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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Neoscream's Life opps: Very Close Hopefully plus March 30th 2017

Hi everyone again. Sorry about this, but I realised hours after posting the last post I forgot something else that happened on Monday at Wargames Workshop after KDM. As it had been up for a while I decided top do a new post than altering the last one. However, I might as well give a little room update. The new bed in here now. We have not put on the headboard yet as we will need to move the bed out of the room tomorrow so we have room to build furniture as it is all Ikea flat pack. I am hoping that the next "Neoscream's Life" post (hopefully ever Sunday or Tuesday) will be the last and I will be back to "Neoscream's Painting Table" next weekend.

Now for what I forgot to talk about in the last post. After KDM on Monday, I had a bunch of games of Cardfight Vanguard with Wai-Yin. It ended up being four games. I was using my Cosmic Heroes deck again (as I forgot the G-Zone for my Dimensional Robo deck), while Wai-Yin was using her Pale Moon deck. I managed to win three of them. In one of the games, I draw a ton of cards to help me stride from trigger checks for my attack, but no triggers. I was worried that I did not have enough cards to defend myself during her turn (image of the hand at the end of the turn on the left). Luckily Wai-Yin did not have the cards to stride and I managed to survive her turn to defeat her my next turn.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

Neoscream's Life: Very Close Hopefully March 30th 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another "Neoscream's Life" post. All the painting is basically done now (just a bit of tidying on the walls), both the door and new curtains are up and the new carpet has been laid. Now just the wait for all of the new furniture to arrive. The room is looking very gray at the moment, but not bad. During the wait, I have been working on the shed and have now organised the chest of draws. I also picked up two new Transformers for my new display cupboards. They were Mindwipe and Apeface from the Titans Return range.

Now to gaming.

Cardfight Vanguard

On Saturday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament. I was planning on trying out my Dimensional Robos deck with some of the new cards. However, I did not pull much Dimensional Robos support from the two boosters boxes of the new set "We Are Trinity Dragon". But I did pull a copy of the new Gallop and a playset of the new common grade three for Cosmic Heroes so I decided to use my Cosmic Heroes deck with some new cards.

On the first round, I was up against Barney who was using a Nova Grappler draw. Apart from several cards in the G-Zone, his deck was more or less the same as my Nova Grappler deck. Be both a deck that I use and Nova Grapplers, it out stood my deck. This ended up as a loss and a headache for Shell as we forgot to report the result straight away.

On the second round, I was up against one of the House brother and he was using a Gold Paladins deck. He won the first game and I was about to win the second (by the look of things), but we ran out of time and it ended up being a draw.

We stopped for a quick lunch break and then started round three. I was up against Wai-Yin and she was using her Aqua Force deck as when she heard what decks myself and Shell (Great Nature) was using she thought it was a better chose than her beloved Touken Ranbu. However, after facing David last round (who was using Link Joker) she wished she used her Pale Moon deck. Anyway, she managed to win the round.

On the fourth and final round, before the top four playoffs, I was up against a new player who was using a pre-G-Zone Gold Paladin trail deck (or what looked like a trail deck). I won this round. However, she did win one of our three games as I could not draw a grade three, even as damage and I went though half my deck.

Sadly with just one win, I did not get into the top four play-offs. Shell managed to win the tournament (like normal when she plays), but it was a tough fight against Crawford in the finals.

Kingdom Death Monster

On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster with Wai-Yin, Bob, Michael, and Adrain. To make sure Wai-Yin got there on time I (well my dad) gave her a lift. We hunted a level one White Lion this time. It was an easy fight. And apart from losing Face painting to protect the settlement from the acid rain from the Gorm Client, we did quite well in the Settlement Phase.

