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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cosplay Deviants: Ramu - Jishin

Hi all, today's (yes this is begin posted on time for once) on Cosplay Devients was the third set of the Narutard Ramu. First off to let people know, Ramu is a huge Naruto fan girl who manly cosplays as Naruto characters. In fact all three sets she has done are Naruto character, the first two being Mei Terumī (The Fifth Mizukage) and Sexy Jutsu Naruto (Shippuden version). In this set Ramu cosplays as the Shippuden version of the sexy Hinata Hyūga, my favourite female Naruto character. This was a great set, however I do find Quinn's Hinata sets were more sexier. Sorry. But still a great set and a good Hinata. The more I see of it the more I like it. A team up with KittyStar's Tenten would be great.

On a little bit of names I have found out that KittyStar has cosplay as Outter Moka at a conversion in the past. Here is a picture from her Facebook page to the right. Hope she is doing a Cosplay Deviants set of this costume.

Now for the DreamClix side. As I did not do a post about Wednesday's set, this will be a double bill, Ramu's Cosplay card (I decided to rename the Deviant cards to Cosplay cards as there are plans on doing non Deviant, in face I have done one already) and Hinata's dial design.

Cosplay Card: Ramu.
Team Ability: Cosplay Deviants.
Extra Keywords: Cosplay.
Special Abilities: The Naruto team ability can not be countered or ignored as long as this card is in game.
Cost: ?. This is halved if character is called ever Naruto Uzumaki, Sexy Jutsu Naruto, Mei Terumī, Hinata Hyūga, Blair and Tsunade.

Now the Hinata dial:

Until next time, have fun.