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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table: 25th June 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another blog post. Due to a lot of late nights and early mornings as well as watching WWE shows with my dad, I have not done too much.

I was planning on talking about the new Warhammer 40,000 last week, but due to time, I did not. If you have not heard, the eighth edition of 40k was released last Saturday. It is a complete remake of the system just like second and third editions than a rules update that fourth to seventh were. I use to play 40k back during the second edition to not long after the release of fourth. Over the time I have gotten rid of most of my 40k stuff, apart from my Tau stuff (but it looks like I did get rid of some sadly) and anything that can be used for Necromunda. I decided to pre-order the "Index: Xenos 2" book, as it has rules for the Tau (apart from Forge World stuff) so that I had the rules for my Tau if I ever decided to try the eighth edition, I could. Painting my Tau Pathfinders for Shadow War Armageddon has gotten me in the mood to dig out my old Tau stuff and try out the eighth edition. So I have hunted down as much of my old Tau stuff I could find. I managed to find seven Crisis Battlesuits (including my old Commander), twenty-five Fire Warriors, thirty Kroot, two Kroot Shapers, eight Kroot Hounds three Gun Drones (got to be more somewhere), six Shield Drones and my Ethereal. No sign of my Stealth suits or Hammerhead. Maybe I sold them at Campaign and forgot about it. I might be able to gain two Crisis Battlesuits, two old Stealth Battlesuits and a bunch of Fire Warriors by reconverting a bunch of my old "Lost and the Dammed" back to normal Tau. Without the reconverting, I worked it out to be less than 1,500. Damn. It is not over two thousand. I also will need to do some repair work. I have also managed to arrange a game of the eighth edition for Monday.


Sadly this week I have not managed to do any painting. Been recovering from a lot of late nights and early mornings because of gaming and work. However, I have managed to build up all the Wild West Exodus figures I got from Wargames Workshop and the extra six Tau Pathfinders.

Here is this week's catch up photos. This time I have some Malifaux stuff. There is Shenlong, Sensei Yu, Katanaka Sniper, three Ten Thunder Brothers and two Peasants. The reason why the Katanaka Sniper is on her own is that I forgot her.until I was adding the photos here.

Next week will be Arcadia Quest.

While hunting for my Tau stuff, I also dug out my Inquisitor stuff. I took out the finished/good ones for display. Here they are:

There are two I wanted to highlight. First is my Rogue Trader that was converted to be Zechs Marquise from Gundam Wing.

The other is a bizarre conversion I did that served two prepuces. As a demonically possessed Tau Steal Battlesuit in Inquisitor and a demonically possessed/Demon Prince Tau Crisis Battlesuit from my old "Lost and the Damned" army. This was pre KDM.


Future Card Buddyfight Nationals

On Sunday the 18th of June, went down to IQ Gaming in Huddersfield for the Future Card Buddyfight Nationals with Liam, Crawford and Blake. I am going in the deep end here. I had only played about four games before going, and the first twenty episodes of the original anime experience. Oh, I am doomed. I was using the Hero World Quartet Five deck I got from Crawford. Quartet Five is basically Power Ranges/Sentai. Because of the deck, I decided to wear my Green/White Ranger t-shirt that I got from Loot Crate.

Before the tournament, I got in two practice games with Blake and won them both.

There were at least fifty-seven players turned up for Future Card Buddyfight. Due to numbers, it ended up becoming six round, instead of the five they first thought. Also, only seventeen players turned up for the last Luck and Logic Nationals that was running at the same time.

On the first round of the tournament, I was up against Crawford who was using a Star Dragon World deck on table seventeen. Why did we travel all this way just to play against each other? Lol. I through it would be a clear victory for Crawford as he was much more experience in the game and he was the one who built my deck. However, I managed to pull off a close win. Also, Liam won his game and Blake lost his game.

On the second round, I was up against a Katana World user called Dan on table three. It was a clear loss. Also, Liam and Blake lost their games and Crawford won his.

On the third round, I was up against a Dragon World user called Sam on table seventeen. Sadly I lost this round. Also, Crawford and Blake lost their games and Liam won his.

On the fourth round, I was up against a Dragon Ein user called Nicky on table twenty-two. I shockingly won this round. Also, Blake won his games and both Liam lost theirs. However, Crawford decided to drop.

On the fifth round, I was up against a Star Dragon World user called Mark on table thirteen. With his Jackknife, I was destroyed in next to no time. Also, both Liam and Blake lost. Liam decided to dropped.

On the sixth and final round before the top eight playoffs, I was up against a Dungeon World user called Iain on table seventeen again. That is three games on flipping table seventeen. Sadly I lost again. Also, Blake lost his game.

So none of us made it to the top eight playoffs. I got thirty-sixth place and Blake got forty-first, and we both won a pack of Standard size Ultra-Pro sleeves. As Liam and Crawford dropped out, they were not given a place.


