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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

UK HeroClix Reunion, the 17th and 18th of November 2012

Welcome to the UK HeroClix Reunion post. This is a special HeroClix post for the UK HeroClix Reunion that happen on the 17th and 18th of November. I was planning on doing some HeroClix news as well, but sadly there has been none since the last MK HeroClix post.

First off, Saturday. Due to work and time off needed this week I could not make Saturday. They did a massive battle with everybody fielding two pre-designed teams (one heroes, one villains). They had planned the game to last six hours, but it ended up taking nine hours. A hell of a lot later than planned. I do not know how many people were there on Saturday, but I do know Darren was not playing as he had to help judge this massive game. Oh and Super Heroes seem to love backstabbing each other.

Now to Sunday. We had to begin two team, no crossing universein each team (but the two teams can be different universes), Marvel and DC only, no multiples of the some figure it both teams (multiples of the same character was fine), no feats, no resources, no events and no bystanders. My first teams was the AS team from testing. It was a S.H.I.E.L.D. team with a heavy Avengers feel. They were:

Iron Man (009 Marvel 10th Anniversary) 125
Sharon Carter (022 Marvel Chaos War) 45
Hawkeye (039 Marvel Chaos War) 98
Mockingbird (005 Marvel Fast Forces Chaos War) 25
Howard Stark (021 Marvel Avengers Movie) 33
Nick Fury (035 Marvel Avengers Movie) 70
Steve Rogers (031 Marvel Captain America) 99
=495 points and four re-rolls.

Up until the last minute I had two team twos which I wanted to test last Thursday but could not due to it being cancelled. There was a Thunderbolts team and a X-Men team. In the end I went for the X-Men team as there was more figures on the team, also knowing me I would not have to remember to deal Mystics damage. Also X-Men our my favourite comic book team. I just play a lot of Avengers teams as Iron Man is my favourite comic book character. The team X-Men team was:

Wolverine (029 Marvel Chaos War) 90
Cyclops (008 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 110
Beast (010 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 95
Psylocke (023 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 74
Professor X (036 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 123
=492 points and four re-rolls.

There was thirteen of use and one judge as both Darren and Jules were playing. By the the sound of it there was less players than yesterday due to different problems and the late finish of yesterday. We were doing five rounds of swiss. Team one will play odd number rounds while two two will play even number rounds. Due to the odd numbers of players, one player each round will get a bye. It was decided the the person with the bye will play the Judge who will use their other team. This will be written as a win regardless of the result, but they gain the victory points they won in the game instead of no victory points which they meant to get with a bye. According to the judge the entry forms were shuffled to determine who will play who in round one. I ended up playing Darren and Michael and Adrian ended up playing each other. Face palm. Darren's team one was the Y team he used during testing. It was a Sinestro Corps team who were:

Scarecrow (003 DC Blackest Night) 85
Arkillo (028 DC Arkham Asylum) 126
Amon Sur (030 DC Arkham Asylum) 70
Lyssa Drak (046 DC Arkham Asylum) 72
Sinestro (055 DC Crisis) 146
=499 points and four re-rolls.

It was a revenge match and sadly not ending with the same results. He white washed my team. On round two I was up against a kid called Stu. He was using a X-Force team who were:

Wolverine (004 Marvel Fast Forces Giant-Size X-Men) 75
Domino (017 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 69
Elixir (025 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 51
Cable/Deadpool (044 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 247
Shatterstar (024 Marvel Mutations and Monsters) 57
=499 points and four re-rolls.

X-Men verses X-Force. Cable/Deadpool was nasty. I managed to damage them, but their phased off to Elixir who healed them. I ended up being beatened by this duo figure alone. On the third round I had the bye so I was up against the judge (sorry I am bad at remembering names) who used my X-Men team. My S.H.I.E.L.D. team creamed my X-Men team with easy. On the fourth round I was up against Adrian. Face Palm. He was using an Avengers team who were:

Vision (013 Marvel Chaos War) 95
Captain America (001 Marvel Captain America) 89
Namor (045 Marvel Secret Invasion) 150
Iron Man (217 Marvel Supernova) 160
=494 points and four re-rolls.

My X-Men team could not keep up and ended up losing. I wish a had a chance to test the team out before hand as they turned out crap as they lost all three games they were in. Maybe I should have gone for the Thunderbolts, at least Mystics would have damaged my opponents more. On the fifth and final round I was up against Michael. Face Palm. We came to this to play other plays (and to have fun and maybe win prizes), not to play the same players we normally do. Michael was using an Avengers team who were:

Donald Blake (010 Marvel Chaos War) 33
Wasp (016 Marvel Chaos War) 75
Black Panther (037 Marvel Captain America) 128
Captain America (040 Marvel Hammer of Thor) 72
Iron Man (021 Marvel Secret Invasion) 188
=496 points and four re-rolls

My team managed to cream Michael's team only losing Howard Stark. A very stupid mistake made by Michael did not help him. He moved Captain America into the open to blow up an object under my Hawkeye so that the rest of his team could shot Hawkeye  the next target. Steve Rogers KO'd Captain America in one hit with damage be boosted by Howard Stark, Nick Fury and Sharon Carter. Oh and Howard Stark stepped in the way so Hawkeye was safe from the rest of his team. Over all never me, Adrian and Michael did that well during the day, in fact Michael was die last. Darren got ever third or four place and won Wolverage (a hulked out Wolverine). On a note on rewards, there were six prize places, Fellowship and the top five places not including fellowship. Everyone else got maps. I picked up the DC Super prize support map. It was nice seeing some of the players I remember from the old nationals years ago, but I would have liked playing more players than the players I always play against.

Lastly Thursday's game should be a 1,200 points Mojo game. Crap, I cannot remember Mojo's rules. How ever that is understandable and it has been years now since the last Mojo event and Darren should have updated the rules too.

Until next time, Mecha Up.

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