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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

HeroClix Listings: DC sets Giants and Grean Lantern Corps

DC Giants was released in April 2006 and is currently retired from major tournament play.

1 - 001 Atom Smasher
1 - 002 Validus
1 - 003 Colossal Boy
1 - 004 Rita Farr
1 - 005 Giganta
1 - 006 Alloy
1 - 007 Chemo

DC Green Lantern Corps was released in September 2006 and is currently retired from major tournament play.

1 - 001 G'nort
1 - 002 Ch'p
1 - 003 Abin Sur
1 - 004 Arisia
1 - 005 Katma Tui
1 - 006 Ganthet
1 - 007 Tomar Re

Next set will be Marvel Sinister.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 21st to the 27th of May

MS-07 Gouf. "This is no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!"
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. The week before last was the last week and a big tidy up of my bedroom of my two week holiday, but what did last week bring.

On Monday morning I worked from 11:30AM to 2:40PM. While I was work my dad picked up some picture hooks so I can finally re-hang my notice board. I keep pictures of various anime characters on it and I plan on updating it soon. In the evening I posted last week's Cosmic Cosplay post, still not knowing the characters the the Deviants cosplayed as or the shows they were from. I also updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page which I should have done yesterday, but forgot about. Though out the day the program was still compacting the files (well selecting the to be compacted) and was nowhere near finishing, which is a pain as Nortons wented the laptop to be rebooted to install new updates. So I had to leave the laptop on over night again.
Watched: This week’s episode of the Gadget Show.
Listened: Episode 320 of Anime Pulse.

On Tuesday morning I posted both last week's Neoscream's Lift post and another HeroClix Listings. After that I worked from 9:50AM to 12:20PM. It was an early finish as it was quite due to the sunny weather. When I got home from work I went out on my trike. Sadly I never got round to practicing the last two weeks apart from the first Wednesday of my holidays as I was too busy. Oddly the locks I have on it (one around the first wheel and main frame and another around the rear right wheel, basket and the gate post) was very stiff and were hard to unlock today. When my parents got home we did a bit of food shopping due to what we have was not suitable for the hot weather we been having. In the evening I glued together my 7TV stuff that I brought at Campaign. The program to compact some (a ton) files was still selecting by the time I when to bed. I was not liking how hot my laptop was getting, but I decided to continue anyway and left the laptop run over night even tho it has been on over 48 hours strait (most likely 60 hour in fact).
WLR: Nothing.
Brought and Received: Picked up both Halo 1 and 2 for just £1.99.

Wednesday was a day of work as I had a Doctors appointment. The revisit for my Asthma. In the morning I updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page and put together a HeroClix team to use in tomorrows game. The program had finished selecting the files, but the program crash before I could start the converting process (changing .bmp to .jpg). So I decided to do a couple of folders a time than the whole hard drive. This will take a lot longer, but will prevent the laptop from crashing and let's me run videos or game with out worrying about the program and laptop. I was going the ride my trike to the Doctors, but the key to the lock on the back wheel broke in the lock so my trike is out of action until my dad can cut the lock off and replace the lock. Due to time now I had to take a taxi to and from the Doctors. My heart checked out fine and I finally get new inhalers. Hopefully the Asthma will now be under control. After getting back home I played some Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 and posted the opening to Game of Thrones on the blog. Before going to bed I decided to download a game called S4 League. With the new internet connection it downloaded quite quickly. But as my laptop was quite hot from the hot weather we have been having and from the program I have been running I decided not to try it tonight and let the laptop to cool down. Also I tried watching episode 18 of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, but sadly I had to put this on hold due to being unable to find any episodes after 17 online.
Watched: Episode 5 of Mobile Gundam Unicorn, a Gadget Show web clip (Jason’s Music Video), episode 69 of the Gadget Show Web TV, episode 288 of the subtitled version of Bleach, episode 18 of the subtitled version of Fairy Tail and part of this week’s episode of WWE Raw.
Read: Finished Chapter 12 of Dragon Ball Multiverse. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam is on hold due to being unable to find the episodes after 17.

The current look of my
main S4 League character.
On Thursday morning I posted another HeroClix Listings and then I worked from 11:30AM to 14:50PM. When I get home I tried out S4 League. "S4 League is a high-quality Third-Person Shooter with thousands of international players from all around the world. In many various game mods you will fight together and against them you’re your individual fighters. In this shooter game you need to equip your character with a selection of three weapons and one supernatural skill. This really deep and strategical gameplay offers a lot of opportunities to play in professional teams and clans." (Game's site description of it). Style wise it is very interesting and was what got me to try the game out in the first place as you might see it the picture(s) for the game. It adds more of a sporty fill to the game, then most games with how the game modes are designed and how the game play feels. Your gear runs slightly differently than an other online game I have played. The equipment levels up as you play, but you do not own the equipment, you just get it for X amount of time and then you loss it and need to rent new stuff. Stuff brought in Days (1, 7, 30) last in real world time and stuff brought brought in hours (1, 7, 30) last for game play time. I really do not know if is a great way to do things or not. But it is fun, even if I am not that good. I also gotten round to ordering the NAS from It was a Western Digital My Book Live 2Tb. Like normal I went to HeroClix like normal. We had a new player join us called Andrew. He was a friend of Adrian and Michael and had never played HeroClix before. Next week they are bringing another person, but one who knows how to play the game.
WLR: Nothing.

