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Friday, 7 July 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table: 7th June 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another blog post. Sorry about not posting last week. I have been playing the new Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow mobile game or busy painting when I should have been writing.

The first week has been a bit of a hectic, as I was taking care of both myself and my mum's cats as my parents had gone on a week holiday. During the time I sorted out my Tau stuff and managed to watch the new Transformers film.

If you have not heard, on Saturday Beasts of War revealed the winners of the UK Games Expo prizes. Ben started his Poke-rap of the winners and my username "Neoscream" was the first to be revealed. OMG. I won! However what of the UK Expo prizes did I win? They did not reveal in the video as there was something like twenty-seven prizes. But they were listed in the notes below the video. I had won the Warlord Games bundle which was the core games for Doctor Who Exterminate and Test of Honour. Sadly I already have Doctor Who Exterminate as I brought it at Salute, so I need to think of what to do with it. However, Test of Honour was a game I wanted to try out due to the Samurai theme.

Next week will be chaos for me. My Dad is having an operation to fix his Hernia on Monday and my Mum is having her cataracts removed on Tuesday so I need to take some time off work to care for them as they will not be able to look after each other for several days.


This week I have managed to finish off eleven more Tau Pathfinders and all three of the Tau Pathfinder special drones. As well as two double doors and eight single doors from Dungeon Saga. As I have mixed them up with my other Pathfinders, the photos below is of all of sixteen Tau Pathfinders I have painted so far.

Pathfinders Unit One

Pathfinders Unit Two

Pathfinder Drones


I am considering applying the snow effect to the other to drone. The only reason one had is is that I had to undercoat the base as it got stuck to the drone.

I have also redone my painting system. Let me just say that it was a complex spreadsheet, which has become an even more complex spreadsheet. I am currently painting up both versions of Audrey, an A-Bomb Abomination and three Walker Skinner Zombies from Zombicide.

As I did not do a post last week and I am wanting to get rid of the backlog, I am posting some Arcadia Quest and Zombicide stuff. For Arcadia Quest, there is Lydia, The Nameless, The Heartless and both versions of Chooloo.

And for Zombicide there are both versions of Maki, Dylan, and Lucius.

Next week will be some Kingdom Death Monster minutes.


Warhammer 40,000 Eighth Edition

On Monday the 26th of June, I went down to Wargames Workshop MK like normal, but this time I was playing my first game of Warhammer 40k eighth edition. In fact, it is my first game of Warhammer 40k since University, not long after four edition was released. The Tau force I pieced together was:

  • Wing Zero - Commander (76) with 2 Plasma Rifles (11x2), Shield Generator (8) and Advanced Targeting System (8) = 76 +22+8+8 = 114
  • Heavyarms - Commander (76) with 2 Burst Cannons (10x2) and 2 Missile Pods (24x2) = 76 +20+48 = 144
  • 6 Tau Strike Team (8x5). Shas’ui with Markerlight (3) = 51
  • 6 Tau Strike Team (8x5). Shas’ui with Markerlight (3) = 51
  • 6 Tau Strike Team (8x5). Shas’ui with Markerlight (3) = 51
  • 5 Tau Strike Team (8x5). Shas’ui with Markerlight (3) = 43
  • 6 Pathfinders ((5+3)x6). Shas’ui with Pistol. One with Rail Rifle (22-3). One with Ion Rifle (7-3). Plus, a Recon Drone (12), Pulse Accelerator (8) and Grav-inhibitor (8) = 48+19+4+12+8+8 = 99
  • 4 Gun Drones (8x4), 6 Shield Drones (8x6) and 1 Marker Drone (10) = 32+48+10 = 90
  • 4 Crisis Bodyguards (45x4). One with 2 Fusion Blasters (21x2) and Drone Controller (5). Two with 2 Fusion Blasters (21x2) and Advanced Targeting System (8). One with 2 Plasma Rifles (11x2) and Advanced Targeting System (8). = 180+42+5+42 + 42+8+8+22+8 = 357

A couple of notes I must say. First, the Drones were split between the units and not a unit of them self. And second, the Striker units were armed with a mix of Pulse Rifles and Pulse Cabins based on what the figures have.

I was up against Matt who was using a Nurgle force. It was an enjoyable game, but sadly I lost.

There are a couple of issues. The "Disgustingly Resilient" ability is a real pain in the assessment for anyone to get past.

Also, the Psychic phase is quite harsh for forces without Psykers (like Tau). Each Psyker (from what I have been told) has at least one Deny the Witch (counter-power), the power Smite and at least one other Psychic power. Smite is basically an attack that deals damage that ignores toughness and armour (including ward saves). Smite destroyed my Crisis Battlesuits and I could not do anything about it. I believe (and others from the store) that you should be able to use Command Points to use Deny the Witch without a Psyker. Maybe Tau will get something when they finally get an eighth edition Codex. I have heard that they work with a psychic race, there are Kroot Psychics known as Shamans and the Tau have stolen anti-psychic tech from one of the Imperial Assassins groups (the anti-psychic ones, cannot remember the name). So there are ways the Tau can gain ways to combat Psykers.

