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Friday, 13 January 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table - Warmachine January 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another "Neoscream's Painting Table". This week I have for you all a bunch of Warmachine miniatures. It was meant to be four Cygnar Trencher Infantryman, two Cygnar Warjack Wreck Tokens, two Cygnar Hunter Light Warjacks and Taryn di Rovissi. However, I have decided to add the whole Trencher Infantry unit minus attachments and all third of my Hunter Light Warjacks as it is easier to do this as the new ones have been mixed with the old ones for months for Tournament play. I do have the Officer and Sniper attachment painted for the Trenchers as they were converted and painted ahead of my painting schedule due to Tournament play. However, you will have to wait for my next Warmachine painting post to see them. Oh and the Wreck Tokens were painted just before it was revealed that third edition will not be using Wreck Tokens anymore. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Well, at least I can use they could be uses as terrain. And yes I did forget them in the group photo.

On a bit of sad news, there will be no more Steam Roller Tournaments for Warmachine and Hordes from Guardians of Tyr at Wargames Workshop MK. But Guardians of Tyr are still running their Steam Roller Tournaments at Wargames Workshop Northamption.

Now for what gaming I have been doing since the last post. On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK to play a game of The Walking Dead with Bob. It is a miniatures game by Mantic based on the "The Walking Dead" comics (note not the TV series). This was Bob's game as I do not own a copy. We played the second tutorial scenario as I was new to the game and there is only one real scenario in the core game. It was an enjoyable game, however not one I will be getting. If Bob wants to run more games of it, I will most likely play if I am not busy playing anything else. Oh, I did lose the game, due to some of the tactics in the game that can make guns quite nasty. It is run behind an opponent making sure the opponent is between you and the Walkers, then fire the gun at ever a Walker or an opponent. All the Walkers (but not the ones engaged or knocked down) within 10" of you will move 6" (their movement) in a straight line and stop if they hit something that is not another Walker. As the opponent is between you and them they should be stopping adjacent to the opponent, becoming engaged with the opponent. A nasty trick which I knew about.

Due to work, there was no HeroClix this week. However, I forgot to talk about the previous week’s games last week so I will cover them here. It was the first week of our villains series of games. The build was 300 points, villains teams only, Blades/Claws/Fangs deal one extra point of damage. Teams only count as villains if they are working against the government/law. So teams like Thunderbolts, Suicide Squad and Weapon X are not classed as Villains in this, but teams like Captain America's anti-registration team is considered a Villain team. Anti-Heroes are still sort of classes heroes still. I went for a Marauders team who were:

Sabretooth (Marvel Uncanny X-Men 031) 75
Lady Mastermind (Marvel Uncanny X-Men 012) 45
Riptide (Marvel Uncanny X-Men 014) 45
Scrambler (Marvel Uncanny X-Men 015) 30
John Greycrow (Marvel Uncanny X-Men 017) 60
Vanisher (Marvel Uncanny X-Men 018) 40
=295 points and three re-rolls

I managed to win all three games. I  think it is more due to good dice rolls on my side and terrible dice rolls from Darren S.

The next scenario for HeroClix will be 400 points, villain teams only, no character over 200 points, Characters with the Scientist keyword gains Mastermind.

Up and coming games planned are Kingdom Death Monster on Saturday with Richard, Darren H and Simon, Vanguard Tournament at Wargames Workshop MK on Sunday, Kingdom Death Monster with at least Bob and Adrian on Monday at Wargames Workshop MK and HeroClix hopefully on Thursday. Oh, and next week’s post theme will be "Odds and Ends" post.

Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark. (If no one gets the reference it is based on a quote on Transformers, but I have given it a Kingdom Death twist).