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Friday, 31 August 2012

7TV Teams: The Black Knights (100)

Ok, I now this is a day late. I was too busty to take the picture and post them yesterday.

The Black Knights (also known as the Order of the Black Knights) are a group of vigilante rebels who fight against the Holy Britannian Empire. Founded by Zero, they define themselves as the "allies of justice", and differentiate themselves from other terrorists groups such as the Japan Liberation Front, who take hostages and kill civilians, though this may simply be a tactic to increase public support and recruitment. Most members are former Japanese, many of whom have defected from other insurgent groups, though many other peoples, even Britannians may be found among their ranks. At 100 rates there is:

The Star of the show, Zero
Underworld Boss
Move: 6
Def: 3
Hits: 3
Str: 2
Agi: 3
Int: 6
Mor: 6
Attacks: Brawl 3+, Pistol 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: On the Pay Roll, Fearsome, Hynotise, Leader (2), Luck (4)
Rating: 62
Model: Self Made.

Extras, Kaname Ohgi, Shinichirō Tamaki, Yoshitaka Minami and two no name female Black Knights.
Security Guards with Pistols
Rating: 6 each
Model: Crooked Dice Time Lift Security personnel. Ohgi is a conversion from a Time Lift Security Commander.

Naomi Inoue
Security Guard with Rifle
Rating: 7
Model: Crooked Dice Time Lift Security personnel.

Below is a picture of what the 150 rating team will look like.

Next time will be the 150 rating upgrade to the Sector Nine team. Until next time, Mecha up!

MK HeroClix, the 30th of August, The Infinity "Win" Gauntlet

Welcome to another MK HeroClix post. First off the HeroClix news for this week. This week there were previews of two versions of Storm from Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary; two versions of The Flash from DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary; and Prince Ahmet from Assassins Creed. Also WizKids have added three new ATAs: Justice League 52, Justice League Dark and Animal.

This week's game was 500 point no ATAs, bring as many teams you want. I designed two teams, an Iron Man and Ultron team and Teen Titans team based on Young Justice.

Iron Man and Ultron (Armour Theme) Team
Iron Man (101 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 150
Ultron (208 Marvel Chaos War) 160
Iron Man Drone (002 Marvel Chaos War) 70
4x Iron Man Drone (002 Marvel Chaos War) 30 x 4 = 120
=500 points and four re-rolls.

Young Justice (Teen Titans Theme) Team
Superboy (026 DC 75th Anniversary)  153
Miss Martian (021 DC Arkham Asylum) 76
Kid Flash (001 DC Crisis) 45
Aqualad (004 DC Crisis) 40
Red Arrow (018 DC Crisis) 73
Robin (001 DC Crisis) 35
Nightwing (028 DC Crisis) 79
=501 points and four re-rolls.

There was no Adrian this week as he was off playing Magic: The Gathering this week. The first game was me vs Darren with Michael taking the bye. I was using my Teen Titan team while Darren was using a cheesy non themed who were:

Scarlet Witch (006 Marvel Chaos War Fast Forces) 75
Thanos (045 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 300 + Infinity Gauntlet 10 + Soul Gem 5 + Power Gem 5 + Time Gem 5 + Space Gem 5 + Reality Gem 5 = 335
Agent Coulson (206 Marvel Avengers Movies) 50
A.I.M. Agent (003 Incredible Hulk) 38
=498 points and no re-rolls.

With the Gauntlet the results when obvious, I lost. The Gauntlet is too powerful and I agree with Darren that in not be used in major tournament play. This was early shown at this year's World Tournament where all the players who made it to the final round were using it, and most had at less one Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Chaos War Fast Forces set. However, even without the Gauntlet, Thanos with help from Scarlet Witch's TK would had done me in. Oh and we for got to place any objects, however it would not have changed things. On the second round it was Darren vs Michael with me taking the bye. Darren was still using his cheesy team while Michael used a UNSC themed team who were:

Master Chief with Needler (013 Halo) 100
2x Spartan with Battle Rifle (010 Halo) 70 x 2= 140
2x Spartan with Plasma Rifle (019 Halo) 87 x 2 = 174
Spartan with Dual Needlers (012 Halo) 82
=496 points and four re-rolls.

