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Friday, 14 December 2012

MK HeroClix, the 13th of December, Mr. Sinister's Sabretooth army

Welcome to the MK HeroClix post. This is a weekly post with HeroClix news and results of Thursday's HeroClix game at MK Wargames Society at York House.

First off this week's HeroClix news. This week there was previews of the HeroClix dials of Killer Croc and The Joker from DC Gotham City Strategy Game; Robin, Starfire, Arsenal, Crux and all the figures from the Fast Forces set from DC Streets of Gotham; and I.R.W. Haakona from Star Trek Tactics II. On a personal note I have picked up Arkham Asylum Robin now so expect to see him in some Batman teams in the future. Also the twelve days of ClixMas has started again. Day one was a fully equipped Bat Belt. Day two was two duo figures from Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man. The duos are Man-Thing/Howard the Duck and Misty Knight/Colleen Wing. I hope the Misty Knight/Colleen Wing duo is not a Super Rare or Chase figure as I would love to get them for 7TV. I will try to post each day, ever on a post on their own or with another post.

This week's game was 500 points, three actions, villains only. I decided to try out a Marauders team this week. Sadly I forgot about Mr. Sinister's trait when building the team as I would have done the team differently if I remembered it. The team ended up being:

Mr. Sinister (047 Marvel Chaos War) 225
Mystique (035 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 86
Sabretooth (040 Marvel Giant Size X-Men) 93
Vertigo (013 Marvel Mutant Mayhem) 45
Harpoon (012 Marvel Mutant Mayhem) 46
=495 points and four re-rolls.

In the first round I was up against Darren. He was using a Skrull themed team who were:

Wolverine (022 Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary) 96
Skrull Rebel (004 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 30
Xavin (022 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 75
Super-Skrull (034 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 143
Black Bolt (104 Marvel Incredible Hulk) 133
Skrull Infiltrator (004 Marvel Supernova) 25
=502 points and four re-rolls.

Even tho Sabretooth was ignores Shape Change, the Skrulls' Shape Charge was still a problem to the rest of the team. I ended up losing this game. In the second round I was up against Michael. He was using a Masters of Evil themed team who were:

Baron Zemo (041 Marvel Chaos War) 100
Ultron (208 Marvel Chaos War) 160
Wonder Man (028 Marvel Chaos War) 118
Moonstone (022 Marvel Hammer of Thor) 76
Songbird (043 Marvel Fantastic Forces) 44
=498 points and four re-rolls.

4 x Iron Man Drone (002 Marvel Chaos War)
3 x Ultron Drone (003 Marvel Chaos War)

Ultron used her pulse wave to knock Mr. Sinister off his "I can rebuild you, Mutant" special but onto his Outwit. It took forever to KO Wonder Man as I kept on missing when I needed low numbers like 4's and 5's to hit. However I manage to KO him before time was called and I managed to win this game as he only KO'd Harpoon and Vertigo. In the third round I was up against Adrian. He was using a Hydra themed team who were:

Red Skull (052 Marvel Captain America) 140
Richard Fisk (017 Marvel Captain America) 62
Mentallo (010 Marvel Captain America) 71
Hydra Officer (003 Marvel Sinister) 24
Hydra Officer (202 Marvel Captain America) 30
Fixer (045 Marvel Captain America) 102
3 x Hydra Agent (003 Marvel Captain America) 25 x 3 = 75
=504 points and four re-roll.

I manage to take down about half a dozen Hydra Agents as well as ever one or both officers. Adrian took out Sabretooth three times, but Mr. Sinister brought him back all three times with his I can rebuild you, Mutant, sadly I was not able to save Mystique before time was called However I still won from share numbers of Hydra I KO'd.

Next week's game should be Death in the Family. Two 500 points teams, three actions. One team must be villains and must have Batman in it, the other team must be heroes and must have the Joker in it.

Until next time, Mecha Up.

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