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Sunday, 16 September 2012

DreamClix 7, Late Night Posting

Welcome to the all new DreamClix 7. This is where I post ideas and rough dial designs of HeroClix figure based on random Manga, TV Shows and computer games. Also there is a  my 7TV team update (now once a week and tagged onto this post) and in the future I am also plan on doing some house rules and self made Special Effects, Extras and Guest Stars. Oh and update news of changes to the DreamClix Dials Page.

This week DreamClix ideas are a duo Pilot/Support card of C.C. from Code Geass; Stein with Scythe from Soul Eater; a Pilot card of Hayato Kobayashi from the original Mobile Suit Gundam; and Near from Death Note.

First off is C.C. from Code Geass. I had done her profile before (two days under one year ago), I will not be doing it again. Let's look at her Pilot card first. She should gain the Geass keyword and the Wild Card team ability. She should not have a Prerequisite. Her standard Special Ability should be: "C.C. cannot be the target of Mind Control or Perplex. This power cannot be Outwitted." Her Mecha Ability that she gains if she is in a Type-10R Burai (Command Type) or Z-01/A Lancelot Frontier should give her Perplex that cannot be Outwitted. Now let's look at her Support card. Her prerequisite should be there most be a character called Zero or Lelouch Lamperouge or Lelouch vi Britannia on your force. She should not modify the theme team re-rolls and her special should give all characters with the Geass keyword Shape Change. The next Code Geass idea should be a Sutherland with Cannon.

Next is Stein with Scythe from Soul Eater.This is the Marge form of Stein and Scythe. They should have two Traits "Merge" and "Split", Blades, Combat Reflexes, Change, Leap Climb, Willpower, Outwit and Support.
Merge: If this character is outside of play and there is two characters with no action tokens on them adjacent to each who are #SE-019 Death Scythe and #SE-021 Franken Stein, you may give one of them a free action to replace both characters with this one. Stein with Scythe begins on the same click number as the character that was give the free action to and cannot use the Split ability this turn.
Split: Give this character a power action if it has no action tokens and replace it with #SE-019 Death Scythe and #SE-021 Franken Stein. Each replacement character is assigned an action token and cannot be give an action this turn. They each begin a number of clicks from the starting line equal to the click number.
They should have about the same number of clicks as both Death Scythe and Franken Stein and they combat values should be Movement 9, Attack 11, Defence 18, Damage 3 and Range 2 with two targets. They should have the DWMA team ability and the keywords Scientist, DWMA and 'Meister with Weapon'. The next Soul Eater idea should be a duo figure of Soul and Black Star.

Next is a Pilot card of Hayato Kobayashi from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Hayato was one of Amuro Ray's neighbors on Side 7. Short and stocky and with a tendency towards insecurity, Hayato often measured himself against the his friend Amuro's accomplishments. After surviving the attack on his Side 7 home, Hayato eventually started co-piloting the Guntank alongside Ryu Jose, acting as the gunner while Ryu acted as pilot. After Ryu's tragically heroic death to save Amuro from Hamon Crowley, Hayato had to pilot the Guntank modified for use by one pilot, even during the latter part of the story in which the White Base joins the main Federal fleet up in space. In the last part of the second compilation movie, Soldiers of Sorrow, Hayato was assigned to a second Guncannon (C-109) which he piloted all the way through the third movie, Encounters in Space. It's at this part of the story that Hayato confessed his hopeless struggle to be as good a pilot as Amuro to Fraw Bow, which serves as a precursor scene to the two becoming slightly more romantically involved as the final part of the story played out. He should gain the Earth Federation Forces team ability and his prerequisite should be the Earth Federation Force keyword. He should not have a standard Special Ability and his Mecha Ability that he gains if he is in a RX-75 Guntank or RX-77 Guncannon should be: "When you make an attack roll for the character, if the result on either of the two dice is a 1, you may reroll one die before determining the attack roll result. You may reroll one once per attack roll." The next Gundam UC idea should be the Magella Attack Tank and ita turret.