Again the result was obvious, Darren won. On the third and final round it was me vs Michael with Darren taking the bye. I was still using my Armour themed team while Michael used his UNSC themed team. In this game I was having a nightmare to hit with Ultrons Pulse Wave. I needed 6s to hit and ended up missing more the hits. And When she did hit with Pulse Wave it was a 6 dead on. Ultron's ability to bring back my Iron Man Drone's proved very useful later on and the UNSC could not take the waves of drones. This led to me winning the game.

Next week should be 400 points, one figure most have the Deity.

Now for this week's DreamClix section. This week I am doing ideas for the GN-001 Gundam Exia from Mobile Suit Gundam 00; and two different versions of Sari Sumdac from Transformers: Animated. But first I have designs of Deckman from Battle Angel Alita; a Cosplay card of Lexicon; Grune from Thundercats; Gin from One Piece; and the Krieg Pirates team ability.

Next is the GN-001 Gundam Exia from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Designated as a 3rd-Generation Gundam, the Gundam Exia is built with close combat as its major strength. The unit is the successor to GNY-001 Gundam Astraea and one of the predecessor to GN-0000 00 Gundam; much of Exia's design was heavily influenced from the Astraea. While there are strong similarities to Astraea, Exia has its own differences from weapons to systems. Exia was created as a high-mobility unit to greatly supplement its close combat role. In order to maximize its potential in speed and movement, its legs was given the best human articulation as possible to improve its Active Mass Balance Auto Control (AMBAC). The trade-off is the reduction of armour parts in several joints that reveal its internal frame; its MS frame is more vulnerable against enemy attacks. However, the pilot can defend against enemy attacks with Exia's GN Shield. It is high mobility design has served Exia well as it has the lowest being-hit rate amongst the four 3rd-generation Gundams. The Seven Swords System refers to the wide array of GN Blades that was designed and used on the Exia. While, redundancy and flexibility was built into the weapons selection for multiple scenarios and specializations in close combat situations, this was intentional as Exia's armaments were solid armaments instead of beams. The development of solid state swords was to anticipate against enemy units that could potentially rival the other Gundams. The sheath of GN Particles surrounding the blade interact with and eventually negate the tightly clustered particles of a GN Field for direct penetration. Exia's head contains the blackbox device used for quantum communication interface with Veda as well as some particle control ability. Its GN Condensers also can show visually the amount of particles it holds as well as the particle compression rate it is currently using. This ability is also used for secret communication with friendly forces. When extreme firepower and defense is needed, Exia can receive combat support from GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E and the Assault Container. The GN Arms Type E itself is a customized transformable fighter, with mid-range beam weaponry and melee weapons themed after Exia's weapons silhouette. When greater power is needed, Exia and GN Arms can combine to become a mobile armor. Exia's GN Drive docks right into the MA to power the weapons platform. If a situation arises where greater mobility is needed, Exia can be equipped with its own specialized armour, the Avalanche Pack. The Assault Container works on conjunction with the GN Arms and Exia as a miniature armed MS carrier. It was designed to dock both Exia and GN Arms for atmospheric entry and exit missions. It's heavily armored and has enough fire power to match an entire ESF battlefleet. In addition, the Exia's extension cone chassis possess an ability that can temporarily increase the output of the equipped GN Drive and the ability of the suit temporarily in "burst"-like mode. However, this ability was rarely used as it is considered unstable however it was seen to be used in its upgraded form, the Exia Repair II. Exia's overall capabilities can be enhanced through the power of the Trans-Am System. With the Seven Sword armament combined with the skills of Meister, Setsuna F. Seiei, the Gundam Exia was a machine to be feared in close combat. It should have Charge, a special called "Trans-Am", the flight symbol, Invulnerability, Toughness, Blades, Exploit Weakness and Perplex.
Trans-Am: GN-001 Gundam Exia can use Hypersonic and Super Senses.
It should have eight clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 10, Attack 11, Defence 19, Damage 3 and Range 6 with one target. Its team ability should be the Mobile Suit one and its keywords should be Celestial Being and Gundam. The next Gundam 00 idea should be a pilot card for Setsuna F. Seiei.

