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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cosplay Deviants: 4th to 10th November 2013

Quinn Morgendorffer from Daria
Annasthesia in "Esteemer"
Welcome the Cosplay Deviants post, this is where I post PG rated previews of the week’s sets from the site Cosplay Deviant and sometime talk a bit about them too.

On Monday there was a new set from the deviant Annasthesia. The set is called “Esteemer” and in it she cosplays as Quinn Morgendorffer from Daria.

Bear and Meka is "Sleepover"

Sally Sparrow in "Razor Girl"
On Wednesday there was a new duo set from the deviants Bear and Meka. The set is called “Sleepover” and in it they cosplayed in Gloomy Bear kigurumi and Rilakkuma kigurumi. 

Molly Millions

On Saturday there was a new set from the deviant Sally Sparrow. The set is called “Razor Girl” and in it she cosplay as Molly Millions a recurring character in stories and novels written by William Gibson, particularly his Sprawl trilogy.

This week’s Cosplay Cards section I have done update card for Sally Sparrow and a new card for Annasthesia.

Until next time, Armour Up.