On Friday I first finished off and posted the HeroClix post. I worked from 12PM to 2PM. When I got home I played more S4 League and finally started cut out the printed 7TV cards. When my mum got home she finally started got my figures from Hasslefree miniatures, so I put them together.
WLR: Nothing.

On Saturday morning before coffee I posted a HeroClix Listings post. At coffee this week was just me, Darren H and Richard. About a minute after getting onto the bus to work I received a phone call from work saying not to come in today as it was a dead today. Beep, beep, beep. So I picked up a new bike lock before heading home. When I got my home I finished off cutting the cards for 7TV and organising the printouts for the game. At 4PM I went to Richard's. Pete and Nathan arrived a little later. We worked on characters for Nathan's Amber game which he will be running for the next for sessions. Amber is a dice less role-play game based in the fictional universe created by author Roger Zelazny for his Chronicles of Amber. Though out the day I did not use my tablet, so I was shocked to find my tablet was at 8% power when it was on charge all last night. I plugged it in and found that it was not charging at all. I checked the plug, changing the plug and plugging it into the laptop. Nothing worked at all. Beep. Need to send it off to be repaired again.
Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown.

Sunday was a normal day off work. I spent the day updating the DreamClix Dial Designs page, putting together this week's Cosmic Cosplay page and playing S4 League. I also posted opening 9 of Naruto Shippuden on my blog.
Watched: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, episode 107 of the dubbed version of Bleach, episode 32 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, a Gadget Show web clip (Project Natal Preview), episode 207 of the subtitled Naruto: Shippudon and episode 70 of the Gadget Show Web TV.

Here is a list of posts that will be posted during the coming week:

Wednesday the 30th of May: "HeroClix Listings: DC box sets Giants and Green Lanterns".
Friday the 1st of June: "MK HeroClix" and "HeroClix Listings: Marvel Sinister".
Sunday the 3rd of June: "Cosmic Cosplay" and "HeroClix Listings: Marvel box sets Danger Room and Days of Future Past".
Tuesday the 5th of June: "Neoscream's Life" and "HeroClix Listings: Marvel Supernova".

Well until next time, Mecha Up.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Heroclix Listings: DC Collateral Damage

DC Collateral Damage was released in February 2006 and is currently retired from major tournament play.

3 - 001 HIVE Trooper
2 - 002 HIVE Trooper
3 - 003 HIVE Trooper
1 - 004 Ragman
1 - 005 Ragman
1 - 006 Ragman
1 - 007 Vixen
1 - 008 Vixen
1 - 009 Vixen
1 - 010 Black Mask
1 - 011 Black Mask
1 - 012 Black Mask
1 - 013 Trickster
1 - 014 Trickster
1 - 015 Trickster
1 - 016 Azrael
1 - 017 Azrael
1 - 018 Azrael
1 - 019 Katana
1 - 020 Katana
1 - 021 Katana
1 - 022 Dr. Mid-Nite
1 - 023 Dr. Mid-Nite
1 - 024 Dr. Mid-Nite
1 - 025 Green Flame
1 - 026 Fire
1 - 027 Fire
1 - 028 Icemaiden
1 - 029 Ice
1 - 030 Ice
1 - 031 Speedy
1 - 032 Speedy
1 - 033 Speedy
1 - 034 Shadow Lass
1 - 035 Umbra
1 - 036 Shadow Lass
1 - 037 Captain Cold
1 - 039 Captain Cold
1 - 040 Elongated Man
1 - 042 Elongated Man
1 - 044 Blue Devil
1 - 045 Blue Devil
1 - 046 Black Lightning
1 - 047 Black Lightning
1 - 048 Black Lightning
1 - 049 Green Lantern
1 - 050 Green Lantern
1 - 051 Green Lantern
1 - 052 Manhunter
1 - 053 Manhunter
1 - 054 Manhunter
1 - 055 Clayface
1 - 056 Clayface
1 - 057 Clayface
1 - 058 Metamorpho
1 - 059 Metamorpho
1 - 060 Metamorpho
1 - 061 Emerald Empress
1 - 062 Emerald Empress
1 - 063 Emerald Empress
1 - 064 Dr. Light
1 - 065 Dr. Light
1 - 067 Superman Blue
1 - 069 Superman
1 - 070 Red Tornado
1 - 072 Red Tornado
1 - 073 Geo-Force
4 - 076 OMAC
2 - 077 OMAC
1 - 079 Mary Marvel
1 - 080 Mary Marvel
1 - 082 Monsieur Mallah
1 - 083 The Brain
1 - 084 Monsieur Mallah and the Brain
1 - 085 Felix Faust
1 - 086 Guardian
1 - 087 Crimson Avenger
1 - 088 Ambush Bug
1 - 089 Dr. Psycho
1 - 090 Orion
1 - 091 Jonah Hex
1 - 092 Eclipso
1 - 093 Captain Boomerang
1 - 094 Owlman
1 - 095 Kalibak
1 - 201 Len Snart
1 - 203 Dan Cassidy
1 - 205 Kyle Rayner
1 - 206 Kate Spencer
1 - 207 Basil Karlo
1 - 208 Rex Mason
1 - 209 Emerald Eye of Ekron
1 - 210 Arthur Light
1 - 211 Clark Kent
1 - 213 Prince Brion Markov
1 - 215 Captain Marvel
1 - 216 GeneGrafted Brain
1 - 217 Krypto
1 - 218 Superman
1 - 219 Parallax
1 - 220 Ultimate Clayface
1 - 223 Dark Knight

Next will be the DC Box sets Giants and Green Lanterns. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Openings and Ending: Naruto Shippuden opening 9

Sorry, it is a mirrored video.

