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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table - Kingdom Death January 2017

Hi all and welcome to the all new "Neoscream's Painting Table". Yes I did say I would be calling it "Neoscream's Life" on my returning post, however I  decided as I started writing this give it a more suitable name. Oh and the label will be "Painting Table".

This week I will continue with the Kingdom Death Monster theme with my three Knights. I had posted the Lion Knight before, however as I am doing his Court and the other two expansion Knight I decided to re-post him too. Sadly as you may notice, the Dung Beetle Knight is missing his right hand. It dropped on the floor when I was building the Dung Beetle Knight (over six months ago) and I have never found it since.

Oh and I have included old image of the Lion Knight below to compare the change of quality using the Mini Photo Studio has brought. Please note I am still using the camera on my Samsung Note 4.

Now for some non painting Kingdom Death stuff. The Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 KickStarter has now finished. It made almost $12.4m with over 19k backers. This has made it the fourth biggest KickStarter ever. With a whooping sixteen new official expansions (basically not including things like the Gamblers Chest or Super Survivors) and thirty new hard-plastic Pinups (including the two Manhunter ones).

Yesterday I started a new solo campaign as I wanted to try out the People of the Sun campaign from the Sunstalker expansion as well as trying out some of my other new expansions which I got at Christmas from the Black Friday sales. The founders Nick, Holica, Louisa (named after Foxes) and Jessus (I only just realised it is spelled wrong, but I will stick with it) took on the prologue White Lion and won with Louisa taking down by the throat with her bear hands. Louisa help set up the settlement. After that (and some printer problems, they headed on their first hunt which was a level one Gorm. This was a LONG fight as for most of it I had a LOT of bad dice rolls and several draws of the trap card. However Louise managed to lay the killing blow again. Sadly Holica was killed by the Gorm and the "Rivals" Story Event from the Spidicules expansion killed of Nick. But luckily to random survivors Frank and Amy had a child called Sky (after burning both of their re-rolls).

Next week I plan on posting a ton of Warmachine miniatures. Until next time, Till all are one with the Lantern-Spark.