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Friday, 29 March 2013

MK HeroClix: 28th of Match - Villains of the Comic and Game Worlds Battle

Welcome to the MK HeroClix post. This is a weekly post with HeroClix news and results of Thursday's HeroClix game at MK Wargames Society at York House. This week there were previews of Leash, a different version of Fairchild and DR. Light from DC Teen Titans.

This week’s game was 500 points, 3 actions, Marvel villains or anti-heroes only. I ended up going with a Masters of Evil team, but avoided the Thunderbolts abuse.  The team was:

Egghead (004 Marvel Chaos War) 50
Wonder Man (028 Marvel Chaos War) 118
Baron Zemo (041 Marvel Chaos War) 100
Ultron (208 Marvel Chaos War) 90
Mister Hyde (013 Marvel Captain America) 81 439
Eel (039 Marvel Captain America) 64
=503 points and four re-rolls.

On the first round I was up against Adrian. He was using a Gotham City team who were:

Arkham Asylum Guard (003 DC Batman) 45 x 2 = 90
Bruce Wayne (037b DC Batman) 95
The Riddler (011 DC Arkham Asylum) 90
The Penguin (038 DC Arkham Asylum) 70
Street Thug (008 DC Arkham Asylum) 19
Hitman (022 DC Arkham Asylum) 61
Firefly (027 DC Arkham Asylum) 68
=493 points and four re-rolls.

This was a long game and never of us managed to knock out a single figure, so sadly it was a roll off to detuning the winner and sadly I lost the roll off. Darren won his game against Michel. On the second round I was up against Michel. He was using a Covenant team who were:

3 x Grunt with Plasma Pistol (014 Halo) 26 x 3 = 78
Elite Honour Guard with Energy Sword (030 Halo) 77
Elite with Carbine (016 Halo) 84
2 x Elite with Plasma Rifle (006 Halo) 69 x 2 = 138
Arbiter with Needler (024 Halo) 124
=501 points and four re-rolls.

This game was a bit close to begin with, but I manage to kill twice the points he kill in the last couple of rounds to won the game. Darren won his game against Adrian. On the third and final round I was up against Darren. He was using a Sinister Syndicate team who were:

Vulture (019 Marvel Amazing Spiderman) 61
Electro (021 Marvel Amazing Spiderman) 82
Kraven the Hunter (031a Marvel Amazing Spiderman) 95
Rhino (204 Marvel Amazing Spiderman) 99
Green Goblin (018 Marvel Heroclix 10th Anniversary) 117
Mysterio (049 Marvel Ultimates) 44
=498 points and four re-rolls.

Like normal Darren won. I did manage to KO both Vulture and Mysterio. Electro is REAL nasty with his "Arc Lightning" special. Sadly I cannot remember who won between the brother, but at a guess I think it might be Adrain.

Next week's game will be Clone War Saga. 500 points. One figure must be a Spiderman or Peter Parker or a clone of him (eg. Scarlet Spider). No figure can be more expensive than the Spiderman.

Until next time, Armour up.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Neoscream's Life: 18th to 24th March 2013

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (Waverider mode)
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a diary post of some of the things I did last week, news on stuff like 7TV, DreadBall and AJ Lee, previews of last week's new Cosplay Deviants sets and my weekly miniatures painting section.

As you may have noticed I have changed the layout of the post a bit. This is because I am not using last week's post as a template as I am not writing this post on my tablet, the HTC Flyer. No I have not last it or damaged it and it has not broke down. I have finally bought the phone I have always wanted, the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I got it on a £27 a month contract with unlimited internet. I am loving how it works with the stylish and its ability to predict what you are typing. It is a dream using it to write with. It really does speed up writing this post. This is the start of a new future. The HTC Flyer has not been fully retired, I will still be using it for PDFs of rulebooks due to the larger screen. The only problem I have with the Note is the short battery life. The Galaxy Ace 2's lasted two to three days, while the Note lasts for just over a day, without using it a music player. I traded in the Samsung Galaxy Ace II. For sadly just £33.27. That is the cost of the cover covered. I know, bad joke.

Also as you may have noticed on Sunday I had found I have missed the Three Years anniversary of when I started writing Neoscream's Log which was the 11th of March. Luckily I have managed to not miss the Three Year anniversary of the blog which is on the 5th of April. There are some major changes for the blog being planned at the moment that will start from then. You have to wait until the 5th of April to find out what they are.