Cosmic Cosplay for the week of the 21st to the 27th of May

Caprice in "BLAST"
Ayako in "Cornered"
Hi all and welcome to Cosmic Cosplay post. Cosmic Cosplay is a weekly post that happens on a Sunday were I talk about the new Cosplay Deviants sets, any Cosplay Deviants news I learn about, information about updates for CosmicBreak, Minecraft news when there is any and three (normally) DreamClix ideas/designs.

First off is this week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Wednesday there was a new set from the new deviant, Ayako. The set is called Cornered and it it she cosplays as Catwoman from Batman. The set on Saturday was a new set from deviant Caprice. The set is called BLAST and in it she cosplays as Nana Komatsu Nana. Sadly I still do not know the characters or shows from last week's sets which is a real pain for me and is pissing me off. Hurry up xcom99 and update the Deviant and Cosplay Master list thread please.

Next is the CosmicBreak update news. There is a Garapon called Violin Gara. In it is a new moe character called Orin Fortsisimo, what last week's chibi Orin-crin was based on. Also there is new versions of Thoarla, Misty and Izuna. The Rt Charge Bonus Campaign has been updated with new bonus items and this week’s weekly Garapon features Lily Rain Le Reve.

Now for the last section of the post, the DreamClix Section. This week I am doing ideas for a cosplay card of the Deviant Caprice, map idea for Cosmic Break, a map idea for Naruto, Zero from Mega Man. But first here is a design for Pepo Pucci from CosmicBreak.

Next is a map idea for CosmicBreak. Yes I am starting to add maps to DreamClix now. How the ideas will ideas will work out is that I will take a setting from a show (or a map/field for CosmicBreak) and talk about how a map in those setting would work and what it will have. For the first map idea I look at the Japanese CosmicBreak wiki page to look at arena maps and decided of base the first map on the Under Dump arena map. It is a cave with two massive cliff faces with water running down the middle of it that leads of to one side. This map should be classed as an Indoor map that uses a lot of elevated, blocking and water terrain, with some stalagmites for a bit a hindering terrain. The picture to the left is the map that appears a players map display and the one on the is the cliff faces most likely from the other cliff face. The next CosmicBreak idea should be Ouka.

Next is a map idea for Natuto. I was wanting to do something from the first arc. At first I thought of doing the bridge that Team Seven (now known as Team Kakashi had their final battle with Zabuza and Haku. But there is already two good maps for this scene, the bridge map from Web of Spider-Man and the Docks map. Then an idea came to mind to form a map from the the battle between Team Sever and the Daemon brothers and the first battle with Zabuza. The map should be an outdoor map heavy with woodland (hindering terrain) one half and clear terrain with a large lake in the middle for the second half. Below are videos of the to battles in question. The next Naruto idea should be Zaku Abumi.

Lastly is Zero from Mega Man. Zero made his debut appearance in Mega Man X in 1993, and a cameo appearance in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. Zero was revealed to have been originally created by Dr. Wily sometime during the Mega Man series. Zero works as a Maverick Hunter, a soldier in charge of defeating Mavericks, robots who turned against humanity. He plays the role as X's comrade and best friend in the X series. The two, later accompanied by Axl fight Sigma, Vile, and other enemies throughout the series. While in the first two titles he only assists X during gameplay, he becomes an optional character in X3. Depending on the story development, Zero can be fought as a boss character in Mega Man X5. In Mega Man X6, Zero is not initially present in the game since he went missing in the end of Mega Man X5 during a fight against Sigma, and he becomes an optional character depending on how the story develops throughout the game. In the spin-off title Mega Man Xtreme, he is an assistant character but becomes playable in the sequel, Mega Man Xtreme 2. He is also playable during the prologue and the last chapters from the role-playing video game Mega Man X: Command Mission. The Mega Man Zero series features Zero as the title character and protagonist. Set around 100 years after the X series, Zero helps a scientist named Ciel fight the human city of Neo Arcadia, during which he destroys Omega - his original body, Dr. Weil, and Copy X, leader of Neo Arcadia, twice. Zero makes an appearance in the ZX series as Model Z, who plays a minor supporting role in the plot in the first ZX game. In ZX Advent, Zero plays an even smaller role, only having a few lines throughout the game. Zero's Mega Man Battle Network counterpart, Zero.EXE makes an appearance in Mega Man Network Transmission as the antagonist of the first half of the game. He later aids Mega Man against the true villain, The "Professor". The Mega Man Zero version of Zero's character appears as a sub-boss in Playmore's crossover fighting game SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos and as a hidden character in Onimusha Blade Warriors. The Mega Man X version of Zero appears as a hidden character in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. In the latter titles, Zero was chosen to represent the "Mega Man" franchise over Mega Man himself, as director Ryota Niitsuma thought he had more variation in his moves. He should have Charge, Leap Climb, Flurry, Blades, Toughness and Combat Reflexes. He should have about six clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 11, Attack 11, Defence 18, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. He should not have a team ability and his keywords should be Bounty Hunter, Robot and Armour. The next Capcom idea should be Arthur in standard Armour from Ghosts 'n Goblins.

