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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Neoscream's Life: 9th to 15th May 2016

Welcome everybody to another the "Neoscream's Life" post. This is my weekly post of life, what games I have been playing, what I have been painting and what I have watching and reading. This week's Kingdom Death opening pictures is the Gorm.


On Monday evening I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster with Robert, Bob, Michael and Adrian. But before we started, myself and Robert had a game of Cardfight Vanguard. I had terrible luck during the game with drawing triggers, apart from the two heal triggers that keep me in the game that little longer.

After that we had the Kingdom Death Monster game. As there was five of us, I played as the Monster controller. They decided to hunt down another level one White Lion so they can make a set of White Lion Armour. Apart from a little problem with the Enraged mood card, they managed to defeat it in three rounds. Sadly they did not get any resources they need to build any piece of it.

On Tuesday I went to the Art Gallery for a special showing of the low budget British film that is Produced, Directed by and staring Nathan Wiseman. A friend of mine. It was not the type of film I like, however it was a good film.

On Wednesday I went down to Brighton for a over night visit to see the fabulous Foxes in concert at the Concorde 2. I left Milton Keynes at about 10:15AM, however I did bumped into Janos, a co-worker, who was on his way to London with his girlfriend. I did have a little problem with the trains on the way to Brighton as the train at the stop at Clapham Junction was not the train advertised at the platform. Luckily I managed to change trains at the next station and arrived at Brighton only half an hour later than planned. When I arrived at Brighton I catch a bus to the hotel to drop off my overnight bag. After that I catch another bus to a card game shop, Daydream Nation. I did get a little lost trying to find it, as I did not know that the store was a back room of a hat shop. Sadly I could only find one of the single Cardfight Vanguard cards that I was after, however I managed to get the Machina Force of Will deck that I was after to get started in the game. (Note I have added a label for the game in the Labels section. I will also try to start to cover it on my Gaming News blog post. I Just forgot to do it it last week's post as I had been too busy with writing this post.)

I then walked to Brighton Pier to have a walk around. At the pier I pick up some doughnuts. I took a bit out of one while walking down the pier and then I looked around. Out of nowhere, a Seagull swooped down and stool the doughnut from out of my hand. The damn seagull is worse than my mum's Siamese cat. LOL. I just laughed it off, took some photos and then headed for some shelter to finish eating some more doughnuts away from the thieves. I also shockingly won a bracelet at the arcade. Sadly there is no one I can give it too. I wish I could have given it to Foxes, but sadly there was no way (or at least no way I could think of). Oh and before anyone (like the Baka Immad) says, NO I WILL NOT give it to the Bitching Brat. I did not go on any of the rides at the end of the pier as I was too much of a coward to do them on my own.

Anyway I then headed to a pizza place that was near Concorde 2 for dinner. I decided a while ago to go to that place as it was pizza and it was close to Concorde 2 (on the map). Sadly when I got there I found out that it was takeaway only. Facepalm. Planning ahead near seems to work for me. I checked Google maps for nearby restaurants and sadly the nearest was at least twenty minutes walk away. Sadly I thought I did not have the time to walk to one of them, order/wait/eat the food and walk to the Concorde 2. Luckily I bumped into a random Asian Kabab/Pizza place that was not listed on Google maps that had a couple of tables to sit at. So I ordered and eat a pizza there. After dinner I headed to the Concorde 2, however it took longer to get there than expected due to the layout which I did not realised. I virtually had to head back to the pier to be able to get on the right level to get to the Concorde 2. Luckily I was planning to get there half an hour early so I was not late (plus I thought doors opened at 7PM once they opened at 7:30PM) and I was only a little late than what I was planning. Sadly this meant I could have gone to one of the restaurants Google had listed. C'est la vie.

Only Rivrs was supporting her at this concert, however that was not a bad thing as Rivrs was fantastic at the Roundhouse and they were fantastic at Concorde 2 as well. It felt like they were given more time to perform too. I finally now managed to get some tracks on my phone (brought at a later date from the Google Play Store).

Foxes at the Concorde 2 in Brighton
After Rivrs performance and a wait, the amazing Foxes finally started, the reason for the trip. Like with the Roundhouse she was just, WOW. In fact the only little problem (and I mean tiny) I had with the Roundhouse performance was not a problem this time, apart from breaking my jaw as it hit the floor. LOL. Wow. She is more amazing then I thought. Wow. I did have a problem with my phone over heating. To my knowledge it has never gotten that hot on me in the past, in fact it got so hot the video side of the camera would not work until it cooled down a bit. However I did take it out of its case so it might have been more noticeable.

Foxes at the Roundhouse London.
For comparison. 
After the amazing concert by the fabulous Foxes I picked up a set of Foxes badges and head back to the hotel, in the rain. Lol. I walked a bus stop that was past the pier and then got a bus the rest of the way.

The morning after I stupidly went to the wrong breakfast place at the hotel and ended up missing a cooked breakfast. It was my mistake. I left the hotel at about 10AM with both of my bags as checkout was at 10AM. I decided to headed to the Sealife centre as I did not have a plan for the second day. However once there I decided to not go in as I found out if I had book a ticket earlier I would have gotten it about half price, their was severely school trips for it just arriving and that no all of it was open due to problems (most likely repair work).

