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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 26th of November to the 2nd of December

RX-78GP03 Gundam "Dendrobium Orchis"
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. It also includes the AJ Lee news; the latest Cosplay Deviants sets and news; my "Watch, Listen and Read" lists; and now 7TV teams (until next year).

This week sadly marked thirteen years in my dead end job. I really need to get on with read my A+ book so I can get a better job. Also Friday at work was a nightmare as they are doing a free friesday.

This week was another DreadBall special week, but this time on on KickStarter's updates than Mantic's Blog. They had stated that there would be previews of new stuff, but only a picture of content of the main box game was revealed nothing else really, a Battle Foam video (not a new video by the look of it) and a picture of Orcy (Mantic's pet orc) modeling one of their KickStarter limited edition t-shirts. The KickStarters started shipping on Friday, so I should have it from the 10th of December or later as it is heading to my mum's place of work and my mum should be back to work on the 10th. Oh, I was wrong about Wildcard, she is only for pre-orders from the sight with metal version most likely for the first X pre-orders. Also the Season Two teams are being play tested now. According to Jake Thornton, the game's creator, on his blog Quirkworthy, the team's are working well apart from the Judwan, but this is because their were going to be a difficult team to play anyway as they have no offensive abilities towards other players.

Saturday was both Richard's 31st and my dad's 67th birthday. Sadly as my dad was working and I was going out to Richard's get together at Old Witherspoon straight after work, I did not see my dad at all that day, but my mum did cook him his favourite meal that I hate, Shepherd's Pie. Nine of us gathered at Witherspoon: me, Richard, Rob Copper, Cole, Linda, Darren, Lisa, Jake and the one other who I cannot spell their name. Sorry. It was a great night out and great to see people.

Due to Richard's birthday there was no 7TV game during the week. I do not know when will we get another game in as Richard will not be free the next two weekends and the two after that I might have problems with work the weekend or two after that due to Christmas. But I do know it will be the last one as my six games as GM (Games Master not General Manager). Richard will be taking over for the next six sections, were he will be running Dungeons and Dragons again.

Hyniks in WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2008
On Sunday me and my my went to the Shopping Center MK, for a bit of Christmas shopping. We did most of are shopping in Marks and Spencers. A new track suit and large mug for my dad, a jumper and gloves for me, wrapping paper, tags and cards. We also popped into Games Workshop for some more black undercoat as mine was running low (need more for when DreadBall arrives), vanish to make the Roboman in my Daleks team look right and a top coat spray for a figure I will be sending of in the post soon (I will talk more about that at a later data, maybe next week's post). After that we had lunch and then we head out of the Shopping Center MK for some other stores. First we went to Comet to check out the closing down sales. We did not get anything there. Then we popped into Halfords for some de-icer. After that we went to Hobbycraft for stuff to make cards with as I plan to make my own cards again. Lastly we went to Pets at Home for bloody cat food and Christmas gifts for my mum's cats (Bandit and Ming).

Hyniks in WWE '13
Sadly last week I never got round to talking about WWE '13. This is the fifth WWE I have ever owned. The first was WWF Superstars for the Game Boy (yes the original one) which I had completed with Ultimate Warrior. The second and third were Legends of Wrestling and WWE WrestleMania X8 (18) for the Game Cube (brought both of them very cheaply to be used on my Wii as the Wii can play Game Cube games). I only played Legends of Wrestling a couple of time and never got round to playing WWE WrestleMania X8. And the third game was WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2008. The GM mode seemed to be a pain to do any good in it, but I love the idea and wish WWE '13 had it. This does not mean WWE '13 is a bad game, far from to with all the changes done to the series since the 2008 game. First is the larger roster which will grow even bigger due to DLC. Sadly there is no Hardy Brothers, William Regal, Chavo Guerrero or Rick Flair who were in 2008, but there is Sheamus, Big Show, Danial Bryan and AJ Lee (wave 2 DLC). There is more opinions in wrestler creation, more slots (but still wish there was more) and you can download other people's creations too. The only problem is you are limited to how fancy you can make the wrestler. Alternate attires is a great new feature too, but a pain at times to use if you can use them. There is a greater amount of match types, but still no Survivor Series style match and apart from mix tag matches and as managers, you can not have Diva's vs. Superstars in WWE '13 which you could in WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2008. However it is more realistic Self made arenas is a good new touch as well. Over all I am liking the game, but there are some room for improvements. The second wave of DLC is rumoured to be out on the 4th of December. This will include Undertaker "Ministry of Darkness" alternate attire, Tensai, Ryback, Drew McIntyre, Yoshi Tatsu, AJ Lee (cannot wait for), Natalya and a Championship Title Pack that comes with 10 new championships from WWE, WCW, ECW and AWA. Sadly there is no kind of Diva's tag team championship. They could have done LayCool's Diva Championship belt. In WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2008, created Hyniks as a wrestler and I managed to recreate him in WWE '13 as you can see in the pictures.