Well that is it for this week. Until next time, Mecha Up.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

HeroClix Listings: Marvel Armour Wars

Marvel Armour Wars (Armor Wars to the american readers) was released in November 2005 and is currently retied from major tournament play.

1 - 001 Firebrand
1 - 002 Firebrand
1 - 003 Firebrand
1 - 004 Paladin
1 - 005 Paladin
1 - 006 Paladin
1 - 008 Lorelei
1 - 009 Lorelei
1 - 010 Diamond Lil
1 - 012 Diamond Lil
1 - 013 Echo
1 - 014 Echo
1 - 015 Echo
1 - 017 Killer Shrike
1 - 019 Thunderbird
1 - 020 Thunderbird
1 - 021 Warpath
1 - 022 Banshee
1 - 023 Banshee
1 - 024 Banshee
1 - 025 Spymaster
1 - 026 Spymaster
1 - 027 Spymaster
1 - 028 Ghost
1 - 029 Ghost
1 - 030 Ghost
1 - 031 Magma
1 - 032 Magma
1 - 033 Magma
1 - 034 Marrina
1 - 035 Marrina
1 - 036 Marrina
1 - 037 Thunderball
1 - 038 Thunderball
1 - 039 Thunderball
1 - 040 Aurora
1 - 041 Aurora
1 - 042 Aurora
1 - 043 Cannonball
1 - 044 Cannonball
1 - 045 Cannonball
1 - 046 Wendigo
1 - 047 Wendigo
1 - 048 Wendigo
1 - 049 Shaman
1 - 051 Shaman
1 - 052 Quicksilver
1 - 053 Quicksilver
1 - 054 Quicksilver
1 - 055 Psylocke
1 - 056 Psylocke
1 - 057 Psylocke
1 - 058 Sunfire
1 - 059 Sunfire
1 - 060 Sunfire
1 - 061 Dazzler
1 - 062 Dazzler
1 - 063 Dazzler
1 - 064 Executioner
1 - 066 Executioner
1 - 067 War Machine
1 - 068 War Machine
1 - 069 War Machine
1 - 070 Crimson Dynamo
1 - 071 Crimson Dynamo
1 - 073 Titanium Man
1 - 075 Titanium Man
1 - 076 Iron Man
1 - 077 Iron Man
1 - 078 Iron Man
1 - 079 Captain America
1 - 080 Captain America
1 - 081 Captain America
1 - 082 Ultron-5
1 - 083 Ultron-11
1 - 085 Crystal
1 - 086 Shathra
1 - 087 Jocasta
1 - 088 Iron Man
1 - 090 Iron Monger
1 - 091 Sentry
1 - 092 Spider-Woman
1 - 094 Mystique
1 - 095 Wolverine
1 - 096 Magneto
1 - 202 Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
1 - 203 Sam Guthrie
1 - 204 Georges Baptiste
1 - 206 Sir Pietro Maximoff
1 - 207 Captain Britain
1 - 208 Shiro Yoshida
1 - 209 Ali Blair
1 - 210 Skurge
1 - 211 James Rhodes
1 - 212 Gennady Gavrilov
1 - 213 The Gremlin
1 - 214 Tony Stark
1 - 215 John Walker
1 - 216 Ultron-13
1 - 217 Jessica Drew
1 - 218 Anthony Stark
1 - 219 Wolverine
1 - 220 Wolverine

Next set will be DC Collateral Damage.

Friday, 25 May 2012

MK HeroClix, the 24th of May, Previews and Players

Welcome to another MK HeroClix post. First off is the HeroClix news for the week. This week there were previews of Ra's Al Ghul from DC The Dark Knight Rises; Egghead, the Ant-Man and Wasp duo, Wasp, Ant-Man and Hank Pym from Marvel Chaos Wars; Spider-Women and Wonder Man from the Gravity Feed for Marvel Chaos Wars; Batman from DC Justice League 52 (as the unit section of HCRealms is calling it that I will call is that instead of Justice League 2); Collector from Marvel Infinity Gauntlet and Stan Lee from SD Comic Com exclusive Creators pack. Also there it has been reviled that there will be a convention colossal this year and it will be Giant-Man and three ne mechanics were reviled with the Ant-Man and Wasp duo figures which are Tiny (which is part of a new damage symbol), Split and Merge as well as a revile that there is a new rulebook out this year which will have the new mechanics in it. Split and Merge are two new mechanics for duo figures here are the new mechanics in detail HERE . All duos will gain these abilities meaning I will need to slightly redo my duos for DreamClix. I also might do a Kon in his normal teady bear with the Tiny ability and use the idea of merge and split for things like Transformers and Power Ranger if I ever get round to doing Power Ranges.

This weeks game was a strait forward 400 points game. This week I went for a Scientist team who were:

Tony Stark (209 Avengers Movie) 50
Howard Stark (021 Avengers Movie) 33
Iron Man (019 Avengers Movie) 115
Victor Van DOOM (115 Secret Invasion) 200
with Iron Man (205 Avengers Movie) on the side line for Tony Stark Alta-Ego ability
=398 points and two no re-rolls.

