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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Neoscream's Life: Christmas Week 2013

Welcome to the Neoscream's Life Christmas Special. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done during the Christmas week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ Lee.


Work was not as busy as past Christmas’, maybe people do not want to spend money on fast food this Christmas. I spent Christmas day with my parents like normal these days. In the past we use to visit my Nanny (my dad’s mum) on Christmas day or Boxing Day and sure much of my dad’s family. But since she died we only see them in weddings, funerals and christenings sadly.

“AJ Lee (and WWE)

AJ was on community during the twelve Diva tag match on Raw Christmas in a “Merry Grinchmas” t-shirt. The match was dubbed ‘Total Divas’ Cast verses the True Divas minus AJ. The True Divas had Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, I mean Vickie Guerrero replace AJ and Rosa Mendes. The idiot Michael Cole mistakenly called Summer Rae as Rosa Mendes which AJ replied, “That is Summer Rae. Rosa Mendes is at home! Have you guys started the eggnog already?” It is always great to have AJ on community. Now who won the match? Oh the Total Divas, how nice, NOT.
Due to Big E Langston saving both CM Punk and John Cena from the Shield on Smackdown the week before, he was in a six man tag match. Big E, Punk and Cena verses the Shield. Punk’s team won the match but sadly it was only due to the Shield being disqualified.

AJ was in action again on Main Event. Damn it we do not have Main Event in the UK. Her, Tamina and Aksana were up against the bloody Bella Twins and Natalya. Sadly the Bella Twins and Natalya won.

Apart from the match from Raw being repeated on Smackdown, AJ was not on the show at all. She gained a long needed break. Hang on Punk was not on ever. However Big E was. He had a match against Dean Ambrose of the Shield and United States Champion. Big E destroyed Ambrose.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Last week's episode of BBC's Click and last week's episode of Weekend's from Beasts of War.
Sold: My Magic the Gathering cards.
Brought and Received: Zombicide Season Two Prison Outbreak.

Christmas Eve
Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Raw.
eBay: Won a Revenger Light Warjack.

Christmas Day
Watched: The Wolverine and Pacific Rim.
Ok I am doing things a little different here but it should be easy to follow.
Gifts from my Parents: A KR figure cast for my Warmachine stuff, Zombicide Toxic City Mall, the limited edition Infinity Art Book One, a teddy bear hedgehog, The Wolverine on DVD, Pacific Rim on DVD and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Visual Companion.
Gifts from me to my mum: Two Hairy Bikers cook books, a Simon's Cat calendar and a tube of 18 Walnut Whips.
Gifts from me to my dad: A new torch and updated the maps on his sat nav which by the look of thinks includes some new features.
Gift from Richard: A Marvel Comics note book.
Gifts from me to Richard: A fox pencil, the Zees DreadBall team and their MVP Riller.
Gift from Darren: An Iron Man mug.
Gifts from me to Darren: A figure of Judge Dredd, the Nameless DreadBall team and the MVP Buzzcut.
Gift from Jake: A film review book for self done reviews.
Gift from me to Jake: Sinister Spider-man Volume one.
Gift from Roxi: The Red5 6-in-1 Solar Kit (plan on building the Solar Puppy to wind up my mum’s cats).
Gifts from Work: A work jumper (only because they ordered the wrong size for someone) and Christmas Day off (unpaid sadly).

Boxing Day
Watched: This year's Doctor Who Christmas Special.
Brought and Received: An Asus P8 H61-MX R2.0 Motherboard.

Watched: The Gadget Show Christmas Special and the Vicious Christmas Special.

Watched: This week's episode of WWE Smackdown.

Brought and Received: The February 2014 issue of the WWE Magazine (it had an AJ Lee poster in it) and Borderlands 2 on the Steam sells.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Armour Up. This will be the last time I ever use Armour Up, unless I do it by mistake.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cosplay Deviants: Christmas Week 2013

Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender
MarieJane in "Private Warmuarmp"
Welcome the Cosplay Deviants post, this is where I post PG rated previews of the week’s sets from the site Cosplay Deviant and sometime talk a bit about them too.

