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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cosplay Deviants

Cosplay Deviants is an adult cosplay website were the models known as Deviants summits photo shots of them in cosplay as anime or comic book characters and then stripe. I found the site on a post on a site called FAKKU! I origanally join as 4QP8JqUA (a random user name that was given to me), but now I have a real user name. Can you guess? Neoscream! Lexicon, was my favourate Deviant, but due to problems (read her blog Dollhouse Discourse) she is no longer a part of the site. However her photo shots are still up. Now a days Quinn is my favouret on the site, with new girl Noel at second and Jsica at third. As I said before I will make a post if any of them have a new photo shoot put up and talking a bit about the shoot and the Deviant. Hope you all enjoy the post, until next time.

Heroclix 24th June, The Lanterns

Sorry for the late post, I have been busy playing Transformers: War for Cybertron on my Xbox. Had the post written on a notepad for day and never had the time to type it up. But this should change now that I have a SilverBerry, sorry, I mean BlackBerry.
This week’s format was 500 points, you must how and only have five figures. Oh and feats are band in the club now unless the game lets us. I was ifing and umming on ever going for a team based around the new FCBD War Machine or the new starter set Green Lantern. As I jokingly looked at teams for War Machine the other week and could not come up with anything interesting, so I decided to go with Green Lantern. After looking at the revised ATAs last week I decided to go for a Green Lantern Honour (I refuse to spell it the American miss spelled way) Guard ATA. Looking at Battle Planner, a program I use to build teams with, I found the old Manhunters had the Green Lantern Corps keyword, so I went for one of them to give me more points to spend on the meaning three figures which ended up being Ch’p, Katma Tui and Tomar Re. A grand total of 494 points. The other team that where field was another Green Lantern Corps team, a Sinestro Corps team (Yellow Lanterns) and a Mystical Team. My first game I was up ageist the other Green Lantern Corps team, which I lost but I did have their main Green Lantern on the run. The second game I was fighting the Sinestro Corps team and that game ended at a draw. Never of us manage to OK a figure, which was a first for our clix group. The rules for draws these days are that there can not be any, their must be a roll off where the player with the highest roll win. I ended up getting the highest dice roll, so I ended up being the winner of that match. The last match was the Mystical team. Both me and the other Green Lantern Corps player, Darren, were at first worried about fighting the Mystical team as several of the characters had the Mystics AT. But then we came up with a plan by only hitting the Mystics with Green Lantern on a push. With his special he should end up still on the same clix. It did not all go to plan because of there high defences but we both still did win ageist the team. So that was two wins and won loss, not bad at all.
This week's will be 300 points of characters that uses gear. I might use an Advangers team with the FCBD Warmachine and Hawkeye.
Last week I wanted to talk about the up and coming new stuff for Heroclix but never had the time to type it up. So here it is with all the new stuff I have seen between then and now. Wizkids have been reviving new figures and dials from up and coming sets. These sets are the massive Watchman box set, Brightest Day box set, Johan Hex box set and just reviled Web Of Spider-Man. I will not be getting the Watchman Massive box set as it cost far too much, the dials for the Johan Hex figure look too weak to get, I might pick up the Brightest Day box set as the figures look good and I am differently getting the Web of Spider booster as it has Iron Patriot and a Iron Man/Warmachine duo figure, plus its a Marvel set too.
Well that's it for last weeks Heroclix. As I did not watch much last week I will not be doing a Watch, Listen and Read post this week, I will be added last weeks list to next week. Next post will be the Cosplay Deviants one finally and then ever a Blaire one or this weeks Heroclix one. Until then, enjoy.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Blaire Update 22nd June

HIPPY! She is back on line. I have been jumping in joy to able to see her again. OK, where to start? On Tuesday I decided to buy her the book she was after as a gift for all the hard school work she was doing. I was hoping that it would also make her come on to Skype to say thanks and to have a chat before she heads of for her holiday.

The next morning I was checked Tweeter and found that she made a Tweet during the night saying:
WHOO 4 years of college and I am entering the LAST night EVER of my undergrad. Oh homework, I dont think Ill miss you much. xoxo
I first thought hippy she might be back earlier than I thought, but then I realised, 0h crap, will she be leave for her holidays sooner than I thought. The two e-mails I had from Amazon gave two different delivery dates. The one that conformed that I made the order said 18th but the one to say it was on its way said 24th. CRAP!!!!! What to do! What to do?