I for got until the end of the day a generic theme team needs to be at least six people at 400 point. Facepale, never mind. This week we had a new play called Andrew join us this week. So with five people, someone needs to take a bye each round. On the first round I was up against Darren and Michael had the bye. Darren was using a X-Force theme team who were:

Domino (017 Giant Size X-Men) 69
Archangel (104 Giant Size X-Men) 86
Wolfsbane (029 Web of Spider-Man) 65
Wolverine (043 Web of Spider-Man) 105
Psylocke (023 Giant Size X-Men) 74
=399 points and four re-roll.

Like normal Darren creamed me. In fact he white washed me. It help the his Wolverine kept on passing his Super Senses rolls. So I ended up losting that round. On the second round I ended up with the bye, meaning an automat win. As Andrew was new to the game I helped him out to understand the game as he battled Michael instead of writing up thing early. On the third and final round (due to time) I was up against Andrew will Darren had the bye. Andrew was using a Coalition of Ordered Governments themed team who were:

Marcus Fenix (001 Gears of War) 91
Dominic Santiago (002 Gears of War) 66
Augustus Cole (003 Gears of War) 88
Damon Baird (004 Gears of War) 79
Anya Stroud (005 Gears of War) 63
=387 points and four re-rolls.

It was a long battle, but DOOM won me the game with just Iron Man (AE Tony Strark one) on his last click and DOOM unharmed. For those who want to know Adrian was using a Thunderbolts team who were:

Moonstone (022 Hammer of Thor) 76 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 84
Photon (081 Supernova) 138 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 146
Blizzard (090 Infinity Challenge) 53 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 61
Luke Cage (014 Captain America) 98 + Thunderbolts (ATA) 8 = 106
=397 points and four re-rolls.

And Michael was using a Fantastic Four team who were:

Spider-Man (001 Secret Invasion) 50
Reed Richards (111 Secret Invasion) 100
Sue Storm (112 Secret Invasion) 100
The Thing (104 Secret Invasion) 100
Black Panther (108 Universe) 46
=396 points and four re-rolls.

Next week should be the same as this week. A strait forward 400 points. We should also have another person joining us, hopefully making it six people next week so no byes.

Now for this week's DreamClix section. As you may have noticed I started another DreamClix set on Sunday, Nintendo. I will also be adding Transformers Generation One (with the extra IDW, War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron stuff) soon with the ideas for Starscream. However this week I am doing ideas for a City Guard Captain from Fairy Tail, a Pilot card for Patrick Colasour from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Yomiko Readman from RoD (Read or Die) and a Paper Construct. But first I have designs of Maka from Soul Eater, the DWMA team ability, Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Sanji from One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates team ability and a fixed Pilot Card of Amuro Ray from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

As you my have noticed I have started at SE-001 again, this is because I decided to do a major change to Soul Eater with the ideas the new mechanics have given me.

Next is a City Guard Captain from Fairy Tail. The City Guards are the generic police and soldiers you see though out the show and manga. Ok I do not know if that is the right team for them, but it is the team I am using. The basic City Guard should be basicly a heavy modified version of the Soldier generic I did for the Iron Man Anime and the up and coming Soldier generic for Ghost in the Shell (keep an eye out for the DreamClix Dial Designs page updates for next week). City Guard Captain should have Charge, Blades, Toughness, Defend, Leadership and Outwit. They should have about five clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 0. They should not have a team ability and their keywords should be Police and Soldier. The next Fairy Tail idea might be was going to be Mirajane, but after reading up about her I decided to leave her until a much later date and do Gray instead.

Next is a Pilot card for Patrick Colasour from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Patrick is overall highly egotistical, disproportionately overconfident, a show-off, a dedicated soldier, dim-witted, a glory hounder, and a womanizer. He thinks he's the best there is and often makes a grandiose introduction whenever he can to make a lasting and memorable effect on people. Due to his ego and overconfidence, he constantly fails or comes close fo failing his missions. His enthusiasm on the battlefield is as great as his lust for women. He changes his womanizing ways after falling deeply in love with Colonel Kati Mannequin at first punch. Patrick also has a tendency not to be observant of things, such as when Kati criticized Patrick for his non-existent knowledge of Innovators. After winning the heart of his beloved Colonel, Patrick completely devoted himself to Kati like a love-sick puppy. So great is his devotion to her that he heartily followed her when she joined A-Laws and later the ESF Coup d'état Faction to protect her as her champion. He would continue his long-life devotion to her throughout his military career and life. As his own way of being affectionate, Patrick constantly called Kati "Colonel" despite her being promoted to Brigadier General after the defeat of A-Laws. Because Patrick was born in France, it's highly likely that he fluently speaks French. He's a great womanizer as he never once had difficulty in gaining the affections of a woman. Military wise, he is a skilled MS pilot, possibly one of the top aces in the world, and certainly among the top ten in the AEU as he was assigned one of their 10 GNX's during Operation Fallen Angels. During the events of AD 2312, he easily gained membership into A-Laws due to his skills and reputation. He was later granted a Commander Type GNX-803T GN-XIV with the ESF Army and showed great skill in combat. Probably one of the greatest abilities of Patrick is his dumb-luck. His survival odds are ridiculously high, almost to the point that he could survive anything. Patrick is one of the rare few that survived all major engagements against Celestial Being, Innovators, and the ELS relatively unscathed. It's because of his high survival odds that he earned the title: The Immortal Colasour. His requirements should be ever the AEU, A-Laws or Earth Space Forces. his special ability should be: When this character is KO'd roll a D6. On a result of a 5 or 6, the points value of this card is not awarded as victory points. He should not have a Mecha Ability and his team ability should be the Earth Federation Forces. I decided to give all the "AEU", "Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations", and "Human Reform League" pilots the Earth Federation Forces team ability. The next Mobile Suit Gundam 00 idea should be the GN-001 Gundam Exia.

