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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 12th to the 18th of November

RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes"
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine.

Apart from not being able to get Saturday off due to needing to finish early on on Tuesday 20th and not working 21st and 25th, not much happened at work. The time off problem was due to the Christmas period. Yes work class November as part of the Christmas period.

No new DreadBall news this week, apart from all orders of the main box set from Mantic's own store will get Wildcard and preorders get a metal version of her instead of the standard plastic version.

Now for a theme that has been taking over the Neoscream's Life posts lately, AJ Lee. Over the last three weeks I talk about my reactions to the storyline if it was real (which it is not) up to Raw on the 5th of November. I was going to write more about real life AJ and my real life thoughts of her, but like the week before I ran out of time. This week I am talking about Raw on the 12th of November and my real life reactions and thoughts of AJ.

Ok first let's Raw over with first. (Stuff in brackets here are real world reacts.) Vickie Guerrero had some more "evidence", but instead of showing it to John Cena in the ring, she showed it to AJ, well after a long chat and threats. Vickie wanted AJ to admit that she had an affair with John Cena. AJ replied that see will not lie for Vickie and that she and John are just friends. The evidence was of three voice recording from AJ left on John Cena's mobile phone answer phone. By the way AJ reacted these were massages left by her, but heavily edited. (This has now touched on a major news subject I believe the WWE should not have done, unless it will be Vickie's undoing. It it a major thing that is effecting news companies, the police and politics. People have lost their jobs over it and news teams have been disband over it. The News of the World paper being on of them. I do hope the WWE know want they are doing with this story line.) John Cena came out to deal with Vickie and Dolph Ziggler. AJ then found a lop hope in the new contact Vickie had her on. AJ could not lay a figure on Vickie, but there is nothing stopping her from slapping Dolph's think skull. So she slapped him, hurting her hand doing so and then John punched him. Both Dolph and Vickie ran off. Later, after the adds we go to the backstage where AJ and John are talking. John was worried about AJ and hating what Vickie was doing to her. John said that nothing has every happened and will never happen. AJ question him 'ever happen' and John rephrased it as to just had never happened. To me it is crystal clear that nothing happened, maybe a bit of uncontrollable flirting as it is obvious they really like each other, but that is it. I forgot to say to last week, but I knew Vickie would be using self made fake evidence this week, but I thought it would be a something like a photoshop edited picture. On a none AJ note, it was great seeing Jerry "The King" Lawler back on Raw from his time away due to suffering a heart attack two months ago. THE KING IS BACK, LONG LIVE THE KING. I plan on covering Survivor Series next week's post.

AJ winning the WWE 12 (game) tournament
Ok, now back to the real world, not the WWE fantasy soap opera world. Long term readers my have noticed (if there is any long term readers) that I have developed a huge crush on AJ. As before she became Raw General Manager, I never really talk about wrestling, WWE or its characters. And now she is no longer GM I cannot stop talking about her. I alway had a liking for since the beginning. She was a geek and prude of it. There is always something magical about during interviews which made is a huge crush. Her smiles are fantastic (ok not the psycho grim) and her laugh in interviews is great too. On top of that she has a great ass, small breast, short and glasses which are alway great bonuses. See her upset on Raw when she lost her job as the GM of Raw, really made my fill depressed as. It did not help that they left it unclear if she still had a job with the WWE and knowing how much she loved wrestling and being apart of the WWE from Interviews, I was worried about her. But there was nothing to worry about in the end, she was just returning to act in ring action. Ok I do know it is all acting, but seeing AJ upset and pissed off does really upset me.

Follow an AJ theme, I been meaning to write down three dreams I have had. They all have been named (Armoured Shining Robotic Knight, World of Sonic and Back in Power) and all had AJ in it. Sadly due to time I have only managed to write down the first two so far. First off Armoured Shining Robotic Knight.

