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Monday, 29 May 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table: Birthday and MIA. 29th May 2017

Hi everyone to another blog post. Sorry about the long wait for a post. I have been distracted with work, birthday, room, shed and playing a mobile game called Sword Art Online Memory Defrag. So this will be a double bill with brief information on last week's games.

Just a heads up, as there is only real HeroClix happening this week, there will most likely be no post for this week.

Saturday the 13th was my Birthday. I began my day with a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament (which I will cover later in the post. After that, I meet up with a bunch of friends and family for a meal art Pizza Hut and then a smaller group of us watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. I was a good day. OK, yes there are things that could have improved it, but it was still a great day.

With my Shed, I have managed to do a major clear out and a bit of a reorganisation of it. It is now more or less ready. Just a couple of things for my dad to do when he is feeling better and I would like to reorganise the draws I store all my unassembled/unpainted miniatures.

With my bedroom, I have started work on the DVDs. I just have to order two more LARGE folders and then I can move on to my CDs, console games, and PC stuff (like old PC game).

I also received some foam heads which I brought to display my masks and old cosplay bits on my top shelf. Sadly they are causing some major problems. It makes my Optimus Prime voice changer mask too big for the shelf, due to the lightness of the foam heads, the Iron Man mask is too heavy for the head to stand up and then the other two old cosplay get-ups (Kakashi from Naruto and Cyclops from X-Men) will not stay on the foam heads. The foam heads seem to be more of a waste of money and time, but I might have had some ideas to try to save them. Is the one for the Optimus Prime voice changer mask I could probably try cut down the neck area to help it fit in. With the one for the Iron Man mask I need to find a way to lose weight down and so it does not fall over. With the other two, I have invested into and all sided Sellotape to try to hold things like the face mask for Kakashi and the visor for Cyclops. However, I best wait for cosplay friend to return from London Comic Con to ask for advice about this before doing anything.

  I only got several things left that I get up in my bedroom. I still need to sort out the shelves in the towers. Reorganise the two shelves above my computer and TV. Tidy up my surfaces. Finish covering the mirror on my wardrobe and cover the glass above my door to block out the light.

There are no photos of the shed at the moment as I have not taken any and there are a LOT of room photos that will take up most of this post.

Sadly I have not done much painting over the past two weeks. I have only finished one KDM miniature. However, I have done a little model building. I have built another member of my Frostgrave Warband and two Tau Drones for Shadow War Armageddon. Sadly I still have not set up the photo box yet.


Cardfight Vanguard Tournament One

On my Birthday, I went to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament. I was using my Nova Grappler deck. As I writing this over two weeks after the event this will be brief. I won about one or two of the rounds but never made it to the final cut off.

Kingdom Death Monster

On Monday the 15th of May I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster with my Wargames Workshop MK KDM group. Again, I am writing this about two weeks after the event so this will be brief. The only one from the ground that did not turn up was Michael as sadly he was in the hospital. We hunted a level one Gorm. We managed to win the game. However, both Adrian's and Wai-Yin's characters had to be retired. Adrian's was due to the fact that his character got the disorder that made him retire. Wai-Yin's was due to the fact that her character received a broken back severe injury and now can only carry strength one weapons. Due to bank holidays, Frostgrave and people being away, the next club game will not be happening until at least the second Monday of June at the earliest. With my other group that meets up at Simon's place, we have to wait for the elections to be over, due to Richard's being busy as secretary of that Liberal Democrats in our area and Simon was on Holiday.

HeroClix (Both Weeks)

On Thursday the 18th of May, I went down to York House for some HeroClix game. Again, this will be brief as I am writing this over a week after the event. The scenario was "Tinker (scientist), Tailor (armour), Solider, Spy". 400 points, six actions, no figure above 150 points. Your team must be a generic theme teams. Mixing Universes will be allowed on this occasion. I ended up using a Soldier team who were:

Brandt (011 Marvel Iron Man 3) 78
Extremis Soldier (005 Marvel Iron Man 3) 30
Cammy (009 Street Fighter) 80
Guile (018 Street Fighter) 105
War Machine (004 Marvel Captain America Civil War) 105 + Iron Man is Right (Trait) 5 = 110
=403 points

I lost all three games sadly.