Next is Yomiko Readman from RoD (Read or Die). Yomiko works as a secret field agent for the British Library, using her papermastery to thwart the British Library's foes and collect valuable books and documents. Yomiko's code name is "The Paper" (while this is said in English even in Japanese dialogue, English dubs often turn this into "Agent Paper" or "Miss Paper" to make dialogue more smooth). She is the 19th person to serve the Library in this capacity. Yomiko is assigned her missions by the British Library special operations commander, codenamed "Mr. Joker." She often works with partners, such as the American mercenary Drake Anderson, the clumsy but capable junior field agent Wendy Earhart, and the suave wall-phasing gunslinger girl, Nancy Makuhari. When not on missions for the British Library, Yomiko works as a substitute teacher, a job through which she meets her favorite author, Nenene Sumiregawa. She resides somewhere in Jinbōchō, a neighborhood of Chiyoda, Tokyo known for its large amount of used bookstores. She occupies a small shack at the top of an apartment building called Yomiko Building (the building itself is used entirely to contain her book collection). Yomiko was trained by Donnie Nakajima, who served as the British Library's 18th Agent Paper. Yomiko was deeply in love with Donnie. After he failed in one of his missions, Donnie was killed because of the failure, which was labeled as betrayal by Joker. He was then used as a card to trigger Yomiko's power of a paper master. Yomiko recalls that she killed Donnie in her memories in both manga and novel, and is greatly troubled by that. In the manga, the "Donnie" killed by Yomiko is actually another paper master in disguise, which followed Joker's order to help Yomiko in discovering her power, and he appeared in the story later to retell the true events. This part of the story is yet to be told in the novel's last volume, and Donnie's death by Yomiko's awakening power is the only known factor, why Yomiko killed him is unknown. She became the 19th Agent named The Paper after the incident. In the novels only, she worked for the British Library until she was kidnapped by a character named Faust, who took her to Dokusensha headquarters in China. The novels and the manga recount Yomiko's first meeting with her favorite author, 17-year-old prodigy Nenene Sumiregawa. Kidnapped by a vicious kidnapper, Nenene is rescued by Yomiko, and they become fast friends afterward. In the manga, Yomiko goes undercover at a private academy while searching for something called "The Underground Library"--but she is also there because of a mysterious letter she believes to be from her presumed-dead love Donnie. The Donnie-imposter turns out to be a former friend of Donnie's, Ridley Wan, who seeks the Underground Library, and its contents, the "Book of Truth" for himself. He blames Yomiko on Donnie's death. Yomiko becomes entangled in a complex conflict involving Ridley, the superhuman "A" class students at the academy, and the British Library. When Joker reveals his plan to use the Book of Truth for his own, evil purposes, Yomiko manages to stop him, but the Underground Library "awakens" and appears to devour Yomiko as she protects everyone from its destructive forces. The end of the story hints she is still alive, but whereabouts unknown. She should have Stealth, Pulse Wave, Range Combat Expert, Blades, Barrier, Energy Shield Deflection, Support and a special called "Paper Construct".
Paper Construct: Give Yomiko Readman and place ROD-002a or ROD-002b from outside of play in an adjacent square to her.
She should have about five or six clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 7, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 6 with one target. She should not have a team ability and her keywords should be Detective and British Library.

Next is Yomiko Readman's Paper Constructs. They should be two versions of them a ground type for combat and a flight type for transport. The ground one should have Blades, Close Combat Expert  and the Giant symbol. It should have about three clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 6, Attack 9, Defence 16, Damage 2 and Range 4 with two targets. The flying one should have the Flight symbol and the Giant symbol.  It should have about three clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 12, Attack 8, Defence 17, Damage 1 and Range 4 with two targets. They both should not have any team abilities and they should have the keyword Summon. The next Other section idea should be The Player Character from Minecraft.

Lastly is the DreamClix Dial Designs page update news. On Monday (should have be Sunday but I forgot) I added Fairy Tail to the page with a new dial design shown below and on Wednesday I added Final Fantasy to the page with a new dial idea and a slightly changed to a dial or two as well. There should be at least an update on Sunday which will be the first of three Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex updates.

Well that is it for this week. Until next time, Mecha Up.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Heroclix Listings: Indy City of Heroes/Villains

These came out is the Collector's editions of these computer game and are currently retired from major Tournament play.

1 - 001 Lord Recluse
1 - 002 Ghost Widow
1 - 003 Black Scorpion
1 - 004 Captain Mako

1 - 001 Statesman
1 - 002 Manticore
1 - 003 Positron
1 - 004 Statesman

The next set is Marvel Armour Wars.

I have found a couple of missing figures the other day which were not listed. So here are the one that are missing

1 - 075 Invisible Woman

1 - 044 Wildfire

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 14th to the 20th of May

MS-09 Dom / MS-09R Rick Dom
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new  to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. The week before last was the start of my two week holiday, Campaign and my birthday, but what did last week bring.