Due to the new phone and trying to keep the Watch, Listen and Read section up, I did not have much time for Skylanders this week. I managed to three star another chapter and completed two more chapters. Also Stealth Elf is now at the maximum level level 15. Sprocket is currently my next highest Level Skylander at level 10.

Mantic has been going back on their word again. On Wednesday the 13th of March., they should off the figures for the Female Corporation for DreadBall Season Two, extended the survey to show people the Season Two figures before it ends and said that they will be revealing more that week and last week. On Friday the 15th of March, the cover for Season Two was revealed as they posted pre-orders for the Season Two stuff (which one of the Season Two MVPs were missing) with the concept art as the product picture and that was it. We finally got a update on Friday last week and it was a three a side match picture of the Female Corporation verses the robot team. They look great and the game designer Jake Thornton talked about them on his blog. The blog is called Quirkworthy and there is a link to it on the left hand side of my blog under "Blogs I Follow". There is still no word on the Asterian team, their MVP or the MVP "Painmaster" Yurikson.

On 7TV news, Crooked Dice Games have revealed images of four new Future Freedom Fighter figures that are going to be released in April. Also they will be selling figures from another company to add a range for their new game out n April called 7th Voyage. There has also been some news on future release plans. They are planning on bulking out the Federated Security team and adding Minion officers. But there was one bit of odd news, 7th Voyage is compatible to 7TV. This is will bring in more magic to the game as the only source of magic is from The Children of the Field team (who can currently be on a free PDF from their main website) who have only two spells. I have decided to back Mantic's Loka KickStarter at Rook level to help make a Undead force for 7th Voyage/7TV with backup from the undead stuff in my Crazy Christmas Box from Mantic I bought just before Christmas and the old undead bit I still have from Games Workshop. I also have two other 7th Voyage team ideas. A Hercules and Zena crossover team up and gender swap He-Man team (thanks to Hasslefree Miniatures for the idea).

AJ looks better in that hat than JBL does.
Now for what AJ Lee has been up to this past week.AJ appeared twice during last week's WWE Raw. The first time was when the tag team champions, team Hell No was in a match against Epico and Primo. She came out in the middle of their match and skipped round the ring trying to distract them so they would loss. Sadly her plan failed and they won their match. Later AJ was supported Dolph Ziggler with the help of Big E Langston in Dolph's match against Kofi Kingston. Dolph won. If it has anything to do with AJ, Kofi will always loss. After the match Team Hell No challenged both Dolph and Big E to a tag team match. By their faces Big E was up for it but Dolph was not. AJ stepped forward and said that they will only accept it they put their Tag Team Titles on the line against them at Wrestlemania. Team Hell No's reply was: YES, YES, YES. This means we finally get to see Big E in action in the ring officially.

AJ apeared on Smackdown on Friday. This time she was on commentary during Dolph's rematch against Kofi. Does Kofi ever learn. Dolph won again, with no help from AJ. AJ did a great job at commentary and shpuld do it more often. Sitting on the commentary table was a great touch.

We now move on to the Watch, Listen and Read section of the blog post:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Watched: Episodes 140 and 141 of the dubbed version of Bleach and last week’s episode of BBC’s Click (now on auto record).
Listened: Episode 45 of Gundanm@MAHQ and episode 355 of Anime Pulse.
Read: Chapters 89 to 91 of Neon Genesis Evangelion which finished volume 13.

Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Superstars and episode 1 of Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
Brought and Received: Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Listened: Episode 112 of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast.
Brought: A Micro SD card reader for 79p to try and fix my 32Gb card.
Received: The latest issue of Neo Magazine.

Watched: Episode 1034 of WWE Raw and episodes 142 and 143 of the dubbed version of Bleach.
Listened: Episode 113 of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast.

Watched: Episode 142 of the dubbed version of Bleach
Listened: Episodes 114 and 115 of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast.
KickStarter: Backed Loka at Rook level and extra for the Five Element Queen. Plan on getting the Ice set.

Hex Hypoxia in "Mouse
BlackLadybug and Ivy in "Rock Hard"
Watched: Episode 687 of WWE Smackdown.
Received: The Micro SD Card Reader and failed in fixing my 32Gb card.
Sold: The Samsung Galaxy Ace II.