I had this dream just before AJ lost her job as Raw GM. Basically in this dream, AJ had aloud me and Hornswoggle to a new invention of mine. Hornswoggle somehow convinced AJ that is a new robotic wrestler with an armoured shell, while in fact it it was a suit Iron Man inspired armour with an un named pilot. I learn about Hornswoggle lies to AJ until a later date. The armour was performing with Hornswoggle and occasionally Sheamus at ringside to deal with any suit problems before or after a match. They only problem the suit had was Big Show's KO Punch, it was too much force for it to absorb. I started work on finding a way to improve the suit to counter the KO Punch some how. If you have not realised it let I am the one in the suit of armour. Also during the dream there a major power struggle over Raw between AJ, Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman. My self in and out of the armour was trying and others like Sheamus and John Cena were trying the defend her. An example I remember is grabbing hold of AJ to preventing her from attacking Vickie and losing her job while in the armour. While holding her back I stated, "Regardless of how much I would love to AJ rip you limb by limb, I know if I do AJ would be out of a job". AJ paid a lot of attention to the wrestling armour and next to no attention to me. This was due to me not really physical being able to defend her out of the armour and AJ not knowing it is me in the armour. The next pay-per-view a six man tag match was made. Vickie and Heyman teamed had teamed up together to get rid of AJ as GM and become co-GMs of Raw. Their team was Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk and Big Show. AJ's team was John Cena, Sheamus and the wrestling armour. As the new armour upgrades had a flaw that I had not gotten rid of yet, I went with a standard armour. During the match Big Show KO'd Punched me knocking me out and damaging the helmet of the armour. Luckily it was in my team's corner and John tagged himself in as I was falling down. Sheamus and AJ dragged me out of the ring. Sheamus got Hornswoggle to go and get the new armour. Sheamus then spent some time trying to remove the damage helmet. When he managed to remove the helmet he tried to snap me out from unconscious while AJ was in shock. Sheamus and John were then only ones other than Hornswoggle who know I was in the suit of armour as the had helped out or help train me beforehand. Hornswoggle managed to get the upgrade parts to me as I regained consciousness. The upgrades were a helmet, a new collar piece to help absorb hits to the head and new gauntlets that fit that connected to a device on the back. Sheamus got back to our corner so John could tag out as he was all on his own all this time. I regeared up and made a couple of last minute adjustments. Later on it ended up with me verses Big Show. I was catching Big Show's punches with my right hand and with each catch a meter on the gauntlets start to fill up. However each punch was hurting the arm, the flaw of the upgrades. After a couple of KO punches into a gauntlet the meter was full. I did some kind of sky upper cut punch on Big Show that knocked him out cold. I collapsed in pain on top of Big Show as the punch had broken my arm, pinning him. One, two, three. The cheers of the audience was bearly drowning out the ear piecing scream from ringside. The whole team rushed to celebrate. Sheamus and John help me back up to my feet, and help me remove my helmet as the identity of the suits operator was no long a secret. AJ first slapped due to not telling her that I was the operator of the suit and letting her believe in was a robot. Then she kissed me on the lips for every I doing for her and that is there the dream ended.

In honour of how Tony Stark names some of his armours, I have dubbed the upgraded armour as Show Buster Armour. The gauntlets seem to act a bit like to impact dials from One Piece. The armoured kneeling character that will be joining the 7TV team currently called the Cyber Cultists at a later date was base lossy on the dream. Now to the second dream, World of Sonic.

In the dream I was some kind of armoured hero. Able to call my robot armour out of nowhere. Guyver or Blooding Edge Iron Man armour like. I need a device to help save or protect the Earth. I had learnt that Doctor Robotnik/Eggman (what ever you what to call him had the device in his castle. This meant I had to travel to Sonic the Hedgehog's world to get the device. The people I worked for had some kind of link with the WWE. What kind of link? I do not know, it was a dream. AJ heard about to journey and had talked me into taking her with me. Doctor Robotnik/Eggman had been gone for a long time. He was presumed dead after his last battle with Sonic. So it should be safe, apart from old rogue and wild robots of Doctor Robotnik/Eggman. I gave AJ a bracelet with a builtin force field just in case. For some reason my gut was telling me that this seems too easy and that Doctor Robotnik/Eggman might still be alive. This worry was not helped with the fact that Sonic had been missing for several day. This lead to a problem were Sonic was meant to be are guide to Doctor Robotnik/Eggman old castle. So we had to travel to the castle on foot without him though jungles and swamp lands. On the way we were attacked by a group of Doctor Robotnik/Eggman robots. I armoured up in Hyniks style armour (a character from stories I us to write) and sadly that is were the dream ended.

I will try to write down the third dream at a later date. This my not be next week's post as I have a large DreamClix 7 post to write.

Now for the Watch, Listen and Read section:

Watched: Episode 2 of the new series of The Gadget Show and this week’s episode of Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature.
Listened: Episode 341 of Anime Pulse.

Watched: Part of episode 1016 of WWE Raw.
Brought: Due to problems with the order (and delayed notice about it due to an important e-mail getting sent to spam by hotmail) I had to cancel the original copy I ordered of WWE 13 and order another one. If I knew I would take this long getting the damn game, I would have wanted until this week to get the Fan Axxess.

Watched: Three Gadget Show web clips (Gaming: 13.08.10, Football Manager Live and Gaming: 20.08.10) and the rest of episode 1016 of WWE Raw.
Read: Chapters 78 to 80 of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Watched: Episode 95 of the Gadget Show Web TV, episode 212 of the subtitled version of Naruto Shippuden and episode 408 of One Piece.
Read: Chapters 81 and 82 of Neon Genesis Evangelion and chapter 174 of Bleach.
Brought: Volume 13 of Neon Genesis Evangelion manga. Only just found out it came out at the beginning of the month.

Watched: Episode 213 of the subtitled version of Naruto Shippuden and two Gadget Show web clips (Bulletstorm @Gamescom and Dead Space 2 @Gamescom).
Listened: part Episode 44 of Gundamn!@MAHQ.
Read: Chapter 83 of Neon Genesis Evangelion which finished volume 12.
Brought: The Crazy Christmas Box from Mantic.

Watched: Episode 409 of One Piece, episode 671 of WWE Smackdown and episode 7 of season five of Merlin.
Received: Some new figures from Left Hand Miniatures and a Christmas gift for a friend.

Won: The DC HeroClix Superman prize support map.

Lastly this last week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Wednesday there was a new set from a new deviant called Domi. The set is called Shunpo Master and in it he cosplays as the human form of Yoruichi Shihõin from Bleach. The set on Saturday was a new set from the deviant BlackLadybug. The set is called Hero of Canton and in it she cosplayed as a female version of Jayne Cobb from Firefly.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Mecha Up.

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