On Monday morning I posted a HeroClix set listings and spent most of the day read the 7TV rule book and building teams. Some of the teams are based of stuff I found on Hasslefree Miniatures, which I plan on ordering at a later date. In the evening I had some late birthday drinks with my mates. I first thought it was just going to be me, Richard, Jake and Darren H, but Colette, Linda, Lisa, weird Rob and a random friend of Ron's were also they to, with others saying sorry that they cannot make it. It was a very good night out.
WLR: Nothing.
Brought and Received: Received Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows as a birthday present from Jake.

On Tuesday morning I ordered the extra figures I was planning on ordering and did another HeroClix set listings. The figures from Hasslefree Miniatures I ordered were: Major Tomoko (Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell), Captain Isseki (Batou from Ghost in the Shell), Suzi version B, two versions of the elf Shimmer, Nishiko, Oko and Dragon Man. The teams I build yesterday were:
  • A Doctor Who team with Matt Smith's Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song and Captain Jack Harkness.
  • A Section Nine team with Major Motoko Kusanagi, Batou, 5 Soldiers (the female Time Life Security agents and the Daredevils), a Corporal also Starting (random Imperial Guard figure) and a Technician (random Necromunda Juve).
  • A Stormtroopers team with Darth Vader, Stormtrooper with Alien Rifle (Co-Star), 6 Stormtroopers (Security Guards), a Stormtrooper commander (Security Guard Captain),  and a Technician. All figures apart from the technician are Steel Legion Imperial Guard, the technology is a random Necromunda Juve.
  • And a Martial Artist team lead Monk Drag (Dragon Man), his (current) assistant Suzi, Nishiko (Ninja also Starring), and ninjas Shimmer A, Shimmer B and Oko.
I spent the whole day writing last week's Neoscream's Life which I never gotten around to doing before hand, posting it, posting another HeroClix Listing and updating the DreamClix Dial Designs page.
Watched: Episodes 102 to 105 of the dubbed version of Bleach, episode 287 of the subtitled version of Bleach, episodes 67 and 68 of the Gadget Show Web TV and two Gadget Show web clips (Aliens vs Predator and Heavy Rain Review).
Listened: Episode 319 of Anime Pulse.

View of my bedroom after the tidy.
On Wednesday morning I done another HeroClix Listings post and updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page. In the afternoon I started the major tidy up in my bed room. In the evening Richard and Jake came over to mine for a mess about on my Xbox 360. We played Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Darren H was ment to come as well, but he never did and we could not get a hold of him.
Watched: Episode 106 of the dubbed version of Bleach and episode 394 of One Piece.

On Thursday morning I posted another HeroClix Listings and went food shopping with my mum. We had I bit of a lazy day afterwards watching A Game of Thrones. In the evening I went to HeroClix like normal.
Watched: This week’s episode of the Gadget Show and episodes 5 to 8 of Game of Thrones.

On Friday I first finished off and posted the HeroClix post as well as updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page. After that I continued tidying my bed room all day. But I did a HeroClix Listings post during my breaks.
Watched: A Gadget Show web clip (Suzi's Music Video), episode 31 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and episode 30 of Dragon Ball Kai.
Read: Chapter 93 of Dragon Ball.

Anime figurines 
At coffee on Saturday morning before coffee I posted a HeroClix Listings post. At coffee this week was just me, Darren H and Richard. The reason why Darren H could not make it on Wednesday was because there was a problem at his place of work and because of it he never left London until gone 8PM. When I got home from coffee I continued tidying my room. I also phoned work to let them know I will not be working Wednesday due to a Doctors appointment and found a bit of software online that can save me a lot of memory. In the evening I went to a Wheatus concert with Richard, Jake, Colette, Linda, Jammy and several others. Sadly due to problems that were to must to go into details, but most of the opening bands apart from MC Lars, but we luckily we never missed Wheatus. While at the concert Richard received a from Nathan. He could not make gaming tomorrow due to studying, so Richard cancelled it for this week but plans on doing it next Sunday. However this ment Richard could not check my two external hard drives that sadly stopped working last work. (Forgot to blog about it).
Watched: Episode 16 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Seeker Army
I listed another HeroClix Listing on Sunday and finished tidying my bedroom. The only thing left is the wardrobe which I do not know where to start. I also managed fixed to bigger and more important of my two external hard drives. An internal connection became loss. However I decided to get a NAS (Network-attached storage) to get rid of cables as that was the problem that I had. (The hard drives fell onto the floor when they were attached to the laptop and I decided to move a bit to get comfortable). As mum mum needed to get a new Iron we went to Currys, but they were out of stock of the one I wanted. I decided to wait a while to chat a bit more to Richard about to subject before ordering one off line. In the evening I received a text from work saying that I am working tomorrow due to the fact that I am off on Wednesday. Before going to bed (about 10PM). I started running the space saving software I picked up yesterday on a ton of files I have on the hard drive and left it running all night. Due to not knowing the characters or shows of this week's sets from Cosplay Deviants, I decided to post the post tomorrow. And sadly I forgot to do the update to the DreamClix Dial Designs page that was planned for today.
Watched: Episodes 9 and 10 of Game of Thrones. Listened: Episode 83 of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast.

Too big for the selves and other bits
Here is a list of posts that will be posted during the coming week now including my HeroClix listings:

Thursday the 24th of May: "HeroClix Listings: Indy City of Heroes/Villains".
Friday the 25th of May: "MK HeroClix".
Saturday the 26 of May: "HeroClix Listings: Marvel Armour Wars".
Sunday the 27th of May: "Cosmic Cosplay"
Monday the 28th of May: "HeroClix Listings: DC Collateral Damage".
Tuesday the 19th of May: "Neoscream's Life".