Next is Sari Sumdac from Transformers: Animated. Sari Sumdac, the technorganic daughter of robotics genius Isaac Sumdac, used to not get out much. She spent all her time within her father's laboratories, receiving her education from robots. Despite this, she does not seem like a shut-in. She's curious, excitable, adventurous, and knows that crying can sometimes get her what she wants. She's just never known what it's like to be around other kids. Fortunately, she has Bumblebee and Bulkhead to help with that, and she claims that 'Bee is the best friend she's ever had. In fact, she's become very possessive of all her robotic friends. It was believed that Sari was a normal human, until it was revealed that she was made from a protoform and her father's DNA. Hence, the AllSpark viewed her with great regard, bestowing upon her a key with miraculous powers (though her guardian, the robotic dog Sparkplug, thought it was just another chew toy). Since discovering her true origin, she has absorbed the power of her AllSpark-powered Key to gain incredible Cybertronian powers and abilities such as enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to create destructive spheres of pure white, glowing energy with her hands, as well as the power and ability to transform into an armored form with several technological weapons (most of which Ratchet was forced to seal away after she proved unable to control them). She also owns a scooter which can transform into a jet pack. I am going to do two versions of her kid and teenager. First of the kid version. She should have Stealth, a special called "ALTER EGO: Self-Upgrade" and a trait call "The Key".
ALTER EGO: Self-Upgrade: Give Sari Sumdac a power action that deals no pushing damage and replace this character with #TFA-002 Sari Sumdac on her orange starting line.
The Key: At the beginning of your turn roll a d6 that cannot be re-rolled. Until the beginning of you next turn, Sari Sumdac can use the following power based on what she rolled:
1 or 2 Support
3 or 4 Perplex
5 or 6 Probability Control
She should have about three or four clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 6, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 0 and Range 0. She should not have team ability and her keywords should be Kid, Robot, Autobots and Technorganic.

Next is the teenage/upgraded version of Sari Sumdac. She should have the flight symbol, Earthbound (on the first and maybe last click), Incapacitate, Super Senses and a special called "Cybertronian Powers".
Cybertronian Powers: Sari Sumdac can use Support and Perplex.
She should have about four clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 9, Attack 9, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 4 with one target. She should have the Autobots team ability and her keywords should be Robot, Autobots and Technorganic. The next Transformers Animated idea should be Prowl.

Next I want to do a special feature in this week's DreamClix. This is the first of three wish lists. There will be a Marvel and Street Fighter ones in the next two weeks, but first I am starting with DC. Ok, apart from Batman, I am not a really big DC fan so this list is going to be small and non 52.  I like to a REV set style Stephanie Brown with rookie being her as Spoiler, experience being her as Robin and veteran being her as Batgirl. Ok we do have a Spoiler, but is is very old. Also so of other Lantern alien characters that have not been done yet (there are tons of them for each colour). Oh and after watching Young Justice, a new Miss Martian would be nice too. Also if they step out of the none comic DC stuff, I would like to see old man Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond(Future).

Lastly is the DrceamClix Dial Designs page update news. On Saturday I did the five and final of the Naruto updates. Which includes four new dials and a new map that are shown below. Also I added the Nintendo stuff on Sunday which includes a new dial shown below. There should be at least an update to the page on Saturday which should be the first of five One Piece updates and on Sunday which should be second.

Well that is it for this week. Until next time, Mecha Up.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 20th to the 26th of August

MSM-10 Zock
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new  to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. The week before last was Darren H's birthday party, but did last week bring.

On Monday morning both me and my mum went to BnQ to look at planets. Sadly we could not see anything my mum liked. After that I went to work for a 9:50AM start, however management had changed the time table to 'f'ing 12PM. Luckily they let me start at 11AM. I used to spear hour working on last week's Neoscream's Life post. I finished work at 5:10PM.
Watched: Batman: The Dark Knight.

