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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Build Analysis: Cardfight Vanguard Cosmic Heroes

Welcome to another Build Analysis. This is the fortnightly blog post that breaks down my deck and team/army builds. This time we will be looking at my other Dimension Police deck for Cardfight Vanguard, Cosmic Heroes.

I originally built a Dimensional Robo deck out of BT13 Catastrophic Outbreak, the Dimension Police trial deck and some cards picked up on eBay, but when I started going to the Cardfight Vanguard tournaments that Shell runs at Wargames Workshop MK, I started to getting the booster set Cosmic Roar, which was basically a Clan Booster Set for Dimension Police that upgraded the clan to G standards and introduced a new Sub Clan called Cosmic Hero. I ended up replacing my Dimensional Robos with Cosmic Heroes and it remained my only and main deck for quite sometime (however I have always planned on rebuilding a Dimensional Robo deck one day which I have now done).

The latest version of my Cosmic Hero deck is:

Grade Four
Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon x3
Super Cosmic Hero, X-rogue x3
Dark Superhero, Omega x2

Grade Fours
Grade Three
Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop x4
Great Cosmic Hero, Grandbazooka x4

Grade Two
Cosmic Hero, Grandfire x4
Cosmic Hero, Grandsub x4
Cosmic Hero, Grandkungfu x3

Grade One
Cosmic Hero, Grandguard x4
Commander Laurel x2
Cosmic Hero, Grandrope x3
Cosmic Hero, Grandranger x2
Cosmic Hero, Grandchopper x2
Cosmic Hero, Grandwagon x1
Grade Threes

Grade Zero
Dimensional Robo, Daimagnum (Starter) x1
Cosmic Hero, Grandrescue (Heal) x4
Dimensional Robo, Daibattles (Critical) x2
Operator Girl, Reika (Stand) x4
Dimensional Robo, Daiwolf (Critical) x3
Cosmo Fang (Stand) x2
Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat (Critical) x1

Yes that is right, I am using a Dimensional Robo starter in my Cosmic Hero deck. In my opinion Daimagnum runs better in the deck than the Cosmic Hero one as Cosmic Heroes are about boosting their attacks to unlock abilities and Daimagnum does that without being at Generation Break. The Cosmic Hero one, "Cosmic Hero, Grandseed", only gives your Vangaurd an ability IF Grandseed's attack is high enough and when you are at least Generation Break One. I am not saying the ability is bad, just that I prefer the attack boost Daimagnum gives.

Like with my Dimension Robo deck I posted last time, this deck main tactic is multiple attack due to Laurel and Stand triggers. However is it also about boosting my attacks to activate abilities. Also it would be ideal to have Grandranger behind my Vanguard for the extra power.

Grade Twos
Sadly with Strides I normally always end up picking X-rogue over X-falcon due to worries that I cannot boost my attack value high enough. I was thinking this was more due to self-confidence than the deck, however I have been told by another Dimension Police player that X-falcon is a hard one to pull off, ever in a Cosmic Hero deck. I was planning on getting some copies of "Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger" for this deck, however after the advice over X-falcon I received I know I really need to get some. I am currently thing of two and make it two copies of each of the X strides.

With grade zeros, I do want to get three more copies of Grandfight, make it four. Doing this I would be dropping the two copies of Daibattles and a copy of Daiwolf which is not a problem.

With the grade ones I would not mind getting two more copies of Laurel. Also I need to think of the right balance of my other grade ones, especially if I get more Laurels, as I feel like I have too many different cards.

I am very happy with my grade two and three line-ups. I personally cannot think of any changes I could do to improve it.

Well that is another post writing and the main bulk of it was finished the morning after I posted the first Build Analysis post. However this does not mean I have not worked on it between then and now. I have also written my Nova Grappler and Genesis builds as I post this. Well anyway the next Build Analysis will be my Nova Grapplers.

Until next time, enjoy life.