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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cosplay Deviants: 16th to 22nd December 2013

Pixie Cosplay in "The Dragon"
Welcome the Cosplay Deviants post, this is where I post PG rated previews of the week’s sets from the site Cosplay Deviant and sometime talk a bit about them too.

On Monday there was a new set from the new deviant Pixie Cosplay. The set is called “The Dragon” and in it she cosplays as a Dragon Age character.

Dovah in "Half Daemon"
Fate in "The Good Touch"
On Wednesday there was a set video from the deviant the Dovah. The set is called “Half Daemon” and in it she cosplays as female version of InuYasha from InuYasha. Is it InuYasha Wednesdays now?

On Saturday there was a new set from the deviant Fate. The set is called “The Good Touch” and in it she cosplays as? I cannot find the name of the character or from where they are from. I am sure I have seeing this character before (maybe a computer game character) and I sure in it not one of Harley Quinn’s outfits.

Sadly there are no Cosplay Cards this week. So until next time, Armour Up. Oh god I just realised, I am going to need a new closing phase soon.