The next HeroClix game was on Thursday the 25th of May. This time we were doing a sealed event using Darren S's brick of Marvel Avengers vs Defenders. I pulled what might have been the best two boosters as they had both the Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider super rare figures. Darren S by the look of things pulled the worst two. I managed to win all three games.

Casual Card Games

On both Saturday the 20th and Tuesday the 23rd of May I meet up Liam and some of the other card gamers at the Toby Carvery for some card gaming as some of them are planning on going to Nationals in June. I also traded my old Genesis Deck for a new one. It is basically a non-foil The Aichi Sendou legend deck with two Blaster Blades instead of one. Just have to do some improvements like adding two more Blaster Blades and adding more Blaster cards.

Shadow War Armageddon

On Monday the 22nd of May I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for my first ever game of Shadow War Armageddon (Shadow War for short). It is a new game from Games Workshop using updated Necromunda rules and figure from they Warhammer 40,000 (40k for short) range. It was a long time since I played Necromunda/second edition 40k (currently they ar at seventh edition, but eight is coming out in June), so I have to get back into the rules. As I still have my old 40k Tau back from Third Edition, I was set to use them. Sadly Shadow War uses only the new Pathfinders from the Tau, which I never got as they were made of metal back then, and I was collecting Tau and I was for going for the mecha suits battlesuits. I ended up using Fire Warriors and my nude Female Tau Sniper I brought from Wargame Exclusive. With the drones, I did decide to buy the Pathfinders (which are plastic nowadays) on the day and quickly built the drones I needed. I never build the Pathfinders as I have ordered online some conversation parts to make some of them into female Tau. Anyway, Bob was using his old Necrons (well, they were much newer than my Tau). The was swinging both ways. Bob had the longer range and better BS (Ballistic Skill), but his dice rolls were CRAP. I had the numbers and a way to ignore cover. However, my main guns were all failing Ammo rolls too early. My sniper failed after the second shot while my Recon Drone failed after the first. I had managed to lower Bob's team to bottling level first. However, due to the high Ld (Leadership) of the Necrons, he managed to stay on until he finally made my team bottle. During the game, we did forget something, Nerve tests. Never mind. Overall, we had fun and I would like to try this again as a campaign.

Cardfight Vanguard Tournament Two

On Saturday the 27th of May I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for another Cardfight Vanguard Tournament. Sadly there was no Wai-Yin as she was away cosplaying at London Comic Con, there was not Shell as she was running the comic book store (Magic Kingdom Comics), and Matt was not there too. Overall there was nine of us playing in the tournament. I decided to use my new Blaster Blade deck which I had some minor improvements to it. Sadly I did not do too well, as I am still getting used to this deck and still need to work on it. One of the rounds was so damn close, but we ran out of time before I could finish my attack. Liam managed to win the tournament using a heavily upgraded Aichi Sendou legend deck. At the end of the tournament, I did manage to trade for a third copy of Blaster Blade. Just need one more copy now. The next main set should be a major help for improving the deck as well.

Computer Gaming

On Sunday the 28th of May, I meet up with Darren H, Simon and Richard online for some online gaming. We played, while tried to play, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide. Simon had major computer problems and had to drop out and the rest of us were getting MAJOR lag issues. We did manage to complete one game and almost finish a second until the game kicked us off and restarted it. After that, we called t a night. We might try Overwatch in the future, that is if Richard gets it.

Future Games

There is no gaming at Kingston on Monday this week for me, as gaming happens in the daytime than the evening on a Bank Holiday and I work from 9AM to 5PM normally (or so I thought).

HeroClix on Thursday will be 500 points, named themed times only. I am planning on using my new Marvel Knights fast forces set. just need to find a 50 point figure to bulk it up.

Monday the 5th of June should be the third game of the Frostgrave campaign at Wargames Workshop MK.

Well, that is it for this post. Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table: Campaign and London. 12th May 2017

Welcome to the return of "Neoscream's Painting Table". (I know an unfinished version of this mistakenly appeared online on Tuesday, sorry.) We are back to the new normal, but there is no backlog photos this week as the photo box has no setup yet as I still need to do a lot more work in my shed. This week I have managed to paint up the second Thief, both Treasure Hunters and the Infantrywoman for my new Frostgrave Warband, as well as two Kingdom Death Monster. I am now working on some more KDM figures. Here are the photos of this week's figures with last week's ones. I included last week's figures as I forget to do multiple angels.

