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Friday, 24 March 2017

Neoscream's Life: The wait for furniture March 24th 2017

Welcome everyone to another "Neoscream's Life" post. Even tho it had seemed to be a weekly post, that was not the plan. The plan was to do one for each gaming event, but if I had not written it by the next event I would merge them together until the post is ready to post.

Since the last post, we have mainly been ordering and buying stuff for the bedroom and a couple of bits for the shed. Basically, we just have to get (other some bits and bobs I have not thought of yet) a new TV (which we will leave until May), a new chair and selves. From what I understand:

  • The skirting, door frame, and radiator will be painted today
  • The door and new curtains will be put up tomorrow.
  • The new carpet will be fitted on Wednesday and the old bed will be removed.
  • The new bed will arrive on Thursday.
  • The new furniture will arrive on next Friday, which will be set up on the day and the day after.
  • The selves will come ever on next Saturday or the following week(s).
This will mean I will be work on organising the shed until Friday when I move to organising my bedroom.

Now to the gaming.

On yesterday, I went down to York House for some games of HeroClix. I was meant to be a big 1,000 points scenario. However, Darren S received a brick of the new Marvel set, "Deadpool and X-Force", so we did a sealed event will his boosters. The image to next to here is the figures I pulled in Darren S's boosters.

Round one was a 300 point p;build. I built a team of Foolkiller, Asp, Solo and Misstress Death. I was up against Darren S. Like normal against him I lost. Also, Adrian won his game against his brother Michael.

Round Two was a 400 point build. I built a team of Foolkiller, Misstress Death, U-Go Girl, Anarchist, Angel Dust and Asp. I was up against Michael. I just able to win this game. Also, Darren S won his game against Adrian.

Round Three was the last round and it was another 300 point build. I built a team of Misstress Death, U-Go Girl, Anarchist and Squirrel Girl. I was up against Adrian. Sadly I lost this game. Also, Darren S won his game against Michael.

Next week will be "The Big Bash". 1,000 points, five actions, no figure over 200 points, no figure on a base bigger than a peanut base, no ATAs and a maximum of five theme team re-rolls.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.