On Tuesday morning I posted last week's Neoscream's Life post. I started work at 11AM and I was down to finish at 4PM. I was planning on watching the 5:30PM viewing of the new Batman film with my mum, but I ended up stuck at work until 5PM which would be cutting it too close. So we had to go wait around until the next viewing, at 7:20PM. We did kill a bit of time have dinner out at TGI Friday's and having a coffee. The film was great. I really like the name twist at the end and killer crocodiles underground joke. It was a well ended trilogy. I wise most things ended as clean cut as that. When I got home at 10:45PM, I looked to see if WizKids did a HeroClix figure of John Blake for the DC Batman: Dark Night Rises set. They did do a figure, but he was a Gravity Feed only figure and seemed impossible to get hold of, unless I spent about £65 on a full set of ten DC Batman: Dark Night Rises Gravity Feed. I was meant to do a 7TV team post, but never had the time.
Watched: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.
Listened: Episode 329 of Anime Pulse.

On Wednesday morning I finally posted the 7TV team post before going to work. I worked from 11AM to 5:30PM.
WLR: Nothing.

Thursday was a surprise day off work. Me and my mum went to the City Centre again to get a couple of things from Marks and Spencer and Toys"R"Us that we never had time for last week. Like a new shirt or t-shirt for me for this weekend and some gifts. Me and my parents were ment to be going to a special birthday picnic for my cousins Claire's twin daughters. After that we went to do the food shopping. In the evening I went to HeroClix like normal.
WLR: Nothing.

On Friday I worked from 11AM to 5PM. In the evening I was busy with the MK HeroClix post and did a little bit of sculpting miniatures. Sadly I never got round to doing a 7TV teams post. Also we were contracted by my uncle Ivor that the picnic was cancelled and moved to Sunday next week. Sadly my dad can not get that day off so we will not be going sadly. I always enjoy seeing the family.
Watched: Most of episode 1004 of WWE Raw.

On Saturday morning was online Blaire. I had no work and coffee today as I was meant to be at a family picnic today, which was cancelled. At about 10AM or 11AM, me and my parents went to a garden center for some planets to go in the front garden. After that we doing the food shopping for the week. We also rented a couple of films. When we got back home I did some more painting, updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page and worked on the DreamClix dial designs I needed for tomorrow. I decided to do the 7TV team post on Sunday instead and to do them every four days. Also got a text message from Colette saying that there is a get together for drinks to celebrate Jake's birthday.
Watched: The end of episode 1004 of WWE Raw, this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown, episode 14 of season 2 of Transformer: Prime and episode 31 of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.
Brought and Received: I received in the post Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for the Xbox 360.

Sunday was a normal day off work. I updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page again, did a 7TV Team post, the Cosmic Cosplay post and painted more figures. Finally finishing the full Section Nine team. At 8PM I went to Moon Underwater to celebrate Jake's birthday. I left at 9:30PM to catch the last number 28 bus home. Sadly the bus never tuned up and I had to wait until the last number two arrived, which was at 10:30PM. Beep, Beep, Beep. I could have stayed for another drink or two. This is why I do not like catching the last bus, they never turn up.
Watched: Real Steel, episode 44 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and episode 299 of Bleach.
Listened: Episode 96 of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast.
Brought and Received: I brought online Season One of Dragonball Z, volume 2 of Battle Angel Alita and 7TV Programme Guide: Department X.

Here is a list of posts that I will be posted during the coming week:

Thursday 30th of August: "7TV Teams: The Black Knights (100)".
Friday the 31st of August: "MK HeroClix".
Sunday the 2nd of September: "Cosmic Cosplay".
Monday the 3rd of September: "7TV Teams: Section Nine (150)".
Tuesday the 4th of September: "Neoscream's Life".

Well until next time, Mecha Up.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cosmic Cosplay for the week of the 20th to the 27th of August

Liya in "Super Spy"
Kitty in "Reality Star"

Hi all and welcome to Cosmic Cosplay post. Cosmic Cosplay is a weekly post that (normally) happens on a Sunday were I talk about the new Cosplay Deviants sets, any Cosplay Deviants news I learn about, information about updates for CosmicBreak and three DreamClix ideas/designs.

First off are this week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Wednesday there was a new set from the new deviant Liya, called Super Spy. In it she cosplays as Black Widow from the Marvel comics. The set on Saturday was a set from the deviants Kitty (not to be confused with KittyStar). The set is called Reality Star and in it she cosplays (not 100% sure) as Foxxy Love from Drawn Togather. Foxxy Love was based on Valerie Brown from Josie and the Pussycats (thanks to LimpBizkit3030 of the Cosplay Deviants boards for the information).