Other Gaming Notes

My new starting Warband minus Captain and Daemons
On other notes, there will be no HeroClix this week or next week So the scenario has been pushed back until the 13th of April (almost typed in May). Also next week, I will be taking part in the new Frost Grave campaign with Bob and several other. So there will be no KDM next week. Like last years one we will be doing one game a month, but there is no set end and we are starting from the missions in the core rulebook and plan on moving thru the other books once that is done. As it was roughly agreed that new warbands mean new figures (well not the ones from last time) I decided to use my Arcadia Quest stuff as it would have been a pain to build Barbarians or Gnolls at the moment due to the redecorating. Plus they did not fit in the Summoner theme.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Neoscream's Life: The wait for furniture March 24th 2017

Welcome everyone to another "Neoscream's Life" post. Even tho it had seemed to be a weekly post, that was not the plan. The plan was to do one for each gaming event, but if I had not written it by the next event I would merge them together until the post is ready to post.

Since the last post, we have mainly been ordering and buying stuff for the bedroom and a couple of bits for the shed. Basically, we just have to get (other some bits and bobs I have not thought of yet) a new TV (which we will leave until May), a new chair and selves. From what I understand:

  • The skirting, door frame, and radiator will be painted today
  • The door and new curtains will be put up tomorrow.
  • The new carpet will be fitted on Wednesday and the old bed will be removed.
  • The new bed will arrive on Thursday.
  • The new furniture will arrive on next Friday, which will be set up on the day and the day after.
  • The selves will come ever on next Saturday or the following week(s).
This will mean I will be work on organising the shed until Friday when I move to organising my bedroom.

Now to the gaming.

On yesterday, I went down to York House for some games of HeroClix. I was meant to be a big 1,000 points scenario. However, Darren S received a brick of the new Marvel set, "Deadpool and X-Force", so we did a sealed event will his boosters. The image to next to here is the figures I pulled in Darren S's boosters.

Round one was a 300 point p;build. I built a team of Foolkiller, Asp, Solo and Misstress Death. I was up against Darren S. Like normal against him I lost. Also, Adrian won his game against his brother Michael.

Round Two was a 400 point build. I built a team of Foolkiller, Misstress Death, U-Go Girl, Anarchist, Angel Dust and Asp. I was up against Michael. I just able to win this game. Also, Darren S won his game against Adrian.

Round Three was the last round and it was another 300 point build. I built a team of Misstress Death, U-Go Girl, Anarchist and Squirrel Girl. I was up against Adrian. Sadly I lost this game. Also, Darren S won his game against Michael.

Next week will be "The Big Bash". 1,000 points, five actions, no figure over 200 points, no figure on a base bigger than a peanut base, no ATAs and a maximum of five theme team re-rolls.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Neoscream's Life: Painted Walls March 23rd 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another "Neoscream's Life" post. It has been an eventful week so far with the room and my shed. The walls and ceiling are painted now. Just the skirting, door frame, and radiator to go with the painting. Currently, there is no door, curtains, and carpet at the moment. I cannot wait to get a real (private) room back then this open echoing empty place. Also, the electrician has been and done more work than I first was told. I was originally told that he was doing some work in my shed, outside and in my parent's room, but he also did some work in my room too. In my shed, he added a light and a power socket which was placed in the wrong place than what we asked for. At first, it was an easy work around. But then I realised I did not think about the lock on the inside of the shed. It would have been an easy fix if the electrician placed the socket where we asked, but now I have no clue on how to fix the problem. Basically, I did not realised that the plastic draw tower was blocking me for locking the door from the inside. Faceplam. Anyway, with my room he replaced the light with a new light with four multi-angle LEDs really brighten up the bedroom and he replaced one of my two double sockets with one that has USB ports as well so I can charge my phone and tablet without eating up multiple plug sockets. The colour of the walls are nowhere as dark as I worried when we tested it out around the window, and the new lights really do help make it look even brighter.

Now to my gaming since the last main post.