Watched: Episode 10 of Season Two of Game of Thrones (finishing Season Two) and this week's episode of WWE Superstars.

Now onwards to the Cosplay Deviants sets this past week. On Monday there was a new set from the new deviant Hex Hypoxia. The set is called Mouse and in it she cosplays as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. On Wednesday there was a set from the deviant Ch3xy. The set is called Mission Zero and in it she cosplays as Samus Aran from the Metroid. On Saturday there was a new duo set with the Deviants BlackLadybug and Ivy. The set is called Rock Hard and in it they cosplay as Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone from The Flintstone.

Ch3xy in "Mission Zero"

This week I have done two updated Cosplay Card of BlackLadybug and Ivy, as well as a new Cosplay Card for ToxicTechno.

Finally this week's painting section. It is yet another double bill. First of is the five group of Super Dungeon Explore figures. This time I have done a Kobold Dragon Priest, two Drake Wyrmling, two Drake Hatchlings and two Drake Whelps.

Group Five
All five Groups
Kobold team one COMPLETED

Next is the 200 rating version of my CWC team for 7TV. I decided to make Kane the first co star of the team, but there was a little change to the Metalnaut. It will be Big E now. Sorry Dolph, there is currently no room for your big ego on the team.

Staring, AJ Lee
Arch Type: Insidious Industrialist
Move: 6
Def: 4
Hits: 3
Str: 4
Agi: 4
Int: 3
Mor: 5
Attacks: Brawl 3+, Pistol 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Right Hand Man (Big E), Leader (1), Obey Me!, Boffin (1), Inspiration, Seduce and Luck (4).
Rating: 66
Model: Left Hand Miniatures Ichiban High School Girl with Bookbag/Pistol/Katana converted. This doubles as my DreadBall Coach.

Co-Staring, Kane
Arch Type: Failed Experiment
Move: 6
Def: 5
Hits: 2
Str: 6
Agi: 3
Int: 2
Mor: 2
Attacks: Brawl 3+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Fearsome, Resist Vaccum, Invulnerable (1), Fists of Fury and Luck (1).
Rating: 45
Model: Converted Warmachine Mechanithrall Trooper.

Also Staring Daniel Bryan
Extra Type: Cultist
Move: 6
Def: 3
Hits: 2
Str: 3
Agi: 3
Int: 3
Mor: 5
Attacks: Brawl 4+, Axe (Hand Weapon) 4+, Pulse Drill (Shoot Gun) 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Fanatic, Invulnerable (1), Also Staring and Kung Fu Grip.
Rating: 25
Model: Random Warhammer 40,000 Tech-Priest converted.

AJ with her bodyguard Big E
Extras, Big E
Extra Type: Metalnaut
Move: 6
Def: 4
Hits: 2
Str: 4
Agi: 2
Int: 2
Mor: 0
Attacks: Crushing Blow 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Controlled, Great Strength, High Maintenance, Mechanoid, Energy Blast and Force Field (4+).
Rating: 10 due to Right Hand Man
Model: Converted Mantic Warpath Enforcer.

Extras, Cyborg Cultists (5) - John Cena, Stone Cold, Ted DiBiase (Jr.), R-Truth and Tensai.
Extra Type: Cultist
Move: 6
Def: 3
Hits: 1
Str: 3
Agi: 3
Int: 3
Mor: 5
Attacks: Brawl 4+, Hand Weapon 4+, Pistol 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Fanatic and Invulnerable (1).
Rating: 9
Model: Game Workshop Necromunda Pit Fighters.

The future plans for this team are to add Undertaker as the next co-star and more cultists which will include a Flame Thrower carrying one. The first cultist will be Edge and the Flame Thrower one will be The Miz. May be a Dolph Cultist is there is room and the right figure. I will also be doing Technicians and Medics (my name for Civilian Experts with the Medic Special Effect) as managers and supporting characters (like Paul Bearer, Paul Heyman, Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Hornswoggle) and Femdroids as Divas. Next week I plan on doing the sixth group of Super Dungeon Explore figures who will be the Egg Clutch, two Kobold Ogres and two Kobold Warrens. Due to waiting for Salute to buy more figures, the second wave of DreadBall stuff is not due until sometime in April (or at least start being shipped) and the long wait for my order from Wayland Games, I will be avoiding doing any more double bills for the time being.