On Friday night I went to bed at about 11pm (GMT). I made sure Blaire's chat room on MFC was opened on my laptop before going. Then at 1:30am (5:30pm PT) I was awoken by sounds coming from my laptop. I got up strait away and rushed to my laptop. Blaire was on line in her chat room. HIPPY!!! I then quickly hunted down my headphones and plugged them in so I was not disturbing my parents. She had received the book. Good. No need to panic. She was on MFC for around two and a half hours. During all of that time she was un-hemming a dress she made so she could adjust it to her size as all the clothes she had been making for school work were a little too big for her. She was also ironing Graduation Gown as her Graduation was the next day. And she also talked about her plans. She is leave her apartment in LA, she be heading home to San Francisco to baby sit her baby brother and sister while her mother and grandmother are on holiday in Germany, then on August she will be flying to Germany and then flying to the UK in September. I might be wrong about them due to lag problem. She also plans to get her own place in LA that has a garden for her doggy during January. She also had two group shows where in the last one she was wearing Graduation Gown open while jumping and dancing, cheering, "I'm Graduating" with only a panties on..... Oh she did have her hands covering her boobs. It was so wonderful seeing her so cheerful and happy, and it was nice seeing her wonderful body too. After she turned off her web cam we chatted a a moment on PMs:
08:01:09 PM neoscream: happy to hear u like the book
08:01:48 PM neoscream: and it is wonderful to see you again
08:02:19 PM neoscream: I've been missing u
08:03:51 PM Blaire: awww thanks
08:04:07 PM Blaire: yes I was very excited when it came in the mail!
08:04:10 PM Blaire: thank you so so much
08:04:16 PM Blaire: i came on right after i got it
08:04:25 PM neoscream: thats ok
08:04:33 PM neoscream: really
08:05:06 PM Blaire: yeah they had it for me at the front desk
08:05:08 PM Blaire:
08:05:22 PM Blaire: I will read some of it on cam with everyone and you can hear about it!
08:05:23 PM neoscream: do they open it
08:05:26 PM Blaire: no
08:05:33 PM Blaire: just give me the package
08:05:45 PM Blaire: i liked your note too
08:05:47 PM neoscream: good
08:05:59 PM neoscream: thats ok
08:06:38 PM neoscream: what ever happen about the dildo?
08:06:47 PM Blaire: i took it off
08:06:59 PM Blaire: i have a friend who can make me one
08:07:03 PM Blaire: custom!~
08:07:12 PM neoscream: really
08:07:14 PM Blaire: so i figured that would be way cooler
08:07:15 PM Blaire: yeah
08:07:25 PM Blaire: to have one that no one else could ever have
08:07:41 PM neoscream: got it let?
08:08:48 PM neoscream: so what is happening, with a slow connection I didn't hear all your plans
08:09:16 PM neoscream: oh that sure be have u got it let?
08:09:34 PM neoscream: oh suzy is on
Wow. She came on MFC because of me, wow. I am so over joyed to hear that and I am happy to hear she really likes the book too. I am interested on hearing and learning what it say. Sadly she left without confirming what I heard of her plans were right sadly.

When I was checked Tweeter Sunday morning, I found that she made two tweets during the night:
Graduation time! Congrats c/o 2010!!
@Neoscream thanks!
The thanks one might be joy to the fact I wished her good luck on one of my old tweets.

Lastly on Monday morning, I was awoken by sounds from my computer again. LOL. She was on MFC again and she was at a friends any by the look of it she was sleeping over. Well it was 10pm there. The friend was another MFC Model called RobinSwallows I know Blaire had Robin in her favourites (oddly not Suzy), but I never know they were friends out side MFC ever since Blaire started fashion school. Robin is a nude model and was jokingly flashing a nipple several times in open chat. They were on line for around an hour and then went off to chat about their latest sexily experiences. I do not know how to comment about that.

Well that is it for is week's Blaire update. However I while give some other MFC model news. There has been no sign of Blaire's friend NataliaRose, however ZoeySmartz has been on a couple of times and has moved in with Suzy too now. Other than that are is not any thing else to talk about. Until next time.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week 14th to 20th June

Its that time of the week again. Last week has been a busy week of Watching, Listening and Reading, which makes up for a poor week the week before and this week should been too until Transformers: War of Cybertron arrives. So lets get this started.

On Monday I watched episode 131 of the dubbed vision of Naruto, episode 211 of the subtitled vision of Bleach, a Gadget Show web clip, episode 9 of Saki, listened to episode 234 of Anime Pulse and read chapter 3 of Cardcaptor Sakura, chapter 3 of Chaos:Head and chapter 1 of Needless.

Tuesday I watched two Gadget Show web clips, part six of the Robot Chicken writers playing D&D pod-cast, episode 10 of Saki and finished reading chapter 2 of Way of the Clan.

On Wednesday I watch episode 6 of Dragon Ball Kai, episodes 132 to 134 of the dubbed vision of Naruto and read chapter 3 of Way of the Clan, chapter 2 of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse and all the Control Alt Delete web comics for April 2005.

On Thursday I manage to watch episode 31 of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, a Gadget Show web clip, episode 11 of Saki, listened to episode 32 Clixcast and finished reading chapter 4 and 5 of Way of the Clan.

On Friday I watch the England world Cup football game and finished reading chapter 6 of Way of the Clan.

As I was tiered from chatting to Blaire during the night I only manage to finish reading chapter 7 of Way of the Clan on Saturday. Finally they have a Battlemech, a beat up Wasp that can not walk.

And finally on Sunday I watched episode 7 of Robotech: Macross Saga, episode 5 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, episode 12 of Saki, episode 3 of X and Listened to episodes 235 and 236 of Anime Pulse and episode 49 of Manga Pulse.