On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster. All five of us turned up. However Wai-Yin was late like normal, but she luckily only missed the hunt phase. OK, Adrian was late too, which lead to a late start than planned. I really need to work on Wai-Yin's timing. LOL. There was a vote on what should we hunt and there was a tie between the Gorm and the White Lion, both at level one. I did a roll off and the Gorm won, which everyone regretted afterward. No one was killed or severely injured. However, it was close. After defeating the Gorm the Settlement event his and it was Plague (again), and it was added to the timeline (with Gorm Climate). Great, not. Only Adrain's old character did die due to Plague, but he was unofficially retired. So it was not big deal yet. With that and Gorm Climate over, we finish building a second set of Rawhide Armour and a Gaxe to give us more weapon options. Next time, which will be next week, we will be hunting a White Lion, as (according to everyone else) it is more simple as it does not run away or throw-up everywhere.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

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I had watched season three and enjoyed so I plan on sharing season four. This time they are playing the People of the Star campaign.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Neoscream's Life: It has began March 19th 2017

The shed is more fuller than this now
Hi everyone and welcome to another "Neoscream's Life" post. By the end of last week, I realised given a full day I could get my bedroom clear and ready for decoration. My dad was off this week and was wanting to do the bedroom this week, but I thought I would not have it ready in time originally. As work had been dead, they let me finished about two hours after starting on Monday, so I rushed home and got started. It was mostly done before going to Wargames Workshop and what was left was done on Tuesday morning. Due to running around doing things for my mum and ordering a new bed, we could not start on Tuesday The plan was to remove the old picture frame hooks and then start filling and sanding the walls Wednesday after my dad finished work (yes he was working on his week off, just do not go there). To help out I canceled HeroClix to get things done faster. However, due to finishing a lot later than what he was meant to and shopping for paint, it was too late to do anything. So he said he/we would start on Thursday after taking his car in for some checkups. Oh with the paint for the walls, we went for a Grey colour from BnQ called "Toy Soldier". A very suitable name for a Miniature game player/painter.

Sadly after my dad got his car check, he was called into work. But we did get the hooks off and started on stripping the old paint and filling old holes when he finally came home. He was planning on finishing the filling and sanding the walls on Friday after he finishes work (again do not go there). However, he finished work (several hours late), he was not feeling well. So he could not do anything. I did, however, strip off a LATE more old paint from the walls. I decided not to go to the card game event on Saturday to help get as much of the room done. But I did go to coffee with Richard and Darren H. My dad got the first coat of paint up on the ceiling while I was at coffee. When I got back and after some lunch, we sanded the walls down, did some more filling and painted around the window to see how the colour looks. Sadly a little dark than I thought it would be but liveable.

As my dad was working today (his week starts on Sunday) and the fact he is off work tomorrow, we did not do anything. But I did do some layout change due to a problem with the wardrobe we were originally thinking of having and looked around for a new computer chair, before finishing this off.

Now to the game played this week.

On Monday I went to wargames Workshop MK for a game of Arcadia Quest with my Kingdom Death Monster group. Bob was not able to make it due to work (which I know about last week) and sadly Wai-Yin fell asleep after moving (also due to the all-nighters she had been doing lately) and never turned up. So it was just me, Adrian and Michael. We did a level three episodic game. Adrian ended up winning without losing a character. I did the Orc hero Sting armed with the Orc Beater which is a funny combo.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Neoscream's Life: Moving Draws March 9th 2017

The Chests of Draws are gone now
Hi everyone and welcome to another "Neoscream's Life" post. With the bedroom, I have cleared the top of my Wardrobe, emptied both Chests of Draws and move the stuff off the top of the Chest of Draws. Kingdom Death Monster was placed on top of the Wardrobe for now with a couple of board game that were on top of the Chest of Draws. Sadly lighting for the shed has been pushed back a week. Beep. However, today I and my dad moved are moved both Chests of Draws to the shed.

Now to the games played this week.


On Thursday I went to York House for Heroclix like normal. (There was no HeroClix last week because I had some stomach problems.) The scenario this time was "'Arhhh' There Be Giants". 400 points, no figure above 150 points and no ATAs. Figures with Great Size Ability can use a free action to modify their Attack or Defence by +1. I decided to build a Sentinel team who were:

Nimrod (024 Marvel X-Men Days of Future Past) 150
2 x Sentinel (001 Marvel X-Men Days of Future Past) 125 x 2 = 250
=400 points

On the first game, I was up against Michael who was using a Champions team. The Sentinels were successful in subduing the mutants (Angel and Iceman) and their friends. Also, Darren S won his game against Adrian.