On Monday there was a new set from the deviant MarieJane. The set is called “Private Warmup” and in it she cosplays as Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Dovah in "Christmas Spirit"
Jingle Belle

On Christmas Day there was a new set from the deviant the Dovah. The set is called “Christmas Spirit” and in it she cosplays as ever Jingle Belle from the Paul Dini comic book or a female version of Hermie from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Personal I think it is Jingle Belle.

from Pokém
Underscore in "Shiro"

On Saturday there was a new set from the cute face deviant Underscore. The set is called “Shiro” and in it she cosplays as the trainer Touko/Hilda/White from Pokémon. Now this is a character I have wanted to see be done.

This week’s Cosplay Cards section I have done an update card for MarieJane and a new card for Underscore. The “?” is a place holder for the character MarieJane cosplayed as in the set “Fish Girl” as I still do not know who she cosplayed as in the set.

Until next time, Armour Up.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Gaming with Neoscream: 27th December 2013

Welcome to “Gaming with Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming post for miniature games, non-computer RPGs and some card games. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I have picked up several gaming related gifts, but you will have to wait until "Neoscream's Life" Christmas week post on Monday to know what they were.

Gaming News

First off is the Mantic news. The Mantic offices are closed until the 6th of January 2014. So there will be no news next week unless it is from Jake Thornton (this might be the same for everything else). So specking about Jake, he has posted test rules for the Forge Fathers for Deadzone. This is just rules for the figures than a full Faction Deck.

Next is the HeroClix news. This week there was previews of: Lightray and Mordru from DC Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes; and Sanga of the Thunder, Kuriboh and Gate Guardian from Yu-Gi-Oh Series One.
The winners of round one were: Atomic skull; Catman; Etrigan the Demon; Jeanette; Killer Moth; and Monsieur Mallah and Brian. They had moved on to round two which has ended. The top three will move on to round three (the final round) that should be up later today. The winners of round three will be revealed next Friday.

Now for the Zombicide news. There are going to be releasing three Gaming Night Kits for organised play. Each pack comes with six copes of a Survivor (both human and zombie figures and card), six dice, six experience trackers and a three mission campaign book. Each kit in based on each box set. Also there is a new mission called Wake-Up Call.

Next is the Kingdom Death news. On Christmas Day there was an update. Two masked survivor head (one male and one female) have been added to the Core Box set. Also three extra fantastic new female head have been added to the first print run of the Core Box set which includes all KickerStarters backers). The next update is due on the second week of January 2014 and it will be a big one. For those who do not know I received all the stuff I ordered on Black Friday (apart from the KickStarter stuff) last Saturday. I forgot to list it on the last "Neoscream's Life" post, but there is a post about the Black Friday Grab Bag.

Now for the Elven Adventurers Box Set KickStarter news. Greens of the Enting and the roasted dinner

Next is the Interface Zero news. The PDF version of the main rule is up now or backers since Christmas day.

Now for the Crooked Dice Games news. They are currently work part time during the holiday period. They should be back to normal from the 4th of January 2014 when their new ARC Moonbase Crew figures are out.

Next is the M and K Adventures Anime Miniatures KickStarter news. They had added the Holiday Unicorn to Cherry Blossom Level 1 and above as a Christmas Bonus. Sadly their have JUST cancalled the KickStarter, however hey do plan on restarting at a later date. This is due to them wanting to alter way they are doing the KickStarter so they ca make it an success.

Past Events

On Friday evening we played a game of Zombicide at Wargames Workshop MK. There was me, Bob, Rob T, Dave and two others playing, so Bob (who is the own of the Zombicide stuff we were using) pick mission 04 Heliport from Toxic City Mall. Bob and some of the others tried this one in the past but failed at the last moment.

On Monday evening there was a Christmas board games night at Wargames Workshop MK. The first game was a family board game called Rampage. It is a game where you play as monsters attacking a city. It was a fun game aimed for families. Then there were two games of Zombicide Prison Outbreak. We played mission 00 The Break-In both times. It was a six player game but we were playing it with four both time. The first game we found the objective strait away but it took ages to get to the exit as we kept running in circles due to an Abomination. I was the only one to escape. In the second game we got the right objective last, but we all made it out safe.