Next is the CosmicBreak update news. The ninja girl moe and her archer friend have finally been added to the game in the new Moon Garapon. Their names in order are Tsukukage Momiji and Kougetsu Kagura and they are both Zero types. That doubles the number of Zero types in the game. Flute Garapon and the 4 Mega Garas have ended and been replace with the Moon Garapon,  a new Garapon UNIT 01 and a new Daily Gara. Due to the new HD skin editor that has been added to the game which I have been forgetting to talk about, there is two new Skin Editing Cotests. One for Moe and Chibi characters and one for the Mecha characters.

Now for the last section of the post, the DreamClix Section. This week I am doing ideas for Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII and a Cosplay card of Rosie. But first here is a dial design of Mighty Byne from CosmicBreak.

Next is Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII. Tifa Lockhart is one of the main protagonists in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She appears as a playable character in Final Fantasy VII, and is the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- she plays a supportive role. Tifa is the only one of the cast who knew Cloud Strife when they were children and is his childhood friend. She is strongly opposed to the Shinra Electric Power Company, joining the resistance group AVALANCHE to fight them. Though she has a strong will and possesses great physical strength, Tifa also has a motherly streak and is caring, though she is shy to express herself. She supports Cloud as his comrades and helps him fight his nemesis Sephiroth, bearing the same deep hatred for him as Cloud does due to the destruction of their hometown. She should have a trait called “Limit Break”, Close Combat Expert, Combat Reflexes and Flurry.
Limit Break: When Tifa Lockhart hits with an attack place on LB token on her card. When she misses with an attack remove all LB tokens. She may replace her damage value with her click number plus the number of LB tokens on her.
She should have about four or five clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 8, Attack 10, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 0. She should have the Final Fantasy team ability and the keywords Final Fantasy VII, Martial Artist and AVALANCHE. The next Final Fantasy idea should be Shiva.

Lastly is the Cosplay card of the Deviant Rosie. Sadly there is no information on her profile so sadly I cannot say anything about her apart from the fact that she is retired. Her special should be: All friendly characters adjacent to this character that shares a keyword with this character gains a +1 to their attack values. Her half price list should be: Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, Minako Aino and Sailor Venus. She should have the Cosplay Deviants team ability and the Cosplay keyword (So should River as well. I forgot to add them last week).

Well that is it for this post. Until next time, Mecha Up.

7TV Teams: Silicon Robotic Empire (150)

OK, this is two days later than originally planned, however I have decided to make these posts next every four days instead of ever three days.

Warpuck is the second oldest of Dioron and Dioron’s second in command. Warpuck has been chosen to lead an invasion force to Earth so they can gain control of its resources before the Hive does. Warpuck is an evil genius in warfare which is the reason he was given the title Lord of War.

In the 150 rating team is basicly the 100 rating team, however Warpuck has a Spear like hand weapon (not a Spear) instead of an Improves Weapon and some more Extras:

Silicon Warrior 2
Metalaut with Energy Blast.
Rating: 40
Model: A mech from Tekhnolog's Astroid range.

Tech Bot 1 and Tech Bot 2
Rating: 4 each
Model: Self Made.

There is no 200 points preview image this time. However a second Silicon Lord will be added in that upgrade. Next time will be the Black Knights (Code Geass) at 100 rating. Until next time, Mecha up!

Friday, 24 August 2012

MK HeroClix, the 23rd of August, Master Mold's master plan of mastering the X-Men and the master of magnetism

Welcome to another MK HeroClix post. First off the HeroClix news for this week. This week there were previews of Marvel Girl and Dark Phoenix from Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary; two versions of Catwoman from DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary; Ezio Auditore de Firenze and Batman, The Cape Crusader and three different Bat Flocks (Brown, Black and Gray) from DC Batman. On personal news I finally got the rest of the eBay stuff I ordered.

This week's game was special Sentinels vs mutants. Darren supplied the figures (well most). The teams Darren brought were:

Darren's Sentinel Team
Master Mold (G003 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 1500
Sentinel Mark II (G008 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 300
Sentinel Mark V (G009 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 300
5x Sentinel (005 Marvel Chaos War) 60 x 5 = 300
=2400 points and no re-rolls.
With old Ultimate Universe Sentinel armour troopers and a couple more Sentinels from Marvel Chaos War on the sideline for Master Mold ability.