On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK like normal, but this time I was playing Kingdom Death Monster with my group from the store. Even tho she said she would be coming, Wai-Yin never turned up. No words why. To be brutally honest, I am feeling super upset over it. I am at the point of even dropping her as a friend and from the group. Ok, there is more to it then I am willing to say here, but this is more or less "the final straw that broke the camel's back" (hope I get that saying right).

Anyway, the rest of us decided to hunt down another level one Gorm. All of us apart from Michael had to use new survivors as our main ones had to miss the hunt due to disorders. Following the Fire Emblem theme (my main survivor is called Marth), I decided to name mine Tharja (there is an image of her to the right). The hunt was not as bad as the past hunts have been lately, and we defeated the Gorm in two turns (or was that three).

The Settlement event this time was "Triathlon of Death". We mainly choose survivors that are not being used anymore. Basically, Adrian's two past survivors and Bob's main survivor who can only do every other hunt. We could have chosen Wai-Yin's old character. However, I decided to choose a character we used once, Char, for the chance to improve her. Char did gain +1 Strength and Understanding, but she has to miss the next hunt. No big deal, we were not planning on taking her anyway.

With the resources and endeavours we received, we managed to get the Sauna Shrine innovative, made Leather Boots to finish the Leather Armour set, and taught both mine and Bob's main survivors the Mammoth Hunter Fighting Art thanks to Sculpture.

The next game will most likely be the 10th of July with this group as I am unable to transport KDM next Monday (also Bob could not make it) and the following Monday will be Frostgrave.


On Thursday I went down to York House for some game of HeroClix. This week's build is 500 points. Dormammu has taken Wanda Maximoff to be his new Dark Bride, time for a mystical hero to save the Universe from their Reality Warping Potential. If your team contains a figure with the 'Mystical' Keyword you can re-roll one die roll a turn (your team may not contain Scarlett Witch or Dormammu). While at IQ Gaming I brought some HeroClix boosters. I decided to use several of them in my team, which ended up being an Avengers themed team who were:

Luke Cage (008 Marvel Avengers/Defenders War) 50
Black Panther (007 Marvel Avengers/Defenders War) 30
Captain America (011 Marvel Avengers/Defenders War) 50
Iron Fist (012 Marvel Avengers/Defenders War) 50
Iron Man (053 Marvel Avengers/Defenders War) 165
Swordsman (008 Marvel Avengers/Defenders War) 50
Firebird (011 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 105
=490 points

On the first round, I was up against Adrian who was using an Excalibur themed team. As I was setting up my figures I release according to the dial and card, the version of Iron Man does not have the Flight ability or any Improved Movement. WTF. Apart from some versions of the Mark 1 or some Buster and past armours, Iron Man has alway be able to fly so I never looked. This made the figure looked VERY over pointed. Anyway, it was a tough battle, but sadly I lost. Also, Darren S won his game against Michael.

On the second round, I was up against Michael who was also using an X-Men themed team. I managed to win this game. Also, Darren won his game against Adrian.

On the third and final round, I was up against Darren who was using an Excalibur themed team. Like normal Darren won this game, without losing a figure. Also, Adrian just managed won his game against his brother Michael.

Afterward, we learned the Iron Man figure I had been using was errata and he was meant to have the Flight symbol instead of the Boot. Damn it, things might have ended MUCH better.

Cardfight Vanguard Tournament

On Saturday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament. I was planning on post the blog before this, but I still had too many photos to add and a couple to still take.

I was not sure which deck to use, but as John was using Nova Grapplers and I had to work on my Stride Deck for Dimension Police Cosmic Heroes as I just got the Dimension Police GB8, I decided to try out the Royal Paladin deck again. There was a huge turnout with something like twenty-two players.

On the first round, I was up against Jasper who was using a Granblue deck instead of his normal Oracle Think Tank deck. I lost this round. I could not pull any trigger cards to help in my defense.

On the second round, I was up against John who was using his new Nova Grappler deck. Sadly as I could not pull a single grade three Blaster, I could not keep up. I lost this round. I really need the new "New Style Blaster, Llew" card from the next set.

On the third round. I was up against David who was using a Link Joker. With a double critical in both games and bad draws, I lost this round as well.

On the fourth and final round before the top eight (instead of four due to numbers) cutoff, I was up against Blake who was using a Gold Paladin deck. My luck decided to change and I managed to win this round. However, with only one round win I did not make the top eight. In fact, none of our locals made into the top two. Yes, shock horror Shell did not win the tournament, but she did making into the top eight and Liam made it to the top four.

Future Games

  • On Monday the 26th of June, I will be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Warhammer 40,000 eighth edition.
  • On Thursday the 29th of June, I should be going to York House for HeroClix.
  • On Monday the 3rd of July, I should be gaming at Wargames Workshop MK from some Frostgrave.

Well, that is it for this post. Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.