Future Events

·         On Mondays at Wargames Workshop MK is Wargaming night.
·         On Tuesdays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Card games night (or is it just Magic the Gathering).
·         On Thursdays York House in Stony Stratford is open from Wargamers and Boardgamers.
·         On Fridays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Boardgames night and Friday Night Magic.
·         On Friday the 17th of January, Guardians of Tyr will be running a High Command tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 18th of January, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Star Wars X-Wing tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 1st of February, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Warhammer 40,000 tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 15th of February, Guardians of Tyr will be running a DreadBall tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Sunday the 16th of February, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hoards tournament at Wargames Workshop Northampton.
·         On Saturday the 15th of March, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hoards tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.

York House has a £3 on the day gaming fee and a £5 fee for a year’s membership. However the first day is free and they only take yearly membership fee at the start of the year. The Hall officially opens at 7PM, but normally people start arrived 15 to 20 minutes early.

Wargames Workshop MK has a £2 gaming fee or £4 with a pack of Magic the Gathering cards unless it is a paid tournament run by Guardians of Tyr. Weekday events normally start “playing” at 7PM.

For rules for Guardians of Tyr tournaments and leagues as well as information on pre paying your place in tournament (highly recommended) please go to their website which there is a link to their site under my links to the right hand side of this blog. There are plays for Bolt Action tournaments as well, however there are no dates at the moment.

Painting and Converting

This week I decided to do twelve figures as a Christmas. These are a Samaritan Lancer, a Loka Ice King, a Loka Ice Queen, a Loka Ice Pawn, FIVE ZOMBIE WALKERS and an Accretion Servitor.

This week's figures front view
This week's figures rear view
A Samaritan Lancer
This week's Loka
This week's Zombicide
An Accretion Servitor
Female Warrior of the Sun

Next week should be doing two more Accretion Servitors, a Steelsoul Protector, two Warjack Wreck Tokens (one 40mm and one 50mm) and the female Warrior of the Sun.

Until next time, Armour Up.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Neoscream's Life: 16th to 22nd December 2013

MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam (G-Fortress mode)
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done last week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ Lee.


Collage was cancelled this week due to the teacher being sick again, facepalm. The next lesion will be on the 9th of January 2014, due to the Christmas holidays.

On Sunday I went to Richard’s Christmas get to gather at his place. It was a great time. I got to see Jenny who I have not seen in a long time and Colette’s three week old baby. Sadly there was no Simon or Darren H, but I did see them at coffee the day before.

“AJ Lee (and WWE)

First off I have the TLC results. Due to time I will not be going into much detail:
  • Fang Dim Bat (Fandango) defeated Dolph Ziggler during the Kickoff Match. Dolph has been doing terrible ever since dumping AJ.
  • CM Punk managed to pull a victory against the Shield in a Handicap thee on one Match.
  • Diva’s Champion and Geek Goddess AJ Lee defeat Natalya yet again.
  • Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston defeated Damien Sandow.
  • WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust managed to win the Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Team Match against: Big Show and Rey Mysterio; The Real Americans; and Ryback and Curtis Axel.
  • R-Truth defeated Brodus Clay. Tensai and the Funkadactyls walked out on Brodus.
  • Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz in a No Disqualification Match. Please let this be the last time they battle for awhile, as I am getting sick and tired of this.
  • Sadly the Wyatt Family defeated Daniel Bryan in a three on one Handicap Match set up by Daniels old friend and tag team partner Kane.
  • And lastly WWE Champion Randy Orton defeat World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Great match and I do not blame Orton for using hand cuffs. The only fair match Orton had since Triple H handed him the title.

As a standard pay per view (well we in the UK got it free), this was great, but as a TLC event I felt a little let down. Normally in a TLC event you would normally get at least a Tables match, a Ladders match, a Chairs match and a “Tables, Ladders and Chairs match”, the whole reason it is called TLC. But this year there were no Table matches, Ladders matches and no Chairs matches, just a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

AJ was on Raw twice. The first time was a promo next week's "Battle For Christmas" Raw special where she is dressed as Damien Sandow's sexy Christmas Elf with Tamina Snuka helping. The second time was in a six Diva tag match. AJ was teamed with Tamina and Alica Fox and their opponents were Natalya and the bloody Bella Twins. AJ won the match, thanks to Tamina trying to re-arrange Nikki Bella's face. Oh and AJ kick it as well after the match. Go AJ.
Big E was in action on Raw too. He was in tag team action with Mark Henry. They were up against the Real Americans. The World's strongest tag team won.

