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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Neoscream's Life: And it Continues, Seven Years. April 5th 2017

Welcome everyone to another "Neoscream's Life. First off, today marks the seven year anniversary of the Blog. WOW, seven years! Oh, ummm! I forget until today when I got a reminder on my phone, so there is no plan and time for anything special. But WOW.

Anyway, sadly there will not be a new "Neoscream's Painting Table" post this weekend as furniture building and wall mounting the cupboards have taken long than planned. Also, there has been some changes to the plans. You might have seen the posts I posted on Friday and Saturday on Twitter (which are re-posted on Facebook).

Everything apart from a new smaller bookcase (which we still need to buy) and new computer chair (which arrives on Thursday) is built, but without shelves. We have not added the shelves on most things at the moment for three reasons. They are not attached to the wall yet (towers and bookcase), have not decided what will go in them (desk) or time (cupboards). The cupboards have been a real pain as we learned afterwards building them that you cannot fit the shelves with the doors on. Damn it! This will mean they will not be easy to adjust. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Also, the diagrams I made online did not show how tight the gap between the computer chair and bookcase is. With the fact that the new chair should be a bit bigger, we had to change some plans. In the end, we decided to mount the bookcase on the wall where we were planning to put wall shelving. However, it will be above the floor so we can place VERY heavy comic book boxes on the floor underneath it. The bookcase will become shelving from my board games, apart from KDM which is on top of the wardrobe. We do plan on placing a smaller bookcase (half the size) where we were originally planning to place the bookcase (between my bed and the doorway).

We will be doing some modifications to the desk too. We are going to add a slide out shelve for to keyboard (arrived in the post today) and a stripe light below the top shelve.

Sadly due to my dad's Hernia problems, we could not do anything on Sunday. He is plan on finishing the work before this weekend.

Now to gaming.

On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for the first game of the new Frostgrave campaign. This will be a once a month thing at the beginning of each month thing like the last one. However, e are not limiting it to one campaign from a book. This time around I went for a Summoner, a Wizard class I as originally thinking of doing last time. I hired an Apprentice (Heartless), an Armoured Captain (Soulless), a Treasure Hunter (Greed), an Infantryman (Backless) and three Thieves (Red, Yellow and Green). I was using my Arcadia Quest figures (mainly the Nameless set ones) and a Chibi figure I made back when I got the original Super Dungeon Explore. It has a villains of Harry Potter feel to it.

Five of us turned up for Frostgrave. Myself, Bob, Jim, Matt and a player Tom. We divided into two board/game. Bob verse Matt and myself versus Jim versus Tom. With lessons learned from the last campaign, I manage to not only get the first treasure off the board (in the first turn) but also the second. Only two of my guys were taken out, but the rest were low in health by the end. Never of the two taken out were killed, but one will miss a game. Luckily it was a Thief. Nameless gained two levels, I picked up two Magical Items (Boots of Speed and Horn of Destruction) and earned 99 gold after Soulless's cut. I have upped Nameless's Fight and I will ever improve Possess or Summon. However, I still need to decide my base and what to spend the gold on. I currently thinking on getting a second Treasure Hunter and a Warhound.

So that people know, next Monday should be KDM.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.

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