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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Campaign 2015

Welcome all to my Campaign 2015 post. A little later than planned as the file never saved and I lost all the work I had done. Like with the Salute coverage this year I posted all the pictures on Twitter which then get automatically posted on Facebook and now I am doing a big post of the event. All the photos from the event can be found on my Twitter account. There was not as many photos compared to Salute as the event in a hell of a lot smaller. Despite its small size there were three industry names were there. These were Warlord Games, Mongoose Publishing and KR Multicase. For those who do not know about Campaign, it is a yearly event (but did not happen last year) run by the Milton Keynes Wargames Society for tournaments DBM, Saga and Flames of War at Middeton Hall at the Centre MK. However the are traders, demo games and partition games.
Well, where to begin. It was a good weekend, but nowhere near as go as Salute, due to the size. Campaign is a local event held in a shopping centre (a Mall for my American readers) while Salute is a Nation event held at a convention centre. I brought a ton of old bits and bobs that I do not need any more to the Bring and Buy at Campaign. I did not manage to get rid of everything, but I did make £76.95 (after their 10% cut) at the Bring and Buy.

At the show I got a demo of Malifaux and Infinity. Two games I have been interested in starting, but have not. I do have a couple of bits from both games (three figures from Infinity and the Hire Swords and three figures from Malifaux) but never really got into them. With Infinity, I like the Sci-fi/anime feel with hackers and mecha, but no one is current playing it at the store (Wargames Workshop MK). While the figures from Malifaux are great (as well) and people are playing it at the store, but I do not own terrain that can be used in the game. I did Malifaux first and it was a good game which I won. While the Infinity game I lost badly, due to dice rolls and luck. I decided to go for Malifaux with my choose faction Ten Thunders (thanks YouTuber Oasisrising), but I “might” pick up an Infinity faction/team in the future as there is talk of people playing the game soon as the store is stocking more of it.

The hoard minus the Black ray undercoat and Zombicide Storage Case.
I also spend money at the event as well. Here is a list of the stuff (no prices this time as some stuff was discounted but not labelled with the discount):

On Saturday:
·         Trista the Female Warrior from Reapers Dark Heaven Bones range.
·         Astrid the Female Bard from Reapers Dark Heaven Bones range.
·         Sephera the Warrioress from Nasteez.
·         Guardian Alpha from EMP Games.
·         A green Zombicide Storage Case (from Waterstones).
·         The main Malifaux rulebook.
·         The Malifaux Arcane Fate Deck.
·         The Malifaux Schemes and Strategies Cards.
·         The Thunder box set for Malifaux.
·         The Samurai box set for Malifaux.
Miss Ery
·         A Malifaux Mystery Box for free. Turned out to be Miss Ery. I would have prefer the Katanaka Sniper as it would have been useful for Ten Thunders.
·         Two wooden movement trays for two 25mm round base figure. For my Deadzone Rebs Heavy Weapons teams.

On Sunday:
·         A can of Black spray undercoat.
·         A painted six man Precursor Knights unit with attachment (for £15).

I shockingly only spent about £118 (not including lunch or drinks). More than Salute, however I did start a new game, Malifaux. After the Bring and Buy this reduces it to just £31.

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.