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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table: 13th June 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another blog post.The last couple of days I have been looking after my parents after their operations. Apart from my dad's operation being delayed by a day (which meant he was in overnight), everything has gone well. Sadly my dad is in a lot of pain, but that might because he is not used to being sick and weak.

I managed to sort out my drawer in my shed again. Tring to make room and organising them more as well as looking for figures I forgot about. I also did a ton of repair work on my Kingdon Death Monster Survivours as the foam trays turned out to be a BAD move as the glue was CRAP which causes the figures to brake MORE. Because of this, I have transferred the Survivours to the old plastic case a from Poundland.


This week I have managed to finish off both versions of Audrey, an A-Bomb Abomination and five Skinner Zombies Walkers all from Zombicide as well as four Treasure Chests, two Zombie Trolls and the four starting Heroes from Dungeon Saga.


Dungeon Saga

As I post this I realised I forgot to do the crystal on the Wizard's staff. I will sort that out and retake pictures of him in next week's post. I have also found I had made a mistake on my new painting system which meant that Zombicide stuff was MUCH higher on in the priority than it should have been. This means that the rest of the first wave of Skinners will be done at a much later date. Also, I found out why my Dungeon Saga set was so cheap. It came with two Necromancers and no undead Dwarf King. Beep. I have dug out a random Dwarf to use as the King for now (see him in the photo below) and I will keep an eye out for a much better figure in the future.

I am currently painting up the remaining villain characters and a table from Dungeon Saga.

This week's backlog, I have for you all some Kingdom Death Monster figures. There is Before the Wall, Adam, Anna, Paul, Snow, Twilight Knight, Aya and male Intimacy character.

Next week will be the last of the backlog and I will have for you all some more Kingdom Death Monster minutes and a couple of Warmachine miniatures too.


Cardfight Vanguard and Future Card Buddyfight Causal Play

Due to a Magic the Gathering release, Cardfight Vanguard was pushed to Sunday. However, Shell did try to set up a Vanguard/Buddyfight tournament at the Toby Carvery at Shenley Church End for those who cannot make Sunday's tournament. The reason why I did not change my day off. Shell is the one who runs the who runs the Vanguard, Buddyfight and Force of Will tournaments and casual play at Wargames Workshop and is a part-time employee of the store. Sadly on Friday she that she had to work on Saturday. More to cover breaks and to cover staff setting up the Magic tournament. So it was changed from a Tournament to just casual play sadly. There was a go turn out, at least eleven of us by the time Shell turned up, which was around 3:30/4 PM.

I managed to trade for the GB8 Nova Grappler Stride and a second copy of the new Dimension Police G-Guardian.

I got a bunch of games with my updated Nova Grappler deck, even got to use a GB8 for the first time. I also got several games of Buddyfight in too. I really need to change my buddy from Red Ranger to Gold Ranger (OK that is not the card names).

Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon of card gaming.

Warhammer 40,000

Commander Wing Zero
I do plan on doing some major work to his as well as rebasing him to the
current 60mm base size for commanders instead of the 40mm base from
2nd edition.
On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK like normal, but this time I was playing my second game of Warhammer 40k eighth edition. It was another 1,000 point game, but this time I was up against Bob. I had made several to the line-up which was:

  • Wing Zero - Commander (76) with 2 Plasma Rifles (11x2), Shield Generator (8) and Advanced Targeting System (8) = 114
  • Heavyarms - Commander (76) with 2 Burst Cannons (10x2), Missile Pods (24x2) and Marker Drone (10) = 154
  • Cadre Fireblade = 42
  • 6 Tau Strike Team (8x6). Shas’ui with Markerlight (3) = 51
  • 6 Tau Strike Team (8x6). Shas’ui with Markerlight (3) = 51
  • 6 Tau Strike Team (8x6). Shas’ui with Markerlight (3) = 51
  • 5 Tau Strike Team (8x5). Shas’ui with Markerlight (3) = 43
  • 10 Pathfinders ((5+3)x10). Shas’ui with Pistol. One with Rail Rifle (22-3). Two with Ion Rifle ((7-3)x2). Plus, a Recon Drone (12), Pulse Accelerator (8) and Grav-inhibitor (8) = 135
  • 4 Crisis Battlesuits (42x4). One with 2 Fusion Blasters (21x2) and Drone Controller (5). Two with 2 Fusion Blasters (21x2) and Multi-Tracker (2). One with 2 Plasma Rifles (11x2) and Multi-Tracker (2). Plus 4 Gun Drones (8x4) = 359

I decided to drop the Shield Drones as they were not as good as I remember. I added a Cadre Fireblade to boost the number of shots from Pulse weapons. I changed the Crisis Bodyguards to Crisis Battlesuits and swapped out their Advanced Targeting Systems for Multi-Tracker. I also upped the number of Pathfinders to ten with a second Ion Rifle. Please also notes, like before, the Striker units were armed with a mix of Pulse Rifles and Pulse Cabins based on what the figures have on them.

Bob decided to use his Necrons as he was using his Space Marine in his previous game. We played the "Secure and Control" scenario with the "Search and Destroy" deployment. It turned into my Strike Teams and Pathfinders lead by the Cadre Fireblade versus Bob's Scarabs, and my Crisis Battlesuits and Commanders versus the rest of Bob's army. The game ended on the sixth turn and I were left with two Fire Warriors (members of a Strike Team) left while Bob only had lost over half of his Scarabs and a couple of Warriors as everything resurrected.

I still need to work on my force and I have done a couple of adjustments based on stuff on YouTube. One change is to drop the special weapon on the Pathfinders and split them into two teams, as well as drop the number of Strike Teams, but up the number in each team. I have also picked up the rulebook (which you can see in the opening image) as it is back in stock and so I have access to advance rules and scenarios (as the core rules are free).


I could not make HeroClix on Thursday (today) as I was looking after my parents. Darren S decided to run a special scenario that will run for several weeks. Heroclix 'Teenage Kicks'. 400 points. It is time to find the most Kickass Teenage Supergroup. Six teams enter the arena in a battle to find the ultimate champions. All players will play each team at least once. Darren S supply the teams and the teams are Runaways, Young Avengers, New Mutants, Teen Titans, Ravagers and Initiative.

Future Games
  • On Friday the 14th of July, I will be going to Simon's for a game of Kingdom Death Monster.
  • On Monday the 17th of July, I will be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster.
  • On Thursday the 20th of July, I should be going to York House for some games of HeroClix.
  • On Saturday the 22nd of July, I should be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament.
  • On Monday the 24th of July, I should be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a game.

Well, that is it for this post. Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.