MK HeroClix House Rules

House Rules


Special Effects

Outside Training (Trait) – A model with this Special Effect may choose to spend up to one of their special effect point on any special effect they do not have access to.

Advance Weapon Training (Knowledge OR if you can gain Military Training or have it already) - Models with Advance Weapon Training can elect to replace any of their Basic attacks with Advance attacks.

MK HeroClix

1.      NO crossing universe. For example Marvel and DC. Things like Marvel 616 and Marvel Ultimate is OK.
2.      NO multiples of the some character unless it happens in the comics (often).
3.      Feats can only be equipped to pre card figures. Plus feats can only be used in themed teams.
4.      All figures released by WizKids are legal, including purple rings.

5.      If the team is themed and has no feats, they gain an extra 1% to their build. For example in a 300 point themed team with no feats can build a team of up to 303 points.