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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Neoscream's Painting Table - Dreadball February 2017

Hi all and welcome to another "Neoscream's Painting Table". This week's theme is DreadBall for the second week running.

Next week's post will be the first of two Terrain posts.

This Week's Games

I'm trying a new format for this to hopefully make it clearer.

Cardfight Vanguard

On Saturday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a Cardfight Vanguard tournament.I was planning on entering the sneak peek for the new Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- set, but both Wai-Yin and a new player, Katherine brought all the sneak peek sets. WTF. C'est la vie. LOL. So I ended up playing in the main tournament. I decided to go with my Cosmic Hero deck as I have been using Angel Father too much lately. It was a four round tournament followed by a top four playoff.

On the first round, I was up against Jordan who was using an Aqua Force deck. Sadly I his round. When on the second round, I was up against Wai-Yin who was using a Pale Moon deck. Sadly I lost this game too. On the third round, I was up against Blake who was using a Spike Brothers deck. I managed to win this round. On the fourth and final round, I was up against the newbie Katherine who was using an Aqua Force deck. I managed to win this game too.

Somehow with only two wins, I managed to get into the top four. This was due to the fact that only Andrew won more than two games. In fact, he won all four rounds. In the semi-finals I was up against Wai-Yin and Andrew was up against Jordan. I made to cream Wai-Yin in our rematch. She nicknamed my deck as Great Nature Police due to the sheer number of +4,000 my cards were giving each other. Hang several Clans/Sub-Clans have that ability. In the finals, I was up against Andrew who was using a Gear Chronicle deck. Sadly he defeated me. It did not help to all day I suffered from poor pulls that resulted in needs to G Assist. For coming second, I managed to win four boosters of GB-07. Sadly I have been suffering a lot of bad luck with pulls from Cardfight Vanguard boosters and got nothing over a single R card. This includes the two boosters of GB-08 I brought, which I did not even pull any Genisis cards. C'est la vie.

Kingdom Death Monster (WWMK)

On Monday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for a game of Kingdom Death Monster. Adrian could not make it this week, but luckily Wai-Yin could make it and this planning on joining us more often.

After the previous week's we were down to seven survivors. However, we had four problem survivors. One could not gain or spend Survival due to a disorder. One could not learn or use Fighting Arts and Weapon Proficiency. One was retired due to an event from the previous week, and one had just one arm, plus I though they had the Flower Adition as well (but it was the Sleeping Flower Virus). This left us with one experience Survivor and two others.

We went off on the hunt with the three of good Survivors we had and the one who could not use Fighting Arts. We decided to hunt a Screaming Antelope. We took a LOT of event damage during the hunt and during the Showdown, our most experienced survivor lost a leg. But other than that we were fine until the Settlement event. We were invaded by little spiders. we did to get enough victories to defend against them which lead to four of our Survivors dying. This left us with only three survivors.

We could have tried to continue as we did have a Love Juice to help make another survivor, but we realised with what happened last time we would not make in past another year. So we decided to give up on this Settlement and start again. The next day at home, I jokingly rolled for the Intimacy event and got a "1" and a "3". As we were "Protect the Young", we would have been able to choose which of the two results we rolled. A "1" would have meant both survivors would have dying leaving us with one survivor, while a "3" would have meant that our remaining female would have died leaving us with only two male survivors again.

I have finally set up a Facebook chat (not group at the moment) so we can work out what campaign we will do next, what expansions we will use and what Monsters we will hunt. I might set up a small Facebook Group for both my Kingdom Death Monster groups. It would make it easier to share information, help get both groups interacting with each other and help people interested in joining can interact wth the groups too.

Next week

On Friday I maybe playing Kingdom Death Monster at Simon's, on Monday something that I have not planned yet at Wargames Workshop MK and on Thursday I should be playing HeroClix.

That is it for this week's post. Until all are one with the Lantern-Spark.

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