Until next time, armour up.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Log (not Blog) Three Years Old

Holy Crap. I missed the three year anniversary of Neoscream's Log (no the Blog). It was three year ago on March the 11th I first started writing a daily of event, which Blaire from MFC talked me into (well back mailed me) posting it online. The first "blog" post was done on the 5th of April, which gave  birth to the Neoscream's Log blog. The Log has evolved over the years to what it is now. I have a couple of changes I plan on doing. However I will leave them until the Blog's three year birthday in less than two weeks time as well as talking a bit more about the history.

Until next time, Armour Up.

Majestic Prince Promo

Thursday, 21 March 2013

MK HeroClix: 21st of Match - Galactus's Notes part 2 and Ace flies away

Welcome to the MK HeroClix post. This is a weekly post with HeroClix news and results of Thursday's HeroClix game at MK Wargames Society at York House.

This week there was previews of the Fairchild, Grunge, Harvest, the object Harvest Staff and Rose Wilson from DC Teen Titans.

There was no HeroClix this week due to numbers. So this week's game has been pushed back to next week. It will be 500 points, 3 actions, Marvel villains or anti-heroes only.

There is a hint on some BIG news that will be reviled in the next Neoscream's Life post. Until next time, Armour Up.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Neoscream's Life: 11th to 17th March 2013

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (mobile suit mode)
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. It also includes the AJ Lee news; the latest Cosplay Deviants sets and news; my "Watch, Listen and Read" lists; and a painting/converting section with 7TV teams, DreadBall Figures and Super Dungeon Explore.

Ok, now let us talk about The Beat Program Guide. Yet another great team guide with several nice extras bits like the Sawn-Off Shotgun. Personal, I would say the new weapons like the Sawn-off Shotgun that were added in the Program Guides should be open to all teams. Also the bike and house upgrades for Beat Constables should be available to the standard Constables in the main rule book. The Program Guide has brought up two rules questions? First is do Archetypes that state a weapon name then type come with the weapon or do you still need to pay for it? An example of this is the Insidious Industrialist who has Pistol 4+. The second question is does the new weapon, Chib, do damage or just knocks the target prone. As it is the same cost as a Hand Weapon but has an effect and adds to strength. I asked about them on the Crooked Dice forums. The answer I ended up with the first question was what I had been all this time, you still need to pay for the weapon. This question came up due to the new co-star archetype in The Beat Program Guide could replace it's 3+ Pistol attack with a 4+ High Calibre Pistol attack for a cost of 5 ratings. I thought the negative of extra cost and a worst to hit chance on top of the extra cost of the weapon was too most, but according to Crooked Dice Games it is balanced. This means I do not need to panic rush a Technician for next upgrade for my CWC team that is coming soon. The answer I ended up with the second question was that is did do damage. All the rule and description for the weapon did pointed at it doing damage, but it was the same cost as all the other standard melee weapons (Hand Weapon, Two-Handed Weapon and Cosh), but tons better. Why have any of the other hand weapons, if you can get the Chib. This will be the only Program Guide weapon I will NOT aloud outside the Criminal or the Beat teams unless the character wants it as a Signature Weapon (maybe). On other 7TV, images of next month's figure releases have been revealed, these are five more member of the Future Freedom Fighters.

On Wednesday evening, Mantic finally did a update post on the DreadBall KickStarter about the second wave of DreadBall stuff. There was good some good news and some major major bad news. First the good news. They revealed the scalps of the Female Corporation team. They look really great to me and I am glad that I went for them back doing the first survey. The Second bit of good news is that they have revealed the cover for the Season Two, which looks awesome with the Robot team and Cheerleaders (oh and the Judwan). The third bit of good new is that Mantic showed the number of figures in each player type in the boxed teams and it showed that robot team box set will have six Jacks, two Strikers and two Guards. That right they will have ten figures in the box set instead of eight. Sweet, more robots to crush people with. Now for the bad news. All the extra Season one stuff (Alt sculpts, keepers and prone tokens, but most likely not Buzzcut) as well as the extra Season Two bits (keepers and prone tokens) are being postponed until the third wave of stuff that is slated for September. There is not information on the Asterian (Elf) team and their MVP which was promised to be available with the second shipment as KickStarter early gift. Over all I am a little disappointed with Mantic for screwing? things up with this shipment, especially after including the Season One extra is the second shipment survey and then saying they will not be sent out until the third shipment less then a week for the original end of the second shipment ending (which the extended the dead line by a week due as they made the statement). I understand the reasons, however have a really bad feeing that the third shipment with be ever split into two or it we be heavy delayed, as if they only manage to do the basic Season two teams (roughly twelve scruples), about ten MVPs, four cheerleaders and four coaches, around thirty scruples in four months. This will mean they going to have to do the extra Season One stuff (twenty scruples), the Season Two extras (eighteen scruples), all the Season Three with extras teams (twenty to thirty-two scruples depending one if there are alternate scruples for Season Three), about five MVPs and four big guys in five months for the third shipment. That is sixty-eight to eighty scruples. Can not see it happening on time sadly. Ok, technology by the sound of things the scruples for the Season One extras are done, it just the molds will not be ready by the second shipment. But, still it will be a massive task with the Kings of War and Loka KickStarter stuff, oh and the standard Warpath stuff.