Wow, that was a lot of Naruto and Saki episodes I end up watching last week. Well that is it for now. The next post should be a Blaire one.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Heroclix 17th of June, Highlander Psychics

Sorry, this is later than planned but here is the post. Well this week was a 300 points build where no figures over 75 points, no feats, Highlander formate. Also the new news were in play. Well I did not really effect the game as there is new major changes that effects this weeks game. The Highlander formate is were the figures being played by all the players can not have the same name. To make sure this does not happen we sent the names of the figures we were planning to use to Darren on a first come first claim bases were Darren is first. I looked for a keyword I had not use that had enough useful figures. I got up to psychic and decided to use it. The characters I used Professor Xavier, Psylocke, Esme Cuckoo, Moondragon and Vertigo. Sadly I did not win any of the games, but apart from when I played ageist Darren I did take out 50% or more of my opponents team. Also in the second game I made a very stupid move which put my mind off that game. Well next week's game will be a 500 points, where you must how and only have five figures. Oh and feats are band in the club now unless the game lets us.

Now I will talk a bit about the new starter set, "Blackest Night" and ATAs. The figures from the starter are all good figs, however their keywords hinder their usefulness as but one of them have only one keyword (the one with two is Wonder Woman) and only two that have one keyword shares it with other figures in the game (Green Lantern and Scarecrow). So four of the figures, over half the set, can not form a theme team.
I have finally found the new rule for the old Alternate Team Abilities (ATA) on the new Heroclix website, and wow the Fantastic Four ATA got very screwed over. It is basically the same as Defenders Team Ability (TA), haha. Alpha Fight is basically same as it was and Thunderbolts now states it is Marvel TAs now, which does effect our club as Darren ruled it as Marvel only. Oh and they are all keyword based instead oh TA based.
Well that is it for this week I was going to be talking about the latests news in the world of clix and post some pictures of a Shadowcat conversion I did ages ago, but I did not have the time to do them so hopefully they will be in the next Heroclix post. Untill next time. Excelsior! Oh no Stan Lee's Twitters are rubbing off. Nooooooooooooooooo.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


OK, I slight change of plan, I have decided to talk but my blogs and my plans for them. I might do a general chat about Cosplay Deviants later this week or some time next week. Below is a list of the different types of posts I make or plan to do in the future.

Watch, Listen and Read - Weekly post normally on Sunday night or Monday. - Here I list all the shows I have watch, podcasts I have listened to, books, comics and manga I have read and DVDs, books and video games I have brought. Some times this may include a review of a show I have just finished or a talk about a new season of anime coming up or a talk about the UK anime industry.

Heroclix - Weekly post unless it does not happen, posts happens any time after Thursday. - Normally every Thursday I go to play a collectable comic book miniatures game called Heroclix with sadly only three other players normally. I talk about the team I build, a bit about the others' teams and how well I done. I am planning to also talk a bit about the new Heroclix news.

Blaire - Weekly post but use to be whenever she was on. - Here I normally log my chats with her, her tweets on Twitter and I also talk about her. Blaire is a girl I know off MFC, who I have a huge crush on.

M.S. Wars Update - Every week or two on my M.S. Wars blog. - Here I talk about the progress of the game and slowly posting up the rules for the game.

Cosplay Deviants - Whenever Cosplay Deviants adds a new quinn, Noel or Jsica gallery or one to a nice new model. - Here I will talk about the new gallery on the site from these three Deviants and news on them and former Deviants Lexicon.

Wii Fit and Friends - Whenever/Weekly. - Yes this might be coming back. Here I record and chat about my progress on Wii Fit and Wii Sports too in the future and probable other game Wii and X-Box 360 games.

Specials - Whenever. - These are posts that do not fit in with any of the other posts and can appear on ever of my blogs. Like the Suzysmartz post, the Stan Lee post and the Campaign post on M.S. Wars. This includes the Review posts I was planing to be a weekly post in the past but never done any apart from Monster Hunter Tri and Campaign.

Well hope you all enjoy. The next post should be ever a Heroclix one or a Cosplay Deviants one.

PS. It looks like Blaire will be finishing college sooner then I thought, as according to her tweeter post last night, Tuesday night is her later night of homework. Hippy no more stress and more sleep for Blaire. Hoping to see her again soon then.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Blaire Update 14th June

Ok Blaire update! Blaire update! Blaire update?!? Ummmm! She made a Tweet on the 10th.

2.5 hours of sleep and another sleepless night to come... I love finals (Heart Symbol) Sewing 3 garments this weekend, wish me luck!

