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Friday, 6 January 2017

The Return

Hi all. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and an awesome New Year. OMG there were far too many deaths in 2016, let us hope 2017 will be better. Sorry for not really posting since the start of August. To be honest I started to lose enjoyment on making the posts and it became too much of major task to get posts written up on time.

I had planned on returning sooner, however due to delays (more motivation) I ended up deciding to leave it until the New Year to return.

I plan on only doing one post a week, which will mainly be a painting post. But I do plan on writing about what games I have played during the week and maybe a little bit of gaming news (most likely Kingdom Death Monster and maybe Pokemon Go) in the post too.

The post will have the "Neoscream's Life" name, but I will try not to board people or course trouble with life stuff. However, an odd bit might get into posts at time, most likely major things like birthday, girlfriend(s), marriage. Mostly for friends and family to know. Sadly please note that this was examples, I am still single and never had a girlfriend sadly. Life Sucks. Also I will not be using the "Neoscream's Life" label. Instead I plan on using a new one that I still need to decided on.

I plan on doing the first real post this weekend or sometime next week if there are delays. I need to get around to gathering the miniatures for the the first post and taking the photos of them. On a note of photos, I have now finally gotten myself a mini photo studio. The should improve on my photos by a ton. There is no real set date yet, however I do plan on doing a post a week.

As a final note, I would like to let people know about a MONSTER of a KickStarter that started on Black Friday and will be ending tomorrow. It is Kingdom Death Monster 1.5. This was a KickStarter to: Get the MASSIVE board game back into paint as it and several of the original expansions are sold out; update the base game; to bring some advance rule to the game; and to possible add some more expansions. The KickStarter has exploded. It was funded within minutes, it beaten the original KickStarter that made just over $2m (which was HUGE backing then and still is considered big nowadays) in two hour, made $5m during the first week and as I post this it has made over $10m. This makes it the biggest gaming KickStarter ever and the fifth biggest KickStarter ever, just over one day left. There is currently fifteen new expansions, not including the Gambler's Chest (the advanced rules) or large expansion like promos like the Super Survivors (a DragonBall Z inspired promo set). As well as twenty-four new Pinups which now includes male pinups. If you want into this KickStarter you better back it quick as there is just over one day left as I post this. I personally backing this at Black Friday Silver Lantern level and I plan on at least getting the three original expansions that I do not have, the Super Survivors set, Campaigns of Death expansion and the Zombicide Crossover figure Goth Amy, with a strong maybe on the Silver City expansion and the Pathfinders of Death set.

Hopefully there should be a new post soon. Until then, hmmm! Till all are one with the Lantern-Spark.

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