Currently on Skylanders Giants I have completed the first twelve chapters with three stars on the first four. Legendary Stealth Elf is at level 14, just one level from max and she is a beast in combat. The game is still enjoyable, but I have to cut down on playing it as I do have other things to do, it is the reason why my "Watch, Listen and Read" section this week is so small.

Now for some AJ Lee news. AJ appeared on Raw this Monday the 11th of March. AJ was supporting Dolph with Big E like normal. Dolph had a revenge match against Daniel Bryan for upsetting poor AJ last week on Smackdown. Dolph won the match and after the match AJ had Big E beat the crap out of Daniel again.

On Smackdown on Friday the 15th of March, AJ was supporting Dolph with Big E like normal. Dolph had a match against Daniel Bryan's tag team parter Kane. Daniel was at ringside for Kane. Dolph won the match and Big E beat the crap out of both Daniel and Kane.

On Slam on Saturday the 16th of March, Booker T revealed the new GM of Slam. As Slim is a kids show a person who writes kids books and is a future Hall of Famer was chosen. Santa Claus. Opps sorry that is one of his multiple personalities. I mean Mick Foley. He made Daniel his assistant. AJ and Dolph was not happy about it saying they should be running Slam as they are the power couple in the WWE. Sadly for AJ there are two couples (real life ones too) that are higher up in the WWE peeking order. Foley decide to Put Dolph and Daniel in a match against each other (remember that Slam is recorded over two weeks before it airs). AJ and Big E were was supporting Dolph. Dolph ended up losing this match.

Now for the Watch, Listen and Read section:

Brought and Received: The Beat Program Guide for 7TV and three more Skylanders who were Lightcore Prism Break, Bouncer and Pop Fizz.

Listened: Episode 354 of Anime Pulse.

WLR: Nothing.

Received: A set of new bedding (purple colour) and the Skylanders figure of Sprocket, Ignitor, Chill and Zook.

Watched: Episode 1033 of WWE Raw.
Received: My ticket to Salute.

Watched: Episode 686 of WWE Smackdown.

Anna Cherry in "Lithium Flower"
Envy in "Jeepers"
Watched: Episodes 6 to 9 Season Two of Game of Thrones and episode 15 of Dragon Ball Z Kai.
Brought and Received: A new pair of stereo headphones.

Now for the week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Monday there was a new set from the new deviant Anna Cherry. The set is called Lithium Flower and in it she cosplayed as Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. On Wednesday there was a new set from the deviant Envy. The set is called Jeepers and in it she cosplay as Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo. And finally the set on Saturday was a new set from the fantastic deviant Jsica. Yes that is right. She is not sadly back, but she is meant to have done some more set then I first thought before she left. The set is called Gunner Sphere and in it she cosplayed as Yuna in her standard Final Fantasy X-2 gear. Other Jsica sets that might be in the pile of up and coming sets are plug-suit Asuka from Evangelion, Catwoman from the Batman comics and Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager.

Jsica in "Gunner Sphere"

This week will be doing new Cosplay card for Erisaka and Caprice and an object token for Nude Deviant Photos.