And according to MFC she did log on during the 11th, however as I never saw her on cam, I am guessing she only came on to look at her messages. This week should be the last week for school for her, back I can not be sure when she is going to be back on-line. As I am guessing she will be partying and getting lone lost sleep from the lack of sleep she has been have. Poor Blaire. I do really worry about her and the lack of sleep. Sadly I also do not know when she is going on holiday, for how long or if she be on lone too. What sadly might happen is that she will not be on-line during the weekend due to sleep and celebrating and then she goes off for her trip around Europe on Monday. However I have an odd felling that she might at least head home to San Francisco for at least a couple to a week or two to see family before going on holiday. However I am thinking on picking up something for her off Amazon to celebrate her finishing the term. The pictures above are two random old pictures that I hope I have not used before. With all the other posts up-to-date I did not know when I will post next, however I am thinking of doing a post on Cosplay Deviants, however if I do not do this by Thursday then it will be a Heroclix one on Friday at the earliness. Until then, have a nice time.

Watch, Listen and Read for the week 7th to 13th June

Well it is that time of the week again. Sadly last week I did not do that much watch sadly. Oh I forgot to say that I order three book off e-bay in the last Watch, Listen and Read. They were all three books of Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy from Battletech by Robert Thurston. I got them as I wanted to do some research for the game I am working on, M.S. Wars, so I can get some more ideas for background story line for it. I also realised that I had not gotten a round to adding the link to last weeks post too. So I will try to do that after I finish this post.

Well lets start, due to the fact I had a funeral to go to, my uncle Terry's, I did not get around to do much.
On Tuesday, I only watched episode 5 of Fairy Tail.
On Wednesday I received to first book of the Battletech Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy, Way of the Clan. Which I started reading on Thursday.
On Friday I managed to finish reading the prologue of the book and watched episode 12 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, episode 4 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, a Gadget Show web clip and episode 8 of Saki. Oh and the third book of the Battletech Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy, Bloodname, arrived in the post.
On Saturday, I finished reading chapter 1 of Way of the Clan and watched the England vs. USA Football world cup match. I also received in the post the second book of the Battletech Legend of the Jade Phoenix trilogy, Falcon Guard and my two free cinema tickets that I pick up from Coke Zone ages ago.
And lastly on Sunday, I watched that week's Doctor Who and Listened to episode 9 of The Game Informer Show.

The next post should be up soon. Hope you all enjoy. Oh and if you have not notice I am starting to post two pictures now instead of just one.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


OK, how long have I been saying I would do a Suzysmartz post! Well here it is. OK, she seems to be a nice, kind, smart, funny person. She has a cute face which is most likely what made me go into her room in the first place. She has huge breast, which if you have been reading my other posts you will know I am not attracted to huge breasts as they make me fill like throwing up, however Suzy, being a non nude model, makes me laugh as she pushes her chest out showing off how big they are. If she was a nude model, I would of stayed away from Suzy due the them and I am glad she is a non-nude as I meet Blaire fellow her.... Blaire.... I am missing her.
Suzy is a MFC non nude pimp, she has introduced both Blaire and ZoeySmartz to the site. Suzy is current work on "Earn To Learn", an idea when she study on cam, teaching the viewers what she learnt, testing herself and the views, posting her notes up on her blog and having the cam on in lectures. She is planning on getting more new models doing this too. I think it is a great idea and hope it does well. I have been on a couple on times when Suzy was in lectures and I found my self missing my time at University. Here is a bit from one of the times she was in the lecture. Note I have removed guests and not re added the smilies.

