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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Neoscream's Life: 18th to 24th of November

AMX-004 Qubeley
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done last week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ Lee.This week's opening picture is the last of the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Mobile Suits/Armours. Next week will be the start of the Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ ones.


I was back at work this week after the two week chaos of having a new kitchen. The buses were more of a nightmare than normal they are running more than five minutes early, not turning up or running so late it arrives a moment just before the next bus arrives. I have not arrived to work on time at all this work do to the buses and I have been trying to catch buses a bus earlier than I need. No wonder Milton Keynes bus service has been voted one of the worst bus services in the UK. Luckily I have not gotten into trouble because most of the time it was coming in earlier than I am down as the management wanted me to do stuff.

The kitchen fitter came on Monday evening to fix the fan, but sadly he did not do the shelf (I think I was misspelling it last week) or sealing under the window seal (which I forgot to talk about). He said he would come Thursday after 11AM to do it but texted on the day to say he was not coming. He will now be coming Friday evening to do it which the assistant did, however he only fitted the shelf. He said he would come Monday evening to seal the window seal as he did not have any sealant in his van. Also BnQ finally picked up the rubbish Tuesday afternoon. Was it to do with last week's blog post or they just finally got off their butts.

During the week the person who was meant to be doing the fence phoned up saying he would be coming on Sunday, but he never turned up or called. My dad had to call him. This time his excuse was that he does have his van anymore. Let’s just say we will be going with someone else now. As this job should have been done weeks ago, if not months (I have lost count).

This week I have been busy studying like mad for the chapter five exam as it was more than three times the size of previous chapters. The chapter is on Operating Systems. I manage to get 91.7% in the test. Next week will be the chapter six exam that covers Networking (another super huge chapter, and the check point exam that will cover chapters 1 to 6. So it was back to the studying again and this time in it worst.

An old friend of mine, Roxi was in Milton Keynes this week for a week. We watched both Thor: Dark World and Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in the cinema and played a game of Super Dungeon Explore. I was playing as the console while Roxi played the three heroes in a 16-Bit game. Maybe we should have done 8-bit as Roxi got swamped with monsters.

As you might be able to tell off the bottom of this post I have seen both the cinema and TV versions of Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor. For what I was told to expect from the cinema version which sold me to going to it was that it had fifteen minutes extra and it was it 3D. The 3D was awesome but apart from a couple of minute introduction from the Doctors I could not see anything extra. In fact there was less as the cinema version did not have the trailer for the Christmas special which was on the TV version. Plus the tickets were more than a normal film. Do not get me wrong, I was great seeing it in 3D, but I do feel a bit ripped off. It might have been a good idea to start a little earlier and include the two mini episodes that goes with it before it starts. It cost the same as Thor did but we watched Thor in a more expensive cinema, with glass as we forgot them and it was a deluxe screen with beater chairs.

“AJ Lee (and WWE)

On Raw the Authority decided to place Vickie Guerrero in a match as punishment for what happened in the previous week’s Raw. Why am I talking about that here? Her opponent is the Diva who’s life she made a living hell of lost year, the Diva’s Champion and Geek Goddess AJ Lee. And this time there is no special guess ref to screw over AJ. REVENGE TIME. Vickie tried getting out of it but it lead to her being taken TO the ring on a stretcher. She tried running away and getting Tamina Snuka to hit her, but it never work. AJ led her back to the ring were AJ slapped on the Black Widow on her winning the match without any effort.

Also on Raw, Big E Langston (with a new remixed entry music) finally got his title match against Curtis Axel. He defeated Axel to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Congrats to Big E, AJ trained you well. After the match Vickie fainted. Not the destruction I was expecting, but still fun to watch.

All of the divas were out at ringside for Tamina’s match against Naomi on Main Event. Sadly I never saw it, but Tamina won an there looks like there was in big bust up between the divas.

Sadly on Smackdown, that jealous @itch Vickie who never learns from her mistakes placed AJ in a handy cap match against Cameron and Naomi. They did not even need to tag each other in. If it was a fair one on one match AJ would have kicked their butts like she has done in the past, but two on one she sadly had no chance.

Also Big E betides AJ on Smackdown by teaming up with Dolph Ziggle. They fought against Axel and Damien Sandow and won, thanks to Big E.

Like normal you all have to wait until next week for the Survivor Series results. I hoping AJ Black Widows all the Total Divas cast. However this week added a new match to the line up Intercontinental Champion Big E verses Axel.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

KickStarter: Backed Journey: Wrath of Demons at The Resin Sage level.

Watched: Last week's episode of BBC's Click and this week's episode of the Gadget Show.

Watched: Thor: Dark World.

Watched: Part of this week’s WWE Raw.

Watched: The rest of this week’s WWE Raw.

Watched: Part of this week’s WWE Smackdown, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in 3D at the cinema and the Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor after show.
KickSarter: Paid for Journey: Wrath of Demons.

Watched: Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in 2D, the rest of this week’s WWE Smackdown and episode 7 of Gundam Build Fighters.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Armour Up.