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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table: 18th June 2017

Gorm butt vs tiny Asian midget with attitude.
Who will Win?
Hi everyone and welcome to another blog post. As you will see in the painting section, I have managed to do a ton of painting this week. However, what else have I do other than work, painting, and gaming this week?

I have had some chaos getting hold of the new Cardfight Vanguard set, Fighter's Collection 2017. I had put my name down to have two boxes to be placed aside, but when I got to Wargames Workshop MK on Saturday (10th of June) they had sold out due to too many preorders to what was coming in. They had more coming in soon so I had to wait until they arrived, which I got on Thursday. However, as I had preordered it with the store, they sold it still at the pre-order price of £29.99 each (instead of £32.49 each). They also thrower in some Wild West Exodus figures that they had gotten as freebies. I just have to build the figures and take some photos for Carl the own. Anyway, sadly I did not pull ever the Nova Grappler or the Dimension Police GB8s. But I did get the Oracle Think Tank and the Royal Paladin GB8s.

During the week I have also been tried to get some prep for the Future Card Buddyfight Nationals on Sunday (18th of June) by watching the anime while painting. I am hoping it will work.

Also during the week, I have been having problems with my phone's battery. It is draining quicker and charging a LOT slower. Oh and getting hot very quickly. As I am writing this I just remembered I had this problem this time last year. It has to be the weather we have been getting lately.


This week I have managed to finish painting all three of my MEC troopers for the XCOM board game, the Lonely Tree and two of its fruit from Kingdom Death Monster and five Tau Pathfinders. Oh, and yes I did convert one of the MEC troopers into a female as when I played XCOM Enemy Within on the PC I normally always made my first MEC from a Female soldier.

As you can see above, I have finished building and under my Tau Pathfinders. However, due to the extra bodies, heads, and weapons with arms that I have, I have decided to pick up some extra legs (and Drone tops) from eBay so I can build some more. To expand the Pathfinders from ten with three drones to fifteen (maybe sixteen) with five drones. I am not including photos of the built Pathfinders as half of them are in the painted photos.

I have also built up four of the seven Wild West Exodus figures I got (not including ones from Salute). As I want to show Carl (owner of Wargames Workshop) the built figures first, I will not be posting photos of them this week.

The five figures I am currently painting at the moment are all Tau Pathfinders from Warhammer 40,000. I have sixteen of them and five drones to paint. Again, as I have painted Pathfinders in the painted photos, I will not be including a photo of the Pathfinders I am currently painting.

This week's catch up bundle is some Robotech RPG Tactics stuff. Yes, I painted the Valkyrie in the same colours as Skywarp from Transformers.

G1 Skywarp



On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK like normal, but this time I was playing Kingdom Death Monster with my group from the store. Sadly there was no Wai-Yin as she was doing hair. The oldest excuse in the book for women. Lol.

Due to the events of last time, Adrian (and Wai-Yin if she turned up) was using a new survivor as his last one was retired (again). We decided to hunt down another level one Gorm as we need to hide and we were worried that we would struggle to wound a level two. During the hunt, we got a Gorm event the scrawled the party a bit. Both Bob's and Michael's survivors had the Insanity set back to zero and both mine and Adrian's survivors have to skip the next hunt and do not add endeavours this game (we do need to double check on FAQs about this). Both mine and Michael's survivors hit max courage (first time in any of my games this happens). Sadly that meant we both became blinded (luckily we have Eye Patches). During the hunt, Bob gained a disorder that makes him skip every other. What did this, I sadly cannot remember. We managed to defeat it with my survivor dealing a whopping seven (out of eleven) damage to it. I did not call him Marth (Fire Emblem) for nothing.

Sadly because of Gorm Climate, we lost the two scrap and two bone we had in storage. But we managed to regain the two endeavours we lost from a funny weird dream. A Gorm butt vs a tiny Asian midget with attitude known as Wai-Yin (A BIG butt fighting a tiny monster). With the four endeavours we innervated (gaining Saga), made leather and bread twice. Oh and we also build the leather gloves and Leather pants (OK wrong names). This just leaves the Leather Boots for a full set of leather.

We are planning on playing KDM next Monday. All of us (including Wai-Yin who should be there), apart from Michael will need to use new survivors.


On Thursday I went down to York House for some game of HeroClix. This week's build is 300 points, no figure over 85 points. I decided to use a Marvel Knight's themed team. However, as I used the Fast Forces Luke Cage and Iron Fist two weeks in a row, I decided to not use them sadly. My team ended up being:

Black Panther (029 Marvel Avengers vs Defenders) 50
Karen Page (027 Marvel Avengers vs Defenders) 20
Punisher (005 Marvel Marvel Knights) 75
Daredevil (001 Marvel Marvel Knights) 75
Jessica Jones (004 Marvel Marvel Knights) 75
=295 points

On the first round, I was up against Darren S who was using an Avengers themed team. Like normal Darren destroyed my team. Also, Michael won his game against his brother Adrian.

On the second round, I was up against Adrian who was also using a Marvel Knight's themed team. Punisher managed to deal Adrian's team a ton of damage on the second turn as they all move in one big group, with Dagger advancing ahead. Because of that, his team crumbled to pieces. He then gave up after losing half his force. This mentioned I won the game. Also, Darren won his game against Michael.

On the third and final round, I was up against Michael who was using an Avengers themed team. It was a closer game than the one against Adrian, but I did manage to win. Also, Darren won his game against Adrian.

Overall Darren won, with me at second, Michael at third and Adrian at dead last.

KDM Simon's

On Friday evening, myself, Richard and Darren H went down to Simon's for a game of Kingdom Death Monster now that Richard is free from elections and Simon is free from holidays.

This time we had a Nemesis event to deal with and then finish of the Settlement phase leftover from last time (due to the Nemesis event). We had the choice of a level two Butcher, a level two King's Hand or a level three Kingsman. We decided to go with the Butcher. We decided to roll out Darren's original character, Ron Jeremy. He was a one-armed settlement founder with several gaping chest wounds and destroyed genitals.

It was a much easier than thought. We defeated him in three turns (maybe four), with no injuries. In fact, we managed to regain Ron's lost arm, who lost it against the level one Butcher and regained the Butcher's Cleaver, which one of his sons lost. We also realised that Ron can go on more hunts than we first thought, as he was not as experienced as we were thinking.

During the Settlement phase, we innovated which gave us Clan of Death. Because of this, we bred twice and we managed to gain a Savior. Sweet. However one of our retired settlers eat the lonely fruit from the Loney Tree. So our next hunt will be the Lonely Tree. At least the tree is painted now.

Future Games

  • On Sunday the 18th of June (today), I will be going to the Future Card Buddyfight Nationals.
  • On Monday the 19th of June, I will be playing Kingdom Death Monster at Wargames Workshop MK.
  • On Thursday the 22nd of June, I should be going to York House for HeroClix.
  • On Saturday the 24th of June, I should be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament.
  • On Monday the 26th of June, I should be gaming at Wargames Workshop MK.

Well, that is it for this post. Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.