04:00:13 PM SuzySmartz: thanks guys for the TIPS
04:00:16 PM SuzySmartz: book money! woot
04:00:25 PM hornymandanny: any irish on these sites
04:00:31 PM SuzySmartz: i am paying attention im telling you what this is about.
04:00:31 PM saulo69: show tits
04:00:32 PM SuzySmartz: read
04:00:42 PM FrancesMute: i say we all tip her and buy her next book!
04:00:43 PM marcrossi: we need u to dare a little bit
04:00:44 PM joeletaxi: show us a boob!
04:00:45 PM marcrossi: we deserve it
04:01:13 PM robert9119: 150
04:01:17 PM SuzySmartz: broke off engagement cuz he didnt love a nice woman he was with,
04:01:23 PM dnr_if_doa: whoa there is a mysterious person over your left shoulder!
04:01:26 PM SuzySmartz: went to netherlands alone and starting writing books
04:01:33 PM fuckmy9in: WHERE are you??
04:01:39 PM SuzySmartz: started writing under a pseudonym
04:01:40 PM iowasteve25: how much for a flash?
04:01:42 PM robert9119: come on 150 lrft
04:01:43 PM FrancesMute: sounds like an epic adventure
04:01:44 PM dnr_if_doa: what terrible class are you in?
04:01:46 PM fuckmy9in: do public nudity lol
04:01:52 PM SuzySmartz: afraid of fellow ministers ridiculing huim
04:01:57 PM dre188: hey suzy
04:02:02 PM frah51: -_-''
04:02:05 PM SuzySmartz: life is by its nature stressful, and those stresses shouldnt be avoided
04:02:11 PM maxime31: what subject r u in rught now
04:02:14 PM SuzySmartz: they are an opportunity to grow and develop
04:02:20 PM FrancesMute: atching then 40845
04:02:20 PM SuzySmartz: in wisdom and capability
04:02:26 PM FrancesMute: y?
04:02:28 PM robert9119: blablablablablablabla
04:02:38 PM Frosh311: dgdgdgd
04:02:38 PM maxime31: right
04:02:40 PM alexdj87: hi baby
04:02:43 PM alexdj87: how are you??
04:02:52 PM nipplelicker:
04:02:52 PM SuzySmartz: "Fear and Trembling" book title
04:03:01 PM FrancesMute: im gonna read that
04:03:08 PM dnr_if_doa: I have had enough stupid classes in my life
04:03:09 PM SuzySmartz: one of the problems in facing stress, is that those decisions<<< have to be based ont he apst
04:03:12 PM SuzySmartz: based on what youve learned
04:03:30 PM robert9119: nnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddddd
04:03:51 PM farahon: nice glsssss
04:04:00 PM curthutch: you should do a quick tit flash for us
04:04:02 PM huggybear66: what happen in private in such a public place
04:04:07 PM farahon: luv sha
04:04:08 PM BennyBenny10: wow this is awesome lmao!
04:04:09 PM Mikkar: u have no courage to blowjob your teacher
04:04:10 PM huggybear66: happens sorry
04:04:16 PM maxime31: you look sexy with those glasses
04:04:31 PM curthutch: can you just pull down your shirt a tad?
04:04:33 PM bigjime82: hi babe
04:04:43 PM Dannyboy8920: quick slip of the nip lol
04:05:06 PM FrancesMute: she can talk nerdy to me anytime!!!!!!!
04:05:06 PM neoscream: hi
04:05:08 PM Dathofthedead: shes in a public place lol
04:05:10 PM bigjime82: how can i do what u r doing
04:05:22 PM sircuumalot: are we in calss
04:05:23 PM hppygy: hello suzy
04:05:33 PM mahalono: hiya
04:05:35 PM Dannyboy8920: smile doll, it might never happen
04:05:36 PM SuzySmartz: yes
04:05:38 PM SuzySmartz: in personality
04:05:43 PM sircuumalot: wooo
04:05:48 PM neoscream: it would be a better idea to get a better mic
04:05:51 PM sircuumalot: are we passing this one
04:06:17 PM farahon: ur beautifulll
04:06:35 PM bigjime82: i would love if u eh
04:06:36 PM IRONLUNGZ: why r u on this site when ur in class
04:06:39 PM neoscream: bearly can hear the class
04:06:39 PM IRONLUNGZ: wierd
04:06:40 PM umakemyday: and so
04:06:52 PM Iwonder1: Don't fell asleep. Wake up.
04:07:01 PM bigjime82: u wher my g/f
04:07:13 PM edjarhead: makes my cock hard
04:07:34 PM FrancesMute: so would i big...chick is crazy sexi!!!
04:07:35 PM SuzySmartz: emmerson!
04:07:39 PM masterojack: hiya suze
04:07:42 PM marknicks91: lol your in class?? haha
04:07:48 PM masterojack: oooo class time yay!
04:07:56 PM bigjime82: but also a lady
04:07:59 PM IRONLUNGZ: soliderfy
04:08:02 PM FrancesMute: indeed!
04:08:02 PM SuzySmartz: one time emmerson got up at the church on sunday
04:08:04 PM SuzySmartz: and announced
04:08:05 PM noel26: your teacher sounds so boring
04:08:08 PM SuzySmartz: i dont think i can be the minister anynmore
04:08:14 PM SuzySmartz: i love you and think your wonderful
04:08:18 PM SuzySmartz: but i no longer believe in GOD
04:08:25 PM SuzySmartz: i believe in SPIRITUALITY
04:08:30 PM SuzySmartz: but not your GOD figure
04:08:34 PM neoscream: thanks
04:08:37 PM SuzySmartz: keep looking to the future and understand things
04:08:41 PM IRONLUNGZ: what is this r e
04:08:42 PM SuzySmartz: Harvard fired him.
04:08:47 PM maxime31: bye
04:08:49 PM FrancesMute: EPIC!!!
04:08:50 PM SuzySmartz: what he was getting at
04:08:52 PM nipplelicker: he was just after a shag !
04:09:04 PM SuzySmartz: its very easy to have a religion and come up with a GOD figure who is present
04:09:06 PM bigjime82: yea i think so to
04:09:06 PM SuzySmartz: 24/7
04:09:15 PM SuzySmartz: then to come up with a creedo, like the bibkle
04:09:20 PM SuzySmartz: and is unchangeable
04:09:26 PM TrowaDaryk: Got fired for not following a god O_o
04:09:29 PM SuzySmartz: this rox rigthn ow
04:09:31 PM masterojack: cool
04:09:32 PM SuzySmartz: PEOPLE CHANGE
04:09:34 PM SuzySmartz: life changes
04:09:38 PM SuzySmartz: we grow and develop
04:09:54 PM SuzySmartz: MANY people get stuck in their religion and cant grow anymore
04:10:00 PM SuzySmartz: GOD IS DEAD THEOLOGY
04:10:06 PM SuzySmartz: the courage to be,
04:10:11 PM nipplelicker: i bet he was growing thinking of that figure
04:10:12 PM Majestic: suzy yell something out
04:10:12 PM chrisbalke: not trur
04:10:17 PM SuzySmartz: you must have the courage to be, not faith in GOD
04:10:18 PM sircuumalot: GOD IS DEAD THEOLOGY ?
04:10:23 PM Majestic: scream something
04:10:26 PM Majestic: lol
04:10:29 PM sircuumalot: are you allowed to say that
04:10:40 PM Gertzy: suzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
04:10:40 PM Majestic:
04:10:42 PM SuzySmartz: Dont try to rely on a GOD figure, figure things out for yourself, grow develop and process
04:10:51 PM SuzySmartz: im telling you the professors words
04:10:53 PM curthutch: youve grown nicely!
04:10:56 PM SuzySmartz: im quoting him
04:11:02 PM bigdick9877: religion was essentially a way to police the world when they're werent police
04:11:02 PM Gertzy: hi suzy
04:11:05 PM Poxypriest: he sounds like a smart guy
04:11:06 PM bigjime82: so can i rely on you
04:11:18 PM SuzySmartz: hes talking about the book
04:11:22 PM SuzySmartz: the author
04:11:25 PM curthutch: can i rely on you to flash me a nip slip?
04:11:31 PM bigdick9877: put fear into ppl to do the right thing, fear of consequence blah blah blah
04:11:32 PM chrisbalke: if you stop growing in your faith you need to switch churches so that you can grow in another way
04:11:33 PM SuzySmartz: Heidigger
04:11:33 PM sircuumalot: o
04:11:40 PM bigjime82: i love god
04:11:41 PM SuzySmartz: yeah fear of death
04:11:56 PM Majestic: arent u jewish ?
04:11:58 PM SuzySmartz: Rallo May
04:11:59 PM Majestic:
04:12:01 PM Gertzy: suzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
04:12:08 PM bigjime82: i have no fear of death
04:12:10 PM SuzySmartz: his main student kirk schnieder
04:12:13 PM Gertzy: lol u look so serious
04:12:13 PM masterojack: she's telling us about an author guys
04:12:19 PM SuzySmartz: Kirk and my professor interact all the time..
04:12:29 PM Majestic: shes pretending to take notes
04:12:31 PM sircuumalot: i'm not sure about god. but he is very influential

