had a shower together earlier, off cam of cause. I jokingly said to Blaire that I would ask Suzy for details later which I manage to get without even asking Suzy but more on that later. They went off cam after about half an hour to finish off getting ready to go and getting set up at the Expo. Two and a half hours later, Blaire made a Tweeter post:
"Broadcasting all day from the LA Convention center for the Exxotica Expo! MFC"

The way that read, it sounded like she was already on line. So I went on MFC and found that she was not on cam at all. I replied to her on Tweeter:
@Blairebennett what broadcast???

Which she replied back about half an hour later:

"@Neoscream in a couple hours were testing the systems :)"

Maybe she should of post the words "will be" at the begin of the tweet, that might of helped. Two hours later she came back on cam now at the eXXXotica Expo. They all had changed their tops to MFC ones. Blaire's skirt looked very out of place with the MFC top, plus her ass looked massive in the skirt too, but that not a problem. The connection was bad at the expo and they had problems charging their laptops. It seemed a little bad of MFC providing a poor setup for their models when they were one of the major sponsors. On cam, Blaire did several things it the Expo, she got laced up in a corsets, graduated from the from the school of sex (ok the people at the University of Sex must stupid as said you need 22 years of expiants to graduated. Blaire was not even 22 yet, her birthday is not untill the 22nd of this month) and looked at sex toy too. I do not know if she brought any. She also ride the big cock that was in frount of the MFC stand off cam. It was cock shape mechanicel bull before any one gets any dirty thoughts.
Both Blaire and Suzy seemed to of had a good time at the first day of the eXXXotica Expo and afterwards they come on cam that their hotel room. We all chatted a bit and Blaire had a couple of steamy group shows. Bad figures, LOL. Blaire said she would try to get a different skirt to wear on the next day. As they were about to go off cam to get some sleep, they received a phone call inviting them to a party. So the tired couple went out partying instead of going to sleep after a long and tiring daying. I oddly felt ok with the lack of sleep I had that night as the Expo was on in the mid of the night here in the UK.
After work on Saturday I received Tweeters and MFC news feeds from both Suzy and Blaire saying that they were going lingerie shopping in the Fashion District of Downtown LA. Wow, would love to see what Blaire got. Maybe next time she is cam, not including the Expo. I went out in the evening to see some mates. Due to money and transport I left about 9:30pm. My leaving early had nothing to do with Blaire. To my knopwleage then she was going to be on all night, so miss a couple of hours woulod not be a problem to me. When I get in at about 10pm no one was on, so I read a chapter of Sundome, shoved a major problem on my laptop (ok I did not fix it, just found a way around it) and then I went to bed leave the computer on with Blaire's chat room open, so when she comes on cam it would wake me up. Yer right. I wake up at about 3:15am and felt it a bit odd that she had not gone on-line as Expo. To my knowledge then, starts at 5pm her time which is 1am my time while infact it started at 1pm. So I checked my laptop and found the she had been on line as chat screen in her room was full of chat. I realised I made a big mistake, I forget my computer was on mute. Damn it. I noticed she had typed something before going off cam saying something like, going off cam due to the bad lag. I guest she would come on line later. I noticed that Sarah was on line as I add her to my favourates just for the show. Thought I would wait for a moment as this showed the internet seemed to be working again, meaning Blaire would be coming back on-line. Not long afterwoulds Suzy came on-line. I decided to go into Suzy's room and wait for Blaire and hippy, Blaire was on Suzy's cam as well as Suzy. However Blaire went off after a minute or two. She now had what looked like a white pair of spoprts shorts instead of the skirt and also a hat that looked nice on her. I thought Blaire was going off to have a look round and would come back later. Moments later, Sarah went off line and disappeared for the rest of the day, leaving poor Suzy all on her own. No one came back stand leave her running the stand on her own for over three hours including packing away. I have been to conventions (not sex ones) in the past and I know Saturdays are the busiest day of a convention. The stand did not seem that busy but I would have said a large empty stand with only one girl sitting there, would not attract many people reguardless of how busy the convention is. At the end of the second day Suzy came on cam in the hotel. She was already tuked in bed. I jokingly as her, "can I see Blaire sleeping", thinking that Blaire was already in bed sleeping as she was not on line as well. But Suzy said she had alreadly left. What! I asked Suzy several times what happened as a thought she was there all three day, but she never replied. I was worrying about what might have happened, did she have a fight with one of the other MFC models, did something happened to her grandma again or was I wrong about her doing the whole weekend?
On the third day, I only spotted Sarah and Suzy on cam. I did spot Keyser on line but not on cam a couple of times. I only went into Suzy’s room for about half an hour before going back to bed. I was tired and if Blaire was not on line I could not be bothered to stay up. Blaire never came on line and Suzy was not on line at all in the morning. That fact that Suzy was not replying is really making me worry, ok she might have missed the question all three times I asked, but I am still worried. Maybe if I did not forget about the mute on Saturday I might of none what is going on. Hoping it is something stupid like she was only doing a day and half at the expo then something bad. Well that is it for now. Hope you all enjoy and the post. Until next time. Oh before I go here is a list of profiles of the Smartz girls, Blaire's friend and the other MFC models at eXXXotica Expo.
Blaire and Tweeter - The second Smartz girl (and the best). She this the only one of the Smartz girls that name does not end with Smartz.
Suzysmartz, Website and Tweeter - The first and founder of the Smartz girl and all around female pimp.
CharlieSmartz - The newest of the Smartz girls.
ZoeySmartz - The third Smartz girl and flat mate of Suzy's.
NataliaRose - A friend of Blaire's. Only been on MFC the once.
RobinSwallows - A friend of Blaire's and nude model.
SarahJean - A famous MFC model and is one of the models that went to eXXXotica Expo.
KeyserSozee - One of the models that went to eXXXotica Expo.

