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Friday, 30 November 2012

MK HeroClix, the 29th of November, Missing Mojo and crap figures

Welcome to the MK HeroClix post. This is a weekly post with HeroClix news and results of Thursday's HeroClix game at MK Wargames Society at York House. I only just realised I some how forgot last week's post. How I do not know, but I will blame it on WWE '13 anyway. Sadly I had deleted the old post from the tablet as I was writing this week's post and I will not be rewriting last week's post again. Basically there was no Adrian this week, but we did have Roxy. Michael won the four way and Roxy was the only one to be totally wiped out.

Now for this week's (and last week's) HeroClix news. This week there was previews of the HeroClix dials of Batman, The Penguin and Two Face from DC Gotham City Strategy Game; and Ice and Huntress from DC Streets of Gotham.

This week's game was pick the worst figure between 50 and 100 points for a random opponent to use in a 300 points game. If the figure has no keywords they gain one of the other characters keywords from the force they are in. I choose Super Apes: Igor and I ended up getting veteran Diamond Lil. Because of Diamond Lil, I built an Alpha Flight team who were:

Alpha Flight
Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (202 Marvel Armour Wars) 66
Puck (026 Marvel Mutant Mayhem) 42
Diamond Lil (012 Marvel Armour Wars) 60 (chosen by Michael)
Box (008 Marvel Mutations and Monsters) 125
Tank Turret (S102 Marvel Chaos War) 2
=295 points and two re-rolls.

In the first round I was up against Adrian. He was using a none themed DC team who were:

Power Ring (059 DC Justice League) 90 (chosen by Darren)
The Question (004 DC Arkham Asylum) 37
Robin (034 DC Arkham Asylum) 66
Supergirl (010 DC Superman) 100
=293 points and no re-rolls.

I ended up being white washed, due to a over powered for the points Supergirl. I heavy hurt both Question and Power Ring, but sadly I did not KO them. Also a Critical Hit from Power Ring when he was on Attack 7 did not help ever. In the second round I was up against Michael. Like his brother, he was using a none themed DC team who were:

Len Snart (201 DC Collateral Damage) 77 (chosen by Adrian)
Cosmic Boy (003 DC Legion of Super-Heroes) 70
Superman (001 DC Superman) 150
=297 points and no re-rolls.

Again I ended up losing due to another over powered figure, this time Superman. I manage to KO Len Snart aka Captain Cold this time. It did not help that I missed a very important attack on Super that would have crippled him. In the third round I was up against Darren. He was using a Marvel Animal themed team who were:

Super Apes: Igor (019 Marvel Supernova) 50 (chosen by me)
Cosmo (039 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 52
Puma (012 Marvel Web of Spider-Man) 56
Noh-Varr (038 Marvel Web of Spider-Man) 141
=299 points and one re-roll.

Again I lost. Noh-Varr was nasty, especially with Police TA combo from Igor and Cosmo and Cosmo's Enhance and TK. I knew my Alpha Flight was not that great. Due to time and the fact I had some other Alpha Flight figures in my case (due to the fact I could not remember if it was 300 or 500 points so I built both), I redid my team with Darren's help and we had another game. The reformed team was:

Diamond Lil (012 Marvel Armour Wars) 60 + Alpha Flight (ATA) 4 = 64
Vindicator (054 Marvel Supernova) 124 + Alpha Flight (ATA) 4 = 128
Puck (026 Marvel Mutant Mayhem) 42 + Alpha Flight (ATA) 4 = 46
Northstar (068 Marvel Mutant Mayhem) 61 + Alpha Flight (ATA) 4 = 64
=302 points and two re-rolls.

This team lost as well, but they did much better than the other team as the other team did not KO anything, but this team KO'd both Noh-Varr and Igor, nearly two thirds of his team. However I bet I still would have lost of other two games due to Superman and Supergirl.

Next week's game should be 500 points, three actions, villains only.

Until next time, Mecha Up.

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