Next is Near from Death Note. In Death Note, Near is the younger of L's two possible successors raised in Wammy's House, Watari's orphanage for gifted children, in Winchester, England. Of the successors, Near is more level-headed, calmly assessing the situation, while the other, Mello, is more emotional and quicker to act. Much like L, Near shows various odd behaviors during his normal life. He is usually seen hunched over rather than sitting. He also constantly plays with various toys, which he uses in his theories, as well as idly twirling or stroking strands of his hair. He shows a great respect for L, basing much of how he solves crime on L's methods, even to the point where he only takes cases that he is interested in rather than trying to pursue justice. The Kira case- as a case L died trying to solve- naturally becomes his first one. Near uses the Wedding text font "N" and "L" to represent himself and the fake L, respectively. In the aftermath, he used Old English MT font "L" like the original L did. Sometime after L's death, Near works for the United States under the SPK (Special Provision for Kira) team that is established to investigate Kira without the help of the new "L" Light Yagami. After already catching Light offguard by revealing the fact that he knows the original L is dead and unnerving him by reminding him of his former nemesis when they communicate, he soon manages to deduce that Light, posing as L, is actually Kira. After dismissing the outright capture or killing of Light as disrespectful to L's memory, he finds that Teru Mikami is Kira's proxy. Distracted momentarily by Mello, who kidnaps Kira's TV spokesperson Kiyomi Takada before being killed by her using a Death Note fragment, Near is able to switch Mikami's Death Note with a forged one, allowing him to set up a final confrontation that leaves Light exposed. Near admits that neither he nor Mello could have surpassed L alone, but have managed to do so by working inadvertently together. He rejects all of Light's ideals as a god of the new world who kills for the greater good and refers to the Death Note as "the worst murder weapon in all of history". Ryuk kills Light with his own Death Note soon after as a Death Note owner must eventually be killed by the Shinigami possessing them and with Light in prison he reasons he will be unable to satisfy his interest any further. Near then himself takes L's alias, keeping on the surviving members of the SPK as his subordinates with Roger, the head of Wammy's House, acting as the new Watari. In the epilogue of the manga, he is shown eating a bar of chocolate, as he pursues a new case, possibly in memory of Mello. He on his own should not be a good a L with his dial, but if both Near and Light (or L) is on the field at the beginning of the game, he should be better. Let me think about this! He should have Stealth, Perplex, a special called "N" and a trait called "It takes more than one mind to being down Kira".
N: If there is a character called Mello on the field, Near can use Outwit.
It takes more than one mind to being down Kira: If a character called Near is KO'd, Near gains a +1 to both his Attack and Damage value when targeting a character with the Mystical or Underworld keyword.
He should have about five clicks of health and starting combat values should be Movement 7, Attack 8, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 0. He should have the Police team ability and the keywords Detective and SPK. The next Death Note idea should be Rod Ross.

Now for this week's Dial Designs which are Zero from Mega Man; a MR-1 Civilian Knightmare Frame from Code Geass; a generic Thug from Fairy Tail; an AD Police K-Suit from Bubblegum: Crisis Tokyo 2040; and the standard version of Lord Death from Soul Eater.

Now for the DreamClix Dial Design Page updates. Last week I redid seven of the One Piece dial design from the old format to the new one and done images for three of the team abilities. From this week on I have decided to change how I do the DreamClix Dial Design Page updates. I will be doing five dials the original way I have been doing it from were I am currently at (currently at One Piece), five missing dials starting from the beginning and the five new dials from today's post. So this week I done five more redid dial designs for One Piece, added Battle Angel Alita to the page with five dial designs and the five dial designs above. Please check them out as there are several changes that have been done. I also noticed as I was doing the last three One Piece dials I have been saying OK instead of KO on the dials. I will be trying to remember to use the right one in on all new dial designs, but I will not be redoing all the ones I have already done as it would be too big of a job to do.

This post's 7TV Team is my 100 ratings The Empire team. The Empire as in Star Wars. these were a group of Imperial Guard I picked up back during the Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon campaign. I kept them all this time and when I got 7TV, I found a use for them, a team for 7TV. Here is what the 100 points team looks like:

The Star of the show, Darth Vader (sadly no image of him on his own as the camera did not like him at all)
Evil Mastermind
Move: 6
Def: 4
Hits: 3
Str: 5
Agi: 3
Int: 4
Mor: 5
Attacks: Brawl 5+, Light Saber (Hand Weapon) 3+.
Special Effects, Star Qualities and other notes: Insane Confidence, I Will Return!, Force Field (5+), A Good Offence, Luck (2), Leader (1), Boffin (1)
Rating: 67
Model: Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Steel Legion Colonel.

Extras, 4 Storm Troopers
Security Guards with SMGs
Rating: 8 each
Model: Game Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Steel Legion Imperial Guard.

There is no preview image of a 150 points team as there is no plan on doing one.

Lastly I will will be doing house rules and self made Special Effects, Extras and Guest Stars in the future. However I am not doing it this week it for this week, but here is some of my future plans: rules for Armed Police, Two Weapon Fighting special effect, The Good Doctor and the other characters from the game me and my friends are playing as Guest Stars for their own evil Program Guide.

Well that is it for now so until next time, Mecha up.