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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 3rd to the 9th of December

RX-78GP03S Gundam "Dendrobium Stamen"
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. It also includes the AJ Lee news; the latest Cosplay Deviants sets and news; my "Watch, Listen and Read" lists; and 7TV teams.

At work this week, the restaurant manager had stepped down from his procession. He could not take the extra responsibilities with only being paid a couple of pence more than a standard member of staff when the other restaurant managers were being paid more. A restaurant manager from another store was transferred to are restaurant to take over.

I have heard on line that people are starting to receive their DreadBall KickStarters, but I have not seen any pictures or videos yet (but I have seen a video of a store brought starter box set) and by the sound of it mine has not arrived yet at my mum's place of work. Rules for Wildcard has been posted on Jake Thornton's blog, Quirkworthy (if I forget to hyperlink the blog there is a link on the right hand side). These are not the finished rules as Season Two is still in testing, so these may change, when Season Two is released.

On Tuesday my mum decided to go to the Comet closing down sale again as she and my dad had decided to get a new fridge freezer. The old one was working, but the fact the doors were rusting on the out side was worrying them and with 30% off, now was the time to get one. It was delivered that night. The next day my dad took out the old one and put the new one in, which led to a problem, my mum forgot to measure up the space. The new one is a bit more wider. Lucky my dad do in the end manage to squeeze it in to the gap (after removing the skirting board), but it is in VERY tight. Also the doors on it does not open very widely, something my mum missed when buying it.

Lily Rain in WWE '13
On Friday, both me and my mum went to Milton Keynes Theater with a friend of my mum's and her family to see this year's pantomime, Cinderella. It was the first time I went to see a pantomime and it was a great laugh. We are planning on going next year.

We finally put up the Christmas tree on Sunday.

Also on Tuesday the second wave of DLC for WWE '13. Finally, AJ Lee has been officially added to the game. The only problem I have with the DLC AJ is that she does not skip to the ring. I finally also worked out how to make custom championship belts (well re-colouring copies of other belts) and made a made a Diva's tag team championship. I have so far created five wrestlers (two Superstars and three Diva), but have not really done much changes to move sets. I also did do some heavy changes to a fan created version of AJ which has been deleted now to save room as I have the official DLC one. You all see Hyniks all round but my other creations are:
Golden Knight: Based roughly on the Shining Knight dream I wrote about. I have set him up as the manager of the Diva's Tag Team Champions, AJ and Kaitlyn.
Lily Rain: Based on Lily Rain from CosmicBreak. I also have done an alternate attire of her Lily Rain EVE look too, but I am not happy with it.
Holica: A female character from some of the stories I use to write.
Space Orchid: A character from a dream I had Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I am not going to write about the dream as I can only parts of it.
On a note on Hyniks, I have teamed him up with John Cena and Sheamus to form the Knights of the Ring. I have been main downloading fan made wrestlers. There are some real world wrestlers/WWE characters that are not officially in the game:
Golden Knight in WWE '13
Chavo Guerrero (Jr.)
Hollywood Hogan
The Hurricane
Jeff Hardy
Jerry Lawler
John Morrison
Jushin Liger
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
Paul Heyman
Sgt. Slaughter
Ted DiBiase (Senior)
Vickie Guerrero
William Regal
There are some Comic Book characters:
Iron Man
Captain America
Space Orchid in WWE '13
The Joker
Soloman Grundy
And there are some characters from other things like Animes or other computer games:
Rei Ayanami (Evangelion)
Asuka Langley (Evangelion)
Kakashi (Naruto)
Killer Bee (Naruto)
Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z)
Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
Ryu (Street Fighter)
Cammy (Street Fighter)
There are other characters/wrestlers like Phoenix/Marvel Girl/Jean Grey and Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde for my X-Men, Sakura and Guile for my Street Fighters, Rosa Mende to go with Epico and Primo, oh and to go with Alberto Del Rio. Sadly I am close to my cap of 50 characters. I most likely will be able to do some of them, but I am rapidly running out of space (currently only six slots left).

Now for AJ Lee news. On Raw on the 3rd of December, AJ is finally had her second televised match. She finally is in a match against Tamina Snuka. I said two week's ago, AJ beat Tamina once over a year ago, she can do it again, and guess what, AJ won the match. Here is a quote of a tweet AJ posted about it (@WWEAJLee): "I may have gotten lucky tonight @TaminaSnuka , but you should've been smarter. Never turn your back on a crazy chick."