Update: I just remembered I forgot to talk about something that I said I would post, the details I heard from the shower Blaire and Suzy had together. Towards the end of the second day of the eXXXotica Expo, this girl who gave Suzy some vegan lip balm asked her a question. It was something like, "was there any hot nude models on MFC that turn her on". Suzy replied was something like, "yes but there is this non nude model who I am sharing a hotel room with and had a shower with and her pussy is cute." OMG! IT IS CUTE! Oh I should of guest it by the rest of her. :)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of the 5th to the 11th of July

Well posting has been going well and expeced a special early post of one of the main post with in the next couple of days. Well let's get the post started
On Monday I watched episode 32 of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, episode 42 of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's and listened to episode 21 of
On Tuseday I watched episode 4 of .Hack//Legend of the Twilight.
On Wednesday I watched episode 212 of the subbed version of Bleach.
On Thursday I did not get around to watching anything as I was busy finishing off writing the Blaire post, cooking dinner and playing Heroclix.
On Friday I watched episode 4 of Hellsing Ultimate, read chapter 9 of Ga-rei and listened to a Disclaimer by Anime Pulse.
On Saturday I read chapter 4 of Sundome and I received a free Transformer in the post, Dion.
On Sunday I watched episode 1 of Katanagatari, two Gadget Show clips (Focus Group Test: Photo Printers and a review of the Roadscan Roadcam), episode 20 of Chobits, read chapter 5 of Cardcaptor Sakura and listened to episode 239 of Anime Pulse.
Hope you all enjoy. Until next time.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Reviews - Transformers: War for Cybertron

Time to get back into doing reviews. Ok I have several planned, there is:
Dion (the free Transformer I got in the post).
Final Fantasy XIII.
My Transformers, Gundam and anime figurines collection.
My cosplaying.
And my SilverBerry, I mean BlackBerry.
In this review I will cover Transformers: War for Cybertron. Hang on, I a huge Transformers fan and this will be my first Transformers blog post. OMG. I have always been a big fan of Transformers so a new game set in pre G1was a must buy. I got the Xbox 360 pre-order that came with Jazz as he is my favourite Autobot character. The campaign mode of the game is great fun and gives lots of unknown background information but it is too short. However I am not a hard core gamer and I rarely finishes any computer game, but I managed to finish both the Autobot and Decepticon campaigns in the space of just under 2 days. The fact is that the game was built as a on-line multiplayer game and not really for single player or off line multiplayer. Sadly I am not skilled at third person shooters so I end up getting creamed in the multiplayer game. The problem is that there is no kind of radar in the game, so you do not know that there is someone behind you until it is too late. I know that Peter Cullen was doing Optimus (Prime), but I never know they got Johny Yong Bosch to voice Bumblebee until I first heard Bumblebee speck in the game. Johny is a well know anime voice actor these day, doing characters like Ichigo from Bleach, Kiba from Wolf’s Rain, Vash from Trigun, Itsuki from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and Lelouch aka Zero from Code Geass. But I will always remember him is a old live action show I use to watch as Adam Park, the second Black Power Ranger. That now makes it three Transformers voice actor signatures I own. (Note to self add signatures to the list of reviews to do.)
Overall, if you a Transformers fan who is not looking for a on line game, rent it, do not buy it unless it is going very cheap as the single player side in too short. However if you are a Transformers fan who likes playing on line third person shooters, it is a must buy.
I am hoping they will release the pre-order characters as DLC at a later date with other characters to add more multiplayer character chassis. I would like to see, Hardhead to give the Autobots a second tank/warrior character chassis and Motormaster to give the Decepticons a second truck/commander character chassis. However, as I was writing this I found a bit of news/rumour that there is a DLC for the game coming out called “Map and Character Pack #1”. It meant to be coming with all three pre-order characters, Jazz, Shockwave and Demolishor, a ton of new maps, as well as two more characters, Scattershot and Onslaught. Know my Transformers, Scattershot should to an Autobots an tank/warrior and Onslaught should ever be Decepticons truck/commander or tank/warrior.
Well that is it for is review. Now to think of the next one, may be Dion is a slightly different style. Well, until next time, enjoy.