That was just only one page of nineteen pages of chat I have in my MFC Archive for the section. Earlier during the week we chatted on PM's on MFC about my blog and now I have her Skype address too. I might post the chat on PMs and Skype later as it is getting late at the moment and I want to go to bed. Enjoy and speech to you all next time.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Heroclix 3rd June, Spider- Man Clone Wars

Arrrr, bloody note books. I write down what I want to write in my blog on to them so I can type them up and when I want to sit down and type them up the beeping things disappear on me so I put off writing the blog until I find them and by time I find the note books what I have written is out of date and needs rewriting. And yes I know I said this on my M.S. Wars blog, but I thought it would be best to post here as well.

Last week's Heroclix event was a 400 points game where you have to have a Spider-Man or Scarlet Spider on your team. This is based on the clone war story line from the Spider-Man comics. I was original planning on using the 50 points Secret Invasion Spider-Man with Spider-Girl, Marvel Boy and others. However as I have done this before I decided to change my mind. I picked the transporter Spider-Man from Sinister. I looked at his keywords and decided to go for a Scientist themed team. Before I continual I best state that Darren, our Judged, does not let us cross universe in team builds so this is why I am not going for any DC Scientists. I only picked good guys as it would fill odd have a mix of good guys and bad guys while being a themed teams. I ended up with, the Avengers set version of Ultimate Iron Man, Ant Man from Super Nova and the modem version of Beast from the Mutations and Monsters set. I also had 30 points of feats which were Brilliant Tactician on Beast and Stunning Blow on Spider-Man. All together was 400 points on the dot. For once Darren decided to use the 3' by 2' maps instead of the 3' by 3' ones he always uses. The other teams were:

Silver Armoured Spider-Man in a armoured theme team.
Fantastic Four Spider-Man in a Fantastic Four theme team.
And Asgardian Spider-Man in a, guess what, an Asgard theme team.

I did not do too well again. I lost two games and won one game. The first lost was against Darren, even with his crappy dice roll and three or was that four critical misses. The second lost was due to my crappy dice rolls. Never mind.

Heroclix was called off at the last minute this week so the game we had plan for it has been moved to next week. It will be a highlander style (there can be only one) and at 300 points, no feats and no figure over 75 point. However it will be using the new rule as Darren and may be myself will have them by then.