Lastly, some of the simpler rules do cause problems in a WTF way. An example of this I saw on YouTube was a Vindicator Tank which has its main gun pointing out of the front that was hiding under a bridge was able to shot at a Large Tau Mech hiding behind a building as a REAR track pointing out from under the bridge was able to draw line of sight to a small part (like a foot) sticking out from behind the building.

Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed the game (except the Psychic phase) and I will play more games. In fact, I have one booked for the 10th of July with Bob.

Kingdom Death Monster

On Friday the 30th of June I went down to Simon's with Richard and Darren H for a game of Kingdom Death Monster. It was Lantern Year 16 and we were up against a Lonely Tree. As it was Lantern Year 16, the tree was level three. Wow, our first level three. In fact, I think it is the first level three that any of my groups have faced.

It was an interesting battle but in the end a bit too hard without any experience against the Lonely Tree. As we could just walk away, we did so. Sadly it just led to a wasted year.

The Settlement event meant we could not go off with Heavy gear on the next hunt (unless we lose all survival). Also with the innovation this Lantern Year, we picked one for the +1 Survival limit as the rest were useless at this late stage. We are now at Lantern Year 17. Wow. We are very close to the current end. I say current end as 1.5 will bring a new Nemesis Monster that will follow the Watcher, the Gold Smoke Knight. I might pause the campaign when we hit Lantern Year 20, to wait for the update set.


On Monday the 3rd of July, I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Frostgrave. This month's scenario was "The Library". Four of us turned up. To make the Library we used my old Space Hulk stuff and my Dungeon Saga and old HeroQuest terrain with Bob's "The Horus Heresy Burning of Prospero" floor plans. I forgot to state last time we introduced some house rules on experience. Instead of gaining ten experience for casting a spell, the wizard gain experience equal to the difficulty of the spell. Also on a critical miss with a spell (roll a natural one) the Wizard would take max failure damage and on a critical success (roll a natural twenty) would heal one health.

We all made it off with three treasures each. But, there was a bit of a fight towards the end.

I managed to extend the game a little by delaying. The last treasure carrier on the field was mine. She could have left during the Soldier phase. However as she was within command range of my Summoner and there were no nearby threats, I decided to wait and try to get one last spell off. Bob's Wizard acted first and attempted to cast a spell which he needed to move to the open for. His Wizard critical failed the spell and was reduced to one health. An opportunity opened up. I activated the treasure carrier with my Summoner, but not as a group activation. My Summoner moved to see Bob's Wizard and cast Steal Health on his Wizard and succeed, knocking out his Wizard. Then I moved my treasure carrier off the field which ended the game. Wow. That was a lot of experience.

I did not gain much gold and the only real highlight of the treasures gain was a Candle of Summoning. Sadly I lost a Treasure Hunter and a Thug will have to skip a game. However, my Summoner went up three levels. I improved she a Health and the spells Summon Daemon and Telekinesis.

There will be not Frostgrave next month and the next one might be a day later than normal.


There was no HeroClix on Thursday the 29th of June. But we did meet up on Thursday the 6th of July for some games at York House. This week's scenario was "Heroclix 2.0". 500 points, no figure above 200pts. Your team must contain at least 1 figure which does not have a standard base (eg peanut, 3x3 etc) or if it does not have the standard damage symbol (eg tiny, giant etc).

I decided to try out the Iron Man I used last time again. This time using the missing flight symbol. I also decided to use some of the new figures I pulled from Marvel What If. A new set that just came out which I brought a brick of. For those who do not know. A brick is a bundle of ten booster packs and each boost contains five random figures (like in TCGs). My team ended up being:

Goliath (066 Marvel Avengers Assemble) 98
Iron Man (053 Marvel Avengers/ Defenders War) 165
Scarlet Centurion (046 Marvel What If) 140
Iron Punisher (023 Marvel What If) 100
=503 points

Side Bench
Hawkeye (002 Marvel Avengers Assemble)

On the first round, I was up against Adrian who was using a non-themed team as he grabbed the wrong figures. It was a tighter fight than what I first thought, but I lost like I was thinking was happening. Also, Darren S won his game against Michael.

On the second round, I was up against Michael who was using a Defenders themed team. I managed to win this game without losing a figure. Also, Adrian won his game against Darren.

On the third and final round, I was up against Darren who was using a Skeleton Craw themed team. Somehow I managed to win with only Iron Man left standing. Darren's dice rolls were shit so that is how I somehow managed to win. Also, Adrian won his game against Michael.

There will be no HeroClix next week as I am looking after my parents.

Future Games

  • On Saturday the 8th of July, I will be going to Toby Carvery for either a Cardfight Vanguard or Future Card Buddyfight tournament.
  • On Monday the 10th of July, I will be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Warhammer 40k with Bob.
  • On Monday the 17th of July, I will be going to Wargames Workshop MK for hopefully a game of Kingdom Death Monster.

Well, that is it for this post. Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.

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