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Friday, 29 November 2013

Gaming with Neoscream: 29th November 2013

Welcome to “Gaming with Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming post for miniature games, non-computer RPGs and some card games.

Gaming News

First off is the Mantic news. It is Charismas time over at the Mantic store and that means the Bits Box is back. In it this year is the normal random Kings of War and Warpath plastic miniatures, but it also includes a random DreadBall Giant, a random DreadBall MVP and a poster. I not sure if I will pick this up yet as I have not used much of last year’s yet. The Forge Fathers were used in my X-Guard team for 7TV, an elf for parts for a DreadBall player, a Orx head was used on a DreadBall Goblin player, the Orx and a Goblin will see future use in my CWC team for 7TV and the Zombies and Ghouls will be added to Zombicide/7ombie TV after I have finished the Zombicide zombies.
By the sound of it DeadZone has started shipping to people now. The following items will be released in the first package:
  • Deadzone Boxed Game, including all of the counters and cards you need to play.
  • Faction Starters – Enforcers, Plague, Rebs, Marauders
  • Faction Boosters – Plague, Rebs, Marauders
  • Faction Booster Bundles – Plague, Rebs, Marauders
  • All individual models in the above sets
  • 8 Plastic Mercenaries –  The Survivor, Recon Unit N32-19, Blaine, Nastanza, Wrath, Doctor Simmonds, Freya, and Oberon
  • 2 Premium hand-cast metal Mercenaries – Helfather and Chovar
  • Random DreadBall MVP
  • Warpath Heroes – Enforcer Captain, Forge Father Huscarl, Forge Father Thorgarim Hero and Marauder Warlord
  • Scenery – Core Worlds, Fortifications, Landing Pad, Accessories and Connectors
  • Antenociti’s Workshop Urban Detailing Bundles
  • Gaming Mats
  • Rulebooks
  • Faction Dice
  • Acrylic Counters (If you've ordered these you will be getting both the Standard and Plague pack)
  • Resin Equipment Crates
  • Battle Foam (may ship separately)
  • Bags
  • T-Shirts
  • Patches
  • Paint Sets

Mantic's save labor busy sorting counl=nters
Everything else will be shipped in the second package. So there will no Enforcer Faction Boosters or Faction Booster Bundles in the first shipment. Damn it.
Also the finishing touches to the Creating DreadBall book are being done and it should be sent to all backers (as a PDF) soon.

Next is the HeroClix news. This week there was previews of: Cable from Marvel Avengers vs. X-Men; Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad from DC Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes; and Neko Mane King from Yu-Gi-Oh Series One.

Now for the Shadows of Brimstone KickStarter news. The KickStarter ended Monday morning and the new stuff we get out of it since the last update were: A female variant of the Drifter Hero Class; three Henchmen Allies; the “Derelict Ship” Otherworld; Serpentmen Shaman; special dice as a none Mine cart add-on; a bag of Dark Stone Tokens; B.E.A.C.O.N. Drones; “No Man’s Land” Trederra Encounter Pack; three Harvestors; a Blacksmith Ally; the Hell Cannon with crew; “The Captain’s Log” Derelict Ship Encounter Pack; the Wandering Samurai Hero Class in both genders; and a Dark Stone Hydra.
Sadly the stretch goals that were not made were: Three Trun Hunters; six Trederran Mutants; six Tribal Ghost Warriors; the “Belly of the Beast” Otherworld; and the new game mode “The Impossible Hell Train.
The KickStarter made $1,341,305 when the original target was $30,000 and go 4,727 backers.

Next is the Battle Systems Sci-fi Modular Terrain. They have managed to unlock or got so far in the space of a week are: A third Well Mounted Medi display will be added to Add-On Pack 7; a Locker and Bunks add-on kit; the Battle Systems 3D Construction kit; a new add-on with bits of bobs; and the ability to convert Reactor Cells into Stasis Pods at £146k.
Stretch goal that were left as I start to post this were: An Extra Transfer Conduit, two extra V-consoles and two extra Cargo Crates added to the Stronghold pledge level ad £152k; and the Docking Bay add-on and an unknown amount. This will end by the end of the weekend so let us see what will be unlocked by then. Sadly due to a unforeseen event which is detailed later on in the news, I had to pull out of this KickStarter.

