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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 19th to the 25th of November

RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis"
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. It also includes the AJ news; the latest Cosplay Deviants sets and news; my "Watch, Listen and Read" lists; and now 7TV teams until next year (well starting next week).

This week the late mornings have been busy at work. This is most likely due to the closeness of Christmas. Also the Assistant Manager is back from her holidays. Apart from that not much happened to write about.

The first set of DreadBall KickStarter stuff will start shipping soon, so there is a slim chance that I will have it ever by the Neoscream's Life post or the one after that. Also good news for people who pledged at January Keeper and Striker level. They will be sent of with the December ones, so they will have them before Christmas now. Also tester colour schemes have been done for both the Female Corps and Z'zor teams.

On Tuesday my Mum went into Hospital again, this time for an operation on her elbow to remove any bonely bits floating in there that were effecting movement and blood flow in her left arm. She was meant to be back home in the evening, but due to bed problems she never got a bed until late in the day. This meant she would not be going back until Wednesday morning, about 7AM/8AM. Again this was delayed as they did not see her until 9AM and sadly due the cut was still bleeding my mum could not leave it the afternoon where my dad was free. This was a pain as I booked Wednesday off work to keep an eye on her for the first 24 hours and it ended up that I could have worked it. Apart from the bleeding my mum was fine. In fact she was more active and in less pain then when the shoulder was done.
Female Corps tester colour scheme

A friend of mine, Roxy, was back in Milton Keynes for a couple of days this week. Roxy now lives and works in Cardiff. Richard had planned a get together on Friday for Roxy, however there was a miss understanding somewhere and Roxy was not free on Friday evening like Richard thought. So Richard had to do a last minute re-plan on Wednesday for Wednesday evening. It was only me, Richard, Colette and Roxy due to it being last minute and being on weekday. Roxy is doing OK in Cardiff.

We manage to get a game of 7TV during the weekend. Their super harden team verses a 450 point version of my Cyber Cultists team. Sadly the Cyber Cultist were destroyed with the figure based on John Cena being the last one standing before we called an end to it. It does not help that they have spent a lot of experience to boost their stars. Movement 8, Strength 10, Defence 5 with Rage, Invulnerable (1) and Fists of Fury is Pete's Failed Experience. Strength 8 or 9, Defence 7 with Improvised Weapon is Nathan's Nasty Piece of Work. Invisible, Mind Blast and a Laser Rifle is Richard's character.I am going to have to use a boosted G.O.D.S. team on them next time. Insert (Ted DiBiase senior) evil laugh now.

Love that smile
Now for a theme that has been taking over the Neoscream's Life posts lately, AJ Lee. First off Survivor Series. As this happen late Sunday/early Monday morning for me, I decided to talk about it in this post instead of last week's. AJ had evidence of Vickie Guerrero having affairs with people (good old JR, Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay). I can think of one other picture AJ could of used, but I know why she did not use it. She did not want to hurt John Cena. Vickie denied them and then the daughter of "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Tamina Snuka, attack AJ from behind. I lost all respect I had for Tamina after her actions.

On Raw, Vickie had more so called evidence of AJ's and Cena's so call affair. This time two witnesses. Most likely two random people off the street (more part time actors) that were being paid to say what they said. First AJ came out to deal with AJ and than a bit later Cena came out. Both off them had enough of Vickie's turning Raw into a tabloid of lies. Cena came up with a way to end it. He then kisses AJ. A WOW and OMG moment. AJ's lips looked wonderful. Cena you lucky hero. After that Cena was about to say something to Vickie and then AJ kisses Cena. An awesome WOW and an amazing OMG moment, but the Dickhead (I not going to call him by his name as I am trying not to feed his ego) attacked Cena from behind. Dickhead ran off and Cena followed after him, but Cena injured his knee exiting the ring. However, Cena continued after him. Later Cena was being see to and get his knee bandaged with AJ by his side. AJ decided she had enough and went to see Vickie. At Vickie's office, Vickie was speaking to Tamina Snuka when AJ entered. Vickie introduced AJ to Tamina Snuka. (Odd, this is not the first time they had meet. When going to to get the spelling of Tamina's name I found a match on Smackdown over a year ago between them. And AJ won the match as well, so I am scared of Tamina being back.) AJ pretty much said, but no in these word, I deal with you at a later date. AJ asked what is Vickie going to do as Cena was injured. Vickie reply was nothing and then AJ stormed out of the office. Later AJ was storming towards the Men's Locker room with Layla trying to talk her out of what she was about to do. AJ told her to stay out of it and Layla backed off. AJ then stormed into the Men's Locker room and headed strait to Dickhead. All the other male superstars in the locker room backed off. She asked him who the hell does he thinks he is. The Dickhead told AJ that girls like her are a dime a dozen. That she came from nothing and she will be nothing. He says that she gloms on anyone who shows her attention. He calls AJ pathetic and said that every time she loses a piece of her pride and now she is a shell of a woman. He calls her sad, weak, and pitiful. He calls AJ trash. First off it girls like AJ is a dime a dozen the world might be a happier place. She might have came from nothing, but that does not mean she is nothing. I am willing to place money on her to be in the WWE Hall of Fame in the future, but there will be a long wait until that will happen. AJ is not pathetic, she is just a lonely soul search for a special someone. She my not be the strongest Diva, but brute strength is not everything, just look at Rey Mysterio. After Dickhead's comments, AJ unleashes a flurry of punches on Ziggler. To be honest, if I was there and heard what he said to her, I might have done the some, or hit him with the nearest hard object that is not his head. Cena rushed in out of nowhere to stops AJ and then the Dickhead punches Cena. They fight into the bathroom and knocked down the walls between the stalls with their fighting. The Dickhead was targeting Cena’s knee. Several of the superstars finally pulled off Dickhead, med officials come and help Cena while AJ makes sure he’s okay.

