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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Neoscream's Life: 15th to 21st of February 2016

Welcome everybody to another the Neoscream's Life post. This is my weekly post of life, what games I have been playing, what I have been painting and what I have watching and reading. This week's opening pictures is of the King's Man from Kingdom Death. I had been trying to stick with art work, however I could out find one online. So I have to use a picture of the figure. Please note that this is not my figure as mine is waiting to be undercoated.


On Thursday I had an interview for a Sunday job at Wargames Workshop MK. Sadly I did not get it, however they are hoping to expand in the future. So they will probably need to hire more stuff then.

Work have really began messing me about. I was meant to have Wednesday and Saturday off. I got my day/time for my Interview with Wargames Workshop on Monday night which was Thursday morning. Work change my Wednesday day off to Thursday. However due to an injury the person I they changed my shift with, I had to come into work straight after the Interview. They said they might be able to give me Friday off but that never happened. Then on Saturday in the middle of coffee I ended up being called in as according to them two members of staff had called in sick (In fact it was just one). I had to go all the way home to pick up my bag and uniform as well as changing my shoes and coat, and then go to work. I did ended up having Sunday off. It was bad enough I had to work with the Brat for two days, but the messing about of my hour was a real pain. And now they are messing up my schedule for the next two weeks, as I cannot go to this week's Cardfight Vanguard tournament. C'est la vie.


Like normal on a Thursday night I went down to York House for some HeroClix. The scenario was "Out of this World". 500 points. At least one figure must be from another planet.

My original plan was to do an Excalibur themed team, however I forgot I did not have one of the figures. As when I realised it the morning before, it would be a nightmare to redo it or make a new team. I decided to use to grab a team that I done several week’s ago as it was already out. I just changed one figure that might have been the weak link with a different version of the same points cost. For Asgard:

Thor (005 Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary) 200
Hogun (002 Marvel Hammer of Thor Fast Forces) 100
Volstagg (003 Marvel Hammer of Thor Fast Forces) 100
Fandral (018 Marvel Hammer of Thor) 101
=501 points.

On the first round I was up against Darren S. He was using a Brightest Day themed team who were:

Hawkgirl (004 DC Brightest Day) 71
Captain Boomerang (005 DC Brightest Day) 61
Hawk (005 DC Streets of Gotham) 100
Dove (006 DC Streets of Gotham) 100
Martian Manhunter (001 DC WizKids Prize Support) 165
=497 points.

Like normal Darren S won. Also Michael won his game against his brother Adrian.

On the second round I was up against Adrian. He was using an Infinity Watch themed team who were:

Adam Warlock (010 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 165
Drax the Destroyer (065 Marvel Supernova) 168
Gamora (054 Marvel Secret Invasion) 73
Pip the Troll (006 Marvel Hammer of Thor) 42
Cammi (019 Marvel Avenger Assemble) 51
=499 points.

I managed to win this game with only losing Fandral. Also Darren S won his game against Michael.

On the third and final round I was up against Michael. He was using an Amazon themed team who were:

Superman and Wonder Woman (009 DC WizKids Prize Support) 350 + Amazons (ATA) 4 = 354
Amazon (005 DC Brave and the Bold) 50 + Amazons (ATA) 4 = 54
Phillipus (027 DC Brave and the Bold) 84 + Amazons (ATA) 4 = 88
=496 points

Sadly I lost this game. The two critical misses was a pain. Also shockingly Adrian won his game against Darren S.

This week's scenario will be a standard 500 points. However all specials rules on maps are in play.

"Painting and Converting"

During the week I managed to finish paining a Kingdom Death Monster figure and an XCOM board game figure.

Below is an image of my painting table at the end of last Sunday night or the start of Monday morning.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Episodes 33 to 35 of GaoGaiGar. 

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Raw.

Watched: Part of Big Hero 6.
Brought: Something to replace the missing arm of the Wizard of my Frostgrave warband.



Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Smackdown, episode 12 of Cardfight Vanguard G Gears Crisis and part of that week’s episode of Weekenders.
eBay: Won the Convergence Warcaster Father Lucant.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS.
Brought and Received: Two Superplay Castles. 
eBay: Won a hard plastic version of the Kingdom Death figure Messenger of the First Story.

Still in the post or soon be should
Last Saga bits.
Slaughterball team.
The fix for my Wizard for Frostgrave.
Great Game Hunter Rogue female version from Kingdom Death.
February's Loot Crate.
Messenger of the First Story from Kingdom Death Monster.
The Convergence Warcaster Father Lucant.

Until next time, enjoy life.

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