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Friday, 27 January 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table - Dreadball January 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to another "Neoscream's Painting Table". This week I have for you all, the first of two Dreadball posts (the second will be next week). Please note I have not placed them on hex bases, yet.

I also have for you all today a project I quickly put together during the week. About two weeks ago I came up with an image for some new blog images. However, I did not have the skills to draw it as images to use on the blog. The idea was to do a Decepticon Seeker with roman style robes, a sword, and a lantern to make a Kingdom Death Monster survivor style Neoscream. Last week I went food shopping with my parents and picked up a booster of Series Six of the Transformers Tiny Titans. These are small nontransformable/nonmoving figures of G1, Beast Wars and Robots in Disguise characters done in a Robots in Disguise style with half asked paint joys/colour schemes compared to the art cards that come with them. They come in blind boosters with one per pack, and there is normally twelve to a series. I pulled a G1 Grimlock (which I have already started repainting him) and noticed that series six has the seeker Acid Rain. I came up with the idea of converting one to the Kingdom Death Monster Neoscream. I searched online for one and all I can see being sold separately was one for £4 with £12 postage and packing from America (before import tax). As the RRP is about £2.50 to £3 per booster and that the boosters are on sale at the supermarket, I decided not to buy it. However, the next time I went food shopping with my parents, I brought twelve boosters for £1.25p each. Sadly I did not pull a single Acid Rain, but after looking at the Nightstrike figure I decided I could convert him to be more like a Seeker. I managed to get it ready quite quickly and it took me about a day to paint it up. I decided not to do the robes due to how complex of a job it would be. Below is some images Nightstrike pre-conversion (OK it is the extra copy I pulled), Nightstrike's card art (to show how bad the colouring on these figures) and the finished Neoscream. Oh and I do plan on repainting the others I pulled in more correct colours in the future. I would have loved to include the rough drawings I did of the original idea, but I cannot find them at the moment.

After posting the previous post I managed to get one more game of my Kingdom Death Monster campaign. I fought a level two White Lion. OMG. I really do miss not having the Encourage and Surge survival actions in this campaign. However, I managed to get by without losing anyone during the Showdown. Sadly I did lose Amy due to Murder, but the Murderer did get the best result on the table (best for Kingdom Death Monster, not in real life). He is seen as a mighty leader, gaining three Fighting Art's and three Disorders of my choice as well as some hunt experience. I decided to make him, Sephiroth (formerly Cloud before forgetting his name due to an event), as my tank.

On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop for a game of Mansions of Madness second edition with Bob. The scenario we were playing had us in a hotel and we had to escape. The only way was to get help from a sailor out on the sea to come get us. However, he would not until we had found a friend of his which we could not. Oddly I managed to win due to an insanity I picked up that course me to win if we failed. So I have won both games of Mansions of Madness we have played.

On Thursday I went down to York House from the normal HeroClix event. This week's scenario was 500 points, villain teams only, no figure on a base larger than a peanut base. I was originally going to do a Hellfire Club team. However, Michael asked to borrow a figure off Darren that I was planning on asking for. So I went for an A.I.M. team mainly based on the Iron Man 3. They were:

Killian (103 Marvel Iron Man 3) 75
Brandt (011 Marvel Iron Man 3) 78
Savin (015 Marvel Iron Man 3) 45
Extremis Soldier (005 Marvel Iron Man 3) 30
Mandarin (004 Marvel Iron Man 3) 120
Extremis Mercenary (105 Marvel Iron Man 3) 50
2 x A.I.Marine (018 Marvel Incredible Hulk) 50 x 2 = 100

It was a weak team (or at least they looked it), but they did end up winning two out of the three games. They only lost to Darren's team.
Aldrich Killian

Next week's scenario will be 600 points, four Actions, Villain teams only. Figures with Battle Fury can choose one of either Charge, Flurry, +1 Damage or +1 Attack each turn.

Up and coming games planned are a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament at Wargames Workshop MK on Saturday Kingdom Death Monster with Bob on Monday at Wargames Workshop MK and HeroClix hopefully on Thursday. Oh, and next week’s post theme will be the second part of my two-part DreadBall posts.

Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.