The X-Men team I used
Cyclops (008 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 110
Wolverine (009 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 103
Beast (010 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 95
Emma Frost (011 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 81
Psylocke (023 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 74
Professor X (036 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 123
Iceman (038 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 104
Archangel (049 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 99
Nightcrawler (047 Marvel Web of Spider-Man) 86
Gambit (032 Marvel Mutations and Monsters) 90
Storm (057 Marvel Mutations and Monsters) 100
Banshee (024 Marvel Armour Wars) 90
Havok (039 Marvel Mutant Mayhem) 44
=1199 points and eight re-rolls.

The Brotherhood of Mutants team Adrian used
Quicksilver (032 Marvel Chaos War) 111
Scarlet Witch (006 Marvel Chaos War Fast Forces) 75
Rogue (030 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 128
Blob (033 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 76
Pyro (034 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 74
Mystique (035 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 189
Sabretooth (040 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 93
Juggernaut (046 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 193
Magneto (053 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 189
Unus the Untouchable (042 Marvel Mutations and Monsters) 90
Esme Cuckoo (101 Marvel Mutations and Monsters) 50
Destiny (030 Marvel Universe) 29
=1194 points and eight re-rolls.

In victory points the Brotherhood/X-Men Alliance won, but who out of us had the highest is unknown as we never really kept track. However, Master Mold was only about half way down his first dial and would have crushed us if time did not ran out on us.

Next week should be 500 point no ATAs.

Now for this week's DreamClix section. This week I am doing ideas for a map for IS: Infinite Stratos; the CMS-223Z Zila from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE; and a duo Pilot/Support card of Zero from Code Geass. But first I have designs of APC from Code Geass; the the robot mode of Jazz from Transformers G1; the Autobots team ability; standard size Mario from the Super Mario Bros games; and Colonel Silver from Dragon Ball.

Next is a map for IS: Infinite Stratos. Yes that is right, a little return of IS to DreamClix. But only a map sadly, the OVA did not introduce anything new to add to the set. the map idea is very simple. a beach on each side of the map (where the starting zones are), sea (water terrain) in the middle that takes up something like 60% of the map and a couple of boats in the sea. This would be great map for flyers and Atlantis, but a bad map for ground based characters and Devil Fruit Users.

Next is the CMS-223Z Zila from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The CMS-223Z Zila appears to be a general-combat mobile suit that served as the standard for Zalam forces. For ranged combat they are equipped with a machine gun and for melee combat they are equipped with a heat tomahawk. The Zila are also equipped with a shield which mounts three grenades. It appears that they maintain some sensors throughout the body, allowing them to continue fighting even without a head. Its basic performance is superior of the Earth Federation Force's Genoace. While Euba machines have high mobility, Zalam machines excel in power. They strongly resembles the Zaku I from UC timeline. They should be a bit like the Genoace, but with Energy Explosion and a little more damage and attack. The next Gundam AGE idea should be a Zalam Pilot card.

