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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cosplay Deviants

Cosplay Deviants is an adult cosplay website were the models known as Deviants summits photo shots of them in cosplay as anime or comic book characters and then stripe. I found the site on a post on a site called FAKKU! I origanally join as 4QP8JqUA (a random user name that was given to me), but now I have a real user name. Can you guess? Neoscream! Lexicon, was my favourate Deviant, but due to problems (read her blog Dollhouse Discourse) she is no longer a part of the site. However her photo shots are still up. Now a days Quinn is my favouret on the site, with new girl Noel at second and Jsica at third. As I said before I will make a post if any of them have a new photo shoot put up and talking a bit about the shoot and the Deviant. Hope you all enjoy the post, until next time.