AJ was in a match against her old friend Kaitlyn on Main Event. Sadly as we in the UK do not have Main Event I missed AJ's victory against "Hulk Smash" Kaitlyn.

On Smackdown AJ was on commentary while Tamina was in a match against Brie Bella. Sadly Brie won the match and then the spiteful @itch attack poor AJ.
Big E was on Smackdown twice. The first time was in his match against Jack Swagger which Big E won. The second time was a the end when he proved he is still loyal to AJ by saving her boyfriend CM Punk when the Shield was three on two attacking Punk and John Cena.

On other AJ news, Nerdist did a Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling episode where a Chris led a team of Nerdist members against four WWE wrestlers in bowling. The WWE team were AJ Lee, her boyfriend CM Punk, Kofi Kingston and Fang Dim Bat (Fandango). The WWE team sadly lost, but that might be because of the Nerdist team found both Punk's and Kofi's weaknesses. Kofi is nachos and Punk is the fact he is powered by attention, if you pay no attention to him he becomes pathetic. Oh and AJ had to warn Punk off from slapping her on the ass, something I bet she has to worn all her boyfriends in the past. Odd, she seems to love it when the Divas do it.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Part of WWE TLC and episode 11 of Gundam Build Fighters.

Watched: This week’s episode of the Gadget Show, episode 16 of Dragon Ball Kai, the rest of WWE TLC and this week’s episode of WWE Raw.

KickStarter: Backed Anima Miniatures from M and K Adventures.

Watched: Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling with the WWE, Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling with Doctor Who, Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling with “Geek and Sundry”, Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling with Mythbusters and episode 9 of season six of Table Top.

Brought and Received: Warmachine Reciprocators, Black Spary paint, Warmachine High Command The Big Guns and two of the new Citadel Technical paints.

Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown.

Watched: Three Flashgitzanimation YouTube videos “Space Hulk”, “Space Hulk 2” and “The Trials of Draigo”.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Armour Up. Damn it I have to change this soon.

Monday, 23 December 2013

12 Days of ClixMas 2013 part five

Just a heads up, the "Neoscream's Life" post will be later than normal.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cosplay Deviants: 16th to 22nd December 2013

Pixie Cosplay in "The Dragon"
Welcome the Cosplay Deviants post, this is where I post PG rated previews of the week’s sets from the site Cosplay Deviant and sometime talk a bit about them too.

On Monday there was a new set from the new deviant Pixie Cosplay. The set is called “The Dragon” and in it she cosplays as a Dragon Age character.

Dovah in "Half Daemon"
Fate in "The Good Touch"
On Wednesday there was a set video from the deviant the Dovah. The set is called “Half Daemon” and in it she cosplays as female version of InuYasha from InuYasha. Is it InuYasha Wednesdays now?

On Saturday there was a new set from the deviant Fate. The set is called “The Good Touch” and in it she cosplays as? I cannot find the name of the character or from where they are from. I am sure I have seeing this character before (maybe a computer game character) and I sure in it not one of Harley Quinn’s outfits.

Sadly there are no Cosplay Cards this week. So until next time, Armour Up. Oh god I just realised, I am going to need a new closing phase soon. 

12 Days of ClixMas 2013 part four

Ok, if people start playing Star Trek Attack Wing, I "might" now join in.

Kindom Death Black Friday Grab Bag

I got my grab bag in the post today. SWEET.

So it was bag number 178
All the content of the bag 
Early Version Male Savior
Male Great Game Hunter
Pinup Preacher
Extra bits - An old square base, a standard round base, 54mm Pinup Preacher's glasses head,
54mm Pinup Forsaker sword arm and (I think) her other hand
Apart for the extra bits it seems like a good pull. Sadly be 54mm the extras are useless to me. Well I might tidy and paint the head and I could use the sword as a more over sized sword for a 28mm or 35mm figure.

Saturday, 21 December 2013