The next post should hopefully be (famous last words) a SuzySmartz one.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week of 31st of May to the 6th of June

Ok, not only do I have a long list this week, I also have a fill things I need/want to talk about this. So let’s start.
On Monday I watched episode 40 of the English dubbed version of Bleach, episode 3 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and episode 40 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s.
On Tuesday I watched part 3 of Hellsing Ultimate, two Gadget Show live web clips and listened to episode 20 of season 5 of the
On Wednesday I watched episode 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbander, a Gadget Show live web clip and read chapter 8 of Ga-Rei.
On Thursday I only read all the Control Alt Delete web comics for March 2005.
Now let start with the first thing I wanted to talk about, the Summer anime season. Here is a link to a version one list Still waiting for version two which is the conformed list than a should be. The list can change like last season. There is only two show on the list I might watch which are Highschool of the Dead, a zombie show were a bunch of student and school nurse trapped in a Highschool fighting zombies, and Digimon Xros Wars, the return of Digimon. I will wait to hear Ichigo’s review of the new season on Anime Pulse about the others to conceder watching them or not.
Ok, on Friday I watched part five of the Robot Chicken writers playing DnD pod-cast, the last Gadget Show live web clip, episode 95 of the subtitled version of Naruto: Shippuden, listened to episode 233 of Anime Pulse and read chapter 3 of Toaru Majutsu no Index.
On Saturday I watch episode 19 of Chobits, two Gadget Show Web clips (not Gadget Show live), read chapter two of Kämpfer and listened to the first half of episode 20 of Gundamn!@MAHQ. I also received Bleach Season 4 part 3 on DVD in the post too, two days ahead of its release date.
Finally on Sunday I watched this week’s Doctor Who, finally gotten around to the first episode of Heroman, episode 41 of the English dubbed version of Bleach which competes season two and episode 3 of .Hack//Legend of the Twilight.
Lastly I want to talk about the new UK anime licenses that have been announced. On the last weekend of May, a major Movies, Comics and Anime convention, called London Expo, happened. It’s the place where the UK anime companies like making major announcements of anime shows that they have acquire. For USA reader, our main companies in the UK are Manga (who also is partners with VIZ in the UK), Beez (Bandai UK) and MVM. There were also at least two others, ADV and Revelation, but both of them are no longer around. Manga are still trying to get One Piece and Dragonball Z as well as trying to get both Kanon and Bamboo Blade. They have acquired Eden of the East TV series, Bacanno (can not find it on MAL), Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty and Professor Layton and the eternal diva. Nothing I want to get sadly. Beez said about a week before the Expo that they would be announcing the acquirement of four show and they gave some clues to what they were.
“Anime license 1 and Anime license 2 are related but are traditionally Beez-style titles but not of a school-based variety.
Anime license 3 is one that Andrew, our head of acquisitions has been asked about ever since he started work at Beez (he's been with us for over 5 years).
Finally Anime license 4 is one that is very hard to guess. It's not a Bandai title nor is it what you'd expect for a number of reasons.
Here's a tricky hint for anime license 4: one of the key creative staff in Super Milk Chan is in charge of this project & it's pretty new!”
Anime license 1 and 2 were Gundam 00 season 2 and Gundam Zeta: The movie trilogy (1) (2) (3). Sweet, but hang on I thought they announced Gundam 00 season 2 ages ago, about the same time as Code Geass season 2. Odd. Anyway I know that they were acquiring Gundam Zeta, about a month ago from Twitter, but I did not know which version back then. I do wise they release both the original Gundam TV series and Gundam Zeta TV series in the UK one day as we never got them here. Anime license 3 was Outlaw Star under their Anime Legends Brand. Hippy, I can finally own it and watch I from start to finish. Lastly Anime license 4 was Durarara!! However it will be only in Subtitles, no dub. Finally we have MVM. They announced that they have acquired Moribito, Slayers Revolutions, Slayers Evolution-R and Blade of the Immortal. WTF. They acquired Slayers Revolutions and Slayers Evolution-R over a year ago when they announced the other Slayers series. Over all, apart from Outlaw Star anything major to me that were announced I already know about.
Well that is it for this week. The next post here will been Heroclix but I am plan to do a update post on M.S. Wars next. I will add links at a later date if I have not already done so.
On another notes I have finally see ZoeySmartz, she not fantastic, may be nice person but as I had other things to do, like write is post up, I did not stick around to find out.

I finding Blog Spot's label system to be a load of shit. It can not count and limit is too small. It was saying that I had too many labels and the that the maximum is 20 but I had 13 at the time. I'm good to have to redo my labels to a less friend and less help to readers and I was hoping for a bath and a early night tonight damn it.

Blaire Update 6th June

To start off with I forgot to put in my last Blaire post something I learnt about her. Blaire had always said that she was a contortionist, but I always thought she was stating that she use to be very flexible. But I learnt that she was a contortionist in a circus when she was young and she also did other bits there too.
Well, over all of this time she has been on both Skype and MFC twice and made a hand full of posts on Twitter. On the night of the 16th of May, I noticed a Twitter from rangichan, a Anime Pulse field reports.

“Japanese couple married by robot:

I followed the link and thought it was cool. I am really into my Robots and I had to share it with everybody I know. I retweeted it, posted it on facebook and sent Blaire a message on both Skype and MFC PM too. I went to bed and not long after Blaire came onto Skype.