Lastly is this week' painting and converting section. Again I am doing another double bill. First off is a bonus group of figures DreadBall figures. Originally I was not going to do any more DreadBall figures until the second wave of DreadBall stuff arrived. But after the first DreadBall Tournament at Wargames Workshop MK I made a bunch of conversations. The first and major conversation was changing  Hasslefree's HFF008 Madison into the Motorball version Alita from Battle Angel Alita. The second was turning Hasslefree's HFF002 Powered-Armour Libby into a DreadBall keeper. The third was a a second Ref bot for a second pitch which I will be getting in the next wave of KickStarter stuff. The four is a female Corporation player I made out of random parts. I also painted the extra two Corporation players I had. I was going to do a Dwarf coach as well, but I changed my mind while painting. The figure will ever be a bronze statue for some terrain or a future DreadBall trophy.

The six newly painted figures
Alita leading the Cyber-Tech Primer while Coach AJ is busy doing other things.
The Ref Bots

Next is a new 100 rating 7TV team with a license to kill. A James Bond team. Current the figures I am using as soldiers are place holders until I get something better at ever Salute or Campaign.

Staring, James Bond
Arch Type: Flamboyant Agent
Move: 6
Def: 5
Hits: 3
Str: 3
Agi: 4
Int: 4
Mor: 6
Attacks: Brawl 4+ and High Calibre Pistol 2+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Making Their Own Luck, Gadget, Seduce, Military Training, Infitrator, Saboteur, Plucky, A Good Offence and Luck (2).
Rating: 64
Model: Hasslefree Miniatures HFA107 Codename: Alexander.

Extra, 3 British Soldiers
Arch Type: Soldiers.
Rating: 12 each.

Future plans for this team is to add Q and M, oh and more Soldiers. Next week I will be another double be. First I will be doing the fifth group of Super Dungeon Explore which will be a Kobolt Dragon Priest, two Drake Wyrmlings, four (well two bases of two) Drake Hatchlings and two Drake Whelps. And second I will be doing the 200 point version of my CWC team.

Until next time, Armour Up.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

MK HeroClix: 14th of Match - Villains on Holiday

Welcome to the MK HeroClix post. This is a weekly post with HeroClix news and results of Thursday's HeroClix game at MK Wargames Society at York House.

This week there was previews of the Gen 13 team base, Freefall, Burnout and Rainmaker from DC Teen Titans.

There was no HeroClix this week as Darren was away. Next week’s game has been slightly changed from what was posted last week. I will be 500 points, 3 actions, Marvel villains or anti-heroes only instead of 500 points, 3 actions, villains only.

Until next time, Armour Up.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Neoscream's Life: 4th to 10th March 2013

MSK-008 Dijeh
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. It also includes the AJ Lee news; the latest Cosplay Deviants sets and news; my "Watch, Listen and Read" lists; and a painting/converting section with 7TV teams, DreadBall Figures and Super Dungeon Explore.

On Monday I received a bounce of vouchers for Toys R Us. One of them was £5 off the Skylanders: Giants Start pack. I have been at two minds on getting Skylanders, ever since the first game. I really like the idea, but with the cost and collector personality, I have been avoiding it. I popped into Toys R Us to check prices for the Skylanders stuff and to see what Transformers and WWE stuff. There was no AJ Lee figure (just a ton of self warning John Cena figures) and no Transformers figure that really interested me, but I did pick up a Transformers Prime transforming Weapon booster pack for £2.50 and pull the pink/purple cobra. The Skylanders stuff would cost about £53 (before the voucher) for the Giants starter pack of, £9 each for standard single booster figures, £12 each for the LightCores figure boosters, £15 each for the Giants and  £25 for the triple pack boosters and the adventure pack boosters (two character figures and an adventure unlock figure. There was three characters I spotted that I would like: Chill, Sprocket and Stealth Elf (or the legendary version). Sadly I could only find Sprocket and Chill in separate Triple packs. If I went for all the characters I wanted, it would cost me about £107 with the voucher. Sorry no, far too much for a computer game. On Wednesday I checked on link and found I could get Sprocket and Chill for £7 each as well as a bounce of others from Amazon. Oddly Legendary Stealth Elf and the normal version were being sold at about £13 to £16, while Toys R Us had a shit load for just £9. Taking this to account, I would now be looking at just over £70 for the starter pack and the three characters I want (at the moment). I first decided to put it on hold for now due to cost of the extra DreadBall stuff and saving for stuff like Salute, Campaign and A+, but I still ordered Sprocket off Amazon as oddly I really like the figure. However my mum decided to pay for my DreadBall KickStarter second survey stuff as a birthday gift so, I decided to pick the game up with Legendary Stealth Elf. It is quite enjoyable, however you do need a figure of each of the eighth elements (Air, Life, Undead, Tech, Fire, Water, Magic and Earth) and one giant. But the giant can be one of the eight element figures. So I currently have four figures, two life, one undead and one air, with a five figure in the post of the tech element. I decided to pick up a fire and water element online on Sunday, which leaves an earth and a magic figure to go. I have currently completed chapter 8 and two stared only two chapters.