Now for a theme that has been taking over the Neoscream's Life posts lately, AJ Lee. I will try to keep it short this week and a bit more none AJ WWE things. On Raw on the 19th of November, there was more bitching and bad mouthing from Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler (Mr. Dickhead). Can they not leave the happy couple (AJ and John Cena) alone. A match between Dolph and Cena was final made and happen. It was long fought out fight, but Cena ended up winning and getting another kiss from the fantastic AJ. By the look of things Vickie has lost control of Raw (if she ever had control) as RyBack is going on a war path, Shield is getting away with attacking people (mainly RyBack, the reason why he is on a war path) and active results are being mucked up as Goat Face Danial Bryan was the one who really won the poll on who would faced CM Punk, not Kane. With Shield and Brad Maddox, I do not believe CM Punk had anything to do with them personally, I am betting it is Paul Heyman who is hiring them behind CM Punk's back as he believes Punk cannot win by himself. In fact the only reason he is still champion since Rock declared that he will face who ever is the WWE Champion at Royal Rumble next year, is mainly due to outside interference and a double pin which led to a draw (his last one on one match with Cena).

On the 30th of November there was a Raw live show that was not televised. It was basically a repeat of the ones in the UK (or at least events involving AJ), but the triple threat match had Kaitlyn instead of Layla. There was also on the 1st of December, another Raw live show that was not televised. AJ and Kaitlyn was in a tag team match against Rosa Mendes and Eve Torres. Eve walk out on Rosa and AJ and Kaitlyn won the match. But I bet AJ and Kaitlyn would have won anyway.

I will not be posting the third dream as I am feeling to embarrass about posting. Sorry.

Now for the Watch, Listen and Read section:

Watched: Episode 4 of the new series of The Gadget Show.


Watched: Episode 1018 of WWE Raw.

Brought: Both a birthday gift and a Christmas gift for Richard.


Brought: I ordered several figures from Crooked Dice Games as they have a 25% off orders over £40. I picked up a pack of 3 Policemen, 7 dogs, Minion dog Handler, a female scientist, a Femdroid, a pack of 3 Time Lift Security and all the Gadget, Events and Equipment cards.

Trig in "Summon"
Vivka in "Trooper"
Watched: Watched: Episode 9 of season five of Merlin, episodes 15 of season two of Iron Man Armoured Adventures, episode 673 of WWE Smackdown and the plot episode of New Tricks.
Listened: Episode 343 of Anime Pulse.
Brought: A bunch of painting tools and paints from both Games Workshop and Wayland Games.

Now for the week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Wednesday there was a look back set of the deviant Trig's only set. The set is called Summon and in it she cosplays as Shive from the Final Fantasy games. The set on Saturday was a new set from the deviant Vivka. The set is called Trooper and in it she cosplayed as by the look and sound of things a random hard ass female trooper from Starship Troopers. The outfit and gun according to Vivka is actually from Starship Troopers movies. Cool.

And now for this week's Cosplay card. This week is Vivka.

Lastly is this week's 7TV team. This week's team is another new 100 rating team, the X-Guard. The ongoing war between the Silicon Robotic Empire and the Hive Organic Collective has destroyed and ruin many alien races. Many Survivors and races that have see how destructive this war has be have gathered together to form the Alliance of Worlds, to protect other worlds from this war. The Extreme Guardians, also known as the X-Guards, are the Alliance's elite combat lead by Rexson. They are assisted by a former foe turned allies Hyniks, who is the star of the show. Hyniks use to be the second in command of the Silicon force (a job Warpuck now has), until a near fatal wound destroyed all control Dioron had of him and coursed him to remember old memories of a past organic life. More on this at a later date. Hyniks left the Silicon's, after leaving ten tons of destruction, and headed to the Alliance. They did not trust him at first and at times he had problems trusting them. Over the years he has earned their trust and respect. He is often called the "Ace of the Alliance" and the "One Man Army of Darkness", but many still call him after his old Silicon title the "Lord of Darkness".

Staring, Hyniks Lord of Darkness
Arch Type: Mysterious Stranger
Move: 6
Def: 5
Hits: 3
Str: 6
Agi: 4
Int: 3
Mor: 5
Attacks: Brawl 4+, Sword 2+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Strike From The Shadows, Plucky, Force Field (4+), Invulnerable (1), A Good Offence, Luck (2) and Leadership (1).
Rating: 62
Model: A converted Enforcer from Mantic Games.

Extra, Rexson
Extra Type: Soldier.
Attacks: Brawl 4+, Rifle 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Military Training.
Rating: 12
Model: A converted Enforcer from Mantic Games with Games Workshop Tau parts to make him more Warmachine like.

Extra, X-Guards (2)
Extra Type: Soldier.
Attacks: Brawl 4+, SMG 4+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Military Training.
Rating: 13 each
Model: Mantic Games Enforcers.

More too come from the X-Guards

X-Guards vs Silicons

The next 7TV team should be an upgraded 250 ratings version of my Kung Fu Detective School team. However, there are two extra pictures below. The first is a new group picture of the 100 rating Dalek team with a shining suit Roboman now. The second is a picture of the only two Game Workshop Lord of the Rings figures I have now a days. These are Lurtz and Bilbo Baggings.

The next blog post will mark the 750 posts. To mark this event there will be three DreamClix special designs: a dial for the Silicon Lord of Darkness Hyniks and Cosplay cards of Blaire and AJ Lee. Well that is it for now. Until next time, Mecha Up.