Best Guests Ever On Miz TV. How can Miz top this?
Miz's guest star on Miz TV on Smackdown. Cena takes a seat on a couch, saying he has loved with Miz has done with place. They chatted a bit about their past and Miz replayed the events from Raw. Miz then said Cena had denied his relationship with AJ before, but cannot anymore. Cena says he was sick of all the accusations and he gave them what they wanted, but admits he liked it. Cena also says AJ is a pretty good kisser. I am not expert but looking at the way she kisses I bet she is. Miz asked if they are more than just friends now, but before Cena could answer AJ came out skipped to the ring. AJ said he did not have to answer the question. Miz said that tough questions come with the territory and then he asks if they are in love, then asking the crowd. Cena said Miz is an idiot, but Dickhead came out saying that it is obvious that AJ and Cena had feelings for each one. Dickhead kept on insulting AJ and than Vickie came out. Vickie saids AJ needs to learn to control her impulses. Ok for once I agree with Vickie, but with my Dyspraxia I can understand how emotion and passion can course problems in the heat of the moment. Vickie also said that Dickhead knows how to kiss someone who is authoritative and passionate. Hang on, is Vickie saying she is having an affair with Dickhead (again). Cena stated that they cannot prove Vickie is a woman. Dickhead said that AJ and Cena deserves each other, two weak losers. Losers! Is he looking in to a mirror. Cena replied that Dolph and Vickie are good for each other; one likes to eat nuts and one has yet to find his. The ring clears and that was Miz TV. A lot later on Dickhead's and Randy Orton's match end with Dickhead managing to turn Randy's RKO into a quick pin that won him the match. Randy was about to beat the crap out of Dickhead when Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez made their way to the ring, but poor Ricardo ended up being the sacrificial lamb as Dickhead ran off and Alberto backed off. Dickhead thought he was safe, but Cena attacked him from behind and locking on the STF. If was my I would have stolen Triple H's sledgehammer and the crap out of Dickhead with it.

The Mantic Christmas Crazy Box
Now for the Watch, Listen and Read section:

Watched: Episode 3 of the new series of The Gadget Show and episode 3 (and final) of Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature.
Listened: Episode 342 of Anime Pulse.

Watched: Episode 1017 of WWE Raw.

Watched: Four Gadget Show web clips (Medal Of Honour @Gamescom, EA Sports @Gamescom, NFS - Hot Pursuit @Gamescom and Star Wars: The Old Republic @Gamescom).
Received: Finally got my copy of WWE 13 with Iron Mike Tyson for my Xbox 360.

Received: Mantic’s Christmas Crazy Box.

Received: Volume 13 of the Neon Geneses Evangelion mange.

WLR: Nothing.

Watched: Watched: Episode 8 of season five of Merlin, episodes 13 and 14 of season two of Iron Man Armoured Adventures and episode 672 of WWE Smackdown.

Meka in "Otaku"
Dolly in "Navigator"
Now for this last week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Wednesday there was a new set from a new deviant called Meka. The set is called Otaku and in it she cosplays as Tsukimi Kurashita from Princess Jellyfish. The set on Saturday was a new set from the deviant Dolly. The set is called Navigator and in it she cosplayed as Nami from One Piece. A great set for a great show.

This is were from next week I be doing the 7TV team of the week. Next week I will hopefully be a new 100 rating team which you all might have seen a preview or two of.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Mecha Up.

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