Oh and here is the special figure I was working on. It is meant to be Mikazuki Munechika from Touken Ranbu. I have done this for a good friend (and sadly only a friend) Wai-Yin who is a BIG Touken Ranbu fan and does cosplay as Mikazuki Munechika (and a couple of other characters from the games if I remember correctly).


First thing, please note that the photos from here onward (including the ones in the gaming sections) are from my London trip or from Campaign. I will try to include photos of my room and maybe my shed in next week's post.

The problem has been fixed. Sadly not the way I would have preferred, especially with my 35th birthday coming (this Saturday). It would have been the best present to have life move forward. So I am going to be 35 and never had a girlfriend, this will be a massive downer.

Anyway, with the bedroom and shed, I have been doing a lot more sorting out. However, I still have to try to clear out more from the shed. I ham going to have to be more harasser with my throwing (also the rain today does not help ever).

I have also been doing a little upgrade to my computer after the problem I have been having with online gaming. Darren H said he would give me a better keyboard as mine as it keeps cutting out in the middle of a game. I picked up a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetooth dongle to replace the mouse that came with my old keyboard. This will also mean I will be able to use a Bluetooth headset too.

On Tuesday I went to London with my mum to see the Robot exhibition at the Science Museum. It was really good but not as good as I thought. I did pick up the book on Robot that was done for the exhibition.

After the Science Museum, we then went to Notting Hill to see the Kyoto Garden (Japanese garden) in Holland Park which Wai-Yin told me about. However, on the way, we spotted an EE store. We were planning on getting a new phone for my mum, so we popped in after something like two hours we walked out with a new phone for my mum, a massive saving on her monthly bill and a Skull Candy Bluetooth headphones for free which I got. As they also have a built-in mic, I can use them with my computer, now that I have a Bluetooth receiver for the computer.

Anyway, after that, we continued to Holland Pack, but before we went to Kyoto Garden, we went to the Cafe for lunch. After lunch, we finally went to Kyoto Garden. If was a lot smaller than what I thought, but still very beautiful.

After Kyoto Garden, we went to Forbidden Planet for a Geeky nosey. Sadly they did not have much Transformers in this time, but I did pick up some HeroClix figures (two Captain America Civil War and four Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 boosters), the Transformer Revolution graphic novel (as I have been planning on getting back into the Transformers comics) and a Dragonball Z Vegeta key ring. Oh and a new Simon's Cat book for my mum.

Whenever I go to Forbidden Planet, I normally pop into Orcs Nest, but this time I decided not to due to both Salute and Campaign, I was a little gamed out. We were planning on going to Evans for my mum. However, we took far too long at EE (due to them being very busy for a small store) and my mum's legs could not take any more (even tho we sat down most of the time in EE), we decided to call it a day there and go home.

Campaign Gaming

Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th was Campaign, a Wargaming convention that happens in Milton Keynes on the weekend following May Day. Like normal, I took a bunch of old stuff to the Bring and Buy. Sadly only made about £22, which pays for the Shadow War Armageddon rulebook I picked up. I also picked up at Campaign two pots of paint and three foam trays to store my KDM survivors in. Sadly I could have gone with just one or two as all the painted survivors one with some room to spare.

On the first day, I watch a game of Dark Souls which Bob was playing in. The club that was running it was running a Boss (not Mini Boss) battle against Executioner Smough and Dragon Slayer Ornstein. The characters were well equipped. In fact too well equipped. It was close (a little), but they managed to win.

I then tried an Ork racing participation game. It was a good laugh and I came second. If I heard Richard correctly he and a nephew played the game too.

I do not really do the second day, apart from buying the foam trays and collecting from the Bring and Buy. I decided to go to Wargames Workshop MK for some card games.

Online Gaming Night

On Saturday night, I got together with Darren H, Richard and Simon online to play several games of Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide again. We all had problems with the voice chat in the game. So after a couple of games, we switch to Skype.

Cardfight Vanguard Casual

On Sunday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for some card gaming. The original plan was to ever join in the Cardfight Vanguard G Character Booster Three "Rummy Labyrinth Under the Moonlight" sneak-peek if they need the number or play some Future Card Buddyfight or Force of Will. However, only Wai-Yin turn up for the sneak-peek and only Blake turned up for Future Card Buddyfight. So the three of us plus Jordan had two Cardfight Vanguard duos games. The one I teams up Wai-Yin and the second one I teamed up with Jordan.