Now for the Journey: Wrath of Demons news. The KickStarter ended Monday morning and the new stuff we get out of it since the last update were: Two new map tiles were added to the “White Bone Demon” expansion pack; a plastic Bridge, a new bridge tile, a pack of five downloadable Quests and one plastic Zigi Spider Demon Warrior all added to the Boxed Game Upgrade; and the second expansion pack “Spider Demons”.
Sadly the stretch goals that were not made were: A resin door set added to Collectors Upgrade; an extra Spider Demon Warrior, an extre Zahe Spider Demon Priest and two extra Map Tiles added to the “Spider Demons” expansion pack; and a resin Ziran Spider Demon General added to the Collectors Upgrade.
The KickStarter made $425,553 when the original target was $55,000 and go 1,858 backers.

Next is the RoboTech RPG Tactics news. We got another preview of a set of cards during Friday night. The Character Cards are done and have been submitted for approval to Harmony Gold. The rulebook is also awaiting approval and is expect to be ready this week. Also the last of the sculpts is done and production is starting. On a bit of non-gaming RoboTech news, Harmony Gold is releasing a new feature length film called, Robotech: Love Live Alive in the UK in the beginning of next year. It mixes unused footage from Tatsunoko Production's 1985 OVA Mospeada: Love Live Alive with new footage to create this hybrid film that recounts the journey of Lieutenant "Lancer" Belmont, a veteran of Robotech's "New Generation" from before his first encounter with Scott Bernard up until the aftermath of Admiral Rick Hunter's expedition to liberate Earth from the mysterious Invid race.

Now for the Kingdom Death news. The Black Friday update came early with a ton of news. This was so last moment and major I am writing it on Blogger as I am posting this instead of on word to cut and past into Blogger. First off it is being pushed back to the second quarter of 2014 (originally was December 2013 than was push back to the end of the first quarter of 2014 two months ago), but this will most likely be very early in the second quarter. So early that some MIGHT get their stuff on the first quarter. 
They showed off the hard plastics of several of the Pinups as well as Beyond the Wall and several on still on sprues.
More CAD images of some of the Armour Kits this includes a new Armour kit that has been added to the game that will be in the Dung Beetle Knight expansion pack due to the extended wait.  
Another page from the Aya comic book in the rulebook. They have revealed that in was originally going to be 8 to 10 pages long but in will now be 20 page. I cannot wait to see this.
New images of the Hunt Phase Board have been revealed and now it has a flip side that organises the cards in the Showdown Phase. Very nice.
Now for the Black Friday stuff, first their is a Black Friday half price sell on all their non Black Friday only stuff on their store. With this there has been a restock of Pinup Architect, Pinup Savior, Preacher Pinup and Pinup Great Game Hunter (some have sold out as I post this). Also there is a Black Friday Grab Bag of Death has been added to the store with ever a figure that never has been released (or will be) or four miss cast or missing parts figures from past runs as a Black Friday only item. But the grab bags are not the only Black Friday only item. Due to tons of requests to yet late comes into the KickStarter, just for Black Friday three Survivor level bundles have been added to the store. Bronze is the Survivor level from KickStarter, Silver is the Survivor level from KickStarter plus all the expansions and gold is the Survivor level from KickStarter plus all the expansion plus all the plastic promos and plastic Pinups. Because of this I had to un-back Battle Systems Sci-fi Modular Terrain and bit the bullet. I have gone for bronze level. My mum will have killed me if I had of gone silver. I Also picked up a grab bag and Pinup Great Game Hunter.

