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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cosplay Deviants: Camille - BlackBird

Hi all. On Wednesday, Cosplay Deviants revisited one of their old sets. It was of Camille's first and only set (too my knowledge). In it she Cosplays as Raven from the Teen Titans. This was a great set one of my favourate sets. It would have been nice to have seem more from Camille. Never mind.

Now for the the DreamClix side to the post. As Camille has only done one set I will not be doing a Deviant card of her. (I will not do cards of Deviants that have done less then three sets.) Also I am not doing the character she cosplayed as due to the fact the it is a DC character and that there are figures of Raven already. So what will it be? As I just finish updating the DreamClix Dial Design page by finishing off posting all of the Deviant Cards, I best not do a random Deviant and as I will be posting the dials of the missing Dial Design from the HeroClix page soon (today or tomorrow) I will not be doing a dial design. So I will be doing a dial idea I was planning on doing on the HeroClix post, Chii from Chobits.

Chii was found by Hideki one night in a pile of trash as he makes his way home from work. He takes her to his apartment and tries to figure out how to activate her. A typical persocom (abbreviated from "personal computer") has its power switch in or behind its ears, but Chi's is located in a very unorthodox place: her crotch. Realizing this, Hideki overcomes his moral objections and manages to activate her. She has difficulty communicating with him at first; the only word that she is able to say being "chi", but slowly she learns how to speak. She is initially fearful that Hideki will discard her because of this, but he reassures her that he would never throw her away. When Hideki decides to give her a name, he remembers the only word that she can say and decides to call her "Chii". Chii remembers nothing of her past life and is unable to perform simple tasks, so Hideki takes it upon himself to teach her and take care of her. Mimicking Hideki and several other outside influences, Chii proceeds to start learning about the environment around her. She makes many humorous mistakes in the process, including her imitation of a pornographic pose from one of Hideki's magazines, and calling everyone and everything "Hideki" (Hideki had attempted to teach her his name by telling her his name as he pointed at himself, but she believed that he meant that Hideki was what one said when one pointed). She should "Chii Hug" (Change), "Unorthodox Persocom" (Probability Control) and a special called "Legendary Chobits".
Legendary Chobits: Chii can use Mind Control as if she has a range of 12 and three targets, but she can only use it on characters with the Robot keyword.
She should have about six or seven clicks of health and starting combat values of Movement 6, Attack 8, Defense 17, Damage 1 and Range 0. She should have the "Persocom" TA and the keyword Robot.

The Persocom team ability: Give this character a power action, they can use Perplex.

Until next time, have fun.