On Monday after my game of Frostgrave (which I will talk about next), I got a couple of games of Cardfight Vanguard against Wai-Yin and Liam who were trying out new decks.


On Monday I went down to Wargame Workshop MK for a game of Frostgrave. It was the second game of our second campaign. We played the second scenario from the core book, "Genie in the Bottle". Only four of us turned up this time, so we split into two "one versus one" games. I was up against Bob. The first treasure I picked up was the Lamp (or bottle), so my Wizard cast Leap on the Thief that picked it up to get them off the field. Then I kept my distance away from the Genie, sacrificing my warcat to the genie. I managed to get two more treasure tokens off and then buggered off leaving Bob dealing with the Genie as I could not harm it at all as it can only be harmed by magical weapons. He managed to defeat the Genie as he had Mystical Warriors the have fists that count as Magical Weapons.

My Wizard went up two more levels so I improved both my Fight and Health. I also gained just under 350 gold and a ton of Potions. I am still thinking of what should I do.


On Thursday I went down to York House for some HeroClix. As Michael was Hospitalised, it was just me and Darren S. we each brought three 400 points teams for three games. Darren S won all three game like normal. I will reveal only one team as the other two were test teams for the scenario planned for the next time we are all together. The team was a Pro-Registration who were:

Iron Man (002 Marvel Civil War) 80
She-Hulk (006 Marvel Civil War) 90
Yellowjacket (010 Marvel Civil War) 60
Doc Samson (012 Marvel Civil War) 70
Spider-Man (014 Marvel Civil War) 80
=380 points

Future Gaming

  • Cardfight Vanguard Tournament on Saturday 13th (my Birthday)
  • Kingdom Death Monster on Monday 15th
  • HeroClix on Thursday 18th

Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Neoscream's Life and Painting Table: A return to painting. 6th May 2017

Welcome to another, and most likely the last, "Neoscream's Life post or is it "Neoscream's Painting Table". This will be the last of my "Neoscream's Life" post, but I will try to do life updates on my "Neoscream's Painting Table" posts now and then. I am back to painting again and I plan on changing how the posts are done slightly. Instead of a group of backlog figures, I plan on doing a picture of the figures I finished that week what is currently on the painting table (if the table is tidy) and the backlog until it is all done (starting whenever I re-setup the photo box).

With my bedroom and Shed, I have sorted out a couple of more boxes and almost filled the three towers with boxed Transformers. I plan on finishing things next week as I am off work for nine days for Campaign and my Birthday.

Painting Table

On Monday I got a lot of painting do and fixed a bunch of KDM figures that got damage. I need to find a better way to carry the boxes containing the Survivors as the bag with the folders for things like gear cards and campaign sheets. Anyway, from then and now (as I post this) I have managed to finish a late Birthday gift for a friend (pictures will come after I give it to them), the Wizard, Apprentice, Captain and one of the Thieves for my new Frostgrave Warband and a gift for another friend which I done a lot of work to (pictures will come after I give it to the person).

And now to gaming.

Sadly the photo box is not reset up yet.

Computer Gaming

On Sunday night after posting the last post, myself, Richard and Darren H meet online and played three games of Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide. There was no Simon as he was away for the weekend. We all had a load of technical issues. More due to microphones. However, my keyboard was doing its normal freezing at times like what it does with Left4Dead. I have a feeling I might need to invest in a better keyboard for gaming.

Dark Souls

On Thursday as there was no HeroClix, I went down to Wargames Workshop MK to play Bob's new board game, Dark Souls. We were joined by Anthony and Matthew. It looks really good and is very simple to play, but hard to win like KDM and the Dark Souls computer games it is based on. I played as the Knight and was Tanking most of the time. We sadly only had time for the Mini-Boss, but we did take photos so we could try to continue on to the Boss at a later date hopefully. The Mini-Boss we went against was Gargoyle. It was easy, but that was most likely due to the fact that we knew how hard the game was and made sure we were tooled up before fighting the Mini-Boss.

Well, that is it for this post. Until all are with the Lantern-Spark.