On the second game, I was up against Darren S who was using a Young Avengers team. Like normal against Darren S, I lost. Also, Michael won his game against his brother Adrian, who gave up due to bad dice rolls.

On the third and final game, I was up against Adrian who was using a Pro-Registration team. I sadly lost this game. Also, Darren S won his game against Michael.

Boss Monster

On Friday myself and Richard went down to Simon's and we managed to get round to having a game of Boss Monster. Richard got an early head start but got too greedy to soon and was crushed the moment the Epic Heroes appeared. It then became close between myself and Simon. However, I managed to win the game. Most likely due to the fact I had more experience with the game helped as this was their second game, first with the Items deck.

Cardfight Vanguard

On Saturday I went to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard tournament. Due to a major UK Force of Will tournament, Shell was not able to run the tournament. With Liam working, Crawford had to run things again. there was eight of us turned up. A bunch of them were newest, which is a good thing to see. Sadly there was no Wai-Yin or Matt. I was using my Cosmic Hero deck again for this tournament. However, I do plan on digging out my Dimensional Robos for next time before the new support comes out. Sadly I only on one of the rounds so I could not make it to the top four play-offs. I managed to get an extra singles game which I won. As well as a Duos which sadly I could not team up with my normal duos partner as she could not make the tournament as she overslept. Due to time, we had to call the game as a draw.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Neoscream's Life: The Return (Again) for the time being 7th March 2017

Hi, everybody. Due to a lot of my spare time being taken up with the slow clear out of my room, for it to be redecorated in May, I will not be doing any "Neoscream's Painting Table" posts. However, I will be trying to do posts on the games I have been playing. This might be a post a game (or day of games) or a weekly post. I will also try to do updates on the room and my new shed time to time. For the time being these posts will be called "Neoscream's Life". Yep, it is back for a while.

On Thursday 23rd of February, I got a shed of my own to store a chunk of my stuff in. It will also mean at I can move all my stuff in there so that my bedroom can be redecorated and re-plan the layout with new furniture. This is part of my parents redecorating the whole house what my room and the garden were the last things left to do from all the work they did. Well, the back garden was just finished this weekend (just the French windows and shed lighting to go). With my room, I have reorganised all my HeroClix figures and transferred them to the shed with the old plastic draw tower, everything under my bed and cleared out one set of my chest of draws. I plan on clearing the second chest of draws as both sets will be living in the shed as storage as a work desk. After that, I will be re-sorting out all the remain large boxes in my room and transfer them to the shed.

Anyway, let us get to last week's gaming. Sadly, I only got in some Kingdom Death Monster this week as I was sick on Thursday so I could not do HeroClix and I had too much to do in my room so I skipped on Force of Will on Saturday (but I will doing Cardfight Vanguard this weekend). Oh, I almost forgot about Cardfight Vanguard on Saturday 25th.

On Saturday 25th, I want to Wargame Workshop MK for some card games. I ended up playing only Cardfight Vanguard and mainly playing against Wai-Jin. The only game I did not play against her was a two on two game, where she was my teammate. I won most of my games against her, apart from the ones she was using her beloved Touken Ranbu.

On Monday last week, I want to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster with Bob, Michael, Adrian, and Wai-Jin. We decided to hunt a level one Screaming Antelope, which ended up being a bad idea. Bob's character die and Adrain's character became lossless. At least it did not turn into a level two White Lion.

After the game, myself and Wai-Yin got in three more games of Cardfight Vanguard. Sadly I lost all three games. Well, you win some, and you lose some.

On this week on Monday, I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Deadzone second edition with Bob. We played a 150 point game. I was using my Rebs whole he was using his Enforcers. My team was: A Rebel Commander with extra Ammo, three Rebel Troopers, two Rebel Yndijs, a Rebel Teraton, a Survey Drone, a Rebel Grogan with an Onslaught Cannon and a Rebel Grogan with a Desolator and extra Ammo. The scenario we rolled was Breakthrough. My team ended up getting destroyed. It do not help that Bob got a super lucky attack roll with SEVEN successes on my Teraton. Next time I should try fielded my second Teraton and may a Sniper too as the Rebel ones can move and fire.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

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