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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Neoscream's Life: It has began March 19th 2017

The shed is more fuller than this now
Hi everyone and welcome to another "Neoscream's Life" post. By the end of last week, I realised given a full day I could get my bedroom clear and ready for decoration. My dad was off this week and was wanting to do the bedroom this week, but I thought I would not have it ready in time originally. As work had been dead, they let me finished about two hours after starting on Monday, so I rushed home and got started. It was mostly done before going to Wargames Workshop and what was left was done on Tuesday morning. Due to running around doing things for my mum and ordering a new bed, we could not start on Tuesday The plan was to remove the old picture frame hooks and then start filling and sanding the walls Wednesday after my dad finished work (yes he was working on his week off, just do not go there). To help out I canceled HeroClix to get things done faster. However, due to finishing a lot later than what he was meant to and shopping for paint, it was too late to do anything. So he said he/we would start on Thursday after taking his car in for some checkups. Oh with the paint for the walls, we went for a Grey colour from BnQ called "Toy Soldier". A very suitable name for a Miniature game player/painter.

Sadly after my dad got his car check, he was called into work. But we did get the hooks off and started on stripping the old paint and filling old holes when he finally came home. He was planning on finishing the filling and sanding the walls on Friday after he finishes work (again do not go there). However, he finished work (several hours late), he was not feeling well. So he could not do anything. I did, however, strip off a LATE more old paint from the walls. I decided not to go to the card game event on Saturday to help get as much of the room done. But I did go to coffee with Richard and Darren H. My dad got the first coat of paint up on the ceiling while I was at coffee. When I got back and after some lunch, we sanded the walls down, did some more filling and painted around the window to see how the colour looks. Sadly a little dark than I thought it would be but liveable.

As my dad was working today (his week starts on Sunday) and the fact he is off work tomorrow, we did not do anything. But I did do some layout change due to a problem with the wardrobe we were originally thinking of having and looked around for a new computer chair, before finishing this off.

Now to the game played this week.

On Monday I went to wargames Workshop MK for a game of Arcadia Quest with my Kingdom Death Monster group. Bob was not able to make it due to work (which I know about last week) and sadly Wai-Yin fell asleep after moving (also due to the all-nighters she had been doing lately) and never turned up. So it was just me, Adrian and Michael. We did a level three episodic game. Adrian ended up winning without losing a character. I did the Orc hero Sting armed with the Orc Beater which is a funny combo.

Well until next time, until all are one with the Lantern Spark.