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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table: 22nd June 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another blog post. An old friend of mine, Roxy, come down to Milton Keynes during the weekend due to the F1. We managed to meet up on Sunday evening and watched Spider-Man Home Coming. It was a great film that was made greater with Iron Man being in it.

Also, I received my prizes from the Beast of War. However, it was not what I expected which was the starter sets for Doctor Who Exterminate and Test of Honour. It was a huge bundle of Doctor Who stuff from Warlord Games (£233 worth of stuff) which you can see in the image to the right. WOW. But sadly there was no Test of Honour. I really do not know if I should contact Beasts of War about it or not?


This week I have managed to finish off the Necromancer, Banshee, Zombie Troll Shaman, a Tomb, two Tables, a Weapon Rack, four Barrels, a Throne, Well, a Sorcerer's Cabinet with a Book, a Bookcase and a temporary replacement for the Undead Dwarf King from Dungeon Saga as well as three ruins from Lord of the Rings, a fix up/rebased for my T'au (the new way to write Tau) Commander Wing Zero from Games Workshop (conversation based on Gundam Wing Zero from Gundam Wing) and a scales from Hero Quest. I also finished off the crystal on the Wizard's staff.

Dungeon Saga Characters

Dungeon Saga Terrain

Lord of the Rings Terrain

Commander Wing Zero (Kai)

I am currently painting the Cleric Hero, Blaine, a Bookcases and the spar Necromancer from Dungeon Saga and Chaser from Wargame Exclusive which will be used as a Cadre Fireblade for my T'au.

For the backlog, I was going to do some Kingdom Death Monster and Warmachine figures. However, I will live the two Warmachine figures until next week. For Kingdom Death Monster there is the female Intimacy character, Halloween Pinup Twilight Knight, Messenger First Story, Phoenix Armour Pinup and a Rebased Forsaken.

Well, that is the backlog finally done.


Kingdom Death Monster at Simon's

On Friday evening myself, Richard and Darren H went down to Simon's for a game of Kingdom Death Monster. It was Lantern Year Seventeen. So damn close to the Watcher. We were going to hunt a level three White Lion until the group bottled out and decided to hunt a level two instead. During the hunt phase, we found a Lion Cub just before hitting the Overwhelming Darkness. We decided to kill it for the resources, plus it would most likely start the Showdown phase before we hit the Overwhelming Darkness. We ended up rolling for the Enraged mother. As I am writing this I realised we made a mistake. We forgot it was an Ambush. Opps. However it was too easy and it would not have done much, unless of VERY unlucky dice rolls. We regret not hunting a level three now, but with the way things were, a level three could have been deadly. Level Three Enraged Ambushing White Lion.

During the Settlement phase, we draw the Haunted event. Our original roll would have meant that we would not gain any endeavours and could not innovative either unless we excel our less experienced survivor. We decided to use their once in a lifetime re-roll. They ended up being Possessed.

We first spent an endeavour to innovation and choose Storyteller out of the ones we draw. We used two endeavours to use Storyteller, which boosted the Survivor Clark but both his arms ended up being broken. Luckily we do have Beds. However, we decided to use the last endeavour to make Leather so we could make another set of Leather Armour. We also built a Cat Gut Bow for our Blue Savior. With her current lineup (changing a Spear to a bow) the bow will have a ten square range. Sweet.

So now we are on Lantern Year eighteen. We were planning on playing this coming Friday, but Darren cannot do it. So we are plan on playing on ever the 4th or the 5th of August.

Kingdom Death Monster at Wargames Workshop MK

On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster. There was no Wai-Yin and we all dealt that we will see her again for Kingdom Death Monster as she has been very unresponsive. However, Roxy joined us for this game. It was Lantern Year Nine and we decided to hunt a level one Phoenix. This was the first time either of my groups has hunted a Phenox. It was a lot harsher than what we first thought. A bunch of the hit locations has a wound effect called "Rewind". It basically undoes the whole attack and moves the survivor five squares away if you had an Age Token on you. It did not help that it Ambushed us and it attacks twice with most of its attacks places an age token on the target. Sadly we lost a survivor, the one that Roxy was using which was my backup, Tharja. C'est la vie. Oh, and my main survivor, Marth, lost his genitals. But we did manage to defeat the Phoenix.

The Settlement event was Clinging Mist and we had Birth of Colours as a Story event too. With the six endeavours we have Innovated, Purified one of Adrian's survivors, active the Sauna Shrine to gain Strength tokens and armour and bread twice with Adrian's and Bob's characters as the main breeding pair can no longer bread. These newborns are more powerful than any in the past as the Innovation we got was Clan of Death. Clan of Death, Saga and Survival of the Fittest are an amazing combo.

The next game should be on the 31st of July.


On Thursday I went down to York House for some games of HeroClix. This week's (and at least next week’s) scenario was 'Teenage Kicks'. 400 points. It is time to find the most Kickass Teenage Supergroup. Six teams enter the arena in a battle to find the ultimate champions. All players will play each team at least once. Darren S supplied the teams and the teams are Runaways, Young Avengers, New Mutants, Teen Titans, Ravagers and Initiative. The image next to this is of the team lists.

On the first round, I was up against Adrian. I ended up with the Young Avengers team while Adrian ended up being the Ravagers team. I managed to win this game. It felt a little one sided. Also, Darren won his game against Michael.

On the second round, I was up against Darren. I ended up with the Ravagers team while Darren ended up being the Young Avengers team. The opposite of my last game. Like normal against Darren, I lost. I have a feeling that the balance between the two teams is off. Also, Michael won his game against his brother Adrian.

On the third and final round, I was up against Michael. I ended up with the Teen Titans team while Michael ended up being the Young Avengers team. Sadly I lost this game. Just could not hit them. Also, Adrian shockingly his game against Darren.

We will be continuing with this next week.

Future Games
  • On Saturday the 22nd of July, I should be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament.
  • On Monday the 24th of July, I will be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Malifaux.
  • On Thursday the 27th of July, I should be going to York House for some games of HeroClix.
  • On Monday the 31th of July, I should be going to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster.

Well, that is it for this post. Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.