Well until next time, Mecha Up.

HeroClix Listings: DC Icons

DC Icons was released in September 2005 and is currently retired from major tournament play.

1 - 001 Batman
1 - 002 Robin
1 - 003 Hawkgirl
1 - 004 The Joker
1 - 005 Harley Quinn
1 - 006 Man-Bat
1 - 007 Scarecrow
1 - 008 Scarecrow
1 - 009 Scarecrow
1 - 010 Beast Boy
1 - 011 Changeling
1 - 012 Beast Boy
1 - 013 Robin
1 - 014 Robin
1 - 015 Robin
1 - 016 Cheetah
1 - 017 Cheetah
1 - 018 Cheetah
1 - 019 Blackfire
1 - 020 Blackfire
1 - 021 Blackfire
1 - 022 Starfire
1 - 023 Starfire
1 - 024 Starfire
1 - 025 Aquaman
1 - 026 Aquaman
1 - 027 Aquaman
1 - 028 Raven
1 - 029 Raven
1 - 030 Raven
1 - 031 Wonder Woman
1 - 032 Wonder Woman
1 - 033 Wonder Woman
1 - 034 Bizarro
1 - 035 Bizarro
1 - 036 Bizarro
1 - 037 The Joker
1 - 038 The Joker
1 - 039 The Joker
1 - 040 Batman
1 - 041 Batman
1 - 042 Batman
1 - 043 Darkseid
1 - 044 Darkseid
1 - 045 Darkseid
1 - 046 Superman
1 - 047 Superman
1 - 048 Superman
1 - 049 Ra's al-Ghul
1 - 050 Brainiac
1 - 051 Lex Luthor
1 - 053 Cyborg
1 - 203 Tim Drake
1 - 204 Barbara Ann Minerva
1 - 205 Princess Komand'r
1 - 206 Princess Koriand'r
1 - 208 Batman
1 - 209 Professor Zoom

Next is Indy City of Heroes/Villains. If you have not noticed, as I am back at work, these posts will be every other day instead of every day from now until finishing. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Cosmic Cosplay for the week of the 14th to the 20th of May

Aryun in "Fluorite"
Hi all and welcome to Cosmic Cosplay post. Cosmic Cosplay is a weekly post that happens on a Sunday were I talk about the new Cosplay Deviants sets, any Cosplay Deviants news I learn about, information about updates for CosmicBreak, Minecraft next when there is any and three (normally) DreamClix ideas/designs. I have decided to drop Star Trek online and I will only be talking about Minecraft when I have news on it.

Fauna in "Chapter 5"
First off is this week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Wednesday there was a new set from the new Spanish deviant, Aryun. The set is called Fluorite. The set on Saturday was a new set from the retiring deviant Fauna. The set is called Chapter 5. Sadly I do not know you or want show the characters they are cosplaying as sadly, this was the reason why this post is a day late.

Next is the CosmicBreak update news. There is a new Chibi this week called Orin-crin. Also this week’s Garapon features Melfi, Feng Mei, Mialy, Lala, and Tesladonna Ukko. Some If not all of them features alternate colour hair.

Next is Mindcraft news. I missed last week that the Xbox 360 Edition of the game was released. I tried the trial versions on Wednesday and found the controls were a pain compared to the PC version. But I have spoken to someone who has played only the Xbox 360 version and they found the controls to be very easy to use.

Now for the last section of the post, the DreamClix Section. This week I am doing ideas for Mario from a new DreamClix set Nintendo, the Mario Bros Allies team ability and Aquila Girl from CosmicBreak. But first here is a design for the Dancing Pole object from Cosplay Deviants.

Next is Mario from the Mario game. Sorry, as Mario is so well known I am not going into details about his background. I have several different version of Mario planned. This version is him in his small standard version where he is almost dead. He should have a Trait called “Block Smash” and Leap Climb.
Block Smash: Before or after Marino make a move action, as a free action Mario can destroy an Object or a piece of Blocking terrain regardless of his damage value. If you choose to do this, at the end of your Move action roll d6, on a result of a 4 or more replace Mario with #MB-002 Mario on the same click. Existing action tokens on this character and action tokens for this action are applied to the replacement.
He should have about seven clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 7, Attack 8, Defence 16, Damage 1 and Range 0. His team ability should be the Mario Brothers Allies one and his keywords should be Super Mario Bros and Mushroom Kingdom. The next Nintendo idea should be the standard Mario.

Next is the Mario Bros Allies team ability: When you give a character using the Mario Bros Allies team ability a move action, it does not count toward your available actions for the turn.

Lastly there is Aquila Girl from CosmicBreak. A girl created by C.S.-chan's strange experiments. Known to act a bit haughty at time, but she really cares about her friends. She should have the flight symbol, a special called “Full Boost”, Toughness, Combat Reflexes and Probability Control.
Full Boost: Aquila Girl can use Charge and Running shot.
She should have about five clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 12, Attack 9, Defence 18, Damage 3 and Range 6 with one target. Her team ability should be the AIR one and her keywords should be Robot and Unions. The next CosmicBreak idea should be Ouka.

Well that is it for this post. Until next time, Mecha Up.