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Friday, 9 November 2012

MK HeroClix, the 8th of November, Reunion Testing 1

Welcome to the new style MK HeroClix post. I have decided to split the DreamClix section away from the MK HeroClix post.  On weeks when was HeroClix does not happen the MK HeroClix post will be just a HeroClix news post and I might throw is a DreamClix idea to as a post filler.

First off the HeroClix news for this week. This week there were previews of The Joker and the Batwing from DC Batman; and Calendar Man, David Cain, Lady Shiver and Deathstroke from DC Streets of Gotham. On personal news I brought and receive eleven new HeroClix figures, most from Marvel 10th Anniversary. These were:

Klaw (029 Marvel Captain America)
Fixer (045 Marvel Captain America)
Thor (201 Avengers Movie)
Baron Zemo (041 Marvel Chaos War)
Thor (005 Marvel 10th Anniversary)
Marvel Girl (006 Marvel 10th Anniversary)
White Queen (008 Marvel 10th Anniversary)
Iron Man (009 Marvel 10th Anniversary)
Iron Man (012 Marvel 10th Anniversary)
Emma Frost (014 Marvel 10th Anniversary)
Thor (016 Marvel 10th Anniversary)

I would have liked to of gotten Dark Phoenix as well, but Blue Rat Games had none and by the look of it she would be costly.

This week was testing our Sunday teams for the UK HeroClix Reunion as there was no Adrian. To prevent only players knowing what teams we might be using I have decided to not list teams this week. If I end not using do not use ever of the two teams I might post them in the UK HeroClix Reunion post that will replace next week's DreamClix 7 post (which one of the teams will not be use. We had three games. The first game was my team AS versus Darren's team Y. My AS team won the game which was a major shock due to past experience with team Y and the way most of the game was going. This was more due to luck than anything. The second game was my team A versus Darren's team Y. My team A will not be used at the Reunion due the rules changes that happened earlier on in the day which Darren told me about as we meet up. The new rules were No Feats, No Battlefield Conditions, No Resources (Infinity Gauntlet and the Bat Belt), No Bystanders and No Event Dials. We are not sure on ATAs at the moment, Darren will check with Jules. Team A beat team Y which was a shocker again, but not as big of a shock as Team AS beating them. Darren say it is due to missing his first attack he lost the game. The third and final game was my team AS versus Darren's team S. S won this game due to a super cheesy figure and the AS team was not as good at stealth busting as I first thought. Over all AS is still a possible team, may be with a little twig, but due to the new rules team A is useless. So I still have a team to design.

Next week will be more testing for the up and coming Sunday.

Until next time, Mecha Up.

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