MK HeroClix House Rules

Monday, 7 December 2015

Post Delays Due To Beeping Blogger

This week's posts will be late or will be joined with next week as I have be having some major problems with Blogger BEEPING (or at least the app) losing MASSIVE parts of this week's "Neoscream's Life" post. I had done the "Watch, List and Read" section about three times now plus as I seat down to work on the post which I have a lot to still do I, found that all the BEEPING work I did on my phone today writing the "Heroclix" section which I beeping save on on the Blogger app is no later there when I went to edit it on my computer just a moment ago.

I am BEEPING moving but to BEEPING writing it on word processors again, BEEP the BEEPING HTLM code and font problems. Or may be work on it on a web browser instead of the BEEPING Blogger app.

What I might do is post the "Neoscream's Life" post on Friday and ever post "Gaming News from Neoscream" post on the Weekend or combined this week's and next week's post. OR post this week "Gaming News from Neoscream" post and combine the tomorrow's "Neoscream's Life" post with next week's post. I have a strong feeling I might do the last one.

Sorry about that. So until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.