Next is a duo Pilot/Support card of Zero from Code Geass. Zero is a public masked identity, originally created and assumed by the former, exiled, Britannian prince, Lelouch vi Britannia. Although for a long time Lelouch remains the person behind the mask, throughout the conflict between Britannia and The Order of the Black Knights, Zero and his distinctive appearance remained a symbol of the anti-Britannian rebellion and the fight for an independent Japan. Zero's fame quickly spread around the resistance groups throughout Japan. When Lelouch announced The Order of the Black Knights to the world, he remained its undisputed leader as Zero until the Black Rebellion, with C.C. sometimes donning the costume to act as a decoy for him. Zero became a symbol in Japan, a messianic figure, especially after Euphemia li Britannia was accidentally turned by Lelouch's Geass into an enemy of the Japanese and ordered their massacre. During the first assault on Tokyo, however, Lelouch left the Black Knights behind to seek his kidnapped sister, Nunnally vi Britannia. In his absence, the Black Rebellion crumbled, and Britannia declared Zero dead. After C.C. restored Lelouch's memories, previously meddled by Emperor Charles zi Britannia when he was captured by Suzaku, Lelouch once again assumed the identity of Zero, announcing his return to the world and freeing and reforming The Order of the Black Knights. For a long time, many higher-ups in Area 11 did not believe him to be the same Zero who led the Black Rebellion. For a brief time during Lelouch's depression over Nunnally vi Britannia's plans to recreate the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, Kallen Kozuki considered taking over as Zero, with C.C. remarking how metaphorically heavy the mask was. Lelouch finally returned to his role and came up with a new plan to move some of the Japanese out of Britannian control. Per this plan, Zero negotiated his exile from Britannia in exchange for assembling one million people to participate in the Special Administrative Zone. However, what he actually did was distribute one million Zero costumes among the participants, thus making them all fall under the provision. These "Zeros" were evacuated to Penglai Island, which became the new headquarters of the Black Knights, having assumed the function of the United States of Japan's government-in-exile. Some time prior to the creation of the United Federation of Nations, Zero became the official CEO of the Order of the Black Knights. However, after the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Schneizel el Britannia revealed the truth about Zero's real identity and his use of Geass to the Black Knights, causing them to betray him. Lelouch fled from the Black Knights and Schneizel, rescued by his "brother" Rolo Lamperouge, and abandoned the Zero mask, acting publicly as Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia upon his ascension to the throne one month later. The Black Knights officially hid the truth about Zero's identity and escape, declaring him dead from his injuries in the battle. Duo Pilot/Support card are basically a card with a Pilot card of a character on one side and a Support card of that character on the other side. First off the Pilot card side. Requirements: Black Knights keyword. Extra Keywords: Geass. Special Ability: This character can use Probability Control and Outwit. If this character is adjacent to a friendly character called C.C. or Kallen Kõzuki, this character can use Leadership on top of any other Leadership their may have. Mecha Ability: (Type-10R Burai (Command Type), IFX-V301 Gawain or Type-0 Shinkirō) This character can use Perplex and, be give theme team re-rolls regardless of have Probability Control. Team Ability: Black Knights.

Next is the Support card side of Zero. Theme: Black Knights. Theme Team Re-rolls: +3. Special Ability: Once per team you my deal one click of damage to a friendly character. That character can then use Outwit until the beginning on your next turn. The next Code Geass idea should be another duo Pilot/Support card, this time C.C..

Lastly is the DreamClix Dial Designs page update news. On Saturday I did the fourth of the Naruto updates. Below you should see the new Byakugan team ability. There should be at least an update to the page on Saturday which should be the final Naruto updates and Sunday which should be adding Nintendo to the DreamClix Dial Designs page.

Well that is it for this week. Until next time, Mecha Up.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

7TV Teams: Doctor Who (100)

They need no introduction. If have never heard about them or seen them you can always Google them, unless the Doctor or Captain Jack Harkness have deleted the information from the web. At 100 rates this team looks like:


The Star of the show, The Doctor
Unearthly Traveller
Move: 6
Def: 4
Hits: 3
Str: 4
Agi: 3
Int: 6
Mor: 5
Attacks: Brawl 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Alien Physiology, Alien, Gadget, Heroic Surge, Repair, Saboteur, Infitrator, Luck (4)
Rating: 45
Model: Crooked Dice Tweedy Mattison.

Co-Staring, Amy Pond
Plucky Assistant
Move: 6
Def: 4
Hits: 2
Str: 3
Agi: 4
Int: 3
Mor: 4
Attacks: Brawl 5+ and Truncheon 5+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Concealment, Plucky, Dodge, Sidekick (The Doctor), Seduce, Luck (1)
Rating: 27
Model: Crooked Dice WPC May Killan or Crooked Dice Casual May Killan.

And, Rory Williams
Investigative Academic
Move: 6
Def: 4
Hits: 2
Str: 4
Agi: 3
Int: 4
Mor: 3
Attacks: Brawl 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Heroic Surge, Inspirational, Concealment, Medic, Luck (3)
Rating: 25
Model: Crooked Dice Mr William Killan.

Below is a picture of what the 150 rating team will look like.

Next time will be the 150 upgrade to the Silicon Robotic Empire. Until next time, Mecha up!