Sprocket had given me a fantastic idea for a new Heroic team for 7TV. A female engineer and her robotic creation saving the day. I worked out a 100 rating team and then looked online for suitable figures. For to female engineer who I am calling Sparkle at the moment, I went for the hacker Valerya Gromoz for Infinity and plan on add a large spanner or wrench on her back. With the robot, currently named Bot-X, I decided to go for a Heavy Gear Arena mech called the Wildcat. Sadly the Wildcat comes in a pack of two. I been thinking of a use for the extra one and came up with an idea with a bit of a background story for the team. The temporary name for the extra one is Jr. X, but he will not appear until the 200 rating upgrade of the team. I try writing the background ideas down for when I do the 100 rating team.

On DreadBall side of things I have signed up for next month's DreadBall tournament at Wargames Workshop MK, where I learned that there will be a once a month league starting on Monday evening the 25th of March. Sadly could not sign up on Facebook yet as Facebook was acting up on the day I learnt about it.

On official 7TV news, the PDF rules for The Beat Program Guide came out on Sunday. I will try to remember to talk about it in next week's post. Still waiting on the Argonauts Program Guide.

Last week I forgot to write about something big happened on WWE Raw on the 25th of February. The return of the king of kings, the Game, Triple H. He out for Brock Lesnar. Also on Raw on the 4th of March the Undertaker has return too and he will be facing the self centered ego of CM Punk.

Now for some AJ Lee news. AJ appeared on Raw this Monday the 4th of March. AJ was supporting Dolph Ziggler with Big E Langston like normal. Dolph had a match against Miz who had the Nature Boy Ric Flair at his side. The Miz won.

Sorry AJ, you look smocking hot wet
AJ also was supporting Dolph with the help of Big E in Dolph's match against Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown on Friday the 8th of Match who had Ricardo Rodriguez at his side. Ricardo throw a bunch of wash rags a Big E, I do not know if the ref it. Big E got pissed off, but AJ prevented he from attacking Ricardo. Ricardo went to throw a bucket of water at Big E, which the ref saw. Big E however dodged it and AJ ended up being covered in water. She went berserk and chased Ricardo around and though the ring. Big E grabbed her before see could get to Ricardo. The ref then sent both AJ and Big E out from ringside, but not Ricardo. Sorry Ricardo should have been sent off too, he was the one who coursed the chaos and the ref saw most of it. Anyway the match continued. It was a good one, but Del Rio still won. Straight after the match we cut to back stage where AJ was drying her hair. Daniel Bryan walked up to her. They chatted and traded insults. Daniel left AJ even more in a fail mood than what she was before their little chat. Where was Big E during all of this?

AJ was in a match on Saturday Morning Slam against Natalya over arguments over who should become Saturday Morning Slam's GM. Sadly AJ lost match, but no GM was declared, but I do know from spoilers who is the GM. Just remember Saturday Morning Slam is a kids show. 

Now for the Watch, Listen and Read section:

Watched: Episodes 30 to 34 of Dragon Ball Z and last week’s WWE Superstars.
Listened: Episode 353 of Anime Pulse.
Read: Chapter 22 of Battletech: The Legend of the Jade Phoenix Trilogy: Way of the Clans, chapter 211 of Naruto and chapter 107 of Dragon Ball.

Watched: Episode 1032 of WWE Raw.
Listened: Episode 5 of Fan Pulse.
Read: Finished chapter 7 of CompTIA A+ Certification.

Watched: Episodes 13 and 14 of Dragon Ball Z Kia.
Read: Chapters 76 to 78 of One Piece.
Brought: A Skylanders figure called Sprocket on Amazon and several figures and bit for 7TV (mostly for my Bot-X team).

Watched: Two Gadget Show web clips (8th Day - Headphone Buyers Guide and 9th Day - Top 5 Festival Gadgets).
Brought: A ticket for Salute and the entry fee for the next DreadBall Tournament at Wargames Workshop. 