[16/05/2010 22:04:51] Robert : watch this LINK
[16/05/2010 22:32:54] Robert : hi
[16/05/2010 22:34:28] Blaire : thats crazy
[16/05/2010 22:34:32] Blaire : and very strange..
[16/05/2010 22:35:11] Robert : how was to yor time in San Fan

Sadly my laptop crashed and when I got back onto Skype she had left. The next day she made a Tweeter.

“Redefining Sexy with a Fashion Photoshoot! Pics to come soon :D”

But to this date she still has not post the Photoshoot sadly. She also posted another tweeter on the 19th.

"Feeling very sensual... Ready for a romantic evening eating steak and wine on the rooftop with the love of my life--My puppy buddie! Xoxo”

How cute. The next time she was online was the morning of the 22nd and it was on MFC. Sadly she was only on for half an hour. She had two friends over that were off cam. I am guessing she just came online to say hello to people and to let us know and see that she was ok. The next time I heard from her was the middle of the night of the 28th/29th. She came onto Skype (waking me up which I did not mind) and said.

[29/05/2010 03:18:22] Blaire : you need to change your blog
[29/05/2010 03:19:07] Blaire : please
[29/05/2010 03:19:27] Robert : hi
[29/05/2010 03:19:30] Robert : ????
[29/05/2010 03:19:56] Robert : whats worong
[29/05/2010 03:20:10] Blaire : i dont like it
[29/05/2010 03:21:17] Robert : what don't u like
[29/05/2010 03:21:28] Blaire : the info about my pvts
[29/05/2010 03:21:40] Robert : oh ok
[29/05/2010 03:22:07] Blaire : thank you
[29/05/2010 03:22:32] Robert : how have you been
[29/05/2010 03:25:50] Blaire : ive been stressed :(
[29/05/2010 03:26:38] Blaire : oh and our pvt convos please
[29/05/2010 03:27:01] Blaire : ok bye ui have to do hw
[29/05/2010 03:27:14] Robert : k
[29/05/2010 04:15:02] Robert : any better? sorry if I upset you

I altered the posts strait away, trying to leave out as much details as possible without reader getting lost on some of the things I talk about later. The only read details I gave were the same details she gather above her privets on open chat on MFC. I will have to be careful with what I say more. She came on MFC later in the morning. She was wearing a bear eared hoody that she made which was so cute. I told her she should try selling them to the Japanese as they love that kind of stuff. She was also introduction a new model to the site, NataliaRose, and showing some of the ropes and factures of the site. With Suzy (Suzysmartz) adding a new model too called ZoeySmartz, Suzy’s non-nude revolution is growing. I have not seen Zoey yet as the only time I have seen her online was in the middle of the night and I was too tired to check her out. Natalie is ok, she seems to be a very nice and smart girl, but there is no special spark like there is with Blaire. They went off cam about forty-five minutes later. Me and Blaire quickly chatted on PMs.

10:48:48 PM neoscream: hi is it better
10:55:31 PM Blaire: i will check later
10:55:33 PM Blaire: thank you for that
10:55:38 PM Blaire: its more private you know..?
10:55:43 PM Blaire: i hadnt read the blog for a while
10:56:07 PM neoscream: sorry about that
10:56:47 PM neoscream: it been cut to just what you say in show
11:32:56 PM neoscream: oh did u look at the other blog too?
11:33:02 PM Blaire: no??
11:34:16 PM neoscream: its the MS Wars one, line is on the right hand side of the main blog

I hope it is better now. Any more changes might cause problems later. An hour after both Blaire and Natalia came off cam, Natalia came back on in her own room. Blaire was on line too but only as a member to see how Natalia was doing than a model. She was not doing the mistake Blaire did when she first started by having the music too high which I jokingly pointed out. A lot of people asked to see Natalia ass as they liked it. I jokingly stated:

12:43:24 AM neoscream: blaires ass is better

Which it is too me, and Blaire reply:

12:43:44 AM Blaire: leave my ass out of this

LOL. They were only stayed online for another forty-five minutes as Natalia had cam problems maybe to do with connection. Also sometime before or during this all Blaire posted on Twitter:

“I would love a back massage and some sushi to cure my hw blues (Heart Symbol)”

I would love to help, however she live too far away sadly. Oh and talking about sushi, a Yo! Sushi restaurant will be opening up soon in Milton Keynes Shopping centre soon. When I did not know but it will most likely be within the next two months. Cannot wait to try it out. Then on Friday Blaire posted another Twitter.

“2 more weeks and no more school stress!! Summer!!!”

Still two more weeks of stress for her and most likely two more week of her not being online. And sadly you can see the leak of sleep in her eyes.
Well I best call it a day. I would like to note that this blog has finally gained a follower. Soul Bro Ryu, who is one of the presenters of a podcast I listen to called Gundamn!@MAHQ. Sweet. I should be doing a watching post ever tonight or some time tomorrow and like I said, I manage to watch more this week. Including Gundamn!@MAHQ. Until next time.