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Friday, 9 June 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table: 9th June 2017

Hi everyone and to welcome to another one of my blog posts. Not much happened outside gaming and work (audit chaos) this week. Sorry.


With my painting this week, I have managed to finish painting the Gorm and the Lonely Lady for Kingdom Death Monster and the Steelsoul Kag Protector for Convergence from Warmachine this week. I have also built one of my Cybermen for Doctor Who Exterminate. There are no pictures of the Cyberman as I put it away in the game after building it.

And here are the five figures I am currently working on. These are currently the Lonely Tree from Kingdom Death Monster, three MEC from XCOM and a Tau Drone from Warhammer 40,000. However, this lineup will change when I finally build my Tau Pathfinders (the Tau female conversion parts I ordered have finally just arrived today).

I have also finally got the first of my backlog waves done. In these photos, I have a figure I briefly used as a Templar in Frostgrave and then I have four Zombies, two Armoured Zombies, two Dwarf Revenants and two Ghosts.



On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for the next game of the second Frostgrave campaign at the store. Since the last game (last month), I have hired a Ranger and a Treasure Hunter (which you saw the painted figures of them last week) and fired a Thief and Warhound to free up room for them. We were playing "The Silver Tower" scenario from the core rulebook. Bob was the one who managed to climb up the tower to gain the special treasure. I managed to gain to gain two treasures and my Wizard went up two levels, but she was Badly Wounded which cost me all the gold I earned. Oh, and my Captain went up a level too.

It looks like we will be skipping next month as most of the other players are busy with holidays.

Casual Card Gaming

On Wednesday I went down to the Toby Carvery for some casual carding. I got in three games of Cardfight Vanguard and two games of Future Card Buddyfight.


On Thursday, I went down to York House (top stairs instead of downstairs due to the Elections) for some games of HeroClix. We were playing a special Election day scenario that I helped make. 500 points, three actions, no figure above 250 points, no ATAs. You may elect one of your figures with the Politician keyword. At the start of each game roll 1D6 and this character rolled position for the game:

  1. Chief Whip - Can use Perplex. If they already have Perplex, they can use it twice.
  2. Defense Ministry - Can choose between Energy Shield Deflection or Close Combat Reflexes once per game.
  3. Home Secretary - Once per turn, if closer to its own starting area, it gains +1 Defense, Attack or Movement until the start of their next turn.
  4. Foreign Secretary - Once per turn, if closer to the opponent's starting zone, it gains +1 Defense, Attack or Movement until the start of their next turn.
  5. Health Secretary - Can use Regeneration and Support.
  6. Prime Minister - Can use leadership. If they already have leadership, roll two dice and chooses the highest.
I ended up using an Avengers team lead by Nick Fury who was:

Nick Fury (035 Marvel Avengers Movies) 70
Justice (015 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 64
Scarlet Witch (006 Marvel Chaos War Fast Forces) 75
Yellowjacket (010 Marvel Civil War event) 60
Black Panther (007 Marvel Avengers vs Defenders) 30
Iron Man (010 Marvel Avengers vs Defenders) 55
Luke Cage (002 Marvel Marvel Knights) 75
Iron Fist (003 Marvel Marvel Knights) 75
=504 points.

On the first round, I was up against Michael who was using a Dark Avengers themed team. At first in looked like Michael was winning. However, thing changed and I managed to pull out a win. Also, Darren S who their game against Adrian.

On the second round, I was up against Darren S who was using a Maggia themed team. Due to Darren's bad dice rolls, it felt closed. However, Darren (like normal) managed to win the game. Sorry I can not remember who won between the brothers, Adrain and Michael.

On the third and final round, I was up against Adrian who was meant to be using a Hand themed team. However, he forgot a 75 point figure (his Politician), so he had top borrow a figure that was not Hand. Anyway, it was a close game. However, Adrian's jammy luck with his Super Senses rolls saved him big time and helped him to the win the game. Also, Darren S who their game against Michael.

Future Games

  • Saturday the 10th of June, was meant to be a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament at Wargames Workshop MK. However, because of Cardfight Vanguard Nationals, it was canceled as a Tournament. But there will be a table or two for casual games.
  • On Monday the 12th of June, I will be playing Kingdom Death Monster at Wargames Workshop MK.
  • On Thursday the 15th of June, I should be going to York House for HeroClix.
  • On Sunday the 18th of June, I should be going to the Future Card Buddyfight Nationals.
  • On Monday the 19th of June, I should be gaming at Wargames Workshop MK. What I will be playing I do not know yet. Maybe Kingdom Death Monster.

Well, that is it for this post. Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.

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