Hotel room
I decided to head the beach and then to Brighton Pier again. I just manly took more photos, many of the beach and the sea. After that I went to a restaurant called Harry Ramsdens for a Fish and Chips lunch. I then went back to Daydream Nation to look for some cards people have asked for (Robert, Shell and Liam). Sadly they did not have any of the cardsthey were looking for. Oddly I swear there was a folder of Force of Will single at the store the day before, but according to the person running the store the second time I went there, they do not do Force of Will singles. I decided to pick up some Cardfight Vanguard and Force of Will booster packs. I popped to a Starbucks for a coffee and to see if I can change my phone's battery as it was running out quickly oddly. Maybe the over heating from the Foxes concert has damaged the phono or battery something. Sadly there was not any free plug sockets to use, so I had to use my power pack. After the coffee I had a walk around and then headed to a Poundland to get some drinks for the journey home. With that done I headed to the train station, however I miss judge the time it would take and arrived about three quarters of an hour early. I ended up having another coffee, this time at a coffee place at Brighton Station which had plug sockets so I could plug my phone into change. While waiting and drinking I started writing this post while the memories were still fresh in my head.

The journey home was a nightmare. It was a journey that I was meant to change trains twice. Once at Three Bridges and again at Clapham Junction. The first train was late to Three Bridges, in fact is was so late that I would have missed the second train if that one was not late as well. Luckily the second train JUST got me there on time for the third one. However all that chaos was nothing compared to the third train. On the way the train had to stop for three quarters of an hour due to another train on the line had broken down. Due to this massive delay, the train ended up getting terminated early at Tring. This meant I had to get the next train from Tring to Milton Keynes. I ended up getting back to Milton Keynes at about 7:15PM while I should have been back at 6PM. I am so glad I cancelled HeroClix. Apart from the journey home, it was an enjoyable trip. Just wish I was not doing it on my own.

Friday was my Birthday, but due to go to Brighton during the week and Jack's stag do on the weekend, I did not do much. I did a little research and I have found a way to give a certain someone the bracelet.

On Saturday Darren H pick up both myself and Simon and we went to Twinwoods Adventure in Bedford where we meet up with Richard, Jake, Nathan and four others to start off Jack's stag do. We had two activities booked, body flight and shooting. Myself and two others were not doing the first activity which was body flight due to issues with hight. So the three of us try to do some racing while the others were doing safety training, however sadly one of the three driving simulators was broken during the previous group, so we could not do it. After the body flight was over and a shot break we all went to do the Shooting. I was shocked on how well I did with the shooting with a rifle with a scoop.

After the shooting we all went to the Weatherspoons hotel that we were staying in and got refreshed. While there I beep into Aurelija, a former manager of mine who lives in Bedford. We had grabbed a drink at Weatherspoons before heading to an all you can eat Chinese restaurant. After we all got a little over stuffed, we stupidly went back to Weatherspoons for some more drinks instead of the Rock club we were planning on going to. Sadly when we decided to go to the club things were winding down to close. Oddly on the way there, it seemed like there was no real night life. We decided to go to a club that a female bouncer from Weatherspoons told us about. The night life in Bedford still seemed dead, but when we got there we found that this must be were all of Bedford's night life was at. Sadly the club was not really any good, but we stayed until close as we did not want to waste the £10 each we spent to get in. The Bedford night life was a bit of a yet down to everybody, however it was still an enjoyable day and night out with friends for everybody.

The next morning all but one of us had breakfast at Weatherspoons, and then we all went off back home.


Due to my trip to Brighton there was not HeroClix last week. This Thursday's scenario is David(s) and Goliath. Build two 300 points team.

With Team 1, "Goliath", you must only have one single figure and it must be from your own collection. No other figure allowed in this team.

With Team 2 "David(s)", the maximum cost of individual figures is 100 points and you can borrow figures from other players.

As these games should be quite quick we will make this a six round event. It each round you play as David or Goliath while the other player will play as the other.

"Painting and Converting"

For this post I have for you all five UFOs from the XCOM board game.

During the week I managed to finish painting two more Arcadia Quest figures, three Zombicide figures and two figures for Frostgrave. I also undercoated two figures for Frostgrave, three Kingdom Death Monster figures, a Guild Ball figure and a Doctor Who figure.

In the next "Gaming News from Neoscream" post I should have for you all ten more UFOs from the XCOM board game.

Below is an image of my painting table at the end of last Sunday night or the start of Monday morning.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Watched: Episodes 13 of season two of the Flash.
Brought and Received: A can of black undercoat.

Watched: Episode 13 of season four of Arrow, episode 4 of Legends of Tomorrow, episode 3 of season six of Game of Thrones, episode 3 of Blue Exorcist, part of that week’s episode of WWE Raw and Hard Tide (a film starring Nathan Wiseman, a friend of mine).

Watched: The rest of that week’s episode of WWE Raw, Foxes live in Brighton and episode 4 of Blue Exorcist.
Brought and Received: The Cardfight Vanguard card "Extreme Battler, Arashid", a Force of Will starter deck (Machina, the Machine Lord), a deck box for the deck, some more card sleeves to sleeve up more of my Kingdom Death Monster cards, some gifts from Brighton and some Foxes Badges.
Won: A bracelet at Brighton Pier.
Brought: Some gifts.

Brought and Received: Two Cardfight Vanguard G booster packs of "Generation Stride" and two Force of Will booster packs of "The Moonlit Savior".

My Birthday
Watched: Episodes 14 of season two of the Flash, episode 14 of season four of Arrow and episode 5 of Legends of Tomorrow.
Wednesday Night was so dreamy
Received: The Dung Beetle Knight expansion for Kingdom Death Monster.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders.

Watched: Episodes 15 of season two of the Flash, episode 4 of Agent Carter, that week's episode of WWE Smackdown, that week's episode of Weekenders XLBS and episodes 23 and 24 of Cardfight Vanguard G Gear Crisis.
Brought and Received: Two Rivrs songs from the Google Pay Store.

Still in the post or soon be should
The plastic aquarium plants.

Until next time, enjoy life.