Next a legend is coming back next year for its 25th anniversary and it has gone to KickStarter for funding. The Legend is Hero Quest. It started on Monday and has smashed thought the original goal with ease. Due to copyright laws it is only officially coming out is Spain as that is where Gamezone Miniatures have the right for it. Hasbro, BM and Game Workshop all still co-own the rights for it, but will not release to game or give up the rights. So postage will be expensive. The game is schedule for a December 2014 release, barely meeting to 25th anniversary of the game, however knowing most KickStarters (which Mantic and Renaissance Miniatures on the how have been good with) I dealt that the game will ship in 2014. Releases are always pushed back several months due to problems and under estimating the workload.
The Stretch goals unlocked so far are: Monster Cards (by the sound of it added to the box game); a Captive Knight; a Rolling Boulder; Black spell cards; a Female prisoner; a Sarcophagus insert; Primordial Chaos spell cards; an extra Ogre; Descending ladders; a Secret room tile; a Guillotine; a Captive Assassin; six extra equipment cards; three Colony Spiders; and two Spider Eggs.
Unlock other KickStarters, HeroQuest are not reviling future goals, just the amount until the next goal is achieved, which is $547,000 CAD. Yes it is Canadian dollars instead of US dollars. However on Thursday evening it became the subject of an intellectual property dispute. This means it’s funding and the countdown to its deadline have been stopped. If it becomes available again, the countdown will continue and the deadline will extend past the original deadline for as much time as it was unavailable. This was too much of a good thing to happen. Maybe BM and/or Game Workshop will realise now the public really waits this game back on the shelves and release it themselves or decide for their profit to team up with Gamezone Miniatures (but bring the damn date earlier). But that is wishful thinking.

Now for the Zombicide news. There is a new mission out called Storage Wars and Prison Outbreak has been officially released to the general public.

Lastly is the Privateer Press news. A preview image of Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers Minions unit has been revealed. No clue when it is out.

Future Events

  • On Mondays at Wargames Workshop MK is Wargaming night.
  • On Tuesdays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Card games night (or is it just Magic the Gathering).
  • On Thursdays York House in Stony Stratford is open from Wargamers and Boardgamers.
  • On Fridays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Boardgames night and Friday Night Magic.
  • On Saturday the 7th of December, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Warhammer 40,000 tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
  • On Saturday the 14th of December, Rob Taylor will be running Deadzone demos. Sadly due to work and the fact it is December I will not be able to do this.
  • On Sunday the 15th of December, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hoards tournament at Wargames Workshop Northampton.
  • On Saturday the 18th of January, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Star Wars X-Wing tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
  • On Saturday the 15th of February, Guardians of Tyr will be running a DreadBall tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
  • On Sunday the 15th of March, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hoards tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.

York House has a £3 on the day gaming fee and a £5 fee for a year’s membership. However the first day is free and they only take yearly membership fee at the start of the year. The Hall officially opens at 7PM, but normally people start arrived 15 to 20 minutes early.

Wargames Workshop MK has a £2 gaming fee or £4 with a pack of Magic the Gathering cards unless it is a paid tournament run by Guardians of Tyr. Weekday events normally start “playing” at 7PM.

For rules for Guardians of Tyr tournaments and leagues as well as information on pre paying your place in tournament (highly recommended) please go to their website which there is a link to their site under my links to the right hand side of this blog.

Painting and Converting

This week I have done two another Teraton Player, a Krot, an X-Guard Dwarf, C.C., a Holy Sword, two Walker Zombies, one Runner Zombie and one Fatty Zombie.

This week's figure front view
This week's figures rear view
This week's DreadBall figure
This week's 7TV Figures
This weeks Zombicide figures

Next week should be another Walker Zombie, the remaining four Daughters of the Flame and Female Survivor Aya.


This week I have the 300 rating version of the Tau Invasion Force and the 200 rating X-Guard force for 7TV. Sadly due to the fact that I am waiting for the Enforce Medic from Deadzone to use as ? for the X-Guard, and the fact is has now been pushed back until the second shipment, I am using a random unpainted Dwarf figure as a sitting for him for now. Some people might recognise the medic in the Tau Invasion Force as the medic from my Hive Organic Collective team. This will be his real team as I plan on replacing him in the Hive team in the future. With what, I have no clue at the moment.

Opps, the Medic should have a higher Rating, 5 or 6 off the top of my head.

Until next time, Armour Up.