Now for the Watch, Listen and Read section:

Watched: Episode 5 of the new series of The Gadget Show, episode 96 of the Gadget Show Web TV and four Gadget show web clips (uDraw @Gamescom, Fifa 11 @Gamescom, Crysis 2 @Gamescom and Broadband Campaign).
Listened: Episode 344 of Anime Pulse.
Brought: Several figures from em4miniatures.

Watched: One Gadget show web clips (Gaming: 31.08.10), episode 97 of the Gadget Show Web and episode 1018 of WWE Raw.
Received: The wave 2 DLC for WWE’13 which includes AJ Lee.

Watched: A Gadget Show web clip (Ortis App Test - Flick Kick Football).
Listened: Episode 6 of the Mantic Podcast.
Received: A Christmas gift for my mum and my Crooked Dice Games order.

FaylinLynx in "Cinamon"
MadisonValentine in "Heart Breaker"
Received: My Wayland Games order.

Watched: Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theater.

Watched: Watched: Episode 16 of season two of Iron Man Armoured Adventures and episode 674 of WWE Smackdown.

Watched: Watched: Episode 10 of season five of Merlin.

Now for the week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Wednesday there was a new set from the deviant FaylinLynx. The set is called Cinamon and in it she cosplays as Death from Neil Gaiman's and Mike Dringenberg's 'The Sandman'. The set on Saturday was a new set from the deviant MadisonValentine. The set is called Heart breaker and that is all I know sadly. Next this week's Cosplay card. This week I have done MadisonValentine as this week is her third set.

Lastly is this week's 7TV team. This week's team is upgraded 250 ratings version of my Kung Fu Detective School team. Siamese Maid has been made a co-star now, a replacement Civilian Medic has been added (so there are still two medics) and an extra ninja has been added.

The Star of the show, Brother Dragon
Star Arc-type: Mysterious Stranger
Move: 6
Def: 5
Hits: 3
Str: 6
Agi: 3
Int: 3
Mor: 4
Attacks: Brawl 3+, Bow 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Strike From The Shadows, Plucky, Invulnerable (1), Fists of Fury, A Good Offrnce, Honour Bound, Sixth Sense, Kung Ku Grip and Luck (2).
Rating: 47
Model: Hasslefree Miniatures HFC101 Dragon man.

Co-Staring, Master Tiger
Co-Star Arc-type: Strong Arm
Move: 6
Def: 5
Hits: 2
Str: 5
Agi: 3
Int: 2
Mor: 4
Attacks: Brawl 3+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Cat Burglar, Fists of Fury, Concealment, Dodge, Roar and Luck (1).
Rating: 30
Model: HeroClix Bronze Tiger

Co-Staring, Siemes Maid
Co-Star Arc-type: Plucky Assistant
Move: 7
Def: 4
Hits: 2
Str: 3
Agi: 5
Int: 2
Mor: 3
Attacks: Brawl 5+ and Club 5+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Cat Burglar, Concealment, Dodge, Plucky and Luck (3).
Rating: 27
Model: Reaper Miniatures 50095 Kyoko Silvers Cat Girl.

Extras, Oko, The Skinner Twins, Nishiko, Suzi and one currently unnamed (6)
Extras Arc-type: Ninja.
Attacks: Brawl 3+, Sword 3+, Throwing Stars 3+.
Rating: 22 each
Model: Hasslefree Miniatures HFC005 Oko, Hasslefree Miniatures HFE002 Shimmer, Hasslefree Miniatures HFE006 Shimmer (b), Hasslefree Miniatures HFC001 Nishiko, Hasslefree Miniatures HFA025 Suzi (b) and Left Hand Miniatures Ichiban High School Girl with Cell/Pistol/Katana.

Extras, Alyx and one currently unnamed (2)
Extras Arc-type: Civilian Medics.
Attacks: Brawl 6.
Rating: 6 each
Model: Hasslefree Miniatures HFA030 Alyx (Rock Chick, Wizard & Misunderstood) and Left Hand Miniatures Ichiban High School Girl with Cell/Pistol/Katana.

Future members in the back

The next 7TV team should be an upgraded 200 ratings version of my Doctor Who team.

Until next time, Mecha Up.

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