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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 3rd to the 9th of September

RB-79 Ball
Welcome to another week of my life, in a newer style. For those new  to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. The week before last was I picked up a new game called Dungeons and had the third game of a series of six 7TV games, but did last week bring.

As you may have noticed there was no Cosmic Cosplay post this weekend. This was because I have decided to alter may posting format for my blog. Tuesday will still be the day that I post the Neoscream's Life post, but will now include the Cosplay Deviants news and any new Cosplay Cards ideas. These will be placed after the  Watch, Listen and Read section. Friday's will be the day I post the MK HeroClix post. This will no longer include the DreamClix stuff and will just be a HeroClix news post on week's HeroClix does not happen. Sunday's is DreamClix day. There will be an update to the DreamClix Dial Designs page and a DreamClix post with six ideas and six designs. There will also still be a 7TV team post every four days. Also the will be no more future posts or CosmicBreak sections, however future posts will be listed on the side bar.

At work the start of the week I was busy sorting out all the new promotions that started on Tuesday. Tuesday lunchtime was super busy and we were heavily lacking in staff that day too. On I was told I had to stay until 8PM on Saturday which was fine as I had no set plans yet and they were given me a days notice. I ended up working 38 hours this week.

I forgot to say I picked up two copies of the Doctor Who Adventures magazine, and now I have picked up a third one during the week. Why did I want multiple copies? The free gift. The it that issue was a Monster Army. The Monster army was a pack of twenty Doctor Who monsters that are roughly in scale with 25/28mm figure. So I can more villain time based on Doctor Who, or start playing Crooked Dice Game's Doctor Who game that runs on basicly that some system as 7TV. My first plan is to do a Dalek army for 7TV. I using the Failed Experiment Co-Star arch type for them. They have Fearsome, Slow, Energy Blast, Invulnerable (1)  and ever Leader (1) or A Good Offence special effects. No extra attacks or improvements to Brawl and values of Move 6, Defence 5, 2 Hits, Strenght 2, Agility 2, Intelligence 4 and Moral 5. This all still came in at the Failed Experiment's basic cost of 45 ratings.

I downloades a week game for my tablet during the week called Blood Brothers. Instead of have a collectible card game feel like Fanstica, it has a collectible miniatures feel. The game is very nice. my only problem with it is that you cannot expand you collection size and the slowness for the game due to bad internet reception. This game and Fanstica both shown the Wi-Fi pickup on my tablet is dieing. Not a good sign. There are eight Warlords to choose from (all shown in the picture) and I chose the Elf Cleric as my Warlord.

This week my mum finally picked up a new phone. It was a Nokia Lumia 610, a Windows 7 phone. It was a nightmare to set up and I still cannot get her old ringtones onto her phone, due to the beeping Zune software.

As you may notice below I have picked up a book called CompTIA A+ Certification Seventh Edition by Mike Meyers. I am part on doing the exams for A+ in the future to broaden my IT skills so I can get a better job. I might also do the course as well, depending how things go with studying from the book, online tutorials and help from Darren H. It had been something I been meaning to do for awhile, but never gotten around to buying a book on it until now. The only problem with the book is it is now out of date as the exams have changed. By how much I do not know because I cannot find any details about the changes from a brief search on the web. However after reading the first chapter and checking online on the 10th, there is a major change I might have problems with. It now goes over the Mac OS  and Linux OS, the first time ever. Also they have cut down on the importants of networking.

As this was already written, here is the last CosmicBreak update news. There is a new Garapon called Raven Gara that has been added to the shore this week. It has a new upgraded version of Misty Hollow called Misty Raven as well as a chibi version her as well. This replaces the Moon Garapon.

Now for the Watch, Listen and Read section:

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
Watched: Episode 45 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and episode 2 of season nine of New Tricks.
Listened: Episode 331 of Anime Pulse.

Watched: Episode 1006 of WWE Raw, episode 41 of Fullmetal Alchemist, episode 33 of Dragon Ball Kai, two Gadget Show web clips (Ghost Recon: Future Soldier @ E3 2010 and Jason tests the AR.Drone @ E3 2010) and episode 46 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.
Brought and Received: I finally gotten around to ordering CompTIA A+ Certification Seventh Edition by Mike Meyers.

Watched: Episode 21 of GaoGaiGar and episode 87 of the Gadget Show Web TV.
Read: Chapter 105 of Dragon Ball.

Vivka in "Pleasure Bot"
Watched: Episode 210 of Naruto: Shippuden.

Watched: Episodes 15 and 16 of Transformers: Prime.
Listen: Episode 66 of VG Pulse.
Brought and Received: Volume 2 of Battle Angel Alita arrived in the post.

Watched: Episode 681 of WWE Smackdown and episode 4 of season two of Iron Man: Armoured Adventures.
Brought and Received: CompTIA A+ Certification Seventh Edition by Mike Meyers arrived in the post. 

StarlaMoonshine in "Demi
ToxicTechno in "Madness"
Watched: Episode 2 of season seven of Doctor Who, episode 4 of Persona 4 and parts 1 and 2 of GeekySica (Jsica) Asuka Plugsuit Review.

Lastly this last week's Cosplay Deviants sets. After I posted the last Cosmic Cosplay, the weekend set for that week finally appeared. It was a new set from Vivka. The set is called Pleasure Bot and in it she cosplays as Priss from Blade Runner. On Wednesday there was a new set from the new Deviant StarlaMoonshine. The set is called Demi Goddess and in it she cosplays as Cassie Sandmark aka Wonder Girl from DC comics. The set on Saturday was a set from the deviants ToxicTechno. The set is called Madness and in it she cosplays as Alice from Alice: Madness Returns.

Hope people enjoy the new format. Well until next time, Mecha Up.