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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Neoscream's Life: Salute and Problems. April 30th 2017

Welcome everybody to another "Neoscream's Life" post. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have not done much to the room since the last post, partly due to Salute. However, I have done a little work on the deck. People who follow me on Facebook or Twitter will know I was at Salute. It was a great day out, but sadly I spent more money than I was planning. I have also managed to do a bit of miniature work done. While at Salute I picked up a new Warband for Frostgrave and two figures I want to paint up (and Heavily convert one) for some friends. So I have been building, converting, undercoating and started painting them.

There most likely be no post next week, due to the lack of gaming and getting ready for Campaign. However, "Neoscream's Painting Table" might be back the following week.

I also have been avoiding writing this as there are things I really want to talk about. But after the whole Shenell thing I know I cannot really. Maybe I should be avoiding using that beeping name (the problem is not Shenell, but the damage that was done to me emotional does effect this), but I used it so that people who know me for a long time will know what I am talking about. I will try to do a brief outline with what is happening, without giving too many details that will course more problems. There seems to be a problem between myself and someone I really like and I do not know how to handle it. It is hurting me not knowing how to solve it. I have asked friends who do not know her for some advice and it mainly just to leave things alone and wait. (No Simon, I am not sending dick pics like you keep on suggesting to do. I know she will not like that what so ever.) However, waiting is hurting more as I just want to get things sorted. To be honest, as I was writing this I am getting close to tears as I feel lost. (But the tears side could be due to the Eczema around my eye irritating my eyes. I know it is a stupid thing, but my life does get me like that sadly.

Anyway, let us get on to gaming.


On Thursday the 20th of April, I went down to York House for some HeroClix. The scenario was "The New Age". 400 points, no figure above 100 points and no ATA's. I went for a "New X-Men" themed team who were:

Cyclops (001 Marvel Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces) 50
Jean Grey (002 Marvel Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces) 50
Beast (003 Marvel Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces) 50
Angel (004 Marvel Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces) 50
Iceman (005 Marvel Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces) 50
Kitty Pryde (023a Marvel Uncanny X-Men) 45
X-23 (037 Marvel Uncanny X-Men) 100
=395 points

To cut things short (as I am writing this just over a week after it happened), I won both my games against Michael and Adrian, but they were close games if I remember correctly. Also like normal, I lost my game against Darren S.

There was no HeroClix on Thursday 27th of April as both Adrian and Darren S called it off on the day and there will be no HeroClix on Thursday 4th of May as both Adrian and Michael are busy.

Cardfight Vanguard Tournament

As I am writing this about a week after the event I will not be going into so many details about the rounds. On Sunday 23rd of April, I went to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard Duos Tournament. It was on a Sunday instead of Saturday because of the Magic the Gathering Prerelease event. However, the prerelease still had a very huge turnout on the third and final day of the event. So we were moved to the spare room in the comic book store "Magic Comic Kingdom" (owned by Carl the owner of Wargames Workshop). Sadly the room did not have the room to support a six-team duos tournament. So we had to do a singles tournament. Damn it! So all the planning I did with Wai-Yin was a waste.

I won two of the rounds during the pre top four cut off rounds. One round against a new player called John and the other round was against Wai-Yin which was a close round. Even though Wai-Yin sadly would not agree.

I managed to get into the top four cut off. In the semifinals, I was up against Shell. She won like normal for her and she won the finals too.

After the event, I managed to trade with Shell for my second copy of the new Grandgallop. Just two more to go.

Kingdom Death Monster

This one is easy to write as it is just a copy and paste job (with some little changes) as I have already written it on a new Facebook group I made so that both my KDM groups can interact with one and other and I can share information to both groups at once.

On Monday the 24th of April, I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of KDM. There was no Bob as he had a game of The Walking Dead All Out War with Peter booked. Also, there was no Adrian as he called off at the last minute. So it was just me, Wai-Yin and Michael. We all took our normal Survivors. Wai-Yin took Alice, I took Marth (named after the Fire Emblem character) and Michael took his normal character which I cannot remember the name. As there were only three of us we took a random female Survivor which we called Char.

We hunted a level one White Lion and won without losing anyone or taking any serious injuries. We got enough resources to build upgrade the pool and finally built Wai-Yin's Cat Gut Bow and as well as two more pieces of our third set of Rawhide Armour. Oh and all three of our characters went up an Age and all got an extra +1 to Strength.

As it was quick and we had the time. We sent our Endeavours on Purifying both Adrian's and Bob's current characters and then went on another hurt against another level one White Lion. It was another easy fight. The only problem we would have has was a double Gorm Climate with both at the low result. However, we realised we were safe as it would have only destroyed Resources in the Settlement Storage. Resources gain/leftover from a Showdown are only recorded in Settlement Storage at the end of the Settlement phase. So the resources we just gained was safe and as we spent all the resources before going on the hunt, we had nothing to lose. We finished off the third set of Rawhide Armour and Purified two more Survivors.

There was three mistake made. During the two Lantern Years. The first one was I stupidly got Deadly mixed up with Devastating on the first Showdown. (Deadly is +1 Luck while Devastating is deal extra damage.) Sadly it was done and could not do anything about it, but we did realise we missed out on two critical wounds. However, afterward, at home, I realised I had also forgotten I had Savage one my weapon too. (On Critical Wounds deal extra damage.) So I had only accidentally done one extra wound to the first Lion and I would have done two more damage to the second as I critical wounded it twice. Lol. Facepalm. Oh and the third mistake was that we forgot to use an endeavour when we innervated both years. That is an easy fix. We just un-Purify one of the Survivors, as we could not have done them.

Sadly due to Monday 1st of May being a Bank holiday and the following Monday being Frostgrave, the next KDM game for the Wargames Workshop MK group will not be happening until the 15th of May.

Star Trek Ascendancy

Roxy was back in MK for several days and HeroClix was canceled, we decided to try out Star Trek Ascendancy. We played a two player game where she was the Klingons and I was the Federation. It was at first a peaceful game there was an early Trade Agreement that gave both sides a lot of Production. One side used a stockpile of Production and a ton of warp bonus to create two full-size battle fleets to attack the homeworld of the opposite player. They conquered the defending ships and homeworld with easy and then defended against a counter-attack before taking the planet for their own. The Federation conquered the Klingons using the Klingons own brute force tactics.

Star Trek Ascendancy is an interesting game and I do plan on buying the Brog expansion as well as at least one of the other races so I can do four player games.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.