Brought and Received: Skylanders Giants Starter pack and A Skylanders figure called Legendary Stealth Elf.

StarlaMoonshine in "Doll"
Bear in "Child of Woe"
Watched: Episode 685 of WWE Smackdown.

Watched: Episodes 3 to 5 of Season Two of Game of Thrones and this week’s episode of WWE Superstars.
Brought: A Skylanders triple figures that has Chill, Ignitor and Zook from

Now for the week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Monday there was a new set from the deviant Aza. The set is called BONK and in it she cosplayed as The Scout from Team Fortress 2. On Wednesday there was a new set from the deviant StarlaMoonshine. The set is called Doll and in it she cosplay as Doll from Black Butler. And finally the set on Saturday was a new set from the deviant Bear. The set is called Child of Woe and in it she cosplayed as Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.

Aza in "BONK"

This week and on wards, I am doing three Cosplay Cards. This week will be updates of both Aza's and Bear's cards and a new card for Rosie.

Lastly is this week's painting segment. This week is a double bill. First off is the 200 rating upgraded version of my G.O.D.S.  (Global Operation Defence Superheroes) team. I have broke my normal team structure for this team by adding a second Star. The new star is Ultimate Force, Roxi's character from our of Silver Age Sentinels games.

Staring, Golden Knight
Arch Type: Flamboyant Agent
Move: 6
Def: 6
Hits: 3
Str: 3
Agi: 4
Int: 5
Mor: 4
Attacks: Brawl 4+, Rifle 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Making Their Own Luck, Seduce, Gadget, Alien, Invulnerable (1), Body Armour, Energy Blast, Luck (2) and Boffin (1).
Rating: 49
Model: Reaper Miniatures 50107 Afterburn.

Staring, Ultimate Force
Arch Type: Mysterious Stranger
Move: 8
Def: 5
Hits: 3
Str: 3
Agi: 3
Int: 4
Mor: 4
Attacks: Brawl 2+, Improvised Weapon 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Strike From the Shadows, Plucky, Telekinesis, Great Streght, Invulnerable (3), Rage and Luck (2).
Rating: 50
Model: Reaper Miniatures 50027 Captain Griffon.

Co-Staring, The Enforcer
Arch Type: Angel of Justice.
Move: 7
Def: 4
Hits: 2
Str: 4
Agi: 4
Int: 2
Mor: 3
Attacks: Brawl 3+, Claws (Melee Weapon) 4+, Stun Pistol 3+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Signature Weapon (Stun Pistol), Cat Burglar, Dodge, Rage, Concealment and Luck (1).
Rating: 38
Model: Reaper Miniatures 50275 Shadow Talon.

Co-Staring, The Incredible Dr. Fox
Arch Type: Crackpot Inventor.
Move: 6
Def: 4
Hits: 2
Str: 1
Agi: 3
Int: 8
Mor: 3
Attacks: Brawl 6+, Apples (Improvised Weapon) 5+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Alien, Gadget, Invisible, Mind Blast and Luck (1).
Rating: 30
Model: Self made.

Co-Staring, Aqua Markswoman
Arch Type: Dependable Deputy.
Move: 6
Def: 4
Hits: 2
Str: 4
Agi: 5
Int: 3
Mor: 3
Attacks: Brawl 3+, Bow 3+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Sidekick (The Enforcer), Eagle Eye, Cat Burglar, Dodge, Concealment and Luck (1).
Rating: 32
Model: Reaper Miniatures 50215 Silver Marksman.

Future sight

Future plans are to add another Co-star called White Sentai and Golden Knight's Sky Guards. With the Sky Guard, I will give Golden Knight the Flight Special Ability. Lastly is the next groups of seven Super Dungeon Explore figures. This fourth group are three Kobolt Knuckleheads, two Kobolt Ironscales and two Kobolt Flingers.

Group Four
Groups 1 to 4 all together

Next week I am doing another double bill. There will be a group of DreadBall figures that are my conversations (which includes Alita) and the extra two Corporation players. And a new 100 rating team which is not the Bot-X team, but the star of the team does have a license to kill. Also from next week things are changing for my 7TV teams. Instead of going up in factors of 50, I will now be going up in factors of 100. So 